Gibbs started to regain consciousness he heard someone is calling his name repeatedly. He tried to open his eyes and blink them few times to adjust his eyesight. He saw Jack was sitting right in front of him where he was still laying on the floor. She was on her knees and there was a big smile on her face.

"Jack! Are you okay?" Gibbs asked as he tried to sit up but with his hands tied behind his back, it wasn't an easy task for him.

"Jack, I asked you something! Are you okay?" Gibbs noticed bruising on her face. She was still on her knees. Her hands were tied in front of her body. And suddenly her smile turned into anger and she grabbed Gibbs's jacket and pulled him towards her.

"Hey! It hurts, Jack what are you doing?" Gibbs grunts as Jack yanked him roughly.


She was too mad at him. He never listens to anyone and always put himself in danger to save others.

"I came here to save you and you know that too." Gibbs tried to explain but she was not ready to listen to anything he was saying.

She let go of his jacket punched him in the face. Gibbs was surprised by her action and grunts in pain and again fell back on the floor.

"Argh... Hey! Knock it off. I know you didn't like it but the backup will be here anytime." Gibbs tried to sit up again. And again tried to explain her.

"Oh really! It's been half an hour Gibbs and there is no sign of your BACKUP. Why do you always have to put your life in danger to save anyone's life?"

"YOU ARE NOT ANYONE JACK! IT'S YOU. IT WAS ABOUT YOUR LIFE. I HAVE TO DO IT." Gibbs answered her question with a firm voice.

There was a long silence for a while Gibbs was the one who broke that awkward silence. He cleared his throat and leaned against the wall.

"I know that she was not going to let you go after I exchange myself for you. But there wasn't any other option. She wants revenge on us for his father's death."

"Us? You mean us I mean two of us."

"Three of us."

"Three? Who is the third person?"

"Fornell. She knew about him too. He was under protection detail."

"What do you mean by 'he was'? Is he okay?" She was terrified by Gibbs's statement.

"Yes, he is fine. And you know what, her people attacked the safe house to get Fornell, and Emily got injured during that attack. I can't risk your life after what happened there. I can't just sit back and wait for Leon's orders or I can't hide like a rat in a hole. I..."

Before Gibbs could complete his sentence Jack took his face between her tied hands and kissed him and Gibbs kissed her back. After few moments they broke the kiss. And then Gibbs smiles at her.

"Are you taking advantage of my tied hand's agent Sloane?" Gibbs said as she broke the kiss. Sloane punches him in the shoulder.

"Ow..." Gibbs grunts.

"Shut up, I know you enjoyed it too." She replied and then she sits next to Gibbs and put her head on his shoulder.

"Do you have any idea where are we?" Jack asked.

"Well, it looks like some kind of old cement factory to me," Gibbs replied.

"Don't you think I already know that Cowboy! I mean location. Do you know the location of this place?" Jack rolled her eyes and said with little sarcasm.

"No, they covered my face with a black hood. But I knew that this is not the place whose address she had sent me." Gibbs replied.

"How can you be so sure about this?" She asked.

"Because if this was the same place where she wanted me then they would not cover my face. She is too smart. She knew I will give this address to the team. She's smarter than her father."

"Great! So there is no backup is coming to save us." She whispered but Gibbs gives her his trademark smirk.

"What's in your mind Cowboy? You have a plan right?" In the answer, Gibbs just winked at her.

"C'mon tell me." Sloane punched him on the shoulder.

"Hey, will you stop hitting me! I got enough beating and my whole body is aching like hell.''

"Then tell me what is your plan! But I will not approve of it if it was as stupid as your last one." Jack was getting curious to know what Gibbs' plan to escape from here.

"I don't need your approval on this Jack. Because the plan was ON just right after I left the NCIS with Vladimir." Gibbs said with pride and Jack was looking at him with a confused face.


"How much we are far away from the location, McGee?" Nick asked.

"Still it will take at least fifteen minutes even if I drive like Gibbs."

"Damn it, McGee! They might not have fifteen minutes." Bishop said.

"Don't you think I know that, Ellie?" McGee replied in frustration.

"I am sorry McGee, I didn't mean that. I am just... I am nervous and worried about Gibbs and Jack." Bishop replied.

"I am sorry too. I should not have to shout at you like that."

"Okay, guys we all are worried about Gibbs and Jack but look at the bright side, man! We know where they exactly are so let's not fight and keep our focus on the plan. Did you call for EMTs Ellie?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, they are on their way. And where the hell is REACT Team?" Bishop almost yelled.

"We are right behind you agent Bishop." Special Agent Valerie Page reported from the radio.

"Ahh... copy that agent Page," Bishop replied with embarrassment.

"It's okay, Agent Bishop." She said.

"What Gibbs get himself into this time?" Agent Page asked.

"It's a long story. We will tell you after we rescue them." McGee said.

"What do you mean by 'Them'? Who else is in trouble with Gibbs?" She asked.

"Long story the short version is Agent Sloane was kidnapped by a drug cartel and wanted Gibbs in exchange for her life. And Gibbs did as they were asked for." McGee explained.

"Then why the Director didn't tell us about the whole situation? He only told us that we have to go on a rescue mission!" She growled at McGee.

"We don't have time for this agent Page. I will explain this later." McGee replied as he pressed the accelerator.


"Argh... Damn it this rope is too tight. Jack can you please help me here." Gibbs was really frustrated because he couldn't get out of his bindings.

"Sure. Just turn around a little. Okay, now let me see." Jack stood up and sits behind Gibbs and trying to free Gibbs's hands from the rope.

"Okay, almost there. Will, you stop moving I can't concentrate here." Jack yelled at him.

"Argh... Easy Jack!" Gibbs grunts in pain.

"Look it's really difficult to free someone's hands when your own hands are tied."

"You haven't even tried to free yourself!" Gibbs asked with surprise.

"Didn't get chance. They did not leave me alone. That guy was always around me. Still, not going to share your plan with me?" Jack asked.

"The team knows where we are they are on their way to rescue us."

"You are wearing a GPS tracker! Didn't they search you for any kind of bug?"

"They did. And I am not wearing any kind of tracker." Gibbs said and he sigh in relief as those ropes started to loosen up.

"Then how do they know!" Sloane was dying to know what Gibbs's plan is.

But before Gibbs could answer they heard the door of their room where they are being held was opened. Jack immediately change her position and Gibbs did the same thing. The rope was loose enough so Gibbs can free himself now.

"It's good to see you awake agent Gibbs. It's time to end this game. Get him up." Sasha said as she and three other people entered the room. That security guard and another man walk toward Gibbs and grabbed him by his arms and stand him up. Gibbs grunt in pain because they were not gentle. And one of them walked toward Jack and point his gun at her head.

"Look kid, you got me now let her go!" Gibbs was stalling time.

But Sasha grabbed her gun and put it under Gibbs's chin. Gibbs didn't break his eye contact with her. He was observing her closely. Her hands were shaking like a dry leaf. But he was sure that she is not going to let them out of here alive.

"Call me kid one more time and I will blow your mind up," Sasha warned Gibbs.

"Have you ever killed people before, KID?" Sasha looked at one of those guards and Gibbs received a good punch in his gut.

"Argh..." Gibbs tried to double over but his captors hold him up.

"I will take it as a NO," Gibbs said as he tried to catch his breath.

"Do you have any doubt about it, old man?" Gibbs raised his eyebrows when she called him 'old man'.

"You made a mistake darling!" Jack said with a smile but Sasha did not pay attention to her. Again she turned toward Gibbs.

"You don't even know how to hold this thing." Gibbs chuckled. She removed the gun from Gibbs's chin and turned around and started walking back and forth.

"Funny, agent Sloane said the same thing. It seems like you guys need a demonstration." Suddenly without any warning, she fired her weapon and the bullet just missed a few inches away from Gibbs's head. Gibbs was stunned.

"NO!" Jack cries out and got up from the floor but that man grabbed her and pulled her back. Sasha walked toward Gibbs and grabbed his face by his chin.

"Do not underestimate me, Gibbs. I am not like my father. I will end you where you are standing."

"It's SPECIAL AGENT Gibbs. And I don't care about who you are and what you are. You all have fifteen minutes and then you all end up behind the bars." Gibbs replied heroically. Sasha released his face and looked at her men with confusion.

"What do mean?"

"My team is on the way to get you and your pets. Now you have fourteen minutes."

"You are lying!" But Gibbs just gave her a simple smile and that was enough to piss her off.

"Have you searched him before you take him here you idiot?" She was so angry and scared at the same time.

"I did and he is clean. No weapon, no bugs nothing. He is bluffing." Vladimir explained.

"Are you sure, Vladee... mir?" Gibbs said. He knows that now he is the one who is controlling the game.

"Maybe you have missed something. Check him again Nathan."

Sasha ordered and one of the men who were holding Gibbs left the room and came back with a device. And started searching Gibbs for a GPS tracker. But he found none.

"He is clean Sasha. Vladimir is right he is bluffing." that guy said and take his position next to Vladimir.

"I am NOT." Gibbs simply said still he was staring at Sasha.

Suddenly the device started beeping louder everyone in the room trying to figure out where the tracker is.

"Where is the tracker, Gibbs?" Nathan grabbed his jacket and slammed him against the wall.

Gibbs didn't reply but he was looking at Vladimir with a smile.

"Why are you looking at me?" Vladimir said.

"C'mon tell them that you are the one who is wearing the tracker. Yes, he made a deal with NCIS that he will take us to you and in return, we will clear his name from this mess." Gibbs said loudly.

"He is lying. I didn't make any kind of deal with NCIS. He is bluffing I swear." Vladimir tried to explain.

"C'mon man, tell the truth cat is out of the bag now. I will handle them just tell them the truth." Gibbs was fishing.

Vladimir push Nathan away from his way and grabbed Gibbs by his jacket and he hit him with his knee in Gibbs's stomach. Gibbs fell on the floor.

"Stop lying you bastard! We didn't make any kind of deal." Vladimir was screaming at Gibbs. Gibbs managed to get on his knees and trying to stand up.

"Are you sure?" Gibbs asked as he looked at Sasha. Sasha was looking pissed.

"Search him," Sasha ordered Nathan.

At the same time, Gibbs looked at Jack who was looking confused but when she looked at Gibbs he simply winked at her and smiled at her. She figures out that Gibbs is playing with them and she raised her eyebrows in appreciation.

"He is lying! I did not make any kind of deal with him! Why aren't you trusting me!" Vladimir grabs Sasha's shoulders and tries to convince her.

"Then why are you looking scared?" Nathan said.

"Really! Then why it takes you so long to bring me here, Vladimir?" Gibbs was provoking him and it was working.

"You bastard!" Vladimir threw himself at Gibbs but Nathan stopped him.

"Stop and don't move!" Nathan points his weapon at him.

Nathan walk towards Vladimir and started searching for the tracker. And again the device started beeping louder when it comes near to his collar. Nathan found a small GPS tracker from his collar.

"Gibbs is not lying Sasha. It's here THIS BASTARD IS WORKING WITH NCIS!"

"See I told you." Gibbs interrupt.

"SHUT UP! I don't know where it came from please believe me. I know he put this on me." Vladimir ran towards Gibbs and punched him again in his stomach twice. And then Sloane jumped into their matter.

"You guys are really stupid or he is playing you very smartly for a long time. Just think about it, how did NCIS know about your father's warehouse location. It was Vladimir who gave it to them. He got arrested by them remember?" Jack said.

"She got a point. Why it is always you who is involved in this kind of shit? You gave up on the location twice! And this time you betrayed us!" Nathan said.

Vladimir threw Gibbs on the floor and walked toward Nathan.

"Sasha told me to do that and what you are saying that I betrayed you, huh! I was one of the most trustable people on Merriweather's crew and I don't know where this tracker came on my shirt. I am sure this bastard tricked me somehow." Vladimir and Nathan came face to face and started fighting.

"Exactly you WERE trustable according to the boss but I think you are playing with us. YOU BLOODY TRAITOR! I always knew you wanted to take over this business that's why you made a deal with this bastard!" Nathan pushed him back and punched him in the face. Vladimir fell to the floor. Before he tried to get up Nathan delivered a kick on his face. He grabbed him and made him stand up. Vladimir hit him twice in the face.


Gibbs and Jack took the advantage of their fight and they started working on their restraints. Gibbs was almost free from his restraints but suddenly they all heard a gunshot and when he looked up it was Sasha who was holding a gun and pointing at the ceiling of the room.

"STOP! I don't care about this stupid tracker. I want revenge for my father's death. Now you two stop fighting! We don't have much time let's just finish it." Nathan and Vladimir released each other's collars and Nathan get back to his position next to Jack.

She took few steps forward to Gibbs and point her gun at him. Gibbs was on his knees and Sasha was going to pull the trigger but suddenly they all heard gunshots. And footsteps of more than three or five people.

"Federal agents drop your weapon!"

"McGee..." Gibbs whispered.

He can see the fear in their eyes and Sasha turned around and point her weapon at Vladimir.

"DON'T DO IT! YOU ARE NOT LIKE YOUR FATHER KID JUST GIVE UP AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING." Gibbs tried to help Sasha but she wasn't listening to him.

"SHUT UP! I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP! AND YOU SONOFABITCH THEY FOUND US JUST BECAUSE OF YOU! NOW YOU WILL DIE..." Sasha yelled at him and then she pulled the trigger and the bullet hits Vladimir right into his chest and died on the spot.

She turn around and going to shoot Gibbs but Gibbs managed to free himself and grabbed her hand and turned it to the other direction where that guard was standing. He was about to shoot Gibbs but Gibbs pulled the trigger and shot that guard right into his heart.

Then he took the weapon from Sasha's hand and pushed her away from his way. On another side, Sloane hit that Nathan guy and she took his weapon. But he tried to fight back but before that Gibbs shot him down too. When he turned around he saw Sasha took the weapon from that dead guard's hand and point it at Gibbs.

"Give yourself up Sasha. By killing me you will not get your father back."

"Not, going to give up! You killed my father! My only family, you bastard and look what you have made me a CRIMINAL!" Sasha started screaming at Gibbs.

"You chose to become a criminal and

your father was a terrorist he killed so many innocent people! NOW DROP YOUR WEAPON." Gibbs said calmly.

Suddenly McGee and others entered the room their weapons were trained at Sasha. And Bishop fired a single shot to unarmed her. Gibbs lowered his weapon in relief.

"Boss, you guys are okay?" McGee asked.

"Yeah, we are fine. What took you so long?" Gibbs replied without breaking eye contact with Sasha.

"This place is too far from the headquarter Boss, but you guys already took care of them!" McGee replied.

"Okay, EMTs are here. Hey Jack, it's good to see you. You both okay?" Nick joined them he was out there with REACT team.

"Yeah, I'm good." Gibbs replied.

"Me too" Jack answered his question.

"But none of you looks good. You both are looking awful!" Bishop said as she cuffed Sasha and taking her out to their car.

"C'mon Boss you are not good you both are too far away from good. You both are covered with bruises and only God knows what else they have done to you!" McGee was quite frustrated with their answers.

"Look McGee, we are good." Gibbs walk toward him but because of his sudden move, he bent over in pain. His ribs were aching so as his head started spinning he took a hell of a beating after all.

"Gibbs! Are you okay?" Jack ran towards him.

"Yeah, I am argh...good." He said with stubbornness.

"We will decide it, agent Gibbs." one of the members of the EMTs said.

"Go check on her I'm good" Gibbs said as he stood up straight.

"My other team will take care of her and comparing to your condition she's looking better than you." Gibbs glared at that guy but it didn't work.

They both were taken to Bethesda and the team informed Vance about the situation. Gibbs was frustrated because he wanted to go home instead of the hospital. Jack was in good condition than him. She was suffering from dehydration but nothing was serious.


Vance came to get an update on his agents and he found McGee in the lobby. He was talking to the doctor.

"Any updates on them agent McGee?" Vance asked before he could reply doctor start to informing Vance.

"Good thing is that there is nothing to worry about. They both are in good condition. Agent Sloane is suffering from dehydration and has a few cuts on her face. But she is fine now. Agent Gibbs is fine too even after he was badly beaten and he was suffocated by those bad guys about agent McGee informed me before." The doctor filled them with information.

"What do you mean agent Gibbs was suffocated? Is he really good? Is there anything worry about?" McGee started to panic.

"There's a graze on his throat it looks like someone tried to strangle him from behind. The good thing is nothing is damaged." Doctor explained.

"So whoever did that he didn't do it on the purpose to kill him, just wanted to scare him or wanted to shut him up!" Vance said.

"Yeah; it looks like that, and the beating he had taken also didn't damage anything serious. He has two bruised ribs and nothing has broken so he will be fine in a day or two so as agent Sloane." The doctor informed them about Gibbs's injuries.

"Oh...thank God! Thank you, doctor. Can we see them?" McGee sigh in relief and asked the doctor for permission to visit Gibbs and Jack.

"Yes, you can but agent Gibbs is sleeping because of the sedative he will regain consciousness in an hour and agent Sloane is awake so you can visit her but not more than five minutes." The doctor allows them to visit Jack.

"Thank you, doctor..." Vance said and shake hands with him.

Vance and McGee head towards Jack's room. She's sitting on her bed and looking frustrated because she wants to go home.

"How are you feeling, Jack?" McGee asked.

"I'm good just get me out of here." She rolled her eyes with the frustrating face.

"You will but right now you need rest. So, since you are here you have to rest and don't think about ditching us." Vance tells her.

"How's Gibbs? I know he didn't show us but he was pretty much in bad shape. When I regained consciousness he was badly beaten and unconscious laying on the floor."

"He will be fine too. He has some bruising ribs and few cuts on his face. Nothing is serious." McGee replied.

"Where are Bishop and Torres?" She asked.

"They were escorting Ms Mishkin to the NCIS I'm leaving too. Agent McGee, you stay here until Gibbs regain consciousness. And keep me posted." Vance ordered him and leave.

"Sure" McGee replied

"I will be outside just in case if you need anything." McGee said

"Thanks and informed me when Gibbs regain consciousness." Sloane requests him.

"I will."


Gibbs regain consciousness and realised he was in the hospital. He tried to get up slowly he grunt in pain but still trying to get up.

"Boss! What the hell are you doing?"

"Trying to check on Jack. Are you going to stop me?" Gibbs replied in a rough voice.

"No. will help you to get you to her room."

"Good..." Gibbs said.


"Now what the hell are you waiting for!" Gibbs yelled at him.

"Can you walk?" McGee asked nervously.

"Yeah, McGee I can."

"Great. Let me help you then." McGee said as he supports Gibbs to walk to Sloane's room.


"Hey, Jack! How are you feeling?" Gibbs asked her as he entered the room and takes a seat next to Jack.

"I'm good. Resting as Vance told me to do it and you should do the same instead of wandering around the hospital."

"Came here to check on you. How are you?" Gibbs said calmly

"I'm good, cowboy. How are you doing?"

"I'm feeling good only my ribs are giving me a little trouble." Gibbs answered.

"I want to know how in the hell that GPS tracker ends up on Vladimir's shirt without his knowledge?" Jack asked curiously.

Gibbs and McGee looked at each other and smiles. Gibbs takes a deep breath and started explaining to her.


"You have a plan! Then why didn't you say it before?" Vance asked with surprise.

"Because I just got it! C'mon, follow me." Gibbs turn around to his team and give them an order.

"What the hell just happened, McGee!" Nick whispered.

"I don't have a single clue, Torres."

And they started following him. Suddenly Gibbs stops and looks at Leon.

"Hey! Are you coming or not?" He yelled at him.

"On your six Gibbs!" Vance replied and start following him.

"Hey, Kaise you got the thing that I asked for?" Gibbs asked as he and the team entered the lab.

"Yes, I have it. Here it is." Kasie said as she pulled out a tiny box and hand it over to Gibbs.

"I asked you for the smallest one it is still too big."

"This is only a box the real item is in it." She replied. Gibbs opened the box and smile at her.


"Would you like to tell us what is going on here?" Vance asked.

"Gibbs asked me for a GPS tracker smallest one. And this tracker is the smallest in the world."

"So you are going to wear a bug that's your plan, Gibbs?" Vance said.

"I'm not the one who is going to wear it. Because they will search me before taking me to that place that we don't know where it is." Gibbs said.

"But you got the address of the place." McGee said.

"It's a decoy to distract you from the actual location. They know I will give you this address so you can follow us. But Vladimir came here that means he will take me to the other place." Gibbs explained.

"But if you are not going to wear this thing then who is going to?" Vance asked and Gibbs just smiled.

"Just don't take too long," Gibbs said and then he left.


Vladimir and Gibbs reach into the parking lot and Gibbs started walking towards his car and put his hand in his pants pocket to get the car keys.

"We are not going to take your car agent Gibbs." Vladimir stops Gibbs.

"Yeah, then how you are planning on going to that place genius? By flying!" Gibbs turned around and replied sarcastically.

"There is a car waiting in the alley. So now let's take a little walk agent Gibbs or agent Sloane will be..."

Vladimir didn't get a chance to complete his sentence because Gibbs grabbed him by his collar and slammed him against the nearest car.



"So when I put my hand in my pocket to get my car keys I was actually holding that tracker and when I grabbed his collar I put that tracker on his shirt." Gibbs explained.

"Not bad Gibbs not bad at all!" Jacke was impressed by the way Gibbs takedown those bad guys.


"So what Gibbs?"

"I want my reward for saving your life." Gibbs said with a childish face.

"What do you want, Cowboy?"

"How about a kiss? For now..."

"And then?" Sloane asked.

"McGee, did you get that thing I told you to take care of it?" Gibbs turned his head and asked.

"Yeah, I have it. Here it is." McGee hand over something to Gibbs.

"Thanks appreciate it."

Gibbs took her hand and put the ring on her ring finger again where it belongs to.

"I thought I lost it..." Sloane had tears in her eyes.

"You didn't lose it and now it's back to you so..." Before Gibbs asked for a kiss again she took his face between her hands and kissed him.

"So finally you guys are getting married. Right?"

They all turned around and saw Bishop, Nick and all of them. They brought some balloons and flowers with them.

"I'm going to kill you, McGee." Gibbs whispered loud enough so McGee can hear it.

"It wasn't me, Boss. Trust me!"

"Ahh, forget about it. Yeah, we are getting married. Are you guys happy now?" Gibbs said. They all started cheering.

"Yeah, but in some better clothes, because getting married in hospital gowns are quite embarrassing for me." Jack replied.

They all started laughing and Gibbs and Jack kissed each other again.