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This story is Hermione-centric and Slytherin-centric. I'll be exploring pureblood culture, traditions and society, purely made up by me and explore our favourite Slytherin characters. This will eventually be Harry/Hermione and it will be very very slow build up to that stage.

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Chapter I

Hermione Granger was not your average eleven year old.

When most children indulged in fantastical dreams and the nonsensical, she lived her life amongst books, facts and knowledge. And through that, she understood the world around her: gravity keeps the world together, people didn't like being wrong, humans were 99.9% similar to one another, fairy tales are not real. Hermione Granger was also a very polite, good child. In fact, she prided herself on her good manners, charisma and overall maturity. A poster child - the child that every parent compared their own to - parents, teachers and adults loved her, and her peers wanted to befriend her. For the eleven year old, life was good and the future was bright.

Her understanding of the world, however, was shattered one summer morning when Professor Minerva McGonagall arrived on her doorstep, stick-in-hand, and did wondrous, impossible things. Impossible things called Magic. Magic that didn't have a place in her life or in her understanding of the world, and crept up on her like a nasty surprise, leaving her carefully laid plans for the future shattered and unclear.

"The Wizarding World has been hidden from the mundane world since the establishment of the International Statute of Secrecy in 1692, and is reinforced by the International Confederation of Wizards and individual Ministries," McGonagall explained, once the Grangers finally got it into their heads that Hermione really was a witch and this was not a dream and they were in dark and murky open waters, "As Hermione was born on British soil, she has been guaranteed a place at Hogwarts since the day she was born and as a muggleborn - a first generation witch - she is required, by law, to attend."

"And if she doesn't attend?" Mr. Granger interrupted.

"The Ministry will be informed of your decision, Hermione's magic will be bound, and your memories of the wizarding world wiped. I would not recommend it as it may be detrimental to Hermione's growth and health," McGonagall replied patiently as Mr and Mrs Granger paled, "That said, Hogwarts is free for all British citizens and is considered one of the top magical schools internationally."

"So we don't really have an option, do we?" Mr Granger grumbled, "Either we send our daughter off to a boarding school in the middle of Scotland to be part of a secret society we will never be part of, or we condemn our perfectly healthy daughter to unknown conditions that may hinder the rest of her life and we'll never know why because we won't remember."

"Michael!" Mrs Granger chided as McGonagall remained silent, surprised by Mr Granger's pessimism.

Hermione chewed on her lips as she squeezed her parents hands, "Well, there's no point crying over spilt water. It will be fine, daddy. I'll go to Hogwarts and it will be fine. I'll be fine."

"Oh, sweetheart, we know but you've always said you dream of going to Cambridge and we want you to achieve your dreams," her mother said, "We never wanted you to be forced into anything. We always want the best for you."

"Thank you, mama. What girl wouldn't want to learn magic?" she gave her parents a wry smile before turning to the silent professor. "If you aren't busy, please tell us all about the wizarding world, Professor McGonagall. I would like to understand the world I'll be stepping into."

That was Hermione Granger's introduction to the Wizarding World.

A week later, the Granger Family were browsing the collection at Flourish & Blotts after being escorted around Diagon Alley for school supplies by Professor McGonagall over the course of the morning. Upon arrival at the only Wizarding shopping street in London, the Grangers found themselves transported into a different dimension. It was important to Hermione that she understood what she was getting herself into.

"Is this all very necessary? It can't be all different from what we're used to," her mother had asked.

"Mama, you heard Professor McGonagall! This wizarding society diverged from what we know more than three hundred years ago," Hermione stated her point, "Three hundred years of history and development are different! They're probably like a whole other country - like the Vatican!"

"Well, I suppose," she frowned.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do," Mr Granger said as he placed an arm around his wife, "It's the smart thing to do. If we want our Hermione to fit in and adapt to this new culture, we should probably learn more about it."

Mrs Granger agreed to that assessment and thus ended the conversation which brought them back to the quaint bookshop that was larger on the inside. Hermione immediately set to work browsing and scanning the shelves for anything that might prove to be useful, dragging her parents along with her.

"What are you looking for?" Mr Granger asked.

"Let's start with a law book," Hermione said, "I probably shouldn't break any laws by accident."

Her parents agreed and they went to the section on Wizarding Law packed with thick tomes. One in particular seemed very popular and centrally placed for display – 'Wizarding Laws of Great Britain' by the Ministry of Magic. Reading through the foreword and front matter showed that the book had all the laws passed since the founding of the Ministry in 1707, and was self-updating.

"We can buy that but isn't it a bit thick?" Mrs Granger said, "You won't be able to go through all of that before September."

"We can leave that in the study for your reference but you should probably start with this one," Mr Granger said, holding up a book titled, 'Laws You Should Know Before Hogwarts' by Martha Scott.

"Oh, this might be important too," Mrs Granger said as she pulled 'The Hogwarts Bylaws' by Phineas Black from the shelves.

"Yeah, let's start with those," Hermione nodded as she added them to her basket, "I wonder if they have any guides for etiquette and manners. A self-help section?"

"Maybe young adults, if they have one."

"I think I saw that a few rows back," Mr Granger said as he led the way to the self-help section. There they found two more books – 'Etiquette and Manners for Young Witches' by Lyla Greengrass and 'A Comprehensive Guide to Wizarding Culture and Manners for the Young Wizard' by Johann Merrywether.

"They genuinely are rather...old fashioned," Mrs Granger said, bewildered, as she read through the etiquette book, "Medieval."

"It's just different from what we're used to, Mama," Hermione smiled weakly.

"Let's move on, darling," Mr Granger said, "Where to next, sweetheart?"

"History and Politics? I think it'll be useful to pick up a book on Goblins too, since they run the bank," Hermione pondered, "They're a completely different species so they're probably very different. But we can look for those later. I think we walked past the History section earlier."

At the History section, they found a couple more books to add to their basket. The first was titled 'International Modern History, from the 1800s to present day' by Craig Hawthorne, which details major events across magical societies across the globe. Mrs Granger was the next to pick out a book titled, 'The History Behind Fairy Tales and Other Bedtime Stories' by Olga Pickett which talked about wizarding and muggle fairy tales, their origins and the magical, historical basis for the stories. Mr Granger, on the other hand, picked up 'Tracing Ancestry: Ancient Societies' by Melinda Li which details ancient civilisations and how magic has shaped them.

One particular book also caught Hermione's eye. It was a slim, leather bound book titled 'Blood, Ancestry and Magic' by Gelinda Prince. There was only one copy among the shelves, and Hermione was intrigued by the premise as the foreword read: 'I have written this book with the intention of highlighting the connection between magic and blood, and the importance of family and ancestry in one's potential for magic, in hopes to resurge the younger generation's interest and pride in family magics. In this book, I have also suggested the potential of muggleborns as descendants of squib lines and the possibilities this creates in re-establishing lost families and re-discovering lost magics.' Thus, she added it to her growing basket.

The section on politics was situated next to the history section, and Mr Granger quickly picked up 'The Wizengamot and Politics: 1880-1981' by Louis Burbage and '100 Very Important People You Should Know' by The Daily Prophet. Last but not least, in the creature relations section, Hermione picked up their final and last purchase of the day, 'The Goblins and Gringotts' by Faris Flitwick.

With their new finds, the Grangers made their way through the shop to the till. Once the basket was placed on the counter, the twelve titles were immediately registered and accounted for. The cashier tapped on the basket and the books were quickly wrapped into an easily carryable package with unassuming brown paper. "That will be 20 galleons, 3 sickles and 2 knuts, thank you."

Mrs Granger placed the money on the counter as the clerk handed the package to Hermione. All-in-all, by the Grangers opinion, money well spent.

"I think we need to go back to Gringotts," Hermione told her parents over dinner one night. "They provide inheritance tests there and, well, maybe we have more family! Maybe some of them are going to Hogwarts too, and you can finally discover your birth family, mama!"

"Thank you for thinking of me, sweetheart. I don't think there's any harm in checking," Mrs Granger smiled, "Why don't we go this weekend then, Michael?"

"Sounds wonderful."

And so, come Saturday, the Granger family once again found themselves at the Leaky Cauldron. The dinghy bar was rather empty that morning, with only two groggy patrons nursing cups of tea on either side of the room as they dealt with hangovers. The barman, Tom, was kind enough to open the portal to Diagon Alley for them, and the street was similarly empty as shops only just began to open.

Thankfully, Gringotts provided services at all hours and the emptiness on the streets were similarly reflected indoors, cutting away hours of waiting. The goblin at the far end of the chamber looked up as they approached, eyes sharp.

"Well met, Master Goblin," Hermione greeted, "May your gold flow and your enemies roll."

The goblin grinned, showing his equally sharp teeth, "And may fortune and magic choose you. Business?"

"An inheritance test, thank you."

The goblin turned, yelling instructions in Gobbledygook, before turning back and gesturing to another goblin, "Longfang will show you to Master Bloodclaw."

Hermione nodded her acknowledgement, bowing deeply whilst remaining eye contact, before following Longfang further into the bank. Mr and Mrs Granger followed behind, careful not to shy away from any eye contact but remained silently lurking as though guarding their daughter. Longfang led the Grangers down a long white marble hallway to large oaken doors at the very end.

"Thank you, Longfang. May death befall your enemies," Hermione thanked before stepping into the office.

"May your enemies' heads be your trophy."

The office was a simple room. The desk at the center was neat and clear of papers, while the shelves lining the room were simply teeming with documents upon documents. The goblin sitting behind the desk was older and wiser than any goblin the Grangers have met so far.

"Well met, Master Bloodclaw. May your gold flow and your enemies roll," Hermione greeted at the doorway.

"May fortune and magic choose you," the goblin returned, "Take a seat."

The Grangers sat down at the seats provided, with Hermione snuggled between her parents. Once they settled down in their seats, Master Bloodclaw snapped his fingers, conjuring four teacups and a pot.

"The inheritance test will require seven drops of your blood onto the parchment. Once complete, you may claim any inactive accounts. Should you be able to claim the inheritance to any lost noble house, ancient and noble house, or most ancient and noble house, you shall be able to immediately claim heirship and access minor vaults, and claim headship upon your majority and gain full access," Bloodclaw explained, "The inheritance test will cost 10 galleons. Gringotts will keep a copy of the test while you may keep the original. Is that clear?"

"Crystal," Hermione replied as Mrs Granger pulled out 10 galleons from her purse and placed it on the table.

Master Bloodclaw smiled ferociously as he pulled out a charmed piece of parchment and an intricate dagger, "Your blood."

Hermione picked up the dagger and nicked her finger without hesitation, feeling her mother stiffen and flinch beside her, as blood welled up from the cut and dripped onto the parchment. Once the seventh drop hit, the parchment glowed and the cut knitted itself back together. The light faded just as quickly, leaving behind the following:

Hermione Jean Granger

Age: 11

Father: Michael Liam Granger

Paternal Grandmother: Madeline Poppy Granger nee Beauchamp

Paternal Grandfather: William James Granger

Mother: Helen Granger nee Millford (adopted), Yehua Young (at birth)

Maternal Grandmother (adopted): Mary Jane Millford

Maternal Grandmother: Wailian Wang

Maternal Grandfather (adopted): Henry Lee Millford

Maternal Grandfather: Yinghong Young

The Noble House of Dagworth-Granger (inactive)

5 vaults, 2 properties. Claimable by heir ring

The Ancient and Noble House of Ravenclaw (inactive)

2 vaults, 1 property. Claimable upon majority.

The Heavenly Young Clan (active)

No claimable vaults or properties.

"Mama, look!" Hermione exclaimed as she thrusted the parchment towards her mother, watching as she was overcome with emotions, "Master Bloodclaw, what can you tell us about the Noble House of Dagworth-Granger and the Heavenly Young Clan?"

"The last member of the Noble House of Dagworth-Granger was Harold Dagworth-Granger, the son of the famous potioneer, Hector Dagworth-Granger, dating back to 1896. The Noble House of Dagworth-Granger is a minor family that can be traced back to the late 1200s, respected for its prowess in potioneering and research, known for their neutral stance. The family motto is, 'Knowing the world is knowing thyself'," Master Bloodclaw answered, "The Heavenly Young Clan is famous for growing quality wand-wood in the East and their current Clan Head is a man named Yeqiu Young. Unfortunately, the Heavenly Young Clan is part of the Southern Chinese Ministry, and as such, much is unknown. You can contact them yourselves if you wish to know more."

Hermione nodded in understanding as her mother absorbed this new information.

"Now, I will retrieve the heir rings so you may claim your heirship."

The goblin left the room and Helen slumped into her seat, breath quickening as the information finally settled. Mr Granger was immediately at his wife's side, holding her hand with one and stroking her back with the other. Hermione climbed onto her mother's lap, giving her a tight hug around the torso.

"I never thought I'd know their names," Mrs Granger finally said once she had calmed, "I never thought I had a name before Helen Millford."

"We know, love," Mr Granger murmured into her ear, "What's on your mind?"

"Lord. Shocked? Disoriented? Excited. Angry. Sad. Happy I finally know my birth parents name. Do they know I'm alive?" she asked, "S-should we contact them? Should I?"

"Why don't we take this one-step at a time? There's no need to rush, love," Mr Granger said, "We can contact them when you're ready to contact them."

"Thank you, dear," she says softly, placing a kiss on the back of his hand.

"I'll try to find out more when I go to Hogwarts, Mama," Hermione added, "So you'll know more beforehand if you decide to contact them."

"Thank you, sweetheart," she said, letting go of her husband's hand to embrace her daughter tighter, "But don't let that affect your studies or your friendships. There are more important things in your life, like figuring out your heirship."

Just as she said that, Bloodclaw returned with a wooden box between his hands and the Grangers promptly disentangled themselves to return to their respective seats. Once seated, Bloodclaw opened the box, revealing a simple bronze band, and upon closer inspection, Hermione noticed the family motto engraved on the inside of the band. "Heir rings not only legitimise your position as heir, but provide the heir with protection by warning you against mind or behavioural-altering substances, and can protect the wearer from minor curses and accidents. You may place the ring on any finger of your choosing and the ring will glow once, and resize itself to fit should it recognise you as the heir. If you are not recognised, the ring will simply stay the same."

Hermione slipped the band down her left pointer finger. Like the master goblin said, the ring glowed once and resized itself to fit comfortably. She felt an overwhelming sense of love and warmth and acceptance in that moment, and Hermione cried, shocking her parents.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?"

Bloodclaw nodded, "Congratulations, Heiress Dagworth-Granger. This will be recorded in both Gringotts and the Ministry of Magic."

"Thank you, Master Bloodclaw."

"What does it mean for our daughter to be an heiress, Master Bloodclaw?" Mr Granger asked.

"To be recognised as an heiress to a Noble House, to Wizards, is a social symbol, Mr. Granger. Other than the vaults, the wealth, knowledge and magic she may inherit, the position of heiress guarantees certain protections and privileges with the Ministry. As you do not have a head of house, Heiress Dagworth-Granger may also choose her magical guardian which is currently held by Hogwarts. Now, if you don't have any more questions, I will take you to Account Manager Sharptooth to go over your accounts."

The Grangers looked at one another, communicating silently, before Hermione answered in representation, "Please, show us to Account Manager Sharptooth."

"The Noble House of Dagworth-Granger has five vaults, only three of which you may access at this moment. The first vault is a trust vault, which replenishes yearly to a set limit of 1,000 galleons per annum. The second vault contains the Dagworth-Granger collection of books, materials, journals, as well as the moving portraits. The third vault may only be accessed by the heir and head of house, documenting the Dagworth-Granger family magics. You may access the remaining two vaults, including the main vault and the jewelry vault upon claiming headship," Sharptooth said, "The two properties - the family house in Cambridgeshire and the vacation home in Naples, Italy - have been held in stasis since the last member of the house passed. You may visit these properties at any time. Sign at the bottom of the page to acknowledge this."

Hermione signed with the blood quill.

"The Dagworth-Granger vaults have a current balance of 1,124,590 galleons, 6 sickles and 12 knuts, and generates an average total of 4,819 galleons, 4 sickles and 20 knuts per annum through various investments and patents," Sharptooth continued, "Gringotts currently charges 20 galleons per month per vault for the upkeep and security, as well as 1,000 galleons in overseeing and managing the accounts and investments. Any questions?"

"How can I access the family properties?"

"Gringotts can provide you with a one-time portkey for 10 galleons or a permanent portkey for 100 galleons. The Gringotts portkey will only transport you near the property due to the wards, which will only accept members of the bloodline. I will advise you to check your vaults for portkeys first before requesting one from Gringotts. If there are no more questions, I will take you to your vaults."

Sharptooth led them down the winding underground paths, lit by floating golden lights, towards some tracks and mine carts. Sharptooth directed them towards a cart, "We will first go to vault 320, the trust vault, followed by vaults 112 and 113."

The cart went shooting down along the tracks while Hermione and her parents held on for dear life, and soon they were at vault 320. They climbed out of the cart and Sharptooth opened the vault with a small golden key, revealing piles of golden galleons. On top of the pile was a small velvet pouch embroidered with a small crest, Sharptooth went ahead and took it from the pile, handing it to Hermione. The moment her fingers touched the pouch, it glowed, leaving behind her name embroidered beneath the crest.

"This pouch is linked to the trust account," he explained, "Simply ask for how much you wish to withdraw and it will appear within the pouch. It is charmed and warded by goblin magics to only allow access to a Dagworth-Granger. We will now move on to vaults 112 and 113."

They returned to the cart and sped further into the depths below Gringotts. Other carts rushed by on different tracks, the sound of metal against stone echoed in her ears, and the damp smell of the earth rose and engulfed her. They were then thrown under a waterfall briefly before arriving at the vaults. Sharptooth dried them with a wave of his hand, "The Thief's Downfall negates any wizarding enchantments placed on a person to ensure there are no thieves. Only a magical Dagworth-Granger can enter vaults 112 and 113. Vault 112 contains the portraits and books, while vault 113 are the heir materials."

Mr and Mrs Granger remained in the cart as Hermione approached vault 112 first. She touched the door lightly and it opened with little resistance. She turned to look back at her parents who were watching her, "I'll be back."

The moment she stepped in, golden and blue lights flickered into existence, illuminating shelves upon shelves of books, scattered trunks, and walls lined with moving portraits which were blinking awake. The vault was much larger than the trust vault and Hermione could not help but gasp as she took it all in.

"Oh, look Vitruvius, a child!"

"Calm down, Julia. That's the new heir."

"Hello," Hermione greeted them politely, "I'm Hermione."

"Tell us, child, what year is it?" Vitruvius said.

"It's 1991, sir."

"1991! 1991? We last heard from Harold in 1896! Lord, what's been going on out there?"

"To my knowledge, Lord Harold died without any heirs in 1896," Hermione explained, "I'm a muggle-born. I did an inheritance test at Gringotts this morning and found that I am a descendant of the Dagworth-Grangers, and the heir ring claimed me."

The portraits broke out in murmurs and Hermione looked around nervously.

"Well, you're definitely a Dagworth-Granger! Look at that hair!" Julia exclaimed from her portrait, followed by murmurs of agreements.

"I told you! Muggleborns are descended from squib lines!" another portrait exclaimed.

"Welcome to the family, child," one particularly large portrait said, "I am Hadrian Dagworth-Granger, the founder of this family around 800 years ago. I, too, am a muggleborn."

"Thank you, sir. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"Please feel free to peruse our archives and ask any of us portraits any question you wish. We are here to provide you with our knowledge. The books here are usually placed in storage as, alas, the library in the family home is limited in space and are rather old, but do take a copy of the family grimoire before you leave," Hadrian spoke old and wisely from his portrait, "As you may know, our family prides ourselves on knowledge. We seek to know and understand the world around us, but we believe there is nothing as important as knowing yourself. The more we know ourselves, our flaws, our strengths, our beliefs, our worth, and the more we accept and love ourselves, only then can we develop the empathy and skills and understanding needed to truly know the world around us. That is what we strive for, though few of us can claim we have reached that point."

"The room next door holds over 800 years of business and transaction documentation between the House of Dagworth-Granger and other houses or businesses. There you will also find a book whereby heir duties have been recorded as well as expectations and duties for the future head of house."

"Yes, sir. Thank you," Hermione smiled, "I wanted to ask how I could go visit the family manor."

"Your heir ring doubles as a portkey and lock. Simply say our house motto followed by the name and location of our home – The Dagworth Family Manor, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire."

Hermione thanked him again before going to look for the family grimoire. She found them by the door – three copies, leatherbound. There were no titles except for the family crest - blue and silver, composed of an owl at the top, a dragon on the left, and a lion on the right flanking the coat of arms which depicted a book and quill. She picked it up and flicked through it.

"Child, you need to do something about that hair," a portrait said from behind, startling her, "You see that book next to the grimoires? Take it with you too. It'll teach you how to take care of your hair as befitting a witch of the Dagworth-Grangers."

"Sorry?" Hermione said, bewildered.

"Your hair! Hair is important to witches – it is linked to your magical core. The healthier and the more you take care of your hair, the healthier and better your core," the portrait explained, "That is why witches wear their hair up once they leave the safety of their homes. You don't want strangers to touch your magic, or worse, drain it from you. Take the book and read it, child."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you. I will."

The lady in the portrait nodded before returning to her conversation with the portrait next to her in a language Hermione didn't understand. She picked up the other book – the scripted text on the inside of the cover saying 'For the daughters of Dagworth-Granger' – and left the vault.

Mr and Mrs Granger greeted her as she came out, and Hermione excitedly showed them the grimoire. They frowned at the pages as nothing showed and Hermione swore that there were texts the last time she checked and skimmed through the pages.

"Family magics," Sharptooth explained, "It can sense that people not from the family or are muggles, are reading the family grimoire and thus turns the text inside invisible. It alerts the reader so they know that someone not of the family is trying to read and may be trying to steal the family magics. You will have to read them alone."

"Oh," Hermione said, disappointed, "I suppose I'll get the heir books now and then we can head off."

She pushed the vault doors of vault 113 open, revealing a small table with a single book and cabinets lining the walls and beyond. She quickly grabbed it and turned back around, making her way back to the cart.

Hermione and the Grangers went back to Diagon Alley a few more times after their trip to get more supplied, particularly for Hermione's new hair care routine which was much more tedious and time consuming than ever. It took up at least an hour each day but Hermione followed it religiously now in order to maintain good core health and instead of the wild, bushy mane that she was once made fun of, her hair now fell in soft, silky ringlets which she always held back with a specialised ribbon in a Dagworth-Granger styled ponytail.

On one such outing at Diagon Alley, Mr and Mrs Granger left Hermione at Flourish & Blotts while they headed to a cafe in muggle london to discuss insurance with their insurer. As she browsed through their selection for nth time, she saw a boy perhaps her age looking around for books with a list in his hand. He was wearing big, baggy muggle clothes and he was alone, so she decided to look for some hidden courage and approached him.

"Hi, can I help you find your books?"

Her voice startled the boy. Emerald green eyes met honey gold, and the boy nodded hesitantly, "If you don't mind."

"Not at all," Hermione beamed and then babbled on, "I found out I was a witch recently so I've been spending a lot of time here trying to learn more. I'm Hermione, by the way. Hermione Granger."

"I'm Harry," he smiled softly, "I found out I'm a wizard recently too."

"You're a muggleborn, too? I hope we can be friends Harry!"

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