Summary: We see other Knights from normal to Dark Knights, but what if there were good versions of the Dark Multiverse and from those worlds, even White Knights were born. We go over Dark, White, and Normal Knights of Bruce who are his counterparts through or not.

Inpisred by SpartanWolf300 story: DC Metal White Knights.

Crossover: Naruto, DC, Dark Multiverse, Some Marvel, and other animes

Rated M for Mature

Pairings will have single, small harem, normal harem, large harem, and side pairings


The Shadow (Start)

"We all know the Dark Earths out there to the Batman Who Laughs and his Dark Knights but about the others? Well, let's start the story with the angel taking the stage."

Origins on Batman the Shadow (Earth -16)

One-Winged Angel (FF Theme)

In the mountain path, we see a young man in his mid-teens traveling and taking his new path. A path to find himself as he has been lost for a great while. Lost from himself to who he is and what he wants to become.

He wore heavily winter clothes to withstand the harsh cold elements and keep walking with an orange scarf covering his face but we can see some sun-kiss blonde hair and ocean color eyes. This was Naruto Uzumaki, the long-lost adopted son of Bruce Wayne and formerly a hero knows as Sparrow who fought alongside the Dark Knight to later join Young Justice aka The Team.

Naruto had left Young Justice, cutting all ties with the League, Team, and everyone after a fallout on the whole black & white hero code. While sure, he will miss them and wishes he didn't have to leave but was too late and made his choice, he just has to make it up when he meets a certain black-haired beauty down the road.

Naruto traveled around the world to find something or rather within himself as he battles within him on finding the answers. What he should be and the action he must take?

Good questions that haven't been answered but all in good time.

Naruto was thrown in jail for a crime he was spotted in but didn't take part in and was thrown in jail due to his race. Another sign of corruption and hate that should be stopped. The blonde had fought to survive and beat down anyone that stood in his way to life. From guards, fellow prisoners, and even the warden, nothing will cage this bird.

Naruto was later visited by an old man who knows who is and why he was running from home. The old man or rather Henri Ducard offered the blonde a new path, a better one to allow him to find himself as he has become truly lost due to the inner battling of his demons & what is true justice, the one for the world to have.

Naruto could still remember the words that Ducard had told him in his cell as he climbs on the mountain to the temple that was ahead of him.

"You have followed your mentor, your father's lesson of becoming more than just a man and devoting yourself to an ideal which nothing can't stop you from becoming something else entirely. But that follows to oneself and how he reaches it," Ducard said.

"What's that?" Naruto asked.

"A legend, Uzumak, a legend."

Ducard later freed Naruto with information if he wanted to find what he was looking for, his path.

Of course, the blonde took it and was climbing to the monastery home of a group of assassins that he remembers and often fought against during his days as Sparrow. And he might have an idea who Ducard truly is.

Naruto enters the house which happened to be the home of the League of Shadows and that Ducard was actually the leader, Ra's al Ghul who tested the blonde in small sparing which he failed.

In his weakened state and defeat, Naruto was worn out from the fight and long travel he made but struggled through his weakness to fight which Ra's stop it and asked him what he feared the most.

After recovering and sharing his fears with his new mentor, Naruto explained how his fears were failing and losing those he cares about. He also explained how he hated the corruption going on, heroes becoming more of government lapdogs, black & white code, evil growing with no end, and himself for being weak on holding onto the past.

Naruto started his new training seasons as he finally saw the path that was ahead of him and what he must do. He kept the old skills that he learned from his old mentor who's like a father to him to heart while learning new moves from Ra's and what the League of Shadows has to offer. He was stepping out of the Bat's shadow for his own and create his own which he vows to stop all evil in the world, even if it means he must do evil to destroy the greater evil.

Time Skip

Some years have past and we see four figures walking through the graveyard, with one of them paying his respect to one person.

The first was a young man with parts of his blonde hair turning silver which was becoming longer with two bangs at the front and blue-green eyes slit like a cat. He had the body of a train soldier and warrior in the making. His whisker marks are becoming faded and only can be seen with a clear light. He wears a long black coat with silver pauldrons, black boots, and black trousers. This was Naruto Uzumaki, a member of the League of Shadow and the future leader of the said group.

The second wears a black cloak to hide the looks but were attire that is black and showed her cleavage with a gun hostler. She has a slim, well-endowed woman with green eyes and brown hair that was hidden thanks to a black hat. This was Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's and heiress to the League of Shadow.

The third shared a similar build like Talia but different due to her age. She had black hair that is tied into a ponytail for the moment while wearing a baseball hat and grey eyes. She wore some civilian clothes to not stay out. This was Jade Nguyen aka Cheshire, a member of the League of Shadow and the older sister of a certain archer.

The last is a tall shapely woman clad in a tight red costume that looked painted on stepped out of the shadows. The skin-tight pants and halter top squeezed her perfect body. She has long wavy chestnut hair floated around her beautiful face and an amazing body reaching down her buttocks. She has twin sais was tucked into the sheaths attached to the back of her pants. She also has red fingerless gloves, armbands, and spike-heeled boots completed her costume. She wears a white fur coat to covered her looks for the time being. This was Elektra Natchios, one of the world's deadliest assassins and now a member of the League of Shadow.

Naruto was here to pay his respect to the man that took him in when he was lost and give him a home, and most immortality, a family.

The mix-haired warrior soon found himself in front of the grave of his father figure who adopted him all those years and be part of a family. He took a knee in front of the grave of Bruce Wayne, also known as the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman.

Naruto lowed his head down, mourning and remembering how his father figure died a few months ago. Batman was captured by Joke who allied himself with other biggest villains of Gotham and tortured him till he was near death when the young man found him.

In his dying moments, Bruce had passed the mantle onto Naruto and telling him to not make the same mistakes as he did but never fall to his rage and hatred which he agreed.

Naruto never showed up to Bruce's funeral or after that as he was mourning and getting his thoughts together before coming to say goodbye.

Due to Bruce's death and overwhelming emotions, Naruto's charka had evolved and changed into more magical which resulted in the changes coming to him. Not just his hair or eyes, but also his body build and elemental powers growing into something far more.

Now we see Naruto fully mourning for the loss of his father and healing as he stands up with his eyes not leaving the grave until Talia comes behind him to get his attention.

"Feel better beloved?" Talia asked.

"A bit better, yes I'm feeling a bit better, Talia," Naruto replied.

Jade and Elektra stand on guard, allowing the two to speak and watch out for trouble as they know how much this means to their shared lover. He needed to heal and become stronger.

"While I have mourn and grief, but there's no time for that. The hardest choices are required to have strong wills to do," Naruto said, having his reasons and mission coming through to him now. It is was time.

"Now what I to have the world free from crime and corruption that many choose to not bother with or fix it. I will unleash true justice to the world that my father wanted to have to this world," Naruto said, having his strength and reasons of justice stronger than ever while out for blood now.

"Then it's time, beloved?" Talia asked.

"It's that time my queen. It's time for a new age to rise and take this old way down," Naruto replied, no longer holding back and was ready to unleash his wraith onto those that are corrupted, took part in his father's death, and show the true justice onto them.

However, he wasn't the only one.

Helena Wayne, formerly Robin & Huntress, is out for the blood for her father's death and how the League just flat accepting Bruice's death like that. She knows who her dad felt about the Justice League was becoming nothing more than errand boys for the government and protected the high in power while those below to be killed off like they are nothing but bugs. She is out for justice and blood now as not Robin or Huntress but as the True Batwoman.

And the New Batman as well, Batman the Shadow.

Important Note: Naruto/Batman the Shadow represents inner darkness that dwells within Bruce, the darkness he wants to bury all the scum of Gotham in feeling the pain of everyone they've hurt.

Naruto's Harem will be posted in the final part for Batman the Shadow