Hello! My name's Roxy Goth and this is my first time writing for Fireman Sam.

I just want to stress that this is NOT bloopers, but rather a behind-the-scenes look at filming Fireman Sam. I'm aiming for this to be kinda like a 'the cast are Animated Actors' things, which means that they may be out of charector at some points.

I hope you enjoy.

The entire cast of Fireman Sam was standing by the docks. The director - a tall man with black hair and glasses - is pacing up and down in front of them with a script. "Okey cast!" He began. "The synopsis for this one is that the Mrs Chen's class will be releasing Sky Lanterns into the air to celebrate Chinese New Year. However Norman-"

"Again." Sam muttered to Elvis.

"-Will be way to excited and will launch his lantern into the sky, which will then cause the trees to set fire. The fire-service will turn up and put the fire out. Does that sound okey?

"Why is it always me who causes the fire!?" Norman said, holding his hands out in frustration. "Why can't Sarah or James do it for once!?"

"It's hardly likely to be us, is it?" Sarah snapped, as James gasped and stepped back fearfully. "James's petrified of fire and I'm far to sensible!"

"Stop arguing!" The director said, tapping his foot impatiently. "Mrs Chen, Norman, Sarah, James, Mandy and Sam your needed on set. Go!"

Mandy stuck her hand up. "Er...where's Hannah, Mr Director?"

"Hannah has physiotherapy today." The director explained. "She can't get out of it, which means neither her or her family are in this episode - now..." he raised the megaphone to his lips and bellowed through it. "PLACES!"

[Scene one]

"A grown-up will light your lantern for you and make sure it floats up safely. There's not much wind today, so everything should be fine. C'mon, let's go and get our lanterns."

The children cheered and jumped up from the bench, with Norman shouting. "I can't wait!" at the top of his lungs. He ran off and instantly fell over his own two feet. "Ow!"


"Are you okey, Norman?" Sam asked, as Mrs Chen hurried over.

"Fine!" Norman said, through gritted teeth.

"Trust Norman to trip over thin air." Mandy muttered to Sarah, who giggled.

Unfortunately Norman heard her. "It was not over thin air, Mandy! I tripped over the grass - who puts muddy grass here anyway? It's stupid!"

"I'll have a word with Mother Nature." The director said, dryly, as Mrs Chen prodded at Norman's ankle. "Is he alright, Tegwen?"

"He'll live." Mrs Chen said, getting up. "Shall we try again?"

The director nodded. "Places!"


[Scene ?]

"This is a bit more difficult than I expected, Sam." Penny said, as she rummaged around in a box.

"How are you getting on testing the foam squirter, Elvis?" Sam asked his colleague.

Elvis pressed down on the pump while wobbling the squirter from side to side. "It's a bit, it's a bit-" he stopped and braced himself. When nothing happened he frowned and rocked the squirter from side to side again.

"What's going on?" The director asked, impatiently. "It should be exploding!"

"...I think it's broken, sir." Elvis said, stating the obvious.

"Yes, thank you Elvis, I can see that! Sam, would you go and give him a hand?"

Sam sighed and headed over to his colleague. "Okey then, Elvis, let's have a look at it-"

"I think I got it!" Elvis exclaimed as he pressed the top down with a lot of force. Sticky foam exploded out the side and soaked both Sam and Elvis from head to foot.

Penny burst out laughing while the director turned red and bellowed "CUT!" through his megaphone. "Elvis, you weren't meant to get Sam as well!"

"I'm sorry, sir." Elvis said, looking crestfallen. "It was an accident."

"I'll be fine." Sam said, brushing foam off his uniform. "I'll just need a shower. And anyway-" He turned to look at his co-worker. "At least you know what NOT to do."

Elvis smiled sheepishly.


[Next foam scene.]

Once Elvis and Sam had had a shower and changed uniforms, it was time for the second scene with the foam.

"There, we're ready for the first test, Elvis." Sam said and switched the foam on.

The foam spurted out with such force that it knocked Elvis straight of his feet. He let out a howl of pain as his back collided with the side of the fire-engine.

Sam hurriedly turned the foam off and him, Penny and the director hurried over.

"Whoa!" Penny cried out as she slid on the foam and landed on her bottom.

"Steady on, Penny." The director said. "We don't need you injured as well." He held out a hand to help her up.

Sam surreptitiously rolled his eyes and turned his attention to Elvis. "Are you alright, Elvis?" He asked.

The dark-haired man nodded, though his face was screwed up in pain. "Just a jolt." He said, though gritted teeth. "I'll be fine."

With Sam's help he managed to stand up.

"I think we'll leave that scene for now..." The director said, making some notes on his clip-board. "Next!"


[The fire-scene]

The director looked at his cast who were all assembled on the hill-tops, happily talking amongst themselves.

He looked up at The Professional Fire Starters [P.F.S's for short] who would grab Norman's lantern when it got close enough and gave them a thumbs up.

The head P.F.S gave him a thumbs up back and the director nodded before bellowing into his megaphone. "Places, people!"

Much talking and giggling as the children took their places and the fire-fighters headed of to the slightly-off-camera places. The director looked up at the heavens and silently prayed that this would be alright. "Okay, we'll go from when Norman lets the lantern go. Action!"

Norman looked at his lantern, then up at the sky, then back at his lantern. He let it go, with a: "Whoopsie!"

"Norman Price!" Mrs Chen gasped.

"It just slipped out my fingers and - oh! Isn't it beautiful?" Norman pointed up at the lantern and gave his teacher and angelic smile.

"It's not beautiful, it's dangerous!" Moose said, angrily. "The wind's blowing it right into-"

The actors all gasped. "The pine-forest!"

Hearing this the director made the previously arranged signal at the P.F.S. who grabbed the lantern so it wouldn't cause any damage.

Moose sighed. "I better call Fireman Sam."

The director signalled and Sam, Elvis and Penny came along the tracks, Elvis perched on top of what had affectionally been dubbed 'The Fire-Train.'

"Stand back Elvis!" Sam called. "Time to use the sticky foam!"

"Right you are, Sam!"

"Hit the switch, Penny!" Sam told his co-worker.

Penny hit the switch and waited. Nothing happened.

"Er...Penny?" Elvis laughed nervously. "It's not doing anything."

Feeling annoyed Penny hit the button with force. Still nothing happened.

"It's jammed!" Elvis said, shaking the nozzle around.

"CUT!" The director bellowed. "Harley, can you take a look at that for me?"

Sam groaned and leaned back in his seat. "Just once." He said. "I would like to get through a scene without something going wrong."

Catching sight of Elvis in the rear-view mirror, Penny leaned out the window and called. "I wouldn't hold that to close to your face if I were you, Elvis-"

A yell, a weird shushing sound and a clatter signified what happened next. The sticky foam had decided to work and hit Elvis straight in the face, he had yelled and staggered backwards and fell off the Fire Train, where he'd landed on a heap on the other side.

"Oh for-" Sam flung the door open. "Elvis Criddlington, what ARE we going to do with you?"

"Sorry, Sam." Elvis said, from the ground. "I wanted to see what was stuck inside."

"Those things are notorious for getting stuck." Harley said, as she re-wound the nozzle in. "As long as you're not injured, Elvis."

"I'm fine."

"I think we better abandon filming for today." The director said, shaking his head. "Seeing as Criddlington seems determined to cause disaster everywhere he goes. We'll resume tomorrow. Goodnight everyone."

"Goodnight Mr Director." The cast chorused, as the director walked off-set.

"I must say I'm glad that's over." Sam said, removing his hat. "I'm meeting up with Bob for a drink. Do you reckon you can manage not to burn the town down while I'm gone?"

Elvis folded his arms. "We're not complete morons, Sam!"

Sam raised an eyebrow and bid them farewell.