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Chapter 2

High above the clouds, the roar came, bringing everyone to a full stop for what they were witnessing was something out of a dream. A massive dragon has appeared. Everyone went crazy as they ran for their lives. For the first time in hundreds of years, a dragon made Westeros tremble. Knights drop their swords, bannermen threw their banners, and ladies cared little for the gowns as they crawl in the mud to get away from such a beast. Few stayed, freeze in horror, or because they were just mesmerized by the appearance of the dragon.

"Lyanna! Run!" Brandon yelled, he had his sword out. A part of him knew a sword was no matched for a dragon of that size, but he didn't know what else to do. Lyanna was on the ground, looking at the dragon in awe. The giant dragon, the song, the tales of it. It was real, and standing before her.

"Lyanna, seven hells! Listen to me! Run!" Brandon yelled as he picked her up from the ground.

"Brandon, a dragon…" Lyanna whispered.

"No shit!" Brandon replied.

"Where the fuck is Ned?! Benjen?!" Brandon looked around and saw his brother holding Ashara in his embrace, as he was trying to get her up too from where she was. On another day, he would have been proud of his little brother's bravery to get the girl he loved out of danger. But now, he wanted him to run. Luckily, or not so much, he saw his father and Benjen helping some other people, who fell out of the booths by the wind.

"Stark honor," Brandon groaned at the sight of his family helping others.

They weren't the only ones trying to do something. On the other side, Robert Baratheon was doing his best to push people out of the place. But his mind was sorely focusing on one person, and it was his betrothed.

Robert showed little care for his family, his sole focus was on Lyanna. He saw her on the ground, as her brother, Brando, tried to help her. Robert feared for his beloved Lyanna and rushed to her help.

"Lyanna, thanks the gods! Are you hurt?" Robert asked while trying to assist. Brandon sneered at him, not liking how the Baratheon lord was touching his little sister.

The eldest of the Stark children knew the reputation of the young lord of Storm's End. Brando himself was a free and wild man. So he could see how bad of a match up was for Lyanna. Still, instead of pushing him away, Brandon decided to not start a fight right now. No, when there was a living fire-breathing dragon above them.

"She is fine," Brandon hissed, as Robert ignored him.

The powerful wind suddenly threw the three of them away. They felt as if something slammed into their bodies, pushing them meters away from the stalls. Lyanna, being the smallest of the three, flew with more strength, hitting herself on the shoulder as she fell off the stalls, knocking the ground in an awkward position. The pain came crashing down as she could only scream.

Lyanna knew what must happen. It was not the first time she has felt something like that. I dislocated my shoulder! Lyanna wailed.

"Lyanna!" Robert jumped down from the stalls, as Brandon was still trying to get up from since he hit himself hard in the head.

"Are you alright?! Are you hurt?!" Robert exclaimed.

"The fuck you think?! That I like to scream in pain?!" Lyanna yelled.

Robert may have found the reaction of Lyanna hilarious any other day, but now, he could only stare at those gorgeous grey eyes with tears of pain. He gently took Lyanna in his arms, trying to not bring more pain to her.

"Stop! It hurts!" Lyanna cried, Robert hated to look at her in such a state, but he needed to get her out of that place.

"Sorry, Lyanna. I hope you forgive me for this," Robert said as he carried Lyanna in bride style.

Robert, being a tall and muscular man, had no problem carrying the young girl in his arms. He felt happy deep inside, Robert truly wanted to prove he could be an honorable man. That he could be worthy of Lyanna's affection. Lyanna feeling the muscular arms around her and watching that stupid smile on his face regardless of everything going on. Couldn't help herself but laugh.

Stupid, so stupid. He is truly an oaf… A stupid oaf. Lyanna thought small smile, a tender smile.

The dragon flew over them again, roaring with the power of a thousand trumpets. Breaking the silence with a hammer.

Then, as if things weren't bad enough, the dragon roar one more time. Making everyone clutch their ears by the sheer power of it. The earth itself trembles, and for a moment they felt as if the sky itself was falling.

Elia, like the rest, was on the ground, while her brother was embracing her.

"We have to get you out of here, now!" Oberyn said as he pushed her up, but as he did that, the dragon flew above them. The burst of wind was powerful enough to push them away. The wind practically threw Oberyn away at least 5 meters aside from his sister. Crashing down hard in a near wall.

"Brother!" Ellia cried while trying to walk to him.

"Elia!" The princess of Dorne saw Ashara yelled at her, as she was being held by Ned Stark.

From what Elia could see, Ashara was limping. Clearly, something happened to her leg. The honorable Ned Stark was there, helping his beloved all the way. But besides that, Elia's friends seemed fine.

"Princess! We need to go!"

Elia's body was having problems as well. She wanted to stand up, but her legs weren't responding to her. The fear she was feeling was making her body unresponsive. They helped her out, as Elia was trying fiercely to stand for herself. A part of Elia was thanking the gods for leaving her children back at King's Landing. Something she knows. Queen Rhaella was doing as well.

"My brother, please help him!" Elia pleaded.

Ned, even afraid, did just as told. A few meters away, he could see the moving body of Oberyn as he was trying to move on his own.

"Princess Oberyn! Are you alright?!" Ned asked while trying to get him up.

"Yes, I have worse," Oberyn groaned, clearly faltering.

The four of them moved away from the Joust field or tried. Then all of them felt as if something bigger than a mountain landed behind them. The shadow itself covered the light of the sun. They could hear the deep inhalations of something immense. As if the time stopped, the people who wanted to run couldn't because the fierce gaze of the dragon would not let them.

The Stark, The Tullys, Lannister, Tyrell, Baratheon, Arryn, Martell, and Targaryen families were all watching from different points, the monstrous dragon before them. Horrified and bewildered by it. They weren't expecting to see such a thing today of that; they were sure of it. But now that it was before them, they could only stare at it and pray to the gods for it to be a dream.

From appearances only, the dragon was nowhere near as legends, songs and tales describe them. The dragon before them was different. Completely different. It had four legs, strong and sturdy. The dragon scales were of a deep red, like fire from the sun itself. Two long backward horns, and they looked elegantly on the dragon for an unnatural reason. But the most outlandish thing about such a dragon was the strange shining stones covering the dragon's lower body, from the chest to the tails.

Like diamonds or gems, shining by themselves, hypnotizing everyone.

For the Targaryen, however, the dragon was something either a good thing or a bad thing. Since it was hard to understand where did the beast in question came from. They have sighted no dragon since the fall of Valyria, or since the last of the Targaryen dragons. A small one who died at an early age.

They keep all the skeletons as a reminder of their power. Or the past prestige. But now, before them, a new hope emerged, or perhaps a new calamity, depending on the person. But no one was more thrilled to see a dragon than the Mad King himself. He pushed his way through the stalls, ignoring the calls of his sister-wife. Or his Kingsguard. Aerys was smiling like a small child, strolling to the gigantic beast.

Balerion The Black Dread was the last of the greatest dragons from Valyria. Aerys has seen the skull many times, too many times. It was a gigantic beast, and the thought of his ancestor, Aegon the Conqueror, riding it and burning his enemies to ash, brought a twisted smile on his face. Aerys now has his own Balerion. His own dragon and he would use it as his ancestors did. To burn down his enemies.

The dragon itself was of the same size as Balerion, perhaps even bigger. From head to tail, he could guess it was around 130 meters. It barely fit in the courtyard of Harrenhal. And it was as tall as the Braavos Titan, around 40-50 meters tall. Truly, what a sight for Aerys.

Aerys smiled with trepidation as he walked to it. But his son stopped it.

"Father, it's dangerous!" Rhaegar exclaimed as he approached, trying to stop him. But Aerys didn't listen to him, or anyone for that matter. He had his goals.

The poor kingsguards were having a hard time dealing with everything. They swear an oath, and they would keep it. But if it comes to choose between saving the king or the prince. They would choose the prince. Barristan himself next to his sworn brothers were trying to convince their king to fall back. But with no success.

"My king, please!" Ser Barristan Selmy pleaded, as the rest of the Kingsguard did the same. They were looking at the dragon with sword in hand. Not knowing how much it would work against it.

"Leave all of you! The Targaryen will rule once again, with Fire and Blood!" Yelled the Mad King.

Rhaegar was getting frustrated as he saw nothing work. Then he saw how the dragon hasn't moved at all since it landed. It was only glaring at them.

The dragon mesmerized Rhaegar as much as everyone, perhaps more than his father. But deep inside, knew that if what they say about Targaryen was true. About they taming the dragons, just like their ancestors did. The thought of his father having a dragon was not something he wanted to think about. Rhaegar had read many times how the Targaryen of old would claim a dragon by sheer conviction. Like a farmer would to a wild horse.

The Targaryen had the power to do so, just like the Dragon Lords of old Valyria. Now, however, Rhaegar did not know how it would work. He doubted it would be just like sitting on top of the beast and hope for it to accept him. Especially since the older the dragon, the more willful it becomes.

"You will be my resurrection! Burn everyone! Burn them all!" Aerys screamed, showing to all there the madness in his eyes. Elia, with the rest, only stared as the madman was trying to command the dragon to kill everyone there. To listen to such words, the absurdity of it all was horrendous.

Aerys practically crawled to the dragon. He looked so small next to the giant paw of the beast. With the vile and heinous face of madness Aerys had, he spread his arm, screaming to the dragon.

"BURN THEM ALL!" Aerys yelled, and then everyone saw how the mighty dragon spread his wings. Those gigantic wings, and for a brief second. All of them were expecting the worst. The fire engulfing them in endless suffering, or something. But nothing of sorts happened, instead. They saw how the dragon had leaned forward to meet the king face to face. It was at that moment when Rhaegar could see intelligence in the dragon. Not like an animal, not like a beat. But as if it was a person.

Then it came, something no one expected to happen. Never in their life.

"Fenedhis Shemlen," the dragon spoke with a deep voice, as if two people were talking at the same time. An echo covered in power, resonating with the dragon's colossal size. And another one, softer, as if a female was talking from behind the echo. Regardless of how it sounded, everyone stood there utterly shocked by it.

"It spoke…"

Funny enough, they weren't the only ones shock by it.

Hawke, the dragon in question, was surprised to hear her voice like any other. But what shocked her was the fact she was speaking Elvish.

But I don't know Elvish!

Everything was not going according to her plans. To the unplanned plans. Hawke admitted she got lost in the thrill of seeing humans. Hawke learned too late how much her size and sheer weight could cause trouble for them. The moment she saw people being thrown away by the wind, her long wings were causing. Hawke could only lay down on the ground, hoping she didn't cause too much damage to them.

The red-haired girl from Kirkwall wanted to make peace with them. And find more about where exactly she was. Hawke still didn't know with exactitude what she was going to do. Repairing the Eluvian was an option, but Hawke had no clue how to do it. Then again, even if she fixed it. What would be the point? She would only return to the Fade. And Hawke wanted to stay away from it for now.

So, for now, her focus was on learning where she was. Then Hawke would think about what she would do.

However, Hawke did not expect to speak in Elvish. But then again, Hawke did not foresee to be a giant dragon.

"You spoke… The dragon spoke?" Hawke glared down at the small people who were all looking at her.

"Yes, I spoke…" Hawke replied, but her words again came out as Elvish.

"Makers breath, why I'm speaking in Elvish?" Hawke loudly said, even though she was thinking in her mother's tongue, every time she spoke, it was only Elvish. She tried hard to say something in the common tongue. But no matter how much Hawke tried, every word was Elvish.

Everyone could see the dragon speaking in a language they have never heard, but it was clear the dragon was speaking to them. Perhaps it was a good thing they didn't understand Hawke. Since she was cursing loudly. But for them, the words were gentle in nature and mystical.

Rhaegar only stared at the ground, hearing him talk. It was clear the dragon was trying to communicate with them, but it was unsuccessful.

"Have any of you hear anything like it?" Rhaegar whispered at the kingsguard next to him.

"Never…" Ser Arthur replied.

Rhaegar felt stupid asking such a thing. None have heard anything like it before. There has never been a speaking dragon in history. Never. Then it struck Rhaegar. A possibility. He was going to do something risky, but it was worth the shot.

Rhaegar approached the dragon slowly, ignoring everyone else. Aerys seemed frozen in time. It was strange, like something stopped him. None cared for the King as of right now. Not even the king's kingsguard.

Elia and the rest of the audience only stared at whatever the prince was going to do.

"Do you understand me?" Rhaegar asked with a loud and slow tone. Then everyone saw how the giant dragon slowly nodded.

"By the seven… He understand," Rhaegar heard Barristan said, but he was to focus on said dragon.

They didn't know how it pleased Hawke was to see a smart person. Although she should have thought on something similar before crashing whatever party was going on there.

"My name is… Rhaegar Targaryen, of House Targaryen. Prince of Dragonstone, heir to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms, and blood of old Valyria. We are not your enemies."

Rhaegar said with a more confident tone, as everyone again waited for the response of the dragon.

"House Targaryen? Seven Kingdoms? Blood of Old Valyria? Never heard of them, so I am truly in another world. Thankfully, they aren't my enemies, and this prince seem smart enough to no run away screaming. What do I do now?" Hawke thought for a brief second before being interrupted by the sudden scream of the King.

Hawke gave a slight bow to the prince as she would to someone from royalty. That action alone was enough for everyone to see that the dragon did understand them. And have a clear understanding, of nobility. They thought it was impossible, but the proof was before them.

Could the dragon be a god? One of old Valyria? Rhaegar thought. So far he would believe everything since there was no reason for him to deny it

Aerys snapped back to reality. He was still having difficulty accepting that a dragon could communicate and understand conversations. Still, for him, it didn't matter. The only thing that matter for Aerys, was that the dragon was here. He only needed to tame it.

"Enough! You will listen to me! Look at me!" Aerys yelled as Hawke was starting to get annoyed by the madman.

"Yes, exactly! I am blood of old Valyria! From the greatest civilization in the world! I am a Dragon Lord! You are my slave! Obey me! Obey me!" Aerys screamed, making everyone nervous, especially when they heard the dragon let a small grumble. They were right to be scared since Hawke was angry.

"Slave? Slave?! I'm no one slave!" Hawke yelled in anger, remembering the horrors of Tevinter slavery. The horrors Fenris endured. But she was also furious at the thought of a madman leading a kingdom. Hawke figured out that if the white-haired man was a prince. Then, the person next to him was his father. They both looked alike a great deal.

So, in anger, Hawke raised her paw, and Ser Barristan and the rest of the Kingsguard did what they thought not too long ago. They grabbed prince Rhaegar and dragged him away. Everyone stared in horror at the strange light coming from the dragon paw. Then a bolt of lightning came. The power was so big that Aerys Targaryen. The King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the first men ceased to exist. There was nothing left of the King. Nothing, not even blood or bones. Only a few pieces of clothes, and the crown.

"Dirthara-ma," they heard the dragon said, and even though they were not capable of understanding, what does it mean. They knew it was an insult.

King Aerys was dead. The mad king was no more. Rhaegar, and his mother Queen Rhaella, who was watching everyone from a safe distance, both were not sure of what they should feel. A dragon came from nowhere, threw a bolt of lightning from its hand, and killed the king. What should they think? Everything was ridiculous.

Whatever they wanted to feel, they realized that it's better to flee and think of that later. They do not know if the dragon would go on a rampage. Ser Barristan was going to drag Rhaegar if needed, he would not let the last hope for the Targaryen dynasty be thrown away.

But Rhaegar was having none of it. His father should have known better than to disrespect a dragon. There would be time to mourn, but now, he couldn't let a dragon leave.

The kingsguard and everyone had another idea. So, for the first time, Ser Barristan and the rest disobeyed the prince and dragged him away from the dragon.

Hawke, however, had another opinion. The Champion of Kirkwall could admit that in her anger she could have destroyed any possibility of having a neutral relationship with the humans in the world she arrived in. Hawke was not about to be this world Archdemon. Besides, it was not like she could apologize for something Hawke was not entirely sorry for. But she realized how the knights of the prince were dragging him away from her. No matter how much he yelled at them.

Hawke thought about what she should do.

Should she tried to stop them? Should she try to make amends? Hawke killed a king, after all.

Shit, I hope I didn't screw things out. Let's lay low for a while.

Hawke thought she could let things calm down for a while. The last thing she needed was to have an entire kingdom over her, trying to kill her. So, with a loud sighed, she rose again to the skies and disappeared from everyone's sight. Hawke does not know how good of an idea that was.

It took only a fortnight before Westeros as a whole knew about the Red Emerald Dragon, as they called him now. And everyone knew now that the Isle of Face was the dragon's home. A simple thing to figure out, since many times, the witnesses could hear the roars of the mighty Red Emerald Dragon coming from the island. They also saw multiple times, how the dragon would fly away for days, traveling through Westeros only to come back there.

The towns of Whitewalls, Crossed Elms, Lake Town, and Briarwhite were on edge. Besides Harrenhal, those were the closest towns to the Isle of Faces. It took the word of the new king, Rhaegar Targaryen, to calm the people of Westeros. As long as people keep their distances from the dragon home. He would harm no one. The Isle of Faces is out of boundaries until further notices. Those were the words of king Rhaegar.

For a while, everyone feared for the worts until they realized it was true. Another fortnight passed, and the near towns became an attraction for anyone who wanted to see the Red Emerald Dragon.

The rumors grew more, and even people from Essos visited those towns, to see if it was true. The nobles couldn't let such attraction go to waste. So they charged for the privileged to see the dragon. Without knowing, Hawke became an attraction.

But for how long would the lords of Westeros tolerate such beast? Only time would tell.

At King's Landing, the newly crowned king sat down with the small council. Rhaegar wasted no time getting back to work. There was a lot to do. Thankfully, his father, although mad, was not as reckless a ruler as many in the past. There was a debt growing, but not something crippling for the Iron Throne.

Some nobles grew richer thanks to his father, but again, not something he couldn't deal with. Among many other things, the Seven Kingdoms were not in any imminent problem. Well, besides the dragon that was.

Rhaegar looked at his council. Fresh faces were there, and so older ones. Tywin Lannister was there, wearing proudly the symbol of his new position. Or rather, an old one. Rhaegar knew Tywin Lannister was a dangerous man, but he needed him on his side more than ever. There was the fact that his son and heir Jaime was still on the Kingsguard. Something Rhaegar knew would change.

With Tywin back as the Hand of the King, things would go more smoothly. There was Pycelle, someone whom Rhaegar did not trust at all. But the old man was smarter than people realized. The act of a stuttering fool was a pathetic one, but it worked. Still, he was the Grand Maester for something. Still, Pycelle was deep in the pocket of Tywin Lannister. But for now, they were on his side. For now.

Varys was another one who was still working for him. Rhaegar kept him close since he was the best spymaster there was. Right now, he needed many eyes everywhere.

Rhaegar surprising many people got new members too. Since he needed people on his side, he sent a letter to Dorne, inviting Doran Martell's younger brother to be the Master of Laws. Oberyn showed his disdain for him. Just like Elia, the Martells have not forgotten what Rhaegar did at the tourney. Rhaegar suspected the only reason Oberyn accepted was to protect his sister from the likes of Tywin Lannister. And to make sure, to keep an eye on Rhaegar.

Regardless, it would work well for Rhaegar, they would help him only for Elia's sakes, and that was fine for him. He was still searching for a new master of Ships but he would keep searching for someone loyal.

And last, Rhaegar took Jon Connington as the master of coin. Not necessarily because of his ability with numbers, but because of his loyalty to him. And that's what Rhaegar needed now more than anything. People loyal to him on his side.

"Any news for today's meeting?" Rhaegar asked with a sigh.

"More news of the… Dragon, your grace. My little birds say the Red Emerald Dragon was last saw flying above Highgarden. Scaring the Tyrell family, and Lord Tyrell," Varys said with a tight voice. Still, not liking the idea of a dragon with magic flying around.

"And there was any problem?" Rhaegar asked, but he already knew the answer.

"None at all, your grace. The dragon seemed amused by the screams of Lord Tyrell. But leave afterwards, I don't doubt it would return to the Isle of Faces," Varys said.

"Your grace, I must advise precaution with such beast. Letting a creature like that free, it's asking for a calamity to happen!" Pycelle said.

"I agree your grace. We must stop this creature to cause more troubles," Tywin said with an icy voice.

Rhaegar narrowed his eyes, already know what those two were planning. The thought of a dragon on the power of the Targaryen again frightens them. Like many others in the Citadel, of that, Rhaegar was sure.

"Lord Tywin, so far the dragon has caused no problem. Why we should bother doing anything?" Oberyn said with a lazy voice. But the eyes of the Red Viper of Dorne were sharp as steel. It surprised Rhaegar to hear Oberyn said something like that. Perhaps Oberyn, like him, hoped a member of the Targaryen could tame the dragon, no doubt his nephew or niece, and not him.

"A beast like that shouldn't be allowed to roam free!" Pycelle exclaimed.

"Afraid the Targaryen could hold a dragon, Grand Maester?" Jon asked with not so friendly voice.

"It's about safety, nothing more," Tywin said, looking at the prince of Dorne with cold eyes.

"Afraid of a dragon, lord Tywin?" Oberyn teased.

"My lords, my lords. Enough," Rhaegar said, with a tired voice.

"I understand your worries, lord Tywin, but there is no way for us to kill a dragon of that size. Even with a hundred scorpions. Then there is the fact, this dragon. It's not like the ones we know about. This dragon understands us, it speaks. And have magic," Rhaegar said, making everyone grew silent.

Pycelle scoffed at the idea of a talking dragon and magic. But just like the rest, he couldn't deny the fact presented to him. Half of the lords of Westeros were at Harrenhal. Everyone was a witness to the magic and the speech of the dragon. It was impossible to deny it.

Worst of it all, at the Citadel, the glass candles were on fire. Just proving magic has returned. The debates going there were hard to miss. Half of the maesters were on the side of learning about the dragon speech and magic, while the other half wanted to avoid such a thing. Some Archmasters would have a meeting soon, to discuss what to do about the dragon.

"For now, we can only let it be. I know, the dragon would harm no one, unless provoke. That's why, I would like to keep people away from the Isle of Faces," Rhaegar said.

"I apologize, your grace. But that would be rather difficult. My little birds tell me about the new bets, around the towns near the island. A hundred silver stags for anyone who travels to the island and set foot there. There is one about a hundred golden dragons for anyone who brings emerald of the dragon chest. However, I doubt the veracity of that one," Varys said smiling.

King Rhaegar wanted to smash his head in the table, at the stupidity of the people.

"Send ravens to the lords, tell them to stop any attempt of traveling to the island," Rhaegar said.

"Yes, your grace."

Rhaegar nodded as he felt tired. And the day was only the beginning.

At noon, Rhaegar went back to his chambers. He needed to rest, but then he saw prince Lewyn Martell, the kingsguard in charge of protecting his wife and children. And next to him was Ser Barristan Selmy. Both were just outside of his chambers. He sighed, knowing who waited for him there.

"Your grace," both of them said, but prince Lewyn sounded harsh.

"Elia is waiting for me, then?" Rhaegar asked they nodded.

"Would she ever forgive me?" Rhaegar asked before entering.

"My niece, has a big heart, your grace. But she hurt, deeply hurt and betrayed," prince Lewyn said.

"I know… I apologize, prince Lewyn, I hope to make it right," Rhaegar said, leaving behind the rest of the kingsguard.

Rhaegar entered and saw Elia sitting on a chair, looking outside the window. The looked of tiredness, the hurt was palpable in Elia's eyes. So much hurt, Rhaegar could see. It was until a few days ago. That he understood, what has he done. The pain he has brought to her. Elia did not deserve such misery.

"Elia…" Rhaegar whispered.

"You should spend more time with Rhaenys, she misses you," Elia said, still refusing to turn to see him.

"Where are they?" Rhaegar asked softly, walking to her.

"With your mother, now that she is no longer queen. She looks more alive than ever. Like they lifted an enormous weight out of her shoulders. I can't imagine how awful it was to be Aerys wife for all those years. But now she seems happy. It would do her good. Stress is not good for the baby. Also, Rhaenys is playing with Viserys, and little Aegon. He is growing so fast. You should spend more time with them, they miss you."

Rhaegar only stared with sadness in his eyes. Elia didn't even acknowledge his presence, and her voice sounded so empty. So detached from reality. He kneeled before her, taking her hand with trying to make her look at him.

"Elia… Please, look at me."

"Why?" Elia only asked.

"Please, Elia forgive me."

"Why did you give Lyanna the crown?" Elia asked with pain in her face.

"Please, forgive me..."

"Why did you do it? In front of everyone? Why did you shame me before all the Seven Kingdoms? Me, your wife. Your queen. The mother of your children," Elia finally said, as tears run through her cheeks.

Rhaegar would not deny his infatuation with Lyanna. He still thought of her, but seeing the pain in Elia's eyes. The hurt he has brought to a gentle soul like her. It was unforgivable. He could hear the words of her mother, Rhaella, the day they got back from Harrenhal. Even if there was a dragon around, taking the attention of everyone. It didn't hide what he did. And his mother reminded him, the duty of a king. To be better than his father.

Rhaegar took days for himself. To push the desires for the wild-girl of the north. Lyanna was about to marry soon, there was no reason for him to bring chaos to Westeros. He would be better than his father. The Seven Kingdoms deserved better, his children deserved better, Elia deserved better.

"Elia, please forgive me for the pain I have caused you. Forgive me for the shame, for the hurt," Rhaegar softly said.

"Forgiveness?" Elia laughed painfully.

"Please, Elia, can you believe me? I'm so sorry for hurting you... For all of it. There is no excuse for what I did... Please, forgive me."

"Sorry, your grace. But I can't believe you…" Elia saw those deep purple eyes. Those eyes she fell in love with. It hurt to look at them.

"Elia, I swear to you. That I will not stray from our marriage. I will prove it to you, every day. Give me a chance, to earn your forgiveness. That's all I ask, no more. Just one more chance."

Rhaegar kissed Elia's hand tenderly. Elia wanted to scream, to slap him, but she loved him. Even after all the hurt, she cared for him. Elia missed his tender kisses, his arms around her in the night for more than a month she has been staying in separate chambers. Refusing any physical contact with him. Rhaegar has respected the cold treatment. The boundaries set by Elia and today was the first time Elia has even spoken with Rhaegar at all.

"I begged of you, Elia." Rhaegar pleaded.

Elia stared at him, those dark eyes searching for a lie, for anything inside of Rhaegar. Elia's lips trembled, as she chokes on tears. She hated to look like a weak woman. But she does love him. So much it hurt.

"Just one… Rhaegar, just one. I can't have my heart broken again. No more pain," Elia whispered.

"I swear to you, by all the seven gods. With my life, I will not dishonor you again," Rhaegar said while kissing her deeply.

Elia exhausted mentally could only reciprocate the kiss. Enjoying her husband's lips. "Stay here, with me." Rhaegar whispered as they went to bed, for the first time in months.

Hawke lay on her back as she stared at the dark night. The stars are so different from the ones in Thedas. Hawke was melancholic, as she thought of her home. Being a dragon was fun and all, but she was alone. There was no one she could spend time with. Hawke missed her friends, her family, her Isabela.

After weeks on end, Hawke spent her time not only traveling through the continent known as Westeros but also practicing her magic. She was getting more used to her massive body. Although she was still trying hard to change form. Hawke couldn't understand why she could not do it. What was she missing?

Hawke let a loud sigh as she rolled over the grass and fallen trees.

"Roll, roll like a piece of cinnamon roll~ Roll, roll repeatedly until you fall~" Hawke sang loudly. She did not care that her voice sounded so weird, or that the words she was saying were Elvish. She just got used to it now.

She stared at her body, and saw her big belly. Her big dragonic belly.

"I have a fat stomach… And fat tail. Why did the maker make me so fat?" Hawke wailed as she moved her big tail around. If someone could see her now. They would see an enormous dragon rolling around, crushing rocks and trees all over the place.

Hunger, sleep, those things were not part of her anymore. Hawke wondered if she could eat if she wanted. But then again, what does a dragon eat? Would she need to hunt a few cows to test? Then there was dreaming. Hawke has tried to sleep multiple times. But she does not dream. It was strange not to dream. But now that Hawke thought about it more clearly. The whole speaking Elvish. No hunger, no tiredness, perhaps everything was linked somehow.

Maybe everything has to do with being a dragon? Or perhaps it's me? I was trying to get back to my form, my human form. But the spirit said that I'm not a human anymore. Then what am I?

Hawke stared at the sky one more time. The silence of the night was enough for her to close her eyes and force herself to sleep. She would think about what to do tomorrow. Hawke has to explore more, after all.