Author's Notes: Hello and welcome to this first attempt at a Sentinels of the Multiverse story by me. I'm excited to dig into such a lore-rich fandom, and I hope you enjoy this story. Each of the drabbles in this story looks at the perspectives of each of the differing characters in the multiverse who were involved in the OblivAeon event. I know that there are so many more than the 21 perspectives listed here that particpated, but I felt that these were the major characters who made their appearances and can offer us some important perspectives. That is not to say that characters like Chronoranger, Parse, and Benchmark were not important to this story, but that I just chose to focus on the perspectives I have selected. Plus, this was written for a WA challenge over on FFnet, and while the rules did not say I was only limited to 20 drabbles, I tried to shoot for that goal anyway. As of the writing of this story, the Tempest and Haka chapters are subject to change due to the fact that the wiki information on their involvement in OblivAeon is scarce and I have not listened to the Letters Page podcasts for these respective heroes just yet.

I am OblivAeon, heir to nothingness.

Across timelines and realities, the multiverse has always faced me. Sometimes those who oppose me win, and sometimes they lose. But that ends here. I will shatter the realities of the multiverse so that there is only one, a reality in which I rule over all.

I have sent scions of destruction, beings corrupted by my influence, to separate the heroes and eliminate all threats to my rule. Let the destruction begin! Nothing can stop me now.

I am OblivAeon. I am nothingness. Timelines will shatter. The multiverse will end here. Let it begin.