Hey! I'm back, sorry about the delay. I lost my enthusiasm for Fireman Sam for a bit, but it's recently been re-ignited [Pun totally intended]. I've also been writing fanfictions for a different category, Looney Tunes, if anyone's interested, they're on my profile.

Anyway, see chapter 1 for the disclaimer and let's crack on.

"Is that a penguin!?" Norman exclaimed, as soon as he caught sight off it.

Director Peterson looked down at the very-obviously-a-penguin in Other Sarah's arms and said, dryly. "It does seem to be, yes Norman."

"What is a PENGUIN doing here!?"

"It's going to be the star of the next episode. It's going to get lost from the zoo and you and Mandy are going to find it."

Norman's eyes were as wide as saucers as he gave an excited. "Awesome! Hey Mandy, MANDY! Guess what we're doing!? We're only looking after a PENGUIN!" As the young red-head ran off towards Mandy, Peterson shook his head and gave a concerned look to Harley.

"Why does something tell me this is going to end badly?"

Harley gave a shrug while managing to keep a completely straight face.


[Scene 1, Take 1.]

"Maybe I should go and look for the waddly penguin." Elvis said, trying to sound casual.

"Not now, Elvis." Sam said. "I need you to gauge the pressure from the hydrant. You need to tell me when the pressures at full blast." With that he turned the water on. Nothing came out. After a second the call [pre-recorder] of a penguin sounded.

"CUT!" Peterson yelled.

"Sam." Elvis said. "There doesn't seem to be any water coming out."

Sam sighed. "I can see that, Elvis. Ah!" He exclaimed, realising where he went wrong. "I was turning it the wrong way. Hold on, now if I turn it-"

Penny screamed as the hose doused her in water. Elvis had continued holding it when the scene stopped, but didn't take any notice of where he was aiming it.

Sam hurriedly turned the hose off. "Sorry Penny." He said, sheepishly. "Didn't think that through."

Penny glared at them and stomped off to get changed.


[Second scene, take one.]

"Come on, Mr Penguin." Norman said, picking the animal up. "I'm going to take you home and- agh!" He dropped the penguin and put his hands over his glasses where the creature had just pecked them. "I HATE PENGUINS!" The red-head screeched.

The penguin made a sound that sounded like the penguin version of 'I hate you to.' and waddled off.

"Nice going, Norman!" Mandy scoffed. "You've hurt it's feelings!"

Norman looked at her in disbelief. "It's feelings!? What about my feeling!? That thing nearly took my eye out!"

"You're wearing glasses, aren't you?"

"That's not the point!"

"Guys!" Peterson called, interrupting the row. "C'mon, we don't have time for this. Let's go back to opening positions and try again. Chop, chop."

Norman and Mandy glared at each but went back their starting positions while Other Sarah brought 'Wadley' [as in 'Wadley Penguin'] on. "Try and go easier on him this time." She said, placing him in his spot and giving him a small piece of fish.

Norman - for once speechless - glared at the penguin, who simply chirped happily.


[Fire station scene, Take 1]

"There's a fire at the Price's store. And Dilys Price and a penguin are trapped upstairs." The computer announced.

"There's a fire at the Price's store." Station Officer Steele echoed.

"And Dilys Price and a Penguin are trapped upstairs!" Elvis said, grabbing Steele's shoulder for added effect.

Behind him Sam struggled to keep a straight face, which didn't go unnoticed by Peterson.

"Sam!" He said, in exasperation. "This is meant to be a serious scene!"

Sam burst out laughing and covered half his face with one hand. "S-sorry." He said, through his giggles. "It's just t-the way Elvis said it-"

Elvis was looking bewildered. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked the room.

Sam, finally managing to get a hold of himself, shook his head. "N-no, sorry Elvis. You did great. I'll try and keep a straight face next time. Okay…" He looked at there director. "Take two?"

Peterson nodded, grimly. "Take two."