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Chapter 8

King's Landing has not seen such a reaction to an unprovoked attack since Duskendale. But now, the question to answer was what in God's name possessed the heir to Winterfell, Brandon Stark, to ride to demand the head of the king. It was insanity come to life. They say that the moment Brandon Stark arrived at the castle, his horse died. Not something surprising, since in normal circumstances, someone would take around 12 days from Riverrun to King's Landing. And that was with the usual stop to rest and eat across the towns of the Riverlands and Crownlands. Meaning that Brandon Stark rode without stopping. Truly a record of sorts. It wasn't something impossible to think about. A night rider who carried secret letters could do the trip in less time. But Brandon truly brought it to a new extreme. However, why did he do such a thing?

Well, the reason was that Brandon somehow believed that king Rhaegar tame the mythical Red Emerald Dragon and kidnapped his sister. Many, including the king, couldn't comprehend the logic behind such a statement, but it became clear that Brandon Stark wasn't someone who thought things through. Not at all, and that just brought troubles to the Red Keep.

Brandon arrived at the Red Keep and demanded to see the king. The fury of his eyes became visible, but his hostility was the reason for a different type of reception. Ser Barristan, and Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower weren't taking any chance to allow such a man near their king. But things got complicated when Brandon's father, Lord Stark, arrived not too long before his eldest son. It seemed as if both were riding together, but that was not the problem. While lord Stark was a man who seemed to think with his head, his oldest son was not.

I came here for my sister! Tell your king I want his head!

Brandon yelled. It only took a few moments for king Rhaegar to arrive at the entrance of the Red Keep. He, too, was completely confused about what was happening. But the moment he showed himself, Brandon lost his patience and attacked the king. A fool decision. A small fight happened on the staircase of the Red Keep. But thankfully, no one died, although they wounded Lord Stark, who was trying to defend his son.

The young king Rhaegar Targaryen could only wonder what could have happened if his father was still alive. He could only shiver to think about it.

Now, King Rhaegar was dealing with the news of the Red Emerald Dragon kidnapping, or well, whatever the dragon did, and Brandon's insubordination. Rhaegar sighed as he walked to the Black Cells, wondering what could he do. His lord hand, Tywin Lannister, told him about punishing the Stark family for such an act. And while Rhaegar thought the same, he believed such a thing could only lead to more problems. Yet, he wanted to know something. Who got that idea on his mind?

Rhaegar would find out eventually.

As he approached the cell, he turned around and saw Ser Arthur and Oswell Whent standing near him, ready to die for him.

"I came here for an answer," Rhaegar said.

Brand had bruises and minor cuts, but overall, he seemed unharmed. Yet there was that gaze of him, directly to the king. Filled with hatred and distrust.

"And I came here for my sister," Brando replied.

"You have the answer, but I don't have your sister."

"I don't believe you at all. You Targaryen always want to take everything for them, no matter the cost. How do I know you speak the truth?"

Rhaegar sighed deeply as he was getting frustrated by the lack of respect coming from Brandon Stark, yet he remained calm and collected.

"Did you see a dragon while riding to King's Landing? Or your sister trapped somewhere? What makes you believe I have your sister? I haven't seen your sister since Harrenhal. And not only that, the fact you believe that I somehow tame the Red Emerald Dragon is downright insane."

Rhaegar said, hoping that those words would break in Brandon's thick skull. And it seemed to work, as Brandon kept quiet for a long time, thinking about the king's words. For a long time, people always claim that he had a short temper, that he was shortsighted, and, no matter how his anger would always lead to ruin. And now he was seeing it firsthand. However, he was too proud to admit it.

Brandon lowered his head, not saying anything.

"How is my father?" Brandon asked.

Rhaegar kept his temper in check, seen that Brandon would say nothing at all. Still, he avoided snapping back.

"Archmaester Pycell is currently attending him… I don't know else. At least for now, things seemed to look well for Lord Stark."

Rhaegar told him, as he remembered how Ser Barristan sword pierce the lord of Winterfell side. It was a good thing Ser Barristan was not a bloodthirsty person. Otherwise, the wolf would be dead by now. But there was something still annoying Rhaegar, and it was the entire business of the dragon and lady Lyanna. And if what Varys has told him was true, Robert Baratheon was just as angry as Brandon, perhaps even worse.

I need to stop this before it goes any further.

Rhaegar thought while pondering the actions of the dragon, and what could it mean.

"Brandon Stark, I still don't understand what drove you here… But let me make this clear to you. I don't have your sister… Why did the dragon do what it did? I don't know, but hopefully we will know soon enough. However, this doesn't mean you are free to go, or innocent of what you have done today," Rhaegar said.

Brandon again said nothing. However, he stared at the king in his eyes.

"Meaning?" Brandon asked.

"That I will reserve a trial until I know what is going on… for now, you will remain here. And if there is any luck, I will be able to contact your brother, Ned Stark and the new lord Paramount of the Stormlands."

"You won't need to worry yourself too much about it… my brother is at Riverrun. I told him to stay there unless something happens to me or our father. He may hide in order to keep himself away, yet I know his is smarter and won't move until news reaches him. But Robert, I don't know…"

"I see, that's good to know… At least your brother seems to use his brains. Pray that nothing more serious take place."

Rhaegar said as he then left behind Brandon to his thoughts.

I also need to make sure there is no third party involved in this nasty business. Perhaps someone is trying to use this smoke mirror in order to get what they want. I need to speak with Varys. Rhaegar thought as he left the dungeons.

It was then that Brandon groaned in the deep silence of his cell. He was truly a mess, and not only his body ached in pain, but he was thinking clearly now about what he has done. The last days he was in a sort of fog, not thinking straight at all. His tunnel vision only focused on the head of king Rhaegar on his hand. And now that he has managed to understand what was going exactly, Brandon has discovered how wrong he was. He, by the lack of a better word, screw up big time. He exhaled as he could only look at the ceiling of the cell, wondering what would happen now.

"Perhaps my brother was right all this time. And I really need to think first," he said as he stared at his hands.

But then he wondered about what was happening. What did the dragon take his sister away? Is he missing something? He wasn't sure, but Brandon hoped for whatever it was. He wanted to believe that Lyanna was fine. And for now, he also wished that his father recovered from his wounds.

Hopefully, things would get better.

Currently, Hawke was muttering some words as she stared at the small river before her. She was in a tight spot and, honestly, Hawke could see how it may have been her fault. Yet again, the magic of the Champion of Kirkwall into getting herself in trouble was working again. And it was her fault. She grunted as she kicked a rock.

Fuck… I screw up big time! I should have to take her too somewhere else! Argh! Now, what should I do?!

Hawke thought deeply while her tail was moving from one side to the next. She knew it would come down to her, traveling to the Red Keep and clear things about what took place to avoid any further complications.

Yes, there is time for me to fix this! It is what I do after all. Save people and fix shit up! Especially if it is something I screw!

Hawke nodded to the reflection, watching herself as she looked around and saw Lyanna perhaps having a mental crisis. Hawke winced as she could see the worry in her eyes. After all, hearing such a thing about her family conditions was something the Champion of Kirkwall understood very well. That's why she wanted to fix it, to help the girl. And avoid any problem.

Alright Hawke, is time to move!

The dragon lady approached the young girl, who was in a troubled state as she tried to comfort her.

"My dad and brother… that idiot! Brandon, you're such an idiot! And imbecile! Why did you attack the king?!"

Lyanna muttered, trembling in anguish. "Don't worry, I will make this right." Hawke said to her, as Lyanna turned to her.

"What do you mean?" Lyanna asked.

"This is my fault. I should have taken you back to your family in some way. I will take responsibility for this."

Lyanna stared at the dragon lady with astonishment, wondering if she was indeed saying the truth. However, there was no time for her to think or waste time trying to understand the reasoning behind the Red Emerald Dragon's intentions. If the dragon lady could help her to save her family, then Lyanna was all in trusting her. That's why Lyanna took the firm hands of the dragon woman, feeling a strange and oddly warm sensation of the palms of the individual before her, and thanked her for helping her. Hawke smiled at her. The young girl seemed prepared and joyful to have her by her side.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Lyanna said.

"It's nothing, and like I say before… it was my fault."

"Marwyn, I will go to King's Landing to solve this mess… could it be possible to try to contact… the lords of Westeros about what took place?"

Marwyn now looked at her, wondering what could she possibly expect from such a request. A letter from her to every lord of Westeros? That's a strange request. I wonder why would she want something like that, unless. She is trying to make a statement?! The Archmaester thought hysterically.

"What would the contents of that letter be?" He asked.

Hawke thought for a moment. She wanted to clear things out about Lyanna's incident that was first, yet her newfound pride of a dragon did not allow her to show a weakness of sorts. Perhaps, the best way was to show that she did not wish to cause problems to anyone, but would act accordingly if she sees something that she would not accept. Yeah, something like that would be a good idea. Varric told me about the intentions behind words. Gods know, I am not a writer but, I should defiantly try to make myself look good but understanding. Hawke thought with a confident smile.

"Let's rational things about Lyanna incident. What do you think?" Hawke asked, looking at the Stark girl, who nodded.

"Yes! Tell them it was the Frey! That they were the ones who causes me harm."

"Do it, Marwyn, tell them the whole thing. Also, that I won't tolerate such behavior and if I see something like that ever again. I will act accordingly," Hawke said, with a powerful thunderous voice that made Marwyn and Lyanna shiver.

I see now what she is trying to do… she wanted to make to everyone in Westeros that the king may rule over them, but it is she who rules over all of us!

Marwyn thought, laughing with a crazy and disturbing smile.

"I understand… I will do as you bid, my lady."

Hawke wondered why he always looked so crazy, but she ignored it as of now. Not knowing of Marwyn's intentions or misunderstanding. However, she could come to regret it.

"Now, while he is doing that, let's head on to King's Landing," Hawke said.

"With any hope we could calm everyone, don't you think, lady Stark?"

"Yes… it would certainly help if I was there, so my stupid brother would see me alive."

"Don't worry, everything it's going to be fine."

Lyanna trembled at the idea of what was about to happen. The only way for them to reach the capital fast was if she went with the dragon. And there was only one way to do such a thing, and that terrified and excited her. However, Hawke noticed the smile of the young girl. Lyanna looked at her, and she saw the dragon lady in all her glory. She is beautiful. Lyanna thought, as she the skin and how strange it was. The scales, the long tail, and the set of horns. There was a strange set of elegance and beauty surrounding the dragon lady she couldn't comprehend. Lyanna blushed as she looked down, ashamed of feeling like that.

"I have never ridden a dragon," Lyanna said softly.

"Ride? Oh, no my dear. No ride."

"What do you mean?" Lyanna asked, confused.

Hawke smiled loudly, and her bright eyes shined as she enjoyed the look of the pretty girl.

"You'll see."

Lyanna looked confused, but then she saw how the dragon lady jumped in the air and, just like that; she disappeared. Only to be replaced by the giant dragon with emerald skin on its chest. Lyanna let a small squeal, still not getting used to the enormous creature. Yet, there was a sense of amusement coming from the dragon, as Lyanna noticed a sort of smirk on the dragon's face. Then, the giant paw took her. Lyanna screamed loudly, while the dragon seemed to laugh. It only took a few moments before they took off, leaving behind Marwyn, who was smiling.

"Such an interesting year, this is!" Marwyn said while the screaming of Lyanna faded away.

Tywin Lannister stared at the window of his room, where he does all of his work as Hand of the King. The lion of the Rock was not pleased with the turn of events in the last years, not at all. Tywin clenched his fist, thinking of his legacy. The plans for the future of his house. My daughter was supposed to marry the prince and become queen. My son was supposed to be the greatest knight in Westeros and future lord of Casterly Rock. My house was supposed to become a legacy on its own, greater than the Targaryen. But now, my daughter would have to marry a worthless lord of a minor house, if I cannot find a proper match soon. And my son will waste his life in the servitude of the Kingsguard. And my other son… a dwarf.

Tywin seethed in anger at the thought of his family. And the cruel joke the gods brought upon him. There he was trying to make a sense of what could happen now. The future was uncertain and the next year would be determined. Yet, the bitterness remains.

"If Aerys was still alive, I could have waited for a moment to strike," Tywin said, in a whispering tone.

If Aerys was still alive, it would take no genius to know that, eventually. He would have done something stupid, a decision that would go spiral down into complete anarchy. It was only a matter of time. Tywin knew it. He was Aerys hand for the longest time. The mind of his one former friend was long gone to do anything about it. And then, Tywin would have waited for the moment to strike. The moment for him to establish his own terms. Rhaegar was highly popular, and although he was married to princess Elia. Well, people die all the time. Another assassination. Another princess and prince killed by the struggles of power in the Seven Kingdoms.

Tywin would have done it quickly. And put forward his daughter to replace the princess. He had many plans, many cards to play. It was only a matter of being patient. That was all. Yet, none of that mattered at the end, since the dragon came. Shifting everything.

"I need to do something about that dragon."

Tywin muttered, as he has spent a lot of time trying to come up with something, whatever to deal with such a beast. But nothing appeared. He was not a fool. Tywin understood the possibility of killing such a giant best was next to zero. And adding the fact, the dragon could do magic was just another tremendous problem.

"Magic… it seems it was real all along."

Tywin took another sip of his cup, enjoying the feeling of the wine passing through his throat. Regardless of all the nuisance, he was experiencing at the moment. Not all was over.

"The dragon can transform into a human. A female human."

Tywin wondered if there was a weakness, or perhaps a way to get her to his side. At this point, he would try everything in order to secure his legacy. He had to think carefully, what could he do. There were many possibilities for him to take, he just needed to be patient. Besides the dragon, there was his daughter Cersei, asking him about the king all the time. Truthfully, he knew Rhaegar would not fall for any type of seduction from his daughter. Cersei was not smart at all and while she was a lady-in-waiting and closer to Elia. He knew that the princess of Dorne was not someone who could be fooled. Unlike his daughter.

"The girl almost died while giving birth to Aegon… if the baby were to die, she could not give birth to another son."

Tywin thought about his original plan and wondered what else could he do.

My legacy is on hold right now. I will bid my time, like always, but everyone would come to fear the lion.

Tywin took another sip of his wine before going back to his work. However, it was stopped by the sudden and loud roar of a dragon. The only living dragon in the world. The gigantic shadow clouded the entire capital, and Tywin could feel as if the earth itself trembled. The windows shook when the dragon flew close to the Red Keep.

"My lord!"

Tywin looked at one of his guards, as the look of fear was appearing on his face. Tywin could not blame him. After all, it was scary to see such a beast flying around. Yet, Tywin refused to show any weakness.

"What?" He asked, with a stern voice.

"The dragon has landed in the courtyard… on his… human form?" The soldier said, stuttering the words.

Tywin frowned as he immediately went and to look for himself. It was going to be a long day.

Hawke smiled as she kept on looking at the view before her. The city always looked so small, but well, then again, everyone was so insignificant compared to her. She gazed at her pawn, where she was carrying the young girl, carefully. After an hour of screaming. The girl seemed to enjoy the feeling of flying now. And it was the case, truly. Lyanna was holding for dear life, whatever she could. Yet, her mind couldn't believe she was flying. It was beyond anything she ever thought she would ever do. But there she was, on the palm of a dragon, flying.

"This… this is incredible!"

Lyanna yelled as Hawke laughed in her Draconic voice. Let's see how much this girl enjoys my super Hawke dragon landing! Hawke thought, as she stared at the courtyard of the Red Keep and selected the place she would land. And smiling, she shifted in midair, from her dragon form to her human form. Lyanna suddenly let out a huge cry as she was practically falling down from high up in the skies. Only to be caught by Hawke, who was smirking mischievously at her. Both of them were free falling, and while Hawke was laughing her way down, Lyanna was anything but joyful.


"What is that scream? You sound like a drowning bird."

Hawke said, amused, as Lyanna was holding her with all her strength. Hawke stopped torturing the poor girl, and she focused on her feet, and in a matter of seconds, she landed on the ground. All around her trembled as if a giant boulder just hit the earth. It still amazed Hawke: nothing happened to her body. No pain, no fracture, nothing. Her body may look human, but it was clear it was far from it. She wondered from how high she could fall without being hurt. I guess one day I will find out. Hawke thought as she looked at the girl in her arms.

"We have landed safely."

Lyanna quickly fell to the ground, and her legs were trembling. Her hair was a mess, and she was so happy to be on the ground.

"It seems it was too much for you, my little lady," Hawke said with a teasing voice.

Lyanna would normally snapback with a comment, but she was busy hugging the ground, to do so.

"I think… I lost ten years of my life."

Hawke snorted at the exaggeration of the girl. "You will get them back," Hawke said.

Hawke turned around and saw how the peaceful courtyard was getting filled with soldiers, some wearing a golden lion in their armor, others a dragon of sorts. There were all looking at her with weariness. She focused on her body, covering her body with dragon scales, forming an armor around her. Hawke felt eyes on her, and while she was incredibly tall. It felt as if they were measuring her. Their eyes focused on her, and their weapons looked ready to attack her. A foolish endeavor, but one Hawke could respect.

Hawke hissed, as she used her tail to slap the ground, and the loud sound of her tail breaking the stones made everyone there flinched.

"Call your king… I wish to speak with him," Hawke said.

The soldiers looked nervous and while amusing for Hawke. They were wasting time. So, once again, she slapped the ground with her tail.

"Do I have to repeat myself?"

Hawke told them, but once again, none answered.

"Move, the king is here!"

Hawke heard a voice from the way back, and finally, she saw the king coming to meet her. It looked as if she woke him up. Maybe she should apologize to him, or perhaps not. Well, it doesn't matter; he was finally there. And next to the king, the kingsguard d and the hand of the king arrived. They were all tense up from what her eyes could see. Not good. Hawke thought, hoping she could clear things up before it escalates. But she was confident that it may be a wonderful opportunity for her if she played it right.

"Lady… Amell, we were not expecting you," Rhaegar said, as his eyes suddenly locked on Lyanna, who was slowly standing up. It looked like a baby dear, as her legs were wobbling, but the face, and the cuteness it fascinated him to, was still there.

"Mm, well, my arrival was needed. As it seems, I heard a certain rumor about me kidnapping someone all over the place. I came here to clear up the mess," Hawke said, as she felt the eyes of the Hand of the King on her.

"You did not kidnap her?" Rhaegar asked carefully.

"No… I save her," Hawke said, as she gave a little nudge to Lyanna, who was blushing at the sight of Rhaegar. But she remembered why she was there, so she pushed her stupid feeling of love away.

"It is true, my… your grace. The Frey attacked me. They were going to… kill me, if it wasn't for the dragon."

Lyanna told him, as she suddenly felt the gaze of Tywin on her too, but t differed from the way he stared at the dragon lady. Tywin glared at the dragon lady in a distrusted and tense way, while he stared at the Stark girl with a calculating gaze. And Lyanna was not enjoying it.

"Archmaester Marwyn, reported me about the recent incident with the Stark heir and lord. Hopefully, there is time for us to clear things out before it's too late," Hawke said.

"It would have been better if you did it before they attacked the king," Tywin said, with an icy voice, to which Hawke only responded with her tail slapping the ground.

"Young lady Stark here was in a coma for days. She would have died if it wasn't for me."

Tywin glared at the dragon, and Hawke disliked him even more. As she only returned the glare with more intensity.

"It is true! When… we heard what took place, we came here hoping to clear things! Please, your grace, my brother and father. They are innocent!" Lyanna said, pleading for her family life.

"They attacked the king, and harm others. Whatever you say, it already happened. We must deal with them," Tywin said.

"Deal with them? What do you mean?"

"We must punish them for their crimes."

"Are you insane?! Do you want to kill me family!"

"I did not say that."

"But you're a Lannister! You always look down upon us!"

"That has nothing to do with the king justice."

"Enough!" Rhaegar yelled as he felt as the day couldn't get longer.

"We have yet to decide what happens. This is not the place or the time. First, we must be sure of what you say is truth and to clear this mess out… but we must do it in a place where all could feel safe," Rhaegar said while looking at the dragon lady who snorted. She understood why, of course. So, she just nodded.

"What about my father and brother?" Lyanna asked.

"If you please could come with us," Rhaegar said.

"Lead the way," Hawke said, as she passes right next to Tywin as she looked down on him.

Hopefully, things would get better. Hawke thought.