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Chapter 2: The Tsuchikage's Plan & A Father's Words

Location: Iwa-Kusa border

Following their encounter with Naruto and his team of Konoha shinobi Kurotsuchi's teammates Deidara, Suzumebachi and Akatsuchi were seen resting in a small rocky valley just a few steps away from Iwa's borders. After having been on the move for several hours the three Iwa shinobi decided to take a break and wait for Kurotsuchi as they knew she hadn't followed them when they took off from hearing their retreat signal.

''Where the hell is this girl? She knows she's supposed to retreat when they blow the signal!'' Suzumebachi got out between pants.

The two males nodded their head in agreement. Despite Kurotsuchi was the top kunoichi within Iwa's ranks at the moment they all knew that the pink-eyed girl would encounter problems if she ever fought an opponent like a Jinchuuriki, let alone the blonde who contained Kurama within him.

''That girl can be so stubborn and headstrong she's the kind of girl who wouldn't back down when the opportunity to face someone of that caliber presents itself. She wouldn't stop until she wins and even if she is beaten she'll keep going.'' Deidara inquired.

''Even so, she needs to know that there are definitely shinobi out there who can defeat her, namely the Yellow Flash and kami knows what would happen if she ever came face to face with him.'' said Akatsuchi,

Just then a figure landed a few feet away from them and when they looked up they were relieved at the sight of their visitor. It was Kurotsuchi and despite her having fought Naruto she seemed relatively fine, save for some dirt on her clothes and her Jonin vest missing.

Deidara let out a quick chuckle at the sight of the dirty kunoichi, ''So it looks like you live to tell the tale after all.'' he joked.

''There you are! I was planning on heading back to look for you but Deidara insisted we wait for you to show up.'' Suzumebachi said.

Kurotsuchi waved the other girl's comment and just scoffed at her cousin, ''Tch, don't worry about me Suzumebachi, I can handle myself.''

''Handle yourself? Look at you you're all jacked up and it seems to me Naruto beat you.'' Deidara snorted.

The blonde male's comment caused a tic mark to form on Kurotsuchi's head and she reaches out to grab Deidara by the collar of his vest and goes to pull him in so that their faces were close to each other. The look in those pink eyes making Deidara cringe and shiver in fear.

''Shut the fuck up! That Konoha idiot only beat me because he got lucky!'' shouted the pink-eyed girl.

The shouting and annoyance in her eyes was enough to get Deidara to put his hands up in surrender, ''Okay then Kurotsuchi, whatever you say just let me go.''

Kurotsuchi complied but instead of simply letting him go she slightly pushed him away so that he backed up into a wall.

''Ouch, relax.'' Deidara said rubbing his back.

''Shut up, let's get our asses home and report back to gramps.'' Kurotsuchi ordered before leaping back toward the direction of their village.

Having observed the whole thing Akatsuchi couldn't help but shake his head and laugh a little at the girl's outburst, ''Deidara you know she didn't mean that. I know she lost to Naruto but I could see in her eyes she was excited.''

''Huh? What do you mean Akatsuchi? Excited for what?'' asked a curious Suzumebachi.

Deidara nodded in agreement with Akatsuchi's observation, ''Yeah I agree Akatsuchi.

Suzumebachi still wasn't wrapping her head around what the two boys were saying and decided to question it again.

''What are you guys talking about? Why would she be excited? She seemed pretty pissed off at losing her fight with that Namikaze kid, a Konoha shinobi and our mortal enemy so it makes sense for her to be pissed the hell off but why excited?''

''Yeah she seemed pissed but deep down I can feel that even after losing to Naruto she wants to meet him again.'' inquired Deidara.

Now getting where Deidara was coming from Suzumebachi nodded in understanding, ''Oh, so you're saying she wants to meet Naruto again so they can duke it out some more?''

Deidara and Akatsuchi nodded.

''That's right and I'm sure the next time they meet, whenever that is she will take him down and hopefully have a way to counter that jutsu of his.'' Akatsuchi added.

The three of them then headed back toward Iwa to join Kurotsuchi in reporting the incident to their Tsuchikage.

-Iwagakure, Tsuchikage's Office-

''Pesky paperwork! I've been the Tsuchikage for over forty years and still I have no idea on how to make my life easier with this!" a short old man sitting at the desk at the end of the Tsuchikage's office stammered.

Onoki was a very short man in his early 70s with a noticeable triangular beard with the top of his head completely bald but on the backside it was in a chonmage style with a yellow ribbon tying the rest into a top knot. Currently the Tsuchikage was going over suggested battle plans given to him by the top Jonin within Iwa's ranks. As much as he liked being the Tsuchikage he knew deep down that he at least should reconsider retirement and let someone else take the reigns.

''I love this job, I get to lead one of the strongest villages but kami this is stressful.'' the elderly Tsuchikage whispered to himself before he hears someone knocking on the door to his office. ''Hm? Who goes there? Enter immediately.''

The door to the office opens and in steps Deidara, Suzumebachi, Akatsuchi.

''Ah, you've all returned already? I thought I gave you a recon mission that was to last at least three days did I not?'' said the Tsuchikage before he realized that his granddaughter wasn't among the Jonin, ''Wait a minute, where's Kurotsuchi?''

Deidara looked at the door and he would be the one to answer, ''She should be coming right about, now.''

Almost on cue Kurotsuchi walked into the office and the elderly Tsuchikage was overflowing with joy at the sight of his beloved granddaughter.

''Kurotsuchi! Thank kami I thought I lost you!'' Onoki exclaimed in joy as he floated up from his chair and floats toward his granddaughter to give her a tight embrace completely ignoring the other three in the room.

''Gramps get the heck off me!'' Kurotsuchi shouted to no avail.

The older man then notices that Kurotsuchi's clothes were slightly torn and she was covered in some dirt while her Jonin vest was missing, ''My dear granddaughter what happened? Why are you so dirty?''

Before she answered the Tsuchikage the pink-eyed girl gently shoves him away and Deidara would be the one to open his mouth to explain but Kurotsuchi shot him a menacing glare that meant he was to shut the fuck up and let her do the explaining instead.

''Okay I'll tell you gramps but relax for a sec and take a seat, we're here to report on the mission.'' said the pink-eyed girl.

Grumbling, Onoki nodded and did what he was told by floating back to his desk and lowers himself into his chair as his shinobi all stood side by side in a straight line in front of his desk.

''Alright, why are you four back so early from a recon mission that was expected to last three days? Why is Kurotsuchi the only one dirty, where is her vest and why are you three clean?'' asked the Tsuchikage.

Deidara, Suzumebachi and Akatsuchi did not speak so it would be Kurotsuchi who stepped up and explained the situation they became involved in.

''Well gramps, as you know we went out as soon as you gave us the mission to see if any forces from Konoha have made their way into Kusa and about two hours in our mission we encountered a four man Konoha team.''

Onoki nodded as he listened intently to his granddaughter, ''Okay, go on.''

''As soon as we spotted this team we attacked them first by throwing shuriken and kunai at them but they managed to avoid our attack and when we got a closer look at them we saw..''

Kurotsuchi couldn't finish her report due to feeling a bit of rage and anger within her and it was due to her being steadily defeated by Naruto and this did not go unnoticed by the Tsuchikage.

''What's wrong Kurotsuchi? Did something happen?"

The pink-eyed girl took a deep breath before she felt she was able to continue, ''When we got closer to those Konoha scumbags we saw that one of them was Naruto Namikaze, son of the Yellow Flash.'' she answered with a bit of rage in her voice.

Onoki went wide-eyed at this, his granddaughter and her team met and hopefully didn't engage that bastard Yellow Flash's son and the Kyuubi's jinchuuriki?

''Please tell me you didn't engage him beloved granddaughter.''

Kurotsuchi just nodded, ''I did and I told the other three to leave without me if they didn't want to help me fight him so I challenged him myself.'' said the pink-eyed girl.

Onoki then turned his attention to the other three in the room and the look he was giving them told him that he was not happy at all. ''So what she is telling me is that you basically abandoned her when she was against that bastard's son?''

Hearing the anger in his voice Deidara put his hands up in protest, ''Hold on old man, Kurotsuchi told us to leave if we didn't want to fight and that's what she said as she is the team leader here. With her being the boss we obeyed a direct order.''

''Yes we know it was a stupid thing to do with not helping her but she's also at fault too because you ordered our forces to retreat whenever we encountered either the Yellow Flash or the jinchuuriki which is what the three of us did.'' Suzumebachi added before turning to look at Akatsuchi, ''Right?''

The larger man only nodded in response.

''That's right. We obeyed a direct order from our team leader but we waited for her at the border with Kusa Lord Tsuchikage. We didn't come back until she showed up from her fight with the jinchuuriki.''

Hearing what her team members were saying Kurotsuchi was about to argue against them before Onoki ordered them to remain silent.

''Alright, Deidara, Akatsuchi, Suzumebachi. Could you three leave me and Kurotsuchi alone please? I have to speak with her.'' ordered the Tsuchikage.

The three in question nod before they made their way out of the room leaving the grandfather with his granddaughter alone.

Kurotsuchi crossed her arms and just snorted, ''So what? You're gonna scold me like a little girl?''

''Quiet Kurotsuchi I'll ask the questions first. Why didn't you retreat when the signal was given? Do you understand the purpose of it?'' said the old man.

''I know I know, it's given when the jinchuuriki or the bastard Hokage is spotted on the battlefield.'' answered the girl.

Onoki raised his eyebrow, ''Well why didn't you?''

''Pfft, you really wanna know?'' asked the girl and her grandpa nods, ''Because I know that if I captured or killed, preferably killed him I think we can deal a huge blow to Konoha knocking them down a few pegs. Show that mother killing Yellow Flash how it feels to lose a family member.'' Kurotsuchi voice began to break and crack slightly but she was able to keep her composure. ''Simply put, I'm gonna do it for mom.'' she declared with mixed anger and sadness in her voice.

Onoki sighed and shook his head.

''While I do believe that taking out his son will deal a huge blow Minato losing his son will make him unleash his power and he'll come and crush us like he did in the last war Then again killing his son would cause Konoha to lose a huge asset in winning the war in their favor and since Roshi and Han died we have no effective counter to Naruto...unless.''

''Unless what gramps?'' Kurotsuchi asked, she knew with the tone in her grandpa's voice he definitely had a plan.

''Since we still have Son Goku sealed away in the cave several miles from our village so a little idea just popped into my head.''

Kurotsuchi stepped forward and slammed her hands on his desk shaking it a bit from the force, ''A plan? What kind of plan? Is it enough to knock Konoha's ass into the ground?''

Onoki raised his hands up prompting the girl to take her hands off the desk and step back to give him a bit of space.

''Relax Kurotsuchi, here.'' Onoki then took out a piece of paper and handed to the girl, ''Now before you read that do know that our military has recovered very well from our defeat in the first and second wars with the other villages and as you know Konoha has always been the one to inflict the most casualties on us than the other three combined. The first and second Tsuchikage never attempted to invade Konoha in those last wars but for me I think if we can pool our massive active and reserve forces together we will outnumber Konoha by a huge margin and an invasion of the Land Of Fire would suffice. I don't believe they can handle that when we use the power of the earth against them in such large numbers.''

Kurotsuchi raised an eyebrow at this, ''So you're telling me since we outnumber them if we launch an invasion into their border we can hope to overwhelm them with sheer numbers?'' she asked earning a nod from her grandpa, ''But then you have to remember gramps that Konoha defenses and security are really tight and strong.''

''I know Kurotsuchi but even the best and strongest defenses have a weakness and our huge numbers will no doubt prove too much for Konoha to handle. You won't be taking part in the invasion either so keep this between us, as the invasion is happening I will assign you and your team on an S-ranked mission.''

The girl inwardly groaned at that and as much as she enjoyed being sent on high ranking missions she wanted to be part of the invasion force so she can waste some Konoha trash.

''Why a mission? Yeah I like high ranked ones but how come I'm not gonna be part of the invasion force? I wanna waste some Konoha scum!'' protested the girl.

''I understand your frustration but this is a very special S-ranked mission I'm assigning you and your team on. While the invasion is happening you and your team will sneak around their shinobi as they do battle with ours and when you get past them you will hunt down Minato's son.'' Onoki explained.

Did she hear that correctly? She and her team were going to be sent behind enemy lines to specifically hunt Naruto down? This was the opportunity of a lifetime!

''And by hunt down you mean..?''

''Capture him, bring him back here so our ANBU can brainwash him to fight for us and when we do we will send him back to Konoha to unleash the tailed-beast and destroy their village from within.'' concluded the old man.

Kurotsuchi immediately saw a huge fault in the plan as a whole and mentally sighed in annoyance. ''Oh wait...I don't think that's gonna work gramps because that scumbag knows his father's jutsu. The Flying Thunder God.''

The Tsuchikage's happy expression quickly turned into disappointment and the smile he had for his grand plan turned into a frown. He puts both his hands on his forehead and begins to rub it as if he had a headache.

''You've got to be kidding me, I had a feeling so that changes a part of the plan.''

''So you're still going through with the invasion then?'' asked the girl.

''Yes, since you told me just now that he has that teleportation jutsu he can easily get away from us or worse, his father can teleport to him and kill us all. So with that in mind I think it would be a better alternative to capture one of their shinobi, seal Son Goku in them and then send them back to Konoha and when they lose control of the beast he will be unleashed and destroy the village from within much like when the Kyuubi broke free from Minato's wife's seal years ago.''

Kurotsuchi then had a big smile form on her face. Use one of their own as a ticking time bomb to destroy Konoha from within? That was a genius idea and one that she will throw her full support behind.

''That is a really good plan gramps and that would easily bring about Konoha's defeat and our victory in this war.'' the girl said happily, ''So how would you like for me and my team to go about this changed objective?''

Onoki didn't verbally respond and instead he took out a piece of paper and handed it to his granddaughter, ''This is a map that was given to me by our stealth team of Taiseki, Kakko and Mahiru who had surveyed the Konoha side of Kusa and the arrow leading from our side of the border into the Konoha side are areas the ANBU have found to have very little to almost zero Konoha forces. Using this route you will be able to get behind their lines and find a shinobi you believe will be the best fit for being their betrayer when the beast breaks free.''

Sure she wouldn't mind using any Konoha trash to seal the beast into but she didn't have to pick out someone at random as she quickly thought of someone in mind.

''Hey gramps, I think I have a certain kunoichi I want to capture.''

Onoki raised an eyebrow, ''Oh? Who would this girl be?''

''I remember when my team and I confronted Naruto and his there was a kunoichi around the same age as him, one of his teammates was there as well and I instantly knew she was their medic and I remember that she looks innocent and nice. I think I can arrange for my team and I to abduct her and seal Son Goku into and then as you said we will send her back to Naruto who will take her home and the coup de grace happens.'' explained Kurotsuchi, ''From what I learned medics tend to be the most vulnerable ones when it comes to stuff like this.''

''If you believe his team medic would be the perfect target then I see no reason to stop you from pursuing her. Remember you're going to have to find a way to get her without anyone chasing you guys back here. Instead of having his son fight on the front against such a large invasion force it is possible he might be in reserve on their side of Kusa.''

''What do you suggest doing if her comrades try and mount a rescue for her? What if they manage to keep up with us?''

''Then you will not make your way back to the village, I think the perfect place to seal Son Goku in her is in the neutral territory in Kawa No Kuni. I will dispatch a platoon of ANBU who specialize in sealing tailed beasts to meet you there with your target and the sealing will commence. Any more questions?''

Kurotsuchi shook her head no in response.

''Okay then, give the details to your team, you guys will not be required to complete this in a certain time so whenever you manage to capture your target send word back to me and wait for the ANBU in river country. You will start this mission at the same time as the invasion, you will accompany the invasion force and when they commence battle with Konoha sneak your way to their side of Kusa.'' Onoki then hands over another piece of paper to the girl, ''Show that to your team it is how I plan on conducting our invasion of fire country. Until then you and your team will be deployed to Kusagakure, our invasion force will stage and will remain there until the it begins. Recruit the stealth team to aid you as well.''

The Tsuchikage then dismissed his granddaughter and the pink-eyed girl departs the office and was greeted by her team who were waiting for her out in the hallway.

''Hey Kurotsuchi, what did you and Lord Tsuchikage talk about?'' asked Akatsuchi.

As Kurotsuchi closed the door to her grandpa's office she simply stared down at the floor and her three teammates only stared at her as she continued to stare at the marble floor. Deidara would be the first to try and elicit an answer from the girl by placing a hand on her shoulder but the pink-eyed girl turned her head and looked at her three teammates with a huge grin plastered on her face.

''Uh, what's with that look cousin?'' Suzumebachi asked nervously.

Still not saying a word Kurotsuchi handed Deidara the paper her grandpa gave her and seeing this Akatsuchi and Suzumebachi stood beside the blonde man and looked at the contents of the paper.

''An invasion?'' asked Suzumebachi.

''So this is what you talked to the old man about?'' Deidara questioned.

''This is a mammoth undertaking, using that many of our shinobi to penetrate deep into fire country?'' Akatsuchi asked curiously.

This was when Kurotsuchi finally took her eyes off of the floor and looked at her teammates.

''Yep, gramps is planning a huge invasion into Konoha territory and since we have huge reserves he believes with sheer numbers even Konoha's mighty defense will soon crumble.'' said the pink-eyed girl.

Deidara had to shake his head at this and while it did seem like a good idea on paper there was a major obstacle in their way.

''That Naruto kid can just use the Flying Thunder God and decimate our forces and if the Hokage joins in on the action that's an Iwa genocide right there.''

Akatsuchi and Suzumebachi nodded in agreement, just what was the old man thinking?

''Relax, sure there's the issue with that piece of crap using that jutsu but you guys really think that idiot Minato will risk having his son on the front lines? I mean think about it, it is a common practice among the great villages that jinchuuriki aren't sent to the front lines if their villages are in total war with each other due to risk of being captured.'' inquired Kurotsuchi as she handed the first piece of paper, being the map of the Konoha side of Kusa to her team, ''You see the arrow drawn through Konoha's side? Those are areas Taiseki's team have found to have little to zero Konoha forces.''

''Are we going to be part of the invasion?'' Deidara asked hoping his specialty in explosive clay will aid in decimating Konoha's forces.

''No, gramps has a special mission for us.'' Kurotsuchi answered.

Her three teammates were curious now, what could they possibly be doing that would be more important than assisting in the invasion?

Kurotsuchi saw that her team was just looking at her and weren't asking questions about what their mission will be so she decided to just tell them.

''Gramps want us to sneak into the Konoha side of Kusa and if I'm making the right assumption with us stationing forces on our side there's no doubt they're doing the same. Our mission is to make our way to the Konoha side and find a target to seal Son Goku in and I have someone in mind.'' explained the girl as she now sports an evil grin on her face.

''Wait, did you say what I think you did?'' a now shocked Deidara asked.

''Did you just say we're tasked with finding a host for the beast?'' Akatsuchi asked, also shocked at their mission objective.

Suzumebachi on the other hand was thinking differently from the boys and a small smirked formed on her face. It was during the last war she lost both her parents, her uncles and aunts in a clash with the Yellow Flash and just like her cousin she shared the same hate for Konoha and was aching to see Konoha get put in their place so whatever plan the Tsuchikage had that can help do some damage to those scum she'd accept.

''Do you happen to have anybody in mind?'' the girl asked.

Kurotsuchi's evil, shit eating grin got wider, ''Yeah, you guys get a good look at Naruto's team when we confronted them earlier?''


''You guys saw that Chunin girl they had? The innocent looking one with the brown hair? That's who I think will make the perfect target for this.''

Deidara finally found the balls to speak about the plan and while it did sound like a good idea the biggest flaw was that if Naruto can come to her aid it wouldn't be good for them.

''You know the only way we're gonna be able to do this is to single her out and get her really quick right? If Naruto, her other teammate or their sensei interfere we're gonna have to make a hasty retreat and a nasty fight on our hands.'' explained the blonde.

''I agree, but knowing how smart you can be Kurotsuchi this shouldn't be that difficult if executed properly.'' Akatsuchi interjected.

Kurotsuchi just shrugged, ''I didn't say we're gonna do this alone so I'll ask Taiseki, Kakko and Mahiru if they want to help. Their use in the camouflage jutsu is gonna help our getting of that innocent little girl much easier.''

Hearing this gave Deidara and Akatsuchi a bit more faith in the Tsuchikage's plan though it still didn't completely decrease the chances of Naruto coming to his teammate's rescute but it was way better than nothing whatsoever.

''Alright, when those three on the mission with us it'll increase chances of success, but we still cannot deny things might not go our way.'' quipped Deidara.

''I have to agree with him on this, but it is still better than nothing I guess.'' Akatsuchi said with a shrug, ''So long as we can get the medic without too much trouble.''

''Anything to get an advantage against Konoha I'll take it even if it kills us.'' Suzumebachi declared.

Kurotsuchi nodded, happy with Deidara and Akatsuchi at least acknowledging the plan she then handed them the other piece of paper to them which explained how the invasion will work, ''Check it out, here's exactly how gramps wants to go through with this.''

The other three took a moment to read the paper over and had to admit it wasn't that bad of a plan.

''So the old man plan IS reliant on using sheer numbers?'' Suzumebachi asked.

''It just might work against Konoha, especially with him planning on sending one-thousand shinobi every ten minutes toward the Konoha side of Kusa.'' Deidara added.

''Konoha doesn't truly know we're deploying a division into Kusagakure but we can not deny that they have forces ready at their border with Grass. I think we have at least several dozen divisions at most.'' Akatsuchi said.

''Get ready because tomorrow gramps is deploying us to Kusagakure and we're staging the invasion force there. Our mission will be concurrent with the invasion so I'll brief you guys more on this when we get to Kusagakure.''

Her team nodded and together they all left the Tsuchikage building to head home and rest for the night.

''We're gonna succeed in this, Naruto you better watch out because that little friend of yours is gonna be helping us soon.'' Kurotsuchi thought with a grin.

-Hokage's office, same time-

Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage was seen sitting at his desk eagerly awaiting his son and his team's return from their mission in Kusa to see if the ANBU reports about the Iwa division amassing in grass country was true. Other than that he has received word from other shinobi such as Ebisu, Anko Mitarashi and Shisui Uchiha from their daily patrols at the border and he was glad there hadn't been any incursions from the Stone but that didn't mean he could rest easy yet. As he was continuing his paperwork there was a knock on his door.

''Yes? Come on in.'' The door opens and in walks Konan, Kakashi, Rin and then finally Naruto and the Yellow Flash smiled warmly upon seeing his shinobi return from Kusa, especially his beloved son, ''There you guys are, I was wondering why you were late by an hour. So how did the mission go?''

All the shinobi bowed in respect to their Hokage.

''Sorry about that Minato-sama, but we got caught up in something that prevented us from conducting our recon mission.'' Konan said, a hint of regret in her voice.

''Is that so? What could have prevented you from carrying out your mission?'' asked Minato.

Konan was about to explain but Naruto stepped up in front of everyone else, ''I'll explain Konan-sensei, if that's okay.''

Konan smiled at her student and gave him a nod.

''Thanks sensei, so anyway dad when we got into Kusa we were on our way to the Iwa side to see if they are really amassing forces there but when we were en route we encountered a team of Iwa Jonin.''

Minato let out a light chuckle, ''How did you know your mission objective? Son you bolted out of the office before I even begun to explain.'' he joked.

Kakashi, Rin and Konan couldn't help but let out light laughs at the Hokage's jab at his son.

''Really dad? Sheesh.'' Naruto grumbled rolling his eyes, ''So anyway when we were attacked first by this Iwa team and when they confronted us we made got a visual on the team.''

Before Naruto could continue his explanation Rin nudged Naruto in the side and interrupted the blonde.

''And one of them caught Naruto's eye, her name is Kurotsuchi.''

''Kurotsuchi? You mean Onoki's granddaughter?'' Minato questioned incredulously before taking notice to what Rin had also said. He looks at Naruto with an eyebrow raised, ''And caught Naruto's eye?''

Naruto quickly darted to Rin and grabbed her from behind and placed a hand on her mouth and responded to Minato with a nervous laugh, ''Oh it's nothing dad! Rin is just kidding you know how she is!"

Kakashi wasn't having any of it so he stepped up to speak his part, arms crossed and just looking at the blonde plainly. ''Oh really Naruto? You started fighting with her. If you're joking how come you didn't retreat when the signal was given? You just stayed behind and continued to duke it out with her.'' Kakashi then looked at Minato, ''That's pretty much why we are here late at night Minato-sama.''

Mentally he sighed and slightly shook his head, ''Is this true Naruto? You didn't come back once the signal was given?''

''Mmmmffmmmffff.'' Rin was trying to speak and eventually she was able to break free from Naruto's grasp, ''Yes it is Hokage-sama! Naruto said he fought Kurotsuchi and didn't retreat because he wanted to stay behind and fight her some more! He also said he likes her too!''

''Rin!'' Naruto screamed in annoyance.

Minato and Konan mentally laughed at the antics between the three Chunin and the blonde Hokage felt the need to discuss the matter with his son in private.

''Konan, Kakashi, Rin can you three leave me and my son be? I'd like to talk to him in private please. You guys can call it night.'' ordered the Hokage.

''Sure Minato-sama, come on you two let's call it an evening.'' Konan said walking over to the door.

Kakashi and Rin looked at Naruto and Minato and they bowed waved the blondes off.

''Good night Naruto, Minato-sama.''

The three then walked out of the office effectively leaving the two alone. Minato then got up from his chair and walked over to the window to look out and take in the serene night scene of Konohagakure.

''Son, come stand with me.'' Minato said motioning for Naruto to come to him.

Naruto did what he was told and walked around to desk and stood beside his father and with him he took in the night scene as well. The two blondes stood there looking out the window for a few minutes in silence before Minato initiated conversation.

''So why didn't you retreat when the signal was given? Tell me the truth son.'' Minato spoke up.

Naruto sighed, ''Honestly? I wanted to fight against the Tsuchikage's granddaughter is all.'' the younger blonde looked at the Hokage and saw that his dad was just staring at him with his eyebrow raised and Naruto knew his dad caught on to the lie, ''Okay okay dad, I wanted to test my skills out in a battle with the granddaughter of another Kage to see how I stack up, to see how far my training has gotten me.''

''Is that so? How did you do against her? You know she's a prodigy and as good as you right?'' questioned Minato.

Naruto responded by giving his dad both his signature grin and a thumbs up, ''I beat her with the Flying Thunder God and Rasengan combo.''

''And you killed her did you? You know she's an HVI, High Value Individual in our books right?''

He didn't prepare an answer to this question and the blonde scratched the back of his head while chuckling nervously.

''Actually I let her go.''

Minato almost lost his calm composure and mentally sighed, ''Son, you did not just say you let a high value target go.''

Naruto could sense the seriousness in his father's voice and gulped knowing how bad of an idea it was to let Kurotsuchi go after the fight, ''Um, yeah I did.''

The Hokage rubbed his temples and let out a groan. ''Dear kami Naruto, you let a target of such value go? Taking her out right then and there would be a huge blow to Iwa since she inherited skills from Onoki and Mu. Just like you are to Iwa with being my son and the Kyuubi's jinchuuriki.''

''Well sorry dad! I know she's an enemy but from what I learned during our fight she seems pretty cool and she did seem to enjoy the fight as well.''

''Okay, did she say anything to you when you let her go?''

''She did say that the next time she sees me she'll cut my head off and mail it back to you.'' Naruto said chuckling nervously.

''Then you should not play around with her the next time you meet each other Naruto. I'm being serious too even if you want to try and befriend her, don't do that.''

He didn't want to admit it, but he was hoping he can develop some kind of friendship with the girl and to hear his father say that almost made him go wide-eyed at the stipulation. He personally did not like the hate Iwa and Konoha had for each other and deep down he felt if the descendants of two Kage would get along then their villages would come around to it as well.

''W-why do you say that dad?''

Minato looked his son in the eye to show the seriousness of the situation, if there was one thing he learned when he befriended an Iwa ninja during the last war it was that they were backstabbers, literally which was how the second war was started.

''Iwa shinobi have a reputation among Konoha, Suna, Kumo and Kiri and it is that they are literal backstabbers. That's how we lost few good ninja in the last war and I experienced something like this in the beginning of the second war. While you may want to befriend her there's no denying she can use any potential friendship between you two to learn more about you, the village and use it to her advantage. If you were to open up about your life to her you may very well be giving her good information to aid Iwa in their war against us. Son I respect your positive attitude in times of war but remember this is war and she is the enemy. I don't want you to grow too fond of her, don't let your guard down around an enemy even if you respect them. If you battle with her again, even when you're just toying with her your guard must be up at all times. You're the Kyuubi jinchuuriki and my son so you're a huge target for Iwa.'' said the Hokage.

Naruto winced at the mentioning of being a jinchuuriki and knew that the double trouble of being the Yellow Flash's son and a jinchuuriki made him a very, VERY huge target among Iwa's forces.

''I know dad. Look I'm sorry I let her go but I genuinely did mean it when I say I respect her. I've taken a huge liking to her is all and I understand she is the enemy and I feel I found a rival in her.''

Minato felt for his son, he did but he needed to make sure his son completely understood that this is war.

''I understand that son, I really do but this is war and no matter how much you may end up liking the girl she is the enemy regardless.''

All Naruto could do is sigh because he knew his dad was right.

''Okay dad, I get it.''

''You mean that or are you just saying that to get me to change the topic?''

His father had him right where he wanted him so he had to choice but to concede. If he ever did encounter Kurotsuchi again he can't promise anything with his dad, sure he'll toy around with her but if his dad sensed something was wrong he'll teleport to him ASAP.

''Okay dad okay. Next time I encounter her I'll be serious.''

Minato could sense his son's honesty and it eased him a bit. ''Until then Naruto you and your team will not be conducting missions against Iwa. Since the mission was unable to be completed you and your team will deploy to our border with Kusa for security so unless anything happens that require me to send ninja on missions that will be your assignment until then you understand? Your team will be off for the next few days before your first rotation at the border.''

''Alright, got it dad.'' Naruto acknowledged. He then turned to head home until his father called out to him once more, ''Hm?''

''Don't forget you have the formula for the Flying Thunder God on your arm. Don't think I can't keep watch on you if you're on the battlefield.'' Minato chuckled.

''Such a creep dad, let me live my life in private.'' Naruto responded with a laugh.

Minato dismissed his son for the night and the teen headed home. Taking a seat on his desk Minato then took the next hour planning a meeting with the clan heads on battle strategies they can use against Iwa should they invade their country and once that was done he can finally head home and have a day off work.

-Namikaze estate-

After leaving the Hokage's office the younger blonde had made his way back to his family estate near the outskirts of the village and he unlocks the door with his key and makes his way inside and takes his boots off and combat jacket. He hangs the jacket neatly on a hook on the wall.

''Mom I'm home!''

He received no response but he was greeted to a familiar scent he had grown to love very much. It was the scent of ramen, his favorite dish. He follows the scent to the kitchen and peeks through the doorway to see his mother at the stove humming to herself as she cooked a huge pot of the noodle dish. As she was cooking Kushina, being a sensor type had detected her son long before he came through the front door so she turned around and saw her son standing at the entrance to the kitchen. She gave him a big smile.

''Just whattya think you're doing there ya know?'' she asked.

Naruto walked up to his mom and gave her a big hug.

''I just got back from Kusa and talking with dad. What's cooking mom?''

''You already know silly, a big pot of pork miso ramen for you. I made this huge pot specifically for whenever you go out on missions that will last several days you can take some with you.''

Kushina then took two bowls and poured some of the dish into them and the two of them sat at the dinner table to chit chat for a bit.

''So how did the mission go? Anything interesting happen?'' Kushina asked initiating the conversation.

Naruto took a few seconds to completely devour his bowl and he let out a very loud burp and rubbed his stomach before answering his mother.

''It was okay but we weren't able to carry out the mission because we had a setback.''

Kushina tilted her head curiously, ''A setback? What kind of setback?''

Naruto made himself another bowl before answering.

''We encountered some Iwa Jonin and I ended up getting into a fight with one of them.''

Kushina immediately became agitated knowing that her son getting into a fight there was a chance of him getting some kind of injury so she began to inspect him all over to make sure he was free of scratches, bruises etc.

''A fight?! You're not hurt are you?! Is your team okay?!''

Naruto gently pushed his mom away and held his hands up in defense. ''Relax mom we're fine!''

Kushina sighed in relief as kami knows what she would do if her son was hurt by Iwa. ''Good. I don't want that headstrong personality you got from me to get you into some serious trouble.''

''Well it was kinda trouble, I fought the Tsuchikage's granddaughter.'' quipped the blonde.

Kushina took a bite of her ramen and almost choked on the food when she realized what her son said, ''Wait, Tsuchikage's granddaughter? You mean Kurotsuchi?''

''Yep, the very same mom and to summarize it yeah I won. I won due to the Flying Thunder God and the she said if we meet again she'll cut my head off and mail it to dad. I didn't kill her because even if she hates us, I can tell she's pretty cool.'' Naruto chuckled.

While she was happy that her son seemed to take a liking into the girl she had hoped her son hadn't forgotten she was from their biggest enemy nation. So much like Minato she had to make sure their son knew this and wouldn't become soft during times of war just for some girl.

''Naruto you know she's the enemy right?''

Naruto halted his laughter and soon his smile turned into a frown.

''Mom I know, dad talked to me about this in the office earlier.''

''I would hope so honey. I can tell you seem to think she is cool, I get it but you need to remember Iwa is the enemy. If it gets to a point where you befriend her she may very well backstab you. Just saying honey.''

''Mom I know! Dad said to me that if he senses something wrong he'll teleport to me and take me home right away. You don't have to worry about me meeting her again, at least for a while because dad is gonna have me and the team deployed to our side of the border.'' Naruto declared, ''I also promised dad if I do happen to meet her next time I'll be serious.''

Kushina had hoped he was being honest with his words so she placed a hand on his and looked her son in the eye.

''You promise me too sochi?''

Naruto mentally sighed but he nodded to confirm his promise with his mother. ''Yeah mom, I promise you too.''

''Good because I don't want to lose you like me and your father lost a few classmates during the last war. I know you're 18 now and of age but please consider the dangers that will arise if you ever form a bond with that girl.''

Naruto hugged his mom.

''Yeah I know, dad mentioned that to me earlier and he isn't wrong. I promise I'll be more careful.''

The two then finished their food before they called it a night and thankfully Team Konan had a few days off before they head to their side of the border.