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Chapter 1

Hawke smiled sadly at the sight before her. The never-ending sound of emptiness. The twisted statues and the forsaken land she was in. Hawke wanted to cry, but it was too late for any of that. The Fade was endless, always changing, and because she was there physically, time felt different. Years, months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes. All of that was non-existent here. She did not know how long it has been since she defeated The Nightmare.

It took all of her power to defeat that thing. But she was victorious. But the feeling of victory became one of desperation and hysteria. Once she realized there was no going back. That she would forever walk the Fade as another lost soul. But after remembering that everyone she loved was safe. That everyone back home would live, well, it was worth the endless suffering here.

"I am so sorry, Isabela. I hope you forgive me one day," Hawke whispered at the void.

Hawke sat near the edge of the nothingness. Staring at the flying mountains far away. The strange bolts of lightning she has grown so used to see. The whispers of demons and what else was out there, and the moving islands. Time passed by, or so Hawke felt. Sometimes, she felt old, and other times young. Such a bizarre feeling mixed with the never-ending travels of the Champion of Kirkwall throughout the Fade. But what Hawke felt more than anything was boredom.

Before, demons would attack her left and right. Pride Demons, Shades, Hunger Demons, Desire Demons, powerful Envy demons even new Fear Demons. It was a perpetual fight for her life. But she defeated them all. And now, things were quieter. They avoid her now. At first, Hawke was glad for that. But then, the more time she was there, wandering, the more she grew bored.

If she was lucky, a shade or two would attack her. It surely kills the boredom for her. To fight, or use her magic. Hawke learned that most demons were trying to avoid her. Perhaps because she killed a powerful demon such a Nightmare or because they were afraid of her. Hawke didn't know.

Hawke also realized that her magic felt different from before. Maybe was the Fade itself that was changing her power, or something else. Now, she didn't need to use her staff, although she kept using it. Hawke also learned how to fly to explore more of the Fade. Albeit it was not really flying, it was more like levitate from one island to the next. The Fade was part of her mind, her dreams or so she understood. There was no up or down here if she wanted. So Hawke explored and explored. To the edges of the Fade where no one has ever been before. And she lost herself forever in time and space.

Hawke moved from one place to another. Lost in time, traveling without purpose. The Champion of Kirkwall was forgetting things. Like it happened a long time ago. As if her life was but a dream. With that in mind, Hawke sang songs she knew of. And talked with herself, as if she was having a conversation with someone. Perhaps it was because she was going crazy. Or as a last desperate move to never forget who she was.

"I never paid Varric the money I owe him."

"But I think I did… Well, Aveline would surely pay for me. Then there is Bethany… I promised to visit her. She is going to be angry at me."

"Although Sebastian would keep her safe. They looked cute together too. Their babies would be gorgeous!"

"And poor Fenris. He would never find out how Isabela and I stole his underwear… Well, we were drunk that night. I hope he finds them."

Hawke whispered to herself, as she flew away with no purpose. Then she saw something far away, a ruin or something.

The small island with a strange building brought a stop to Hawke's ramblings. The Champion of Kirkwall saw the strange structure, like a small temple of sorts. Curiosity peak inside of Hawke as she flew there. Something new for her to do in that empty place.

Then she saw it was more like an amphitheater, an incomplete one. Hawke saw that the structure was not like the rest she has seen in the Fade so far. Buildings were desolated or destroyed in one way or another. But the amphitheater was different. It was unfinished. As if they were working on it and then abandoned it. Hawke looked around, and then she saw it. A big mirror in the middle of the unfinished building.

"An Eluvian?" Hawke whispered.

The mirror differed from the others she has seen. The Eluvian before her was like a big circle, and it felt different from the others. Hawke noticed strange pieces of paper on the ground. And picking one, she saw it was Elvish.

"Shit, where is Merril when you need her," Hawke groaned, as her Elvish was not as good to understand what it was written in the paper.

"Let's see… Harillen… Enansal... Eth… Dareth Shiral… Okay, I don't know what it's… But what it is?" Hawke said, wondering about the big mirror and the strange feeling she was having from it. Then, out of nowhere, she heard a voice calling her. Hawke turned back, ready to fight. But then she saw a spirit. Something she hasn't seen in a long time.

"Hello there, stranger." The voice was a female, and from appearances alone. She looked like an Elven girl.

"Ah, hello?" Hawke asked, feeling strange to see a spirit so far away near the edges of the Fade.

"It's been a while since I been able to speak with someone. Don't fear me."

"Alright… I won't. But, how can you understand me?" Hawke asked.

"This is the Fade. Spirits here are different… I am different."

"Different how? From what I have seen, many spirits are more than happy to avoid me."

"Understandable, you do not belong here. And the Fade has changed you, more than any living creature before. An anomaly never seen before. You are no longer human, but something more. Something we, spirits older and new, and alike, can't identify."

"That's no good to hear," Hawke whispered.

"But that's good. You are something beyond the limits of the Fade. The magic and everything that is or was. Lives within you. A part of the Fade now lives within you. Incrusted in your soul and mind."

"Wait! Wait for a second what does that even mean?! Are you saying that I am the fade?! What kind of rubbish is that?!" Hawke exclaimed.

"You are not the Fade child. But something alike. A new door, and you are the key and lock." Hawke stared at the strange spirit in confusion, not knowing what to do or say. She could barely keep up with it. For she does not know what does the spirit referred to. For a moment, Hawke regretted arriving here.

"I understand nothing," she whispered.

"You will, or perhaps you won't. It's irrelevant now. You will have an eternity of questions, and an eternity of answers. There is not a reason for you to worry about time, or in your case. Mortality."

"What do you mean? An eternity? I will not die ever?" Hawke asked with an anxious voice.

"Have you experienced hunger? Or fear of death?" Hawke grew quiet, not saying anything. For a long time, Hawke stopped feeling those things. Hunger, sleep, tiredness. None of that was part of her. And it terrifies her.

"What am I?" She whispered in fear.

"Whatever you wished to be."

"That's... Shit..."

Hawke, like always, sat at the edge of the abyss. Staring at the nothingness. The words of the spirit were still deep in her mind. She was afraid now. Hawke didn't know what she was. Or who she was anymore. But she grew tired of it all. She stared back as the spirit was standing still behind her. A part of Hawke felt as if the spirit was teasing her. To annoy her or something.

"What are you doing?" Hawke asked with a bored tone.

"Nothing. Just staring at you."

"Ah… Don't you get bored doing it?"

"Do you get bored staring at the abyss?"

"Point taken."

Hawke for a few more minutes said nothing. Until she sighed.

"What are you anyway? A spirit of knowledge? Or something?"

"No. I am a memory. Of the caretaker of this place." Hawke frowned, wondering if she was the same as her. Perhaps she died and now was a spirit or something. She would believe in anything so far. Nothing would surprise her anymore.

"What is this place, anyway? What it looked half-done?" Hawke asked as she looked around, deciding to do something rather than sit there.

"This was going to be an alternative road for the Elven people. To find a new home away from the bloodshed. But sadly, the creators never finished it. I am a reminder of that failure."

"A new home? What do you mean? Were the Elven losing that hard against the humans?" Hawke asked with a surprised face.

"No. The humans arrived later. We were fighting among each other. God against God. Brother against Brother. By the time the humans arrived, there was nothing left of the Elven people. June wanted to take his people away from all the bloodshed. So he built this gateway. To a new place, but he could not finish it. My… Predecessor and many others were in charge to protect this place. But… The rapture came, killing them. And so this place drifter apart from the rest of world."

Hawke could only stare in awe for such a long time. She like many others believed that the Tevinter imperium was the one responsible for destroying the Elven people. That they destroyed Arlathan. But to hear that, in fact, they destroyed themselves, was hard to accept. But she felt as if was true.

"Poor Merrill… If she only knew," Hawke whispered, as she looked at the Eluvian.

"Where does it lead?" Hawke asked.

"I don't know. Only June, the creator knows. He could use it once. And for what the memory of that event serves. He was hopeful of what was over there. Something about the green forest of magic. Where small creatures of nature welcoming him with open arms."

"He must have been happy," Hawke said.

"He was. Although he was weak after that. It used a lot of his magic. And he said something about trying to get more power. But that was the last time he ever spoke with the rest of the guardians here."

Hawke nodded as she felt a sudden urge to use it. Perhaps she could find a way home, or somewhere else. Then Hawke noticed a tiny figure of a Dragon on the marble holding the huge strange mirror. Now that she was taking her time watching the structure. She could see many figures. Not only of a Dragon but a wolf too. Strange indeed.

"Could I use it?" Hawke asked.

The spirit stared at her, and since it looked so translucent it was hard for her to see the face's gestures.

"I don't know…"

Hawke stared at the mirror and felt as she needed to try it out. The last time, Merril tried to use Blood Magic. Perhaps it would work again. But Hawke was hesitant at first. The last time, it didn't end well. So she turned to the spirit with the hope it would speak.

"What do I do?"

The spirit could only stare at her, and for a long time, the silence was the only company Hawke had.

"I don't know… Perhaps you could try pouring your magic in there."

"Well, it's not like I have nothing better to do..."

"Good luck."

Hawke nodded, albeit reluctantly. She didn't know what she was doing but trying to get a hold of her magic. She tried to pour her magic in the mirror. She had the power of the Fade, right? Hawke thought she could do anything inside the Fade. So thinking as if she was using her staff, she transmitted her magic directly to the mirror. For a few minutes nothing happened until suddenly, the mirror glowed. Hawke smiled at that.

"Look, it's working!" Hawke yelled.

Then, as she poured her magic more, she felt as if the mirror was sucking her. Dragging her slowly inside of it. Hawke panic as she was now trying to get free of it.

"What's happening?!" She yelled.

"The mirror was too damaged… I don't believe magic would have work normally. But you're not normal anymore. So it's reacting the only way the mirror can."

"Well, stop it!" Hawke yelled as she was halfway in.

"I don't think I can do anything about it."

Hawke screamed in fear as she was being taken away. The panic and horror, the dread of dying finally crossed her mind. She wanted to live, and she saw the figure of a dragon. Hawke always wanted to be one. It was one of her dreams. A powerful dragon, like those from history. A Great Dragon.

It sucked Hawke into the mirror and the last words she heard from the spirit were, "Remember, you are the key and the lock. The Fade of the world."

Hawke felt like falling. She yelled and the only thing she thought about was flying. Like in the fade. The figure of the dragon. Dragons fly, they were powerful. If she was something alike, she would fear nothing. And the more Hawke thought about it. The more she felt heavy and massive. She didn't know, of course, but she was using her magic to change herself. To be more. And since she was now something more than just a human. Her dreams became true.

Hawke felt as if they pushed her. It was painful. Hawke was disoriented and sore. She suddenly felt weak. And with the last of her strength, she crawled on the floor. Everything was so confusing to her. The light, the sound of a forest, the sound of a small river. Hawke felt as she was nothing and everything. She dragged herself to the water, and with one last push, she saw her reflection in the river. And what Hawke saw stunned her.

The reflection of a dragon stared back at her. Only to realize it was her all along.

"What the fuck…" Hawke thought before losing consciousness.

The soft sound of water, the warm light of the sun, and the melody of birds singing slowly woke Hawke. For a brief moment, she thought she was back home. That soon, Isabela would wake her up. Or her dog. But nothing of sorts happened. Hawke tried to move, but it was hard. The heaviness of her body and how sore it felt was strange. Then she opened her eyes and saw clearly around her.

It was a forest, a strange one too. With faces on the trees, Hawke, confused by all, strolled to the river only to feel heavy steps. She frowned. She was taller, much taller than before. Hawke then felt something on her back. She panicked, remembering what took place before losing consciousness. She glared at the river and she saw the same dragon face gawking back at her.

"What?" Hawke could only think on that, as she took a good look at herself.

She had four paws, a long tail with two huge wings, and two pointy horns going backward. Hawke could only stare, baffled.

"I am a fucking dragon…" Hawke thought.

Her scales were as red as her hair. Her appearance remembered her of an Abyssal High Dragon, but bigger. Hawke saw the strange crystals on her chest and the rest of her lower body reaching as far as the tip of her tail. They were white, like rhinestones. Her eyes were of deep, bright green. Like the Fade itself. And her wings were big enough to reach as far as the biggest tree around by only stretching it.

"I am a fucking dragon…" Hawke's eyes opened as she saw herself.

"I can't believe it… Andraste massive tits! Holy Maker's dick! I am a fucking dragon!" Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall. The most gorgeous and sexiest red-hair of Hightown and the destroyer of Qunaris was a dragon.

Then Hawke did the only thing she could do. Sat, well, lay there, while looking at herself in the river and wondered what was going on. Then she turned around and inspected her surroundings. Besides the river, the strange white trees with faces, there was nothing outside of normal. Then she saw it, near a big small waterfall. Hide it away behind the trees and branches. A broken Eluvian.

"So this is where I came from…" Hawke thought, trying to get used to her enormous size as she walked.

"It's completely destroyed… But, I wonder if I could fix it… If I am not dreaming. The spirit says that I am a key and a lock. So, perhaps…" Hawke wondered.

"Maybe I can change my form? What about my magic?"

Hawke groaned, not getting used to her gigantic body. Oddly enough, walking in four was easy. Like it was natural to her. Her tail moved to her will too. And her wings, they all feel natural. Hawke exhaled, trying to not get overwhelmed by all of that. First magic, if she was a dragon. Could she breathe fire? Or lightning? Or acid? Like the dragons back home? Could she use her magic as a dragon? Many questions and Hawke would find them all.

First, magic.

For hours, Hawke tried to use her spells but with no luck.

Hawke's first try to use magic was a failure. She was trying to use it, like always. But since she didn't have a staff, it was weird to channel her magic without one. Dragons were magical, or so she read once. Then she tried to spitfire. She wondered how at first.

"Mm, what about thisBarghhhhh!" She yelled and felt pathetic about it. It was not a way for a dragon to roar or spitfire. She was the worst dragon ever. Deciding to rest and think, Hawke lay on the floor again, playing with the rocks, considering what to do.

"Maybe if I don't think of me as a human, but a dragon. Like, I was trying to use magic as a human with a staff. But I have none of that now. Perhaps if I channel my magic through my body…" Hawke thought, as she once again stood up. She closed her eyes, trying to feel her body. Her Draconic body. To find the spark that would fuel her magic.

She spread her wings and raise her body. Then she let a roar throughout the skies, forest and rocks. It was powerful, intense, and scary. So much, it even terrified Hawke. It made the earth tremble and taking her roar as an example of just channeling her magic and being in her new body. She aimed to the skies and Hawke could finally feel like a dragon. Fire came out of her mouth, splitting the surrounding air. Scorching it. Hawke smiled at her achievement, but it was not enough. She wanted to learn more.

And Hawke took her time doing just that. Ignoring what was happening in the world, she arrived in. Because, far away from where she was, in a place of knowledge and learning. Glass candles were burning as they have never burned before. Making a strange old man squeal in joy, as magic as returned to the world.

For days, Hawke spent trying to learn as much as she could. To get used to her new body and magic. And so far there weren't many problems for her. Hawke still could not change to her human form, and although it didn't bother her so much. It annoyed her. Then there was magic, Hawke quickly learned that channeling her magic trough her body was almost the same as if she was using a staff.

Hawke was a Force Mage, and although she was an adept Spirit Healer. Her primary focus was battle. Hawke could use her Arcanes abilities with ease. And so the Elemental spells, too. It took time to get comfortable with her body while using magic, but it became apparent that the only way for her to use more powerful magic was for her to be one with her body. Hawke was a mage with the body of a dragon, and there was no limit for her now. Well, besides trying to get back to her normal body.

Now, there was the last test. And it was something she wanted to try. After all, dragons fly. The last few attempts of flying, she ended up on the floor in pain as she jumped out of a cliff. Not her smartest idea. So she thought, doing the same way as she does with magic. Hawke spread her wings and moved them up and down. But nothing happened. She felt ridiculous, and that was not something someone should feel when they were a dragon. Again, she exhaled, and channel her magic in her body.

Hawke thought of the Fade, and how she could fly there. The memories of levitating in the nothingness seemed to work, as she felt herself lighter weighted than before. Using her big and long wings, she left the ground gradually. Hawke's heart skipped faster as she opened her eyes, only to see herself flying about the forest.

"Andraste fucking tits! I am flying! Varric, I am a fucking flying dragon!"

Hawke flew through the skies, with a big smile on her Draconic face. The feeling of air caressing her scales, the surrounding clouds, Hawke wanted to cry. After being the Fade for such a long time. The thrill of feeling the air in her body, to see clouds and the sun was something she missed. Besides, she was a dragon now, and she was flying.

"Fuck you, Flemeth! I'm a dragon too!"

High in the sky, Hawke's dragon form could see everything more clearly. It was strange, the more she flew the easier it became. And then she saw it. The place where she made her home the last days. An island in the middle of an enormous lake. A good place for her, with any hope she would not get lost. Hawke kept flying, enjoying the ability to see the world from high above. And for a while, there was nothing else but her and the sky. That was until she saw something in the distance. A castle, or something like it.

The dark walls and the broken towers were proof they abandoned it. Destroyed in time, perhaps. For Hawke, the castle was a sight to behold. Maybe if Hawke was lucky. Humans would be there. It's been a long time since the last human contact, so the possibility of meeting someone delighted her. So ignoring the fact that she was a giant dragon, she flew there.

"Wait for me, my human's friends!"

Harrenhal castle, the black desolated ruin in which the ancient king, Harren the Black, lived his last days before being burned alive within the walls, along with all his children. Held a new owner, Lord Walter Whent. A fairly old man, with the reputation of drinking too much. Still, Lord Whent was a good man. A dutiful husband and dotted father who laughed with his children as much as he could. It was him who organized the name day of her maiden daughter. Inviting every lord in Westeros to his daughter's day.

Mostly out of courtesy. After all, Lord Whent was the lord of Harrenhal. Still, he couldn't predict such attendance, the moment Prince Rhaegar accepted the invitation. Every single lord of Westeros accepted as well. Even the King and Queen. Lord Whent as his entire family wasted no time to get things done. It could be a day like no other. No matter how much gold he would waste. They would forever remember the tourney at Harrenhal as the biggest party in Westeros.

And it surely would be.

It was the eighth day of the tourney and in his private den. The prince of Dragonstone. The crown princes of the Iron Throne, Rhaegar Targaryen, sat down, deep in thought. Never in his life, Rhaegar thought, he would find himself in such a situation. He thought the Tourney would be a great idea for him to secure his power and to get rid of his father, whose madness has grown worse each day.

Every lord came, and although the Great Lion of the rock was not there. His brother, Kevan Lannister, attended with both of Tywin's children. Something he knew was a bad thing. Since Jaime Lannister. The heir of Casterly Rock was now a Kingsguard. Rhaegar cursed his father's madness. Having the Lannister has enemies was a horrible idea. Still, the Silver Princes sighed. He would have to get Tywin Lannister on his side soon.

Rhaegar knew soon enough things would change for good… Or bad. Laying in his hand was the Targaryen dynasty. He had a duty to the realm. A destiny… Or so he thought. Thinking of the maiden of the north. The wolf girl, Lyanna Stark, brought mixed feelings to him.

So different. So free and strong. Beautiful as the winter of the North. Rhaegar sighed, feeling tired suddenly. He couldn't think of something else but her sometimes. He was a fool and knew it.

"My prince, princess Elia wants to see you," the voice of Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, and his best friend brought him down from the cloud of thoughts Rhaegar was in.

"Let her in," Rhaegar replied.

Elia Martell, his wife entered with the same soft smile on her face, she always wears. The Dornish princess was slender but beautiful. There was no denying that. And after two children, her elegance increased. But there was a shadow under her eyes. A lingering feeling of sadness and fear.

"My prince," Elia whispered with a small bow.

"Please, Elia, don't speak like that. You don't have to bow to me."

"I apologize, but after… Being in King's Landing for so long… I don't want to cause troubles for you," Elia said, as Rhaegar's face grew cold. He knew what she meant. His father threatened Elia and his children at every turn. Telling them how they were not dragons, but Dornish filth.

"Never, you will never cause my problems," Rhaegar said while embracing Elia.

Rhaegar knew he didn't love her, for now. But he cared a great deal for her. She bore him two children. His beautiful Rhaneys and little Aegon. But she was frail, and couldn't bear more. Something Elia was ashamed of.

"The Joust is about to begin. Please be careful," Elia said.

"Don't worry about me. There is nothing to be afraid of," Rhaegar said with a gentle smile.

However, the princess of Dorne grew quiet, wondering where she could start. For the last days, ever since the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the Knight of the Laughing Tree. Elia could sense something strange with Rhaegar. The out of nowhere interest he had on the youngest daughter of the Warden of the North was unsettling for her. There was something there, and she didn't like it.

"Please, my prince. Be honest with me," Elia's voice quivered while holding Rhaegar.

"What is it, Elia?" Rhaegar asked.

"I've seen the way you looked at her. When she is near you. Lyanna Stark, every time she is near, you stare at her."

"Elia, please…"

"My prince, I ask you as much. As the mother of your children don't I deserve the truth? Peace of mind? Do you love me? Feel anything for me?"

"Elia, I do care for you. You brought my children to this world. I care, I swear it," Rhaegar pleaded with her, feeling pain in his heart at the fact that he couldn't say the words Elia wanted to hear. The Dornish princess only sighed, and leaning forward, she kissed him. A gentle touch on her lips, but no more.

Elia didn't allow herself to cry or demand him an answer. She was a Martell, Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. And although, deep inside, the possibility of a mistress arriving in the future was high. Elia never believed it would hurt that much. Especially coming from someone like Rhaegar. But she had a duty to her family and people. She would be Queen one day and must act as one, regardless of her own broken heart.

"The Seven Kingdoms are waiting for you. I'm willing to give up my life, my freedom, and my love for it. Rhaegar, you are the last hope for all of us. Please, think about it. For our children, at least. Don't do something that could throw everything away. This is the only thing I beg of you."

Rhaegar only stared at Elia as she bowed and left. Rhaegar sighed, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. Feeling more heavy and tired. Even now, he couldn't think of anyone else but her. Lyanna Stark and her bright smile. And it was at that moment that Rhaegar felt everything crashing down on him.

"Forgive me, Elia. Please, gods, forgive me," the Silver Prince weep in shame.

Elia feeling drained and despondent walked to the platforms where she would watch the end of the Joust. Hopefully, Ser Barristan would knock some sense on Rhaegar.

Elia saw one of her ladies-in-waiting and friends sitting by herself at the edge of the stands, glaring at one of the Stark with sorrow and yearning. It seems as if everyone has a broken heart today. Elia thought as she approached her.

"Ashara, please sit with me. Let us share our sorrow together," Elia whispered, holding Ashara's hand.

The Dornish girl with purple eyes smiled at her but looked down in shame. Something Elia noticed.

"What is it? What happened, Ashara?" Elia asked.

"I have done something disgraceful. I brought shame to my family and myself."

"Oh, Ashara… What did you do?" Elia whispered.

Ashara didn't reply, but Elia could see the looked of Ned Stark and Ashara. It was enough for Elia to understand. She should have known. Elia knew Ned has been dancing with Ashara almost every night. Taking long strolls near the river. Ashara was blushing all the time, smiling all the time. It would only take a night with too much wine for them to do something like that.

"Ashara, it's fine… Everything would be alright. Ned Stark is an honorable man from what I heard. He would take responsibility for you, if… Something happens," Elia whispered, holding the hand of Ashara who did her best to not sob in front of everyone.

Ashara knew it was the truth. Ned was different, he was an honorable man. They promised each other. And it was not the wine that made her give her maidenhood to him. It was love. But she was afraid still. If her brother discovered, Ned dishonored her before marriage. The repercussions of something like that terrified Ashara.

"I know… He will take care of me. I know he will," Ashara replied softly.

"He better," Elia whispered as she saw the joust starting.

They all watched as the last two contenders face each other in the joust. Prince Rhaegar against Ser Barristan Selmy. There was tremendous excitement from the common folk and nobles alike. Would the best knight of the Seven Kingdoms defeat the crown prince? Or will his honor stand in the middle of it? Few knew the answer. Someone as honorable as Ser Barristan would never lose willingly.

Few could see, high on the stands, how the King glared at his son with suspicion and resentment. The long unwashed hair, and long nails. Let an unrestricted view of how far Aerys has fallen. The Mad King a name that few to say in his face. Aerys licked his lips, getting excited about the joust. Perhaps if his son died now. He would never fear a rebellion. Traitors, all of them. A dragon only needs servants… Slaves. The madman thought, ignoring the look of his sister-wife, who wanted to be anywhere else but there.

And with the sound of a trumpet, the joust began.

Rhaegar charged fearlessly at the senior knight, whom he respected a great deal. The first tilt came, and both could evade each other strike. Everyone looked in awe, as the second one came and ended like the first one. Charge after charge, and both of them never fall.

But as the last tilt came, Rhaegar strikes first, making Ser Barristan lose balance as he tried to evade it. Only to take the bait as Rhaegar trusted harder with his lance. Throwing Ser Barristan out of his horse. Everyone cheered at the Silver Prince's victory.

Elia sighed in relief as she saw Rhaegar win. The cheers of the common folk prove how much they loved him. Rhaegar had everything to become one of the best Targaryen kings. He had the drive, the love of the people. The respect of the nobles. He was gentle and intelligent. Everything was perfect. But as Rhaegar strolled on his horse, holding the crown of love and beauty, Elia felt dread running through her body.

Don't do it. Not in front of me, please gods. Please Rhaegar. Elia prayed as Rhaegar approached the Stark who were all looking at him in confusion. Elia could see that even Lyanna was gawking at him, as he lay the crown on her hands.

"My lady, I see no one but you more worthy of this crown."

Elia's heart clenched as a dagger encrusted deep inside of her. Ashara was holding the trembling hand of Elia, as behind them. Elia's oldest brother, Oberyn, was seething mad at such an insult. And he was not the only one thinking along the lines, as for every single person watching could only whisper among themselves. The prince ignored her wife, for a younger girl.

Lyanna felt everyone looking at her. She was in shock. For a brief second, she glared at Elia. The pain in the Dornish princess eyes was palpable, the shame, and grief. Lyanna felt the world stop, as she could only mumble Thank you, my prince. Lyanna felt his brother staring at the princes in anger, and she knew Brandon. He was a hothead and would do something stupid if she does nothing.

But as she was thinking of something to say. The whole place went quiet, but it was unnatural. Then, a powerful blast of air appeared from nowhere. It ripped the banners of the many houses from their places. Everyone didn't know what was happening. They were all standing up, trying to find a refuge from the relentless wind. But as they were moving, a huge shadow blocked the sun. They all stared at the sky, and what they saw froze each one of them.

A tremendous roar, loud and powerful, was heard. Splitting the air as it flew by. They could all see now the thing flying about them. A dragon.