It had been a few minutes since the pair had entered the cave, and they had yet to see any hostiles to take down, but with every step inside, the stench of blood got stronger. Carmine gripped her sniper tightly, calming her nerves as she slowly approached whatever was inside. Gajeel was right behind her, fists clenched as tension rose higher with every step.

Carmine's draconic eyes allowed her to see clearly in the dark, but even then, there was nothing. Only their steps echoing out in the dark cave as they got increasingly more nervous by the second. She was starting to feel stressed, and Carmine doesn't do well with stress.

After losing control more than once, she had started bottling up her emotions. She doesn't want to lose it and be responsible for many deaths and destruction, to have people hunt her down for being too dangerous. She… liked having her own home to live in, and would rather not have to fight mages constantly coming after her.

She didn't know what to do with her anger, nothing could be used as an outlet. Carmine won't go around killing people or destroying stuff to relieve her stress, because that attracts attention. She tried certain… other… methods, albeit alone and privately, but those did not work either.

So she was stuck with simply pushing her resentment and anger to the back of her mind until she forgets about it, but since dragons are creatures of wrath and pride, that wasn't exactly easy to do. She remembered her mother saying something about a method that calms the mind, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure it out.

Carmine hated stress, she even hated being angry. If she could, she'd rather just sleep all day and night, though her active mind and draconic instincts always forced her to go out and leave the safe and quiet space of her home.

She grimaced and tried to cover her nose with her cloak. The smell was getting unbearable, way too strong for her. Even Gajeel looked as bothered as her, growling as his red eyes narrowed in annoyance.

They kept walking in silence until Carmine noticed something in the distance. There was a big open and empty space further ahead. Must be the nest. I should prepare first…

She gestured for her partner to stop, which he did as he crouched next to her. Carmine silently cast a defensive spell - Ice Flesh - on herself and her partner, taking out two small vials from a satchel strapped on her side: potions she'd saved for situations like this. They will increase the pair's overall magic strength slightly, and enhance their healing factor. While she knows some healing spells, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The two glanced at each other and nodded, drinking the contents of the vials before slowly approaching the empty space, sharpening their senses to the limits. She'd hear even the quietest of droplets and notice the tiniest of twitches.

Carmine felt ready.

...A minute passed, and nothing happened. It felt odd, and a little scary.

Carmine stretched her magical senses a bit further, and her eyes widened as she felt something fast approaching. She quickly pushed her partner away, backing off just in time as the claw of an unknown being shot through between them.

Her mind was on overdrive as she took a mere second to analyze her opponent. Humanoid, eyes held intelligence. Likely sentient.

The being disappeared in a flash before Carmine could recognize it further. She didn't see its face or what it was either. Dangerously fast. I'm at a disadvantage.

"What the hell was that?!" Gajeel growled, feeling threatened. Carmine wouldn't blame him.

"Be on guard!" She ordered. "This isn't something we can afford to underestimate."

"My, you're a smart little thing, aren't you?"The entity spoke with an ethereal voice. "And you've managed to evade me. I'm impressed."

Her eyes darted back and forth, her back against Gajeel's as they looked for this being. Capable of speech, likely highly intelligent. I must be careful.

"Gajeel, don't recklessly attack it," Carmine whispered. "Stay on the defensive."

He clicked his tongue, clearly not happy with that plan, but seeming to understand the severity of the situation. Carmine then noticed a shadow move around, but pretended to see it, giving it a false opening. Surprisingly, the creature took it, charging in extremely quickly.

But Carmine acted even quicker. She smashed her foot into the ground, creating a giant spike of ice. It fell for the trap, but not as completely as Carmine had hoped, stopping its charge before the spike could do more than graze it.. As it tried to escape, she manipulated the ice to capture it, a prison forming around it as the two partners took a close, long look at him.

He was a beautiful man, with regal features, shoulder-length blond hair, and deep red eyes. From what Carmine can tell, he wore something very high quality, something only royalty could afford.

But his most defining features were his sharp fangs and long claws. Both Gajeel and Carmine realized what they were dealing with. A worst-case scenario, something Carmine wasn't sure she could defeat even with Gajeel's help.

"A-a vampire…" Gajeel mumbled.

"A higher vampire," Carmine growled, quickly aiming her rifle to his face.

As soon as she pulled the trigger, the spark-filled bullet shooting towards him, the blood-sucker merely smirked and turned to smoke. He materialized outside the cage, mockingly clapping.

"Well, well. I'll admit, I didn't expect this." He said. "You caught me off guard, well done."

"What are you planning?" Carmine questioned with narrowed eyes. "What brings a vampire like you here?"

"That, my lady, is quite literally none of your business." He shrugged.

Oh look, he's already smarter than most criminals. Carmine almost deadpanned.

"Tsk, well, whatever it is, you better start scrappin' em," Gajeel said arrogantly. "Cuz we're taking you down, you blood-sucking bastard."

Carmine blinked, eyes widening as she realized what's about to happen. "No, Gajeel wait-!"

Her partner charged mindlessly, screaming out his signature move as Carmine wanted to pull her hair out. "Iron Dragon's Club!"

His arm darkened into a metallic color as it extended towards the vampire, who stood there with a confident smirk. As soon as the attack was right in front of him, he vanished in a burst of impressive speed, appearing next to Gajeel with his claws ready to strike.

The half-dragon princess acted quickly, destruction magic exploding from her rifle. The vampire narrowly dodged the attack, but couldn't evade her kick, sending him flying to the other side.

With a snarl, Carmine glared at Gajeel. "You braindead MORON!"

He flinched.

"I told you to stay on the defensive - why the hell did you charge at him like that?!" She berated him. "Do you have a death wish?!"

He gritted his teeth, unable to make a response as he got into a stance. He wasn't able to meet her eyes anymore, because he knew she was right. If Carmine wasn't there, he'd have died. Both of them felt it.

"Always, always surrounded by idiots…" She muttered scathingly.

As the vampire stood up, looking utterly unaffected, he grinned. "The lady there is quite scary. That was a powerful blow just now."

Calm down, you need to think. Carmine took a deep breath. Higher Vampires don't have specific weaknesses. Silver and Fire aren't any more effective against them than anyone else, and ice is largely ineffective. Destruction magic and staying on the defensive is my only chance.

However, Carmine knew that the best possible option right now was escaping, but she doubted he'll let them. Using destruction magic was risky; the cave could collapse on them with excessive use, and seeing how quick her enemy was, she wasn't confident she could hit it.

A distraction. That's what she needed, but the entity in front of them wasn't dumb. He'd notice it relatively quickly if she half-assed it. Her brain was in overdrive, thinking of a solution as her eyes kept focus on him, who approached the pair slowly.

Carmine glanced at the angry Gajeel, an idea forming in her head. "Gajeel."


"...Forget what I said earlier." She told him. "Go wild, be destructive. As destructive as you could."

He glanced back in confusion. "The hell? Make up your damned mind, woman."

"Just do what I say," Carmine growled. "I'll support you."

He kept his eyes on her for a few seconds, contemplating her words before looking back at the higher vampire. "Tsk, fine."

She nodded as she stepped back, letting him take the front.

"Oh?" He raised a brow. "You're switching? I assumed the lady was the stronger one of you, or am I mistaken?"

"Heh, you just got lucky, bat fucker." Gajeel smirked. "I know your moves now. You won't be gettin' the upper hand anymore."

"Hm, is that so?" He grinned. "We'll see about that."

In response, Gajeel clenched his fists as his skin turned metallic, using a technique Carmine was unfamiliar with. "I was saving this for Dragneel, but screw it. Take a look at this, I call it Iron Dragon's Scales. Pretty cool, right?"

A defensive spell, from the looks of it. Similar to Ice Flesh from what Carmine can deduce, but a lot more flashy. She'll give it to him, it looks pretty useful. She didn't peg Gajeel to be the kind of person to come up with stuff like this.

The vampire wasn't impressed, prompting the Dragon Slayer to charge once more, taking the advice of his partner. The first move he did was one of the most destructive, making Carmine grimace. "Iron Dragon's Roar!"

He should tone down the whole 'screaming my attacks' bit. She thought, getting ready for the vampire's next move.

As he vanished once more, Carmine anticipated where he was going, shooting him from a distance. He dodged and looked at her with a relaxed smile, which got broken as a fist made of iron slammed into his face. He was launched to the rocky wall, smashing into it as her partner took his chance.

He drilled into the vampire with constant and continuous punches but was pushed back as a red blast of magic hit him. The vampire began going on the offensive, but the face-to-face slugging match seemed to suit Gajeel just fine. Maybe he wasn't bluffing when he said he knew the vampire's moves.

As for Carmine: she kept her hit and run tactics, occasionally using ice magic to protect her partner from lethal attacks. She kept attention on the destruction her partner caused, though, as Gajeel's iron fists and iron breath crashed into the walls, ground, and ceiling of the cave.

The vampire was starting to get annoyed as he finally managed to cut Gajeel through his thick scales, only for Carmine to heal him just as quickly. He growled at her, ducking under an attack before rushing towards her.

Keeping this hidden until now, Carmine released her illusion magic, tricking him into thinking that Gajeel was next to him ready to strike, prompting him to jump back. He looked a bit confused for a minute, before growling.

"You tricked me."

"You fell for it."

The vampire obviously wanted to finish her off first, but Gajeel's annoying tendencies finally made themselves useful as his fist smashed into the vampire's cheek and through the wall. The cave began to shake, giving Carmine her chance.

"Gajeel, retreat!" She ordered, making a thick, ice prison around the vampire.

He obeyed and jumped back, making her grab him by the collar as her wings erupted from her back. "What the- what are you doing?!"

She ignored him as she released a full power destruction blast, damaging the cave as well as propelling herself towards the exit. She wasn't done yet, though, as she summoned dozens of ice walls to slow down the vampire until she left the cave, flying high along with her partner.

It took a tense minute for the cave to collapse fully, and when the rumbling stopped, Carmine sighed in relief. "I think we're safe now."

"T-that's good to know- hurrk!"

Carmine blinked and looked down at Gajeel, who desperately tried to keep his lunch where it was supposed to be, his face a sickly green. She realized that his motion sickness extended to other people carrying him, and quickly floated down, dropping him to the ground.

"S-sorry." She apologized sheepishly. "I forgot you suffer from motion sickness."

"N-naw, it's fine." He breathed a sigh of relief. "That was close, though."

"It was." She agreed.

A moment of silence passed as the two gazed at the collapsed entrance of the cave. There's no way they can go back inside now, unless Carmine went crazy with her Destruction Magic, which she wouldn't. She wasn't an idiot.

"You think we got 'em?"

"Doubtful. Higher Vampires are impossible to kill unless you destroy every living cell." She said with a shake of her head.

"Fuckin' blood-suckers…"

"Come on, let's go back to the guild." She said, prompting him to stand up on his feet. "We must report this to the guildmaster."

The two left the scene, with the half-dragon narrowing her eyes in thought. There was something odd about this - why was there a higher vampire there, and what was he doing? They don't interact with regular townsfolk, and rarely even feed on them. They don't even need to feed to live.

And last time she checked, they don't attack unprovoked. The vampire was clearly toying with them the entire time. If he wanted to, he could've easily killed them. The only way Carmine could see herself winning is if she let her anger get the better of her.

She shook her head. Whatever, job's done, even if there was no forktail. The vampire probably took care of it anyway. The rest wasn't her issue - the guildmaster would take care of it.

She missed her soft bed already…


It's been a couple of hours since we cleared out the city dungeon thing, and already, we've found a lot of valuable materials. I oversee the operation as the bandits mined with the ice pickaxes I made for them, effectively clearing out the rooms we couldn't get into the first time we went through.

We obviously missed a few lizards, but even the miners easily took care of them. They probably felt the death of their leader and it broke their spirits, making it even easier to kill them. We've found bed chambers, restrooms, and many other useful quarters.

Of course, the place isn't really optimal to live in. It feels like it's about to fall apart at any moment, but that's ignorable for now. Once we restore it to its former glory, we can use it as a secret base of operation. Think something like the Batcave.

Thankfully, everything's been going smoothly so far. I've made sure to support them by forming ice beams and pillars to keep the thing from collapsing on their heads. Small things like this don't require a lot of mana, fortunately, so I can rest easy.

Besides, my mana is already almost restored to full. I should find a way to boost my regen soon.

And just as I expected, news of me being a 'demon' spread like wildfire between the bandits. I'm not sure who started it exactly, but I have to thank them. This boosted my Leader Stats - bandits are now more scared of me, but respect me a bunch because I got them this place.

Leader Image:

Loyalty: D

Respect: C

Fear: A

Happiness: D

The little fortress up on the surface was getting a little too crowded, so they're pretty thankful for a place this big. This city could most likely handle tens of thousands of people with ease. I was lucky to come across this so soon.

I should somehow recast the barrier soon though, or at least an illusion of it. If the Empire discovers that this place doesn't have a barrier anymore, we're fucked. We're nowhere near strong enough to defend ourselves against their military might, especially if they send someone like Esdeath or Budo.

I have a couple of ideas, but I need more time to enact them. I'm also planning to fill this place with hidden bombs in case the Empire does invade. I've ordered a few men to start a secret tunnel to the outside in case we need to escape.

I glance at the bandits - some were working, others were resting, but all looked uneasy, making me frown.

Now the main issue: we're running out of supplies, and they're noticing. We should go on a raid soon, or at least hunt a few animals outside. The forest nearby has some stuff we can eat; deer, rabbits, random fruits, and vegetables, but that's not enough.

A lot of people here. We need more.

"Boss!" A bandit, the 'leader' of the mining squad, Johan I believe, called out. "We've found something you might wanna take a look at."

"Hm?" I raise a brow in interest. "What did you find?"

"We managed to break through into a huge space of sorts." He explains. "There were glowing ponds and huge clusters of magic crystals everywhere. We don't know what those things are, and you seem to know a lot about magic, so I assumed you'd know. Want me to take you there?"

"Lead the way." I nod.

I followed him, and the tunnel he worked on from the throne room was pretty far. My ice pickaxes were pretty powerful, seeing how far they've gotten in a relatively short time. It could've been faster- I'd thought about giving them drills and bombs instead, but that'd take a lot more than simple tools, and it's risky seeing the base is a little too shaky for my liking..

Some bandits saw me and nodded in respect and a hint of fear, making me smile back reassuringly. It worked, seeing how they sighed in relief and some even blushed. I don't want to be seen exclusively as a figure to be feared - not a wise thing. Fear is important, but it makes people do irrational things. You should know how to use it.

Striking a balance between fear and love is what you should always aim for.

"Here it is, boss," Johan says.

I stop to look at the place, humming in intrigue as true enough, half a dozen magic crystal clusters surround the place alongside glowing ponds of crystal clear water. I jump down to get a closer look, crouching by one pond as I sink my human arm inside.

It was warm and had a very comfortable feeling to it- a familiar one as well. I can see just how clean the water is, most likely fine to drink as well. I also feel certain magical properties inside it, but I need to test a little more to make sure.

"Hot springs…" I mutter, taking my arm out. "Magical hot springs."

To test out my theory, I snatch a blade from Johan, ignoring his yelp as I stab myself right in the arm. I didn't even let out a grunt as blood began to gush out, some of the bandits looking at me in shock and horror.

I quickly plunge my arm back in the comfortably warm water, smirking as the wound heals faster than it should.

"W-what was that…?"

I take my arm out, the blood inside the pond disintegrating into nothingness as the spring returns to its crystal-clear state. "A Healing Spring."

"A- a what?"

" A hot spring with healing properties - fairly rare to find one, much less half a dozen in one place," I reply. At least in the worlds I've visited before. "A great find. Leave this place, for now, rest and make another tunnel somewhere else."

"B-but what about the crystals?" He questions. "They look high quality. They'd fetch a very high price on the black market."

"No, leave them." I shake my head. "If I had to guess, these crystals are the… power source for the Healing Springs. If we take them away, they'll lose their healing properties. Unless we're absolutely sure otherwise, you'd be wise to leave them be."

"I… I see." He nods in understanding. "Alright boss, we'll leave it. Should we set anyone to guard the place?"

"Yes." I nod. "Get Leila to guard it. Tell her it's an order from me specifically."

I'm no fool. Just as they don't fully trust me, I don't trust them. They'd probably steal from the place or something equally annoying. I need someone I know for sure who will respect my order to guard the place because this Healing Spring room might be the most important room in the entire city right now.

Leila I know for sure respects me far more than the other bandits. I've seen many people like her, very easy to control and influence. Her seemingly being… 'in love' with me only reinforces that idea. Not to mention, she's a capable fighter. Dealing with dumb bandits who get bright ideas should be no issue for her.

I leave the place, returning to the center where everyone rests. Almost immediately, Thork approaches me with good news.

"Scouts have discovered a nearby village to the mine." He says. "A bit further up north, behind a forest. What should we do?"

"A new village?" I look at him in interest. "Is it bigger than the one east of the fortress?"

"Almost twice as big." He answers.

"Perfect." I grin. "Gather all the able-bodied men and women and tell them to rest for today. We will move tomorrow morning for a raid."


Haven't raided something in a very long time.

This should be fun~

As the sun rose from the distance, I and a few dozen others stalked the admittedly sizable village nearby. If I had to guess the population, then I'd maybe put it between 170 to 220, possibly more. It's pretty big for sure, and big villages have a lot of stuff we can use.

Blacksmiths, bakeries, farms, and so on. We'll ransack every single building for food and useful materials we can use. It might not show, but my bandit group is in desperate need for this stuff - we're barely able to support ourselves.

A few days worth of food isn't enough. We need weeks, months worth if we want to survive since most of the work will be going into expanding the underground city and reinforcing it. We might also need to start farms near the base.

As for the other, smaller village, I have a plan for it. I'll hit the bigger one for food and resources, and use the smaller one for good rep and more workers.

The scout finally returns. "A low-class noble owns the place, ma'am, but other than that, nothing important."

I'd sent a scout to gather intel, to see if this place was important or not. After all, it's bigger than regular villages by a good margin, and if it is, then the empire might retaliate. We're not exactly hidden yet.

I wanted to see if we can give them a little poke while they're busy with the rebels and Night Raid. Since this version of Akame Ga Kill is mixed with other universes, the rebels should have a lot of strong warriors with them from what I gathered by reading the minds of some of the bandits. Mages from all over the world joined up with them to destroy the Prime Minister specifically, meaning the Empire is having a lot more trouble against them than in canon.

They have a lot of mages too, but nowhere near as much as the rebels. Even if we don't interfere, the Empire will be destroyed eventually. I'd rather stop that from happening - as long as Honest is out of the picture, they're as good as dead anyway.

Destroying such an empire seems like a waste.

But, enough of that. The news that this place isn't important was the signal I needed. "Alright men, now you know what must be done."

I can feel their bloodlust and anticipation, which I amplify with my illusion magic.

I rally them with a yell, casting a courage spell. "Kill, rape, pillage! This village is your playground!"

With screams of bloodlust, they all charge as I follow closely behind. The archers snipe the gate guards with ice arrows I'd given them as the bandits start ransacking the place, killing every guard in their way.

The village never stood a chance; screeches and screams of terror and rage ringing as the villagers begin to panic. I've given all the bandits ice armor, and ice weapons that cleave through the guards' steel like it's paper, so this is no battle, but a one-sided slaughter.

I follow behind, a smile on my face as I see people die left and right, the smell of blood filling nostrils. Death was everywhere I looked, mangled corpses and spilled organs. Women crying as they are raped while their husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers watch - buildings on fire as the bandits go absolutely crazy.

Hm, that bloodlust spell was a lot more effective than I thought.

Of course, I couldn't care less what happens to the villagers. Had they been mine, as in working for me, I might've gotten angry. I don't like other people breaking my toys, but breaking others' toys is fun.

I found it funny, to be honest. It's my sadistic tendencies I'm sure. Oh well. I never claimed to be a saint.

Around fifteen minutes pass, most guards dying as those who surrender… also die, executed by the bandits. Sheesh, no chill at all, huh? Could've enslaved them for menial labor. Maybe I should hold back on the bloodlust spell.

That said, it's pretty useful. Most of the bandits are untrained ruffians, so giving them an unpredictable fighting style brought forth by the bloodlust spell helped a lot. Especially since the ice armor, I gave them stopped the worst of the blows they took in their reckless assaults.

This has been a lot easier than I expected. There weren't many guards, so I suppose what that scout said was true. This village isn't very important, and the empire is already stretched thin as it is.

Once the bloodlust spell wore off, I clapped my hands. "Alright, men, all of you come to the center, along with any 'belongings' you might have with you."

They obeyed, most with wide grins as they finally went wild after a long time. This is why I love controlling criminals - no unnecessary moral compass, they get the job done with no complaints and will do anything once you provide them with what they want.

Some brought women along with them- crying, naked women who just went through a horrifying experience- others brought children who were also crying. A man here and there and every captive was tied up.

"Very good." I nod approvingly, looking around the now-destroyed village. "You've all done very well today. I'm proud of you."

They weren't expecting such sincerity, and I can tell from their body language that quite a few of them appreciated being told that. Shyly looking away, their grins widening, some even blushing. Heh, love-starved criminals. Depressing, and hilarious.

Also useful to know.

"Now, I'd like some of you to take the new slaves here back to the base."

"Uh, boss?" A bandit raised his hand, looking a bit confused. "Which base?"

"The underground one," I answer, making him nod. "Oh and please, don't have too much fun while on the way. Once we return, we'll throw a banquet to celebrate this flawless raid. You might've not noticed, but none died today."

They all looked at each other, in awe and shock. It was exceedingly rare for a raid to go so smoothly. Even more respect points for me~

"As for the rest, I'd like you to loot the buildings. I'll create a few wagons so we can move back home quickly." I ordered. "Move it now, we don't have all day."

Most of the bandits quickly scattered, doing as they were told while I created a few wagons with an animated ice horse for each. It took a lot, and I mean a lot of mana, so much that I got a headache, but I pretended to be fine.

Ugh, this low regen is infuriating.

Something grabbed my leg, prompting me to look at a woman looking up at me with eyes full of hate and fear.

"W-why?" She asks. "Why are you doing this?"

I smile in response. "Why wouldn't I?"

My answer seems to have frozen her.

"I'm strong, so I took what I want from the weak," I explain, looking at the bandits doing their work. "It's how the world works. If you want to blame anyone, then let me just say that the Empire abandoned you."

Her fist clenched. "You're a monster…"

"I know." My smile turns cold. "But unlike many, I embrace who I truly am."

She gets dragged away by a bandit, her scornful yet grieving gaze never leaving me. Amusing.

The bandits put the captives and all the loot they could find on the wagons. Baskets full of food, weapons, resources, cheap jewelry - all sorts of stuff. Nothing useful or valuable in the village remains, and once we're done, we return to the secret base.

This has been a fun raid. I may not have participated, but it was fun regardless.

What a nostalgic experience~

The banquet went as you'd expect.

Laughter and cheers filled the place as the bandits celebrated the perfect victory, enjoying the amazing food that the chefs prepared with the ingredients we looted. Some retired early and took women to their bed chambers to satisfy their lust. This was bound to boost morale - from what I've been told, they weren't able to raid for a very long time.

I gaze at my reflection in the wine in my hand, lost in thought. My memory is… spotty - I know I've done this before a long time ago, but I don't remember the exact details. It is why I was feeling nostalgic.

This memory thing is worrisome. Game, how's the progress? Can I expect to regain some of my memories soon?

No. It's quite difficult to restore your magic skills, unfortunately.

I frown at first, then raise a brow in interest. I sense a 'but' there.

However, expect your sword mastery skill soon. Your muscle memory assisted me in recovering it.

Good to know. Anything else?

A few items from your inventory, but that is all.

Good enough, I suppose. It's not wise to be impatient. Thank you, Game.

I sigh and take a sip from my cup, and it is then that a hand lands on my shoulder. "Aw, boss, why the sad look?"

I look to the side, the flushed and smiling face of Markus the Rogue greeting me. "C'mon, we just wiped out a village with no casualties, all thanks to you! Live a little~"

Some of the other bandits stopped what they were doing as they looked at him, worry prominent on their faces. What exactly are they expecting, here? Hmm, they think I'd punish him for his… 'disrespect' or some other inane reason?

Maybe the fear level is a little too high. Well, time to increase the other stats.

"Oh, nothing you should concern yourself with," I respond calmly, a smile taking over my face. "I assume you're enjoying yourself?"

"Pffh hell yeah." He hiccups. "Been so damn long since we could relax like this."

"Is that so?" I raise a brow, then stand up, addressing everyone else.

I suppose it's time for a little speech. Haven't done those in a long time too.

"Everyone, today's the day where you all unwind. Eat, drink and fuck until you pass out." I say, my natural charisma quickly grabbing their attention. "The next few days, weeks, and maybe months will be filled with work. There will be danger everywhere we go; as the scum of society, we are unwelcome anywhere. Mercenaries will hunt us, the Empire will try to crush us - everyone is our enemy.

"But if you follow me, then I promise that every single one of you will be living like a king." I raise my mug? up to the air. "You'll eat a feast every day, swim in the finest of wines, and drown in the most beautiful of women. Even the emperor will be jealous of what you have."

"I am a Devil, a wicked evil that has risen from the depths of hell," I confirm the rumors, dispelling the illusion hiding my demonic arm. "However, even as the darkest and most twisted of creatures, we never go back on our words. With us working together, even the Empire will crumble beneath our feet. We will crush all those who oppose us."

My Divine Aura works absolute wonders. They were unable to tear their eyes off me as awe and inspiration filled them. Some were even shaking in wonder, and to add to the effect, I used an illusion to make my voice echo in their heads. Gotta make my first speech unforgettable.

"From now on, we are known as the Ama Clan. The Heaven Clan." I add. "Because we will make Heaven in this world, Heaven that only we could enjoy as we plunge the rest of the world into hell. Heaven that even the gods will envy!"

They cheer loudly, raising their fists to the skies.

"Those who oppose us will be crushed!" I roar. "And those who join will enjoy the fruits of paradise! Are you with me?!"

The cheers got so loud I could barely hear myself. A little illusion spell here and there made the speech far more effective, on top of Divine Aura and my high CHA. I smirk as I look at my leader stats - just as I expected.

Leader Image:

Loyalty: B

Respect: A+

Fear: A

Happiness: B-

I've missed being a leader~

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