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Chapter 7

Hawke flew over the vast rivers and trees, enjoying the glorious view of mountains below her. A sight she has grown to love since coming to this strange, unknown world. Since for Hawke, the feeling of freedom, of flying was pure joy. However, as Hawke was flying all over the Riverlands, she noticed something wrong. Since she became a dragon, Hawke has grown more adept in her senses. Her eyesight. Her hearing and smell. So Hawke could see a group of figures way below her, next to a river. And it took only a few seconds before her eyes could see what was happening there.

What is going on there? A girl…? Oh! No!

Down there, a girl was trying to break free from her captors, but without luck. The girl furiously tried to fight back, but the man grabbed her by the hair and throw her to the ground. Hawke could hear the scream of her girl, no matter how far away in the sky she was. The young woman fought back. But it was clear she would not make it out.

Hawke's entire gigantic body froze in midair, for her eyes couldn't believe what was going on down there. A group of men were assaulting the girl in the worst way possible.

Even in this world, things like this happen. But I will not allow it!

Hawke thought as she approached the river, and letting a roar, she made her presence known to them. Hawke's body changed and caring too little for the height. She landed right before them. Hawke's draconic body could land with no problem. In fact, she could do so much more than that. The Frey soldiers stared amazed at such a thing standing in front of them. Yet it would change.

"Disgusting humans."

Hawke hissed without realizing her words.

Hawke's rage was palpable and without asking for questions from her hands. A bolt of lightning appeared and struck one of the Frey soldiers. The one on top of the girl. His body became nothing. The head of the man flew away, and the body disappeared. So was the power of Hawke magic. That a mortal man was no match for her. The rest of the Frey man could only scream in horror for what they witnessed.

"What is that thing?!"

"Run! Run!"

"Let's get out of here!"

Hawke scoffed at the cowards, trying to run away. Her friends never questioned her mage abilities, since she was a master of all trades. Well, that was what Varric called her. But in reality, Hawke was very good at learning the basics and going up from there. Bethany was the same as Hawke. Both of them were quick learners and capable duelists. Bethany was better at Primal and Creation magic than Hawke. While the older sister was more of an arcane and Healing mage. Yet, of course, both Hawke siblings had to adapt and learn more. Hawke would never admit it, not publicly, but Bethany and she both had to learn about Blood Magic. A lot.

The reason was that Corypheus was on the loose, and both Bethany and Hawke thought perhaps it would come to their blood, since it was their father's blood that locked the Ancient Magister away. An idea of sorts. Thankfully, it never came to pass, yet their knowledge remained with them. Of course, many other mages had a better grasp at magic than Hawke. Well, in some areas.

The First Enchanter of Montsimmard, Lady Vivienne, was in Hawke's humble opinion one of the most infuriating and condescending people she has ever known. Yet, she couldn't deny Vivienne was the best Primal mage she has ever seen. The way she could control Winter was superb, and adding to the fact she was a knight-Enchanter just made Hawke angrier. Hawke did her best to learn such a trait. But it was incredibly hard. She couldn't help but respect the Inquisitor when the Elf girl learned it in such a quick fashion. Maybe is an elf thing? Hawke wondered.

Then there was Solas, the strange Elf whose knowledge of the Fade and Spirit magic seemed never-ending. Even Dorian was an incredibly dotted Necromancer and excellent Elemental Mage. That's why Hawke took her time to re-learn a lot of things. So, remembering all she knows, she used Fade Walk to stop the Frey soldiers from leaving the place.

"Fucking cunt, shit!"

One of them exclaimed as he stared at Hawke directly into her eyes. "Fucking cunt, shit? That's the best insult you can think of?"

Hawke mocked him as she took him by the head, raising him all the way from the ground. Hawke couldn't hide her surprise at her strength. My body, it's a lot stronger now. Not only with magic, but physically too! She thought with a grin on her face.

The Frey soldier did his best to get free from her grasp, but with no luck. Hawke felt no empathy for him as she crushed his skull with her bare hand. For Hawke, the action brought a sick fascination to her. Never in her life, she thought she could do such a thing. Yet there she was, clutching a man's head like it was nothing but sand in her hand. The bones broke with a morbid and nasty sound. And soon blood and everything else splattered on the ground.

"You fucking monster!"

Hawke turned around and watched a sword coming down on her, intending to cut her head. Yet nothing of sorts happened. The rusty sword bounced back when it hit her skin. The Frey soldier stared, stunned.


"You need a better weapon."

Hawke said as she slid down the man's throat with her nails. The dragon lady turned around and suddenly felt two arrows hitting her chest. But just like the sword, they were ineffective. They broke into a hundred pieces when they hit her scale-like skin. So, my dragon skin it's harder than steel? Stronger maybe? Mm, this is good to know. I guess I don't have to worry about swords and things like that anymore. Neat. Hawke thought as she raised her hand and killed the other two attackers with another powerful lightning strike. Their bodies became nothing but pieces of meat and flesh on the ground.

"Rapist… I fucking hate rapist."

Hawke growled, feeling nothing but joy knowing scum like that was no longer living in the world. She then looked at the poor girl on the edge of the river and quickly approached her. Hawke sighed in relief as she could hear weak breathing coming from the girl, so Hawke wasted no time to inspect the girl's body.

"Alright, everything is going to be okay."

Hawke muttered while slowly checking out the battered body.

"Two… three broken ribs. The shoulder seemed dislocated but not broken."

Hawke whispered, as she could see the tears coming from the eyes of the young girl. The face was so swollen that you couldn't even say it was a face at all. There was blood pouring from the girl's nose, and they bit her lips off and more. Monster… I should have taken my time killing them. No, I should have tortured them so more! Fucking beast! Hawke hissed in her mind. Hawke's memory of her mother came up again. The things that the monster did to her mother. It may not correlate to what was happening. But she couldn't think of something else.

Hawke took a deep breath, relaxing her muscles. As she kept on inspecting the body. Then she slowly looked for any injury in the head and found nothing to worry about. Besides a small swelling.

"It must be when she hit the rocks on the floor. Nothing too bad… Don't worry, girl. You're going to be just fine!"

Hawke said with a soft tone in her voice. "You're lucky! The Champion of Kirkwall and sexy dragon lady saved you!"

Hawke said, trying to lift the morale of the current situation. Yet the girl was unconscious. Or so Hawke thought. The young girl moved her mouth. As if she was trying to speak.

"Dad… sorry…"

Those were the words she said, and Hawke could only stare in sadness.

"It seems as she fought with her father… an apology in her dreams."

"Don't worry, whatever you wanted to say to your father… You will, just hold on. Let me heal you."

Hawke said slowly, she would have to fix the ribs first before healing it. But it was something she has done before, so Hawke was not worried about it. The girl's shoulder was going to feel like new, and her face and all those horrible wounds inflicted upon the girl were going to vanish forever. Hawke just needed to focus.

But as she was going to relieve the girl of her pain. Hawke then listened to the sound of horses and armor clanking in her direction. They were close to her.

"Did you see the fucking dragon?!"

"I told you, I did. Fuck, where the hell are Joyeuese and the rest?"

"They told me they were going to see if that brat was telling them the truth, about the Stark girl."

"Who gives a shit about the Stark girl?"

Hawke frowned at the voices. She looked at the bodies, well, at what she left of them. And groaned. If the group of rapists belongs to a lord or something. It would create a lot of problems for her. Not that she cared, truly. Hawke felt no guilt for killing those men. But she couldn't deny the whole drama it could bring. So, she would do the only thing she could and was to leave.

"Hold on, I know it will hurt, but I will heal you once we find a better place."

Hawke said as she took the girl in her arms. Slowly carrying her in a bride style.

"Now… well, I don't know if this is going to hurt but… there is no better way to find out but to try it!"

Hawke sighed and then jumped high in the sky. So far, she wasn't able to just transform her wings into her more human body. Not yet. But using the famous Hawke intellect, she transformed midair into her dragon form and quickly catching the small body in her gigantic paw. She flew.

I really need wings in my other form…

Hawke thought as she looked at her paw and saw the body unharmed by her amazing and dangerous transformation.

Now, where do I go? Well, I first need to heal her… I guess I should take her back to my little home? Then heal her and asked her where she lives or something. Perhaps we could explain everything to a lord. Yeah! That sounds like a plan! Hold on girl, is going to be a wild ride!

Hawke flew away, leaving behind a trace of blood behind.

Lord Rickard Stark walked through the hallways of Riverrun with a tense looked on his face. It's been hours since the last time someone saw his daughter. So he worried for his child as any father would. Yet he couldn't take out of his mind the last words spoken to him by her. And the look of Lyanna when he told her about her duty to their family and the North.

You're going to marry Robert Baratheon and that's the end of the discussion! No more riding in the river bank! No more screaming! That's final!

You don't care about me? Your daughter? Robert Baratheon is a drunkard, whose only purpose is fighting and whoring! You better give me a way to a wilding instead of him!

I say is enough, Lyanna! You will do as I say and that's the end of it!

You won't change your mind, won't you? Not even if I die alone in the south?

Don't be dramatic, Lyanna. Robert can still change… He can still become a good man.

You don't get it, don't you? A man like Robert won't change… Ever.

Lord Rickard sighed at the words of her daughter. For he knew Lyanna spoke the truth.

We have to prepare for winter. Nothing else matters.

The lord of Winterfell walked directly to the hall where the dinner was being served. There it was, his children, well, most of them. Brandon looked as he wanted to be somewhere else but there. Catelyn Tully stared at him, as she was a dove in love, not realizing how Brando seemed rather unhappy with the whole thing. Lord Rickard couldn't hide his frustration at his eldest son. No matter what much he tried to make him understand his role as the future lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Brandon seemed to not care about it all.

Brandon only wanted to fight and take any woman to bed, something that brought fruit to a bastard in the Riverlands. Lord Stark wondered how many more bastards does Brandon has around. The question brought nausea. Yet he could also see his second son, Eddard Stark next to his now-wife. To see his second son holding that tender smile while looking at his lady wife made the lord of Winterfell feel happy. Perhaps it was the reason Brandon and Lyanna both were angry and depressed.

Benjen, the youngest, looked bored with all, and the hall had nothing for him to do. So the young Stark was just pushing the food off his plate from one side to the other. Lord Rickard knew their time in the south was ending. There was no need for them to be here. Brando would marry Catelyn in a few days and after that, Lyanna and Robert's wedding would take place. All of them would return to Winterfell. Except for one. Lyanna. Ashara and Catelyn would become ladies of the North, but Lyanna would become a lady of the South. Lyanna Baratheon, and lady of Storm's End.

The idea of giving his daughter away was not one he enjoyed. But it was necessary for them. Hopefully, with time, Lyanna would understand.

Where is Robert Baratheon? Where is the lord of the Stormlands? Lord Stark wondered.

"Brandon, Ned, have any of you seen your sister?" He asked.

Both brothers stared at each other, confused by their father's questions, yet they seemed to groan internally.

"Did she?" Ned asked.

"I think she did," Brandon replied.

"Did what?" Rickard asked both of them.

"Lyanna has been sneaking out lately… riding near the river bank. Having some freedom before her weeding night. Not that I blame her, she deserves some happiness, before Robert takes it away."

Lord Stark sighed deeply at the words of Brando. He could understand Lyanna's anxiety and discomfort. Yet he had to stop her from doing just that.

"And both of you knew about it?"

Ned and Brando nodded quietly.

"Well, it's late, and no one has seen you sister for hours. This is not the North where Lyanna has the knowledge of every hill and road… So we need to find her before something bad happens to her."

Lord Rickard told them, as both Ned and Brandon sighed, but as both of them were about to stand up from. A soldier came rushing through the door, panting.

"Lord Stark! Lord Stark!" the soldier yelled, as everyone in the hall stared at him.

"What is it?!" Lord Rickard exclaimed.

"Is lady Lyanna! The dragon kidnapped her! They found parts of her clothe in a river bank, near Pennytree. Some witness say that King Rhaegar was riding the dragon!"


Lord Rickard could only yell, while Brandon, without caring about anything else, left the hall with a furious look on his face. The rest of the Stark family were in a similar state of disbelief. But none noticed the look of a young lad near a corner of the hall, who looked at the scene before him with a grin on his face.

"Ah, Starks, quick temper, slow minds," he said in a hushed tone.

Tremors and visions of darkness woke the king of the Seven Kingdoms. He had to stand up from the bed while trying to control his breathing. Not something hard for him to do, since it was not the first time for Rhaegar to wake up in such away. Yet he won't deny how difficult it was. But it brought Elia back from her slumber as she felt Rhaegar moving around the room, trying to breathe.


Elia exclaimed as she covered her naked body with a robe. "Ser Barristan! Ser Arthur!" Elia called, as she covered her king body with a mantle. The skin of the King was cold as ice. He was trembling and sore. But the king refused to look weak. Ser Barristan and Ser Arthur entered the room with swords in hand, ready to protect their king, but saw no enemy, only the queen hugging the king.

"Your grace!" Ser Barristan said.

"He is freezing!" Elia said.

"Rhaegar, breath slowly. Easy," Elia said with a soft tone in her voice.

Rhaegar flinched at the pain in his chest. "It's alright… everything, it's alright," he said.

"Your grace we should call the granmaester at once," said Ser Barristan not hiding his worried face.

Rhaegar sat down on the edge of the bed, feeling his muscles relaxing. Yet he couldn't shake the feeling of dread in his mind. Those dreams invading his head, the visions. Could I be going insane? Just like my father? Rhaegar thought in fear.

"Don't worry, Ser Barristan. A nightmare, nothing more. No need to wake the granmaester… I just need time."

"Are you sure, Rhaegar? You look… feel cold. Wouldn't be wise to see if everything is alright?" Elia said.

Rhaegar gave Elia a tired smile but said nothing else. He held her hand, trying to calm her, or calm himself.

"Don't worry, is just another… nightmare. Just another dream. I apologize for worrying to all of you. Especially you, Ellia. I did not intend to bring discomfort to you of all people," Rhaegar said.

Ser Barristan next to Ser Arthur both weren't so convinced about what their king said. But there was nothing else they could do, only to obey him. Yet worry sneak inside them, since it was the second night their king had the same nightmares. And it seemed as if things were only starting.

"Please, Ser Barristan, Ser Arthur return to your post."

"Your grace…"

Both knights sighed as they obeyed their king's command, leaving him by the queen's side. Hoping and believing the kind-hearted princess of Dorne would be capable of easing his worries. Or so they promised.

"Rhaegar, was is going on? This is the second night you act in such a way. Tell me, what is troubling you," said Elia, holding her beloved hand.

Rhaegar looked at his hand, thinking and wondering how could he explain his dream to her. Yet it felt as if there was not a way he could do it without confusing her. Well, even he was so lost. Those dreams, the strange vision surrounded by fog and ice. A long and horrible nightmarish feeling of desolation and waiting. Are they trying to say something to me? These bizarre dreams? Just like before, a dragon with three heads. I don't even know anymore. Rhaegar thought.

"Rhaegar, please tell me. Allow your queen to ease your mind," Elia said.

Rhaegar took a deep breath, preparing himself.

"In the dream, there is nothing ahead of me. Only a tall ice wall. The same that is in the North, I know it is, even though I have never seen it. The cold, my body felt cold, like I was there, standing in the middle of endless snow and ice. And then, a set of eyes stared back at me. Blue eyes, or something like that, I don't know. They didn't look human. Elia, I can't explain the fear that ran through my body. But suddenly I felt as if whatever that thing was it attack me with something. Pushing me down, then I wake up."

Elia did her best to understand Rhaegar and his fears. The dream itself sounded weird for her, yet it scared her too. The princess of Dorne wasn't sure of what could she do, but the only thing that came to her mind was to bring Rhaegar to her. Hoping her warm ease his icy body. His fears and all of what it preoccupied him.

"Come here, your grace. Allow me to ease your fears," Elia said.

Elia guide a tired king to the bed once more, Rhaegar felt tired suddenly. His body relaxed, as he couldn't help but enjoy his queen's embrace.

"Elia…" He said, whispering his words.

"It's alright, my king… rest."

Elia softly stroke Rhaegar's hair, as the tired king went to sleep in a matter of minutes. Elia, however, thought about what the king told her. About his dreams and worries. It had an awful ring to it, and she could also feel perturbed by those visions. Still, Elia must be strong, so the king could be too. For they had to face a future that neither of them wanted. So she went to sleep, cuddling with her husband, hoping things would get better soon.

Days went by, and whatever god Elia prayed seemed to listen to her, or so she thought.

Elia stared at Rhaegar as he was taking his time to be a father more than a king, carrying Aegon in his arms, while making silly faces to Rhaenys.

"Father! Father, where is the dragon lady? Can we see her again?" Rhaenys said.

Rhaegar and Elia stared at each other, wondering what could they say to their child. But it was Rhaenys who broke the silence.

"I dreamt about her! Last night!" She said.

"You… have a dream about her?" Rhaegar asked.

"Yes, father! She took me with her… We flew over King's Landing! Then, she held me close! Can I marry her, father? Can I?!"

Rhaegar and Elia tried to see it as a childish dream of their daughter and nothing more. But they knew it could be something much more. And if what the letter Archmaester Marwyn wrote was true. They were dealing with something bigger than an ancient dragon.

"It was just a dream, sweetie," Elia said.

"But it felt so real!"

Rhaenys said in an excited tone as she stared at the window, waiting for the dragon to arrive. Elia looked at Rhaegar, worried about their daughter's behavior and words. Could it be that Rhaenys is having the same dream as him? Or are they just childish dreams? Rhaegar thought as he stared at his oldest child. He had a lot to think about.

The day came to a halt as Rhaegar stared at his council. Not believing the words coming from the Spymaster, Varys.

"Please, lord Varys, could you repeat those words again?" He asked.

"The dragon, your grace… it has kidnapped, lord Stark daughter, Lyanna Stark."

Lyanna felt heavy, as if something was pushing her down to the ground. Pain, so much pain in her body, as if something broke her. But as she thought about the suffering of her skin, body, and bones. A bright light in her dreams appeared before her. It left her with nothing else but relief. The ache of her body vanished and an eery feeling of safety came to her. What it was? Where did it come from? Lyanna did not know what was happening to her, but it was in her mind it was a good thing.

It should be sufficient for now… I don't know how long she would last unconscious. Hopefully not too much, it's been already two days. I don't understand why she is not waking up. This is weird.

Lyanna listened to a voice far away, in the distance, but faded away in a mist of snow and darkness. She was cold. Lyanna felt as if something was filling her mouth. A liquid of sorts. She swallowed. And again, she lost herself in a strange place of ice and snow.

A tall wall of ice and endless snow falling from the sky was a view Lyanna knew all too well. But it felt out of place. Confusing and unnatural. There a powerful wind enveloped her body, as a daughter of the North, Lyanna was used to cold temperatures. Yet, the icy feeling in her body was different. Frosty, cracking, and raw. Lyanna saw it, standing before her, another horrible sight. A dead person, or a demon, she wasn't sure. But it was clear such a thing glared at her with nothing but hate. Lyanna wanted to scream and ran away, but her body wasn't moving. Her body felt heavy, frigid.

More shadows with dead blue eyes appeared in an icy forest. Hundreds of them.

Lyanna screamed louder, but her voice didn't come out. Mute, as if dead, itself took her life away. Tears appeared on her face, Lyanna wanted to believe it was all a nightmare. A horrible one. But with no warning, she felt a hand on her shoulder warming her. Fire around her.

"Here you are. You know it's dangerous to dream without protection?" Lyanna listened to the voice behind her, a tender voice, full of peace.

"You have been dreaming the same thing, repeatedly. You made it hard to protect you."

Lyanna turned around and saw a woman with deep red hair. Two long horns and two bright green eyes. The skin of the woman was strange, and all of it. But there was a sense of power and beauty in that person. It made her feel safe. Lyanna wanted to speak, but again her voice didn't come up. Fear became frustration, and the red-haired woman noticed.

"This is a dream and a bad one at that. You must focus on what you want to see. This is your mind."

Lyanna tried to understand what she meant by that, but couldn't do it. Nothing is real. This can't be happening! Lyanna thought.

"Then wake up… or those demons would know more about you, and belive me. You don't want that."

Lyanna stared in confusion at what the weird woman was talking about, yet furiously she felt as if something was pulling her out of the dream.

Wake up!

Air came down hard on her lungs, Lyanna's eyes opened and suddenly felt as if time was her enemy. The Stark girl tried to stand up from whatever place she was, but couldn't do it.

"Easy there, girl. It's been days since you been asleep."

Lyanna stared with fearful eyes at the same woman of her dreams standing before her.

"What…? Who are you?" Lyanna asked.

"Haw… Amell, my name is Amell."

Lyanna saw the tail and the horns, and the color of the woman's skin or scale. Memories of a flying dragon came to her. Could it be possible? Could this woman be that beast?

"You… you're the Emerald Red Dragon?" Lyanna asked, fearfully.

"Did my tail gave me away?" Hawke said with a smirk while waving her long and heavy red tail.

Lyanna had a dumbstruck face, as she could only stare at the woman. "But… you are a dragon?"

Hawke grinned as the girl kept on staring at her in awe. She knew her body was interesting to see, well more than just that. But as of now, she focused her worries on the health of the girl.

"Yes, this my other form. My human form if you wish but leaving that outside, how are you feeling?"

"Feeling? Wait, what happened to me?" Lyanna asked, confused.

"Don't you remember?" Hawke asked.


Memories of the Frey soldiers came to Lyanna fast, the punches, bites, and how the horrible man tried to take her. Lyanna sobbed as she held her body close.

"Did they… Did they do it?"

"No, they didn't have time, and they are dead. I made sure of it."

It brought relief to Lyanna to hear that, and even more knowing they were dead. However she nows wondered how long it has been. Something still disoriented Lyanna. She felt tired. Exhausted.

"Do you know who they were?" Hawke asked.

"Frey… of the Twins. I know them and there is no way they won't be punished for what they done. To attack the daughter of a Lord Paramount…" Lyanna said, but with a weak voice.

Hawke remembered what Lord Paramounts were, and she wanted to squeal in joy. Thankfully, her saving the girl would make her look good to the people of the Seven Kingdoms. Now Hawke had to take her home and hope she could explain to the girl's father what took place. It was in Hawke's best interest to avoid a confrontation with one of the big lords of Westeros.

"Lord Paramount, I see. What is your name?" Hawke asked.

"Lyanna Stark… Daughter of Lord Paramount and Warden of the North, Rickard Stark," Lyanna said tiredly. "For how long, I was unconscious."

"Mm, it's been six days."


Lyanna exclaimed as she tried to move from the uncomfortable ground. But her body felt so weak.

"How… how could it be? Six days?"

"Well, today is the seventh day."

"What… I don't understand."

"You tell me, for a human to be out for such a long time. It's not something you see every day. And you dreamt a lot as well. I tried to feed you, but it was not an effortless task. It's good you drank the water I gave you, otherwise. Well, you would be dead by now."

Lyanna nodded slowly. But she couldn't still believe it has been six days. But something brought her attention. The dreams.

"Wait, you were there? In my dreams, I remember seeing you there. How could that be?"

"Ah, let's just say is magic. I wanted to see if you were safe. I was surprise people in this world could travel in their dreams. But, well, as you see is not always safe. Those demons or whatever they were, they were hunting you."

Lyanna recalled those horrible screeches of pain and darkness. The eyes of the death looking at her with hostility. Could it be the Others? The White Walkers? Lyanna wasn't sure, but the only thing she knew was how afraid she was of them. Yet there was more she needed to do now. Her father, her family. Lyanna needed to get back to them.

"I have to get back to my family… Please."

"Easy there. You have eaten nothing in days days. Your body is weak."

Lyanna groaned as she stood up with the help of the lady dragon. The skin felt strange. Hard and soft at the same time. The dragon woman was tall as well. Shadowing Lyanna easily.

"Thank you, for saving me…"

Hawke smiled at her. "Don't worry about it."

Lyanna looked around and saw she was inside a cave of sorts. But it only took a few seconds to reach a clearing where a small river and a waterfall came into view. It was a peaceful place.

"Where am I?" Lyanna asked.

"My temporary home. You know this place as the Isle of Faces, I believe." Hawke said.

"I see..."

"Before anything, you must eat, lady Lyanna. You need to recover your strength."

Lyanna wanted to protest, but the smell of fish hit her nose. The Stark lady saw a campfire and fish already being cocked. Days without eating made her stomach grumble in anticipation.

"Eat, lady Lyanna."

Lyanna felt small next to the dragon lady, literally and figurately. She felt intimidated by her. That's why she knelt on the ground and took a small bite from the roasted fish. Maybe it was because of hunger or something, but Lyanna cried. She realized what just could have happened to her. The dreams, nightmares, all of it. It all came down, rushing inside of her mind.

Hawke sighed as she saw the girl cry while eating. She understood the reason for the girl's breakdown. To experience so much in such a short time wasn't easy.

"There, there, everything is going to fine."

Hawke said gently, caressing the girl back. Lyanna sobbed for a few more minutes as she got a hold of her feelings. Her stomach was thanking her for the food as well. Yet she couldn't stop looking at the dragon lady named Amell. To be next to a living dragon in a human form was an experience no one had before. Lyanna was not sure what to think. Perhaps it was for the best. But Lyanna, being the person she was, couldn't hold back her questions.

"Can I ask something?" Lyanna asked.

Hawke glanced at her with an amused look on her face. "Go ahead."

"What are you? Are you a dragon? Or…"

"A god?"

Lyanna nodded her head slightly. Still gawking at the tails and horns of Hawke's body. Yet the so-called dragon was groaning as she was already remembering her made-up backstory. "I am a High Ancient Dragon, from a time before men… and stuff." Hawke muttered the last words, as Lyanna could only keep on looking at her with shiny eyes.

"Can you tell me more?" Lyanna asked.

Hawke sighed, as she told the young lady of the North the same history she told the Archmaester. But truth be told, she felt as if really it didn't matter at this point. True or not, Hawke was still something truly powerful now. She felt it. Lyanna for her part couldn't believe she was next to an ancient being who lived at the time Brandon the Builder built the Wall. It was surreal.

"So, you can do magic? Can you show me?" Lyanna asked.

"Yes, I can do magic," Hawke said, as she raised her hand, and with a snap of her fingers fire appeared engulfing her hand without harming her.

"Can you teach me?" Lyanna asked.

"I don't think so, my lady. You can't teach someone how to do magic, they must be special."

"Oh, I see," Lyanna said, disappointed.

"But I must admit, your dreams… they way you could dream something so… solid. Have you dreamed like that before?" Hawke asked.

"Eh, no really. Well, it's said that… my family, the Stark House, could transform into animals. Ah, they would warg into a wolf, or something. Then there was the Greenseer. Among many other things, but it's mostly legends. We thought nothing about it… just fancy tales. But about the dreams, it's the first time I have dreamt something so, vivid."

Hawke listened as curiosity peek.

"I see… Interesting."

Could it be the same as those Targaryen babies? If that is the case, then magic here is truly completely different from my world. But I had to know more about those demons or whatever they are.

Hawke thought, but suddenly the sound of bushes and heavy breathing made Hawke alarms go on. Marwyn, the mage, appeared from within the forest. Lyanna stood up and hide behind Hawke. She was only wearing an old cloak Hawke gave her to her exposed body. Since there was not much left of her robe, thanks to the Frey incident.

"Marwyn, you seem out of breath. What brought you here in such a hurry?" Hawke asked.

"I apologize, but I receive a letter from King's Landing…"

"Oh, what could it be? Good news?" Hawke asked.

"Not good news, my lady Amell… Lord Rickard Stark's oldest son, Brandon Stark, is awaiting trial for attacking the king. And… Lord Rickard is fighting for his life, as he was mortally wounded by attempting to help his son while they storm King's Landing. And Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark are missing."

Lyanna gasped while her hands were trembling, not believing what she just heard. Hawke, however, could only think on one thing.

Well… shit.