The Silenced

AN: Inspired by Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush and yes from my Arkham's Devil Fox Story which the Prologues will come here as it's part of the New Knights group as it originally was to be in this story but it became its own story and I'm cool with it as I have fun writing that. Now here we are and enjoy :)

"We all know all the worlds of Batman and his counterparts to Dark ones as well, but what if one world, he dies and someone else becomes the Dark Knight. Well let's, shall we?"

In many worlds out there in the multiverse, we have a good number that is different or similar to the other. But what most don't know is if there's a light side of the multiverse, then dark worlds are around as well, the Dark Multiverse.

Some worlds in the Dark Multiverse have many heroes, villains, or people whose worst fears come true in one Dark Earth after another. Sometimes leading to a good outcome and others not so much, that has that world destroyed.

One Dark Earth had a different outcome that brought the attention of a certain Bat God, but rather than watch a void world destroy itself to fill his hunger and power, he did something else.

And thus, the Bat God picked a young boy to become the new Dark Knight in the world that needs a Bat, a world where Bruce Wayne died with his parents in Crime Alley.

Naruto Uzumaki was that boy who was now a young man. He left his world after stealing the scroll and met the Bat God, who offered him a way to leave his village for good, as many were corrupt and had lied to him. The corruption that led to them spitting on his parents' wish, the third Hokage pulling him back to his control, while not letting the clans who were friends of his parents raise him, and how his godfather took everything that belonged to his clan.

Naruto took the deal and the Bat God sent him away while smirking that his plans were taking place.

Naruto had arrived in a new world, where Bruce died with his parents in that alleyway. But was taken to Arkham, as many saw him insane from his story of coming from another world and that he was a ninja.

Naruto would have gone mad in the asylum, but he didn't due to his strong willpower and had help from other patients in Arkham, that took pity on the young boy. Who was sent here? Due to the injustice caused by the corruption in Gotham. They gave him the skills, knowledge, tools, and everything he needed to live in this new world.

Naruto was close to Doctor Amadeus Arkham, the founder of Arkham Asylum, who took pity on the blonde and helped him through his stay. And later prove he was cured and sane to be out, as he knew was crazy or not.

Dr. Arkham taught Naruto criminal psychology, how to read/write in a good number of languages, how to fake a worsening psychosis, and the tale of the Demon Bat in Arkham, known as the Arkham's Devil. That tale would be an inspiration for the blonde to have down the road.

Naruto having learned from other patients during his stay in Arkham, also.

Disgraced spy, Nick Mason, who taught Naruto disguise, lock-picking, and all things in spycraft.

Legendary martial artist-turned-murderer, Delores Maddigan, who showed Naruto everything she knew about unarmed combat and made sure he was given those hard lessons.

Mob assassin, Sal 'Buckets' Barrusco, who taught Naruto the methods of killing and how to leave a message, without leaving a trace back to him. The blonde knew that the life of a ninja meant to kill, not some black & white bullshit. The real world can be brutal, with Naruto knowing that he has to be ready for when the time comes.

Casey Callahan, who was a noted cat burglar and escape artist that escaped federal prison more than two hundred times. Those skills have been very useful for Naruto to learn and study.

Lastly, Gideon Crowe, the infamous Scotland yard detective turned serial killer, who taught Naruto the art of detection, surveillance, poison, and a lot of information. With the blonde paying close attention to Gideon's killing stories, to help him learn how to tell who lost their mind or not, as his teacher was close to both. And this would help with reading people on the field.

Now it was time to put those skills to the test, as something bad had happened. When workers from Arkham were captured and someone else very close to him was taken as a hostage as well.

While at Arkham, one of Naruto's regular doctors and psychiatrists, Harleen Quinzel, as was in her early high school years and decided to work at Arkham as an internship. She was even present at the blonde's training at the asylum and was amazed by his will to push forward. Giving her a chance to pick up on some things, while watching and listening to the lessons. She then later became Naruto's first real friend, which he was very grateful and happy for.

Naruto was running through the hallways of Arkham, exiting the place and chasing around the bastard that attacked the asylum and captured Harleen.

Arkham was attacked by hitmen sent by Rupert Thorne, who wanted to get a hold of the asylum for his own personal uses and get rid of a few loose ends for a favor, to someone who was giving him a lot of money.

The mid-teen blonde soon found one of the cars, mostly from the thugs he took care of when the massacre started and took them down. He climbed in the car and was lucky that his mentors taught him how to drive a car, as some police officers would leave their cars parked with their keys nearby, which allowed the blonde to test drive them out.

Now was the time to test his driving skills and other skills to use on saving Harleen. But not before grabbing a few things, first.

Time Skip

Ace Chemicals

The leader of the hitmen, Jack Napier who was walking back and forth. Waiting for the good news on cracking the safe, as one of the workers of the asylum had information on how to open it. His boss, Thorne, had said that the money in the safe would make them rich, as it might have the last of the Wayne family's fortune.

Then the safe cracked open, getting Jack's attention but one problem.

"Uhh, boss? We got a problem," One of his men called out which, caused him to walk and see that there was no money, only playing cards inside.

"We've ratted out boys," Jack said, who had a frown on his face and would get Thorne back for this.

The workers and Harleen stayed quiet, in fear of their lives on the line, and didn't move against the hitmen.

Not far away, a whole police unit was coming in to stop some crooked cops from making a mistake, with one of them being the captain himself, Jim Gordon.

"What the hell's going on?!" Jim asked, or rather demanded to find answers, which spooked the crook cop who was in charge of the whole operation to get Jack.

"What are you trying to do, Jim-bo?" The crooked cop asked, making a joke, which was a mistake as he got a punch in the face and Gordon's men took him away.

"I'm in charge here, not Rupert Thorne," Jim said as he grabbed a microphone and shouted out his orders, "This is Captain Gordon. I want him taken alive. I repeat, any man who opens fire on Jack Napier will answer to me."

All the crooked cops heard that, and a good number of them agreed to those orders as they knew that Gordon was a big rising cop around in the GCPD. But a few didn't listen, as Thorne was paying them a great amount of cash to take out Jack.

The captain and his men moved out, not knowing that a shadow came into the building and got past the cops, on a mission of his own.

Jack had heard that, and he pointed at his men to get in position and shoot the cops down, as it was a fight for their lives now. They will have their revenge on the bastard that set them up.

The shootout started, while a shadow watched them, who just so happened to be Naruto himself. He had self-made equipment ready, with some being his old ninja tools, and would make great use of them, tonight. He wore a cloak as black as night, covering his whole body from head to toe with a black cape on his back, and a hood covering his face. The said hood had pointed ears on the top for some reason, but mostly because the blonde made it himself. Due to being inspired by an old tale that one of his mentors told him. But back to the story.

Naruto climbed on the catwalks before he got up behind a thug and pulled him down while putting a rope on his ankle to stop his fall. The thug would pass out in time as he screamed and moved around in the air, but couldn't do anything.

"Let me down!" The thug cried out, getting Jim and his men's attention down below to look up and see the Bat Demon above him.

"Oh, my God!" Jim said, which his men shared, as they watched the Bat disappear into the shadows like a ghost and were lost for words.

Naruto cursed himself on getting spotted, as it was too soon, and wanted to stay in the shadows for the time being.

Nearby, we see Jack losing ground, but decided to use a hostage and grabbed Harleen, who tried to fight her way through his bonds. But to no luck, as she was helplessly pulled by the hitman to be used as a human shield.

Two cops opened fire on Jack's group, who dodged the bullets by walking upwards on the stairs. While one ran to the exit but got a backhanded fist as his reward by the Bat himself.

Naruto soon followed the other two men upstairs, sneaking behind them and grabbed their heads, before smashing them together to knock them out. He kept moving and stayed in the shadows while making a hand seal create Shadow Clones to save the hostages down below. He won't allow them to get caught in the crossfire in this war, not on his watch.

Jack with his hostage, Harleen, moved upstairs while dodging the cops, though most wouldn't dare to risk shooting them and harm the doctor.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he saw Harleen being dragged against her will by Jack. To the upper levels and followed behind them, not going to let his friend in harm's way.

Down below, Jim ordered his men to go up on the catwalks and be careful, not noticing that he was in danger himself.

Jack then threw Harleen to the ground, who groaned in pain and caused the catwalks to loosen a little, not too badly. With the hitman taking his pistol and aimed it at Captain Gordon, to end a good cop's life.

Naruto saw this and grabbed a grapple rope, which he threw on a pipe. After checking if it was good, the cloaked man swung down towards the hitman with his legs out and hit his target.

Jack was sent flying onto the catwalks as he was hit very hard on the side and caused his gun to fly out of his hands. While causing the catwalks to loosen again and were close to breaking apart, which Harleen noticed as her eyes widened at the sudden danger she was in.

The Bat Demon grabbed Jack's by his coat and lifted him up, thanks to his charka strength. With Jack being scared and in disbelief at what he saw grabbing him up, with monstrous strength.

The Bat Demon, a tale he heard about in Arkham from one of his men, in real-life and in the flesh.

"Jesus!" Jack yelled in shock.

Jim looked up and saw the Bat grabbing Jack, which he was a little glad. But would have to take him in too, given how vigilantism was against the law. But his thoughts were cut when he heard a pistol being loaded and press against the back of his head.

"Let him go...or I'll do Gordon in!" The thug shouted out, which got the Bat Demon's attention to look at the problem he was in.

Naruto grunted at this as he had no Shadow Clones nearby to help the good cop, he heard some much about, in the asylum. All of his clones were busy, helping the workers get out of here and somewhere safe. He had no choice, as he couldn't also risk Harleen's life as well. So he put the hitman down on the ground.

"Nice outfit," Jack commented as he reached down and picked up his pistol, but found out that the Bat was gone, much to his shock, and couldn't figure out how he did it.

Unknown to everyone, the catwalk was close, very close to breaking apart as Jack walked back onto the said catwalk and Harleen's eyes widened, even more, the danger she was in. As she looked down below them and saw the steaming chemicals.

Up above, Naruto grabbed a ninja star and aimed at the thug down below, before throwing it with great speed and aim to his target.

The thug screamed in pain as a sharp object hit his hand and allowed Jim to disarm the thug, and take him out.

Jack heard the screaming and aimed his pistol at the cop. But didn't have the chance, as he heard someone landing on the catwalk and saw that the Bat Demon was back.

In action, Jack shot at the Bat, who brought out a metal sheet to block the bullets. However, the bullets bounced backward, hitting the hitman. Who screamed in pain as the two bullets hit the side of his face and the last one hit the catwalk below them, causing the whole thing to fall apart.

Naruto rushed to grab Harleen and Jack, which was a mistake on his part as the weight was too much for him, but managed to get a hold of them. With the catwalk gone and green chemicals steaming hot, below them.

Unfortunately, the weight eventually became too much and the rest of the catwalk fell apart, with Harleen and Jack falling into the vat of chemicals below them. The intern hitting the left one, which had a hatch to open it. While the hitman landed in the right one, which had a pip system to flush out the waste.

Naruto's eyes widened in his hood, as he jumped down to the ground and rushed over to the opening vault hatch, which he pushed the button to clean out the chemicals and allowed Harleen to be safe as he opened the vat to pick her up. However, he soon becomes shocked by what he saw and the damage done to his friend.

Harleen's skin was ghostly white, blonde hair becoming paler than its normal shade of color, and a smile trying to form on her face, due to the effects that the chemicals had on her.

Naruto reached down to pick his friend up in his arms, but not before throwing five smoke bombs on the ground to cover his escape out of Ace's and headed out the nearest exit.

"Harleen? Harleen?" Naruto asked, starting to panic, but did his best and remembered his training to calm himself down.

Harleen heard a familiar voice, which became the spark of hope to burn the insanity and madness away in her mind, as her friend had saved her.

"N-n-n-Naru-ruto," Harleen tried to speak but was having a hard time.

"Yes, it's me. Don't worry. We are getting out of here, and somewhere safe. We will be at your place very soon," Naruto said as he picked his friend up, and rushed over to his parked car to escape the crime scene before anyone noticed him.

Unknown to everyone, outside Ace by the drumming system, we see a hand reaching up. Which was ghostly white and clenched into a fist.

It wasn't over, as three things were born on this day.

Time Skip

"The birth of the Bat and Clown, to their rival was born on that night. While Harley, in this world, is saved from years of abuse from the Clown and given health from the Bat instead."

Years Later

We see Gotham, pass the city and towards an old worn down mansion. That was abandoned for years, after the deaths of a certain family. The Waynes, with the manor becoming abandoned over the years. And some say it was even haunted by the dead members of the Wayne family.

However, it wasn't fully abandoned, as many would believe. As inside the manor and past the grandfather clock, there was an entrance to a large cave. A cave filled with bats, that became a perfect place for our favorite blonde hero to use as his base of operations, as well his own very home to live in.

Naruto was now in his late teens, 18 to be more specific. With his blonde hair a little longer, which had some red streaks coming in, and ocean blue eyes. He had a body of a trained ninja and Olympian runner, a great body to take hits before dishing them. He wore a white workout shirt, black workout pants, and running shoes, as he got finished with one of his daily workout sessions. He may not be with his mentors anymore, but that doesn't mean he will take it easy on his training and will treat his body as a great temple, to be ready for any nightly adventures.

It has been almost four years, since the assault and massacre at Arkham Asylum, Jack's Fall, and the Rise of the Bat. Naruto had taken Harleen, who is now going by as Harley instead, to her place to recover. Before the pair moved out to a safe place and kept their heads down. Their path's crossing to the old manor, that they decided to take up as their new home and the base of operations for their war against crime and corruption. The events of that fateful night showed them that and made it their mission to fight it.

Also, Naruto and Harley have some mechanisms, and Shadow Clones in Naruto's case, set up in the rundown parts of the manor. To help give legitimacy to the idea that the abandoned Wayne Manor was being haunted by dead members of the Wayne Family. And pulse, it's funny as hell for the pair to watch people running away in fear of their hard work paying off.

Naruto was currently working on his suit. His official suit, as opposed to his old one, from when he made his debut. He made sure not to mess anything up, as he worked long and hard on his new suit. His inspiration came from what Doctor Arkham told him about the tales of the Demon Bat or Arkham's Devil as it's also known as. That has been told in Arkham for years, since the founding of the asylum.

"Helllooo~ are you home, Naruto!" A happy voice called out, echoing through the caves and caused a few bats to fly around, but not many.

Naruto stopped his work, as he smiled and turned to see his friend, Harleen. Or rather, Harley Quinn, as she likes to call herself now. She was wearing a brown overcoat which underneath had her costume, that she wants to surprise her foxy puddin with.

"Hello Harley, I see that you are ready for the night," Naruto said as he finished the finishing touches on his suit.

"Yep yep, ready and waiting foxy," Harley said, as she swung up her baseball bat and smirked.

"Good. I should be ready soon," Naruto said as he walked over to the changing room and got suited up while noticing that his fellow blonde was watching him get changed. Creepy, but not much, as he is aware that Harley has feelings for him and is not sure he is willing to open up that area of a relationship. Of course, he is not an idiot who doesn't know that his friend loves him, but he feels that he is not ready quite yet and needs to think it through.

Harley quickly turned her head, to not be caught in the act, and waited for her crush to come out. She is also aware that she might be pushing her luck and Naruto is not sure yet but can live with that and wait for him to return her feelings for him. She soon came out of her thoughts, when she saw her friend coming out and was shocked at what she saw.

Naruto's suit had dark grey chest armor with a bloody red emblem of a bat located in the middle of his chest, his hands were tied with white bandages, completely covering them. This also applies to his face as his entire head was wrapped in bandages, while a dark red mask was covering his face. The mask looks like it had sharp teeth coming out of it, similar to the fangs of a bat, or rather vampire. He also wore a pair of black leather pants with black boots with a dark silver belt tied around his waist, where multiple small compartments were placed. The final part of his costume was a long black and grey cape, that was held attached to his body by a pair of red shoulder armor plates.

The tales of Arkham's Devil will come true in the form of Batman the Silenced, and he will be heard by everyone.

"Whoa, you win the scary, twisted costume of the year award, B-man," Harley commented, shaking her fear and terror away as she knows the kind person underneath that mask.

"Thanks," Batman said, having his voice cold, deep, and hush, akin to that of a demon.

"No problem, now it's my turn," Harley said as she threw her coat away and showed her costume off as if it was something else. She had her long blonde hair in a pigtail style, which is dyed at the bottom in blue and pink shades. She has dark red lipstick, pink and blue eyeshadow, black mascara, and a psychotic grin. She wore a short black and red crop top with a black choker around her neck, black and red fingerless leather gloves, black and red tight spandex booty shorts, and black and red sneakers.

"Good," Batman commented, while fighting the red flush on his face at seeing his friend dress like that, but shouldn't be surprised.

Soon the pair head to the red bat theme car, which was a black and military battle machine, built for war.

Time for another patrol tonight.

Time Skip

"And so Naruto starts his mission on freeing Gotham which sparked good number of fellow followers that shared his belief in stopping corruption and killing the vultures within the city. His final part of his mission starts very soon."


Some years later, we see Gotham with a new light shining around it as crime and corruption has been clean, thanks to a certain Dark Knight and his allies. Tonight was about something else as the grand opening gala of the minister was coming where the run for Gotham's senator will happen and takes place in the iconic Gotham skyline. A grand gala was coming who anybody who's anybody was here.

We see the founder of Redlines, government arms-dealer, weapons designer, and protection organization run by Gotham's bad boy, Jason Todd who is also known as The Crimson Cowl on the streets and in his business. He was sharing a drink with his girlfriend who was smiling and enjoying their time together.

Gotham's DA, Harvey Dent who is most known as Gotham's White Knight of Justice for his heroics in fighting the law in court and leading others to fight for what's right. The knight that good people and redeemed ones look at.

One of Gotham's founding family members, Oswald Cobblepot who was drinking his wine away while being guarded by his men. He may be a normal man while running a legit business company and party dinners but also runs good underworld crime and arms dealings that rivals Redlines.

Nearby we see a young man with red hair and blue eyes while wearing a business suit. This was Thomas Elliot, who is running for senator for Gotham and trying to get into the mayor's in his favor, blackmail most likely. He was a corrupted man who is close to falling to madness as his eyes were spinning with it in his eyes and had a dark secret in his closet that a few known.

However, the honor guests or King & Queen of the party was coming in, right on time too.

We see a young man with sun-kissed blonde hair and ocean color blue eyes. He wore a nice business suit with an orange tie that had a red ruby in it and had a silver watch. This was Naruto Uzumaki, the one who was running for senator against Elliot. Next to him who was his date, is a stunning young woman with a body that many would dream to have or want. She had brown hair that reaches to her mid-back and green eyes. She wore a green evening dress that hugged her figure well and had her left leg exposed. This was Talia al Ghul, the future lady of the League of Assassins.

How did they meet and are here now? Well let's go over that, shall we?

Some time ago, Naruto first met the assassin when they both were after the same person who was a rogue member of the League named Vertigo. During their mission, the pair develop feelings and attraction for one another, even though they were on different sides down the road. This got the attention of the Demon's Head himself, Ra's al Ghul.

The Demon's Head had kidnapped the Dark Knight's allies while faking his own daughter's kidnapping and get the knight on the mission which was a test to see if he is worthy to be his heir and married his daughter. And he wasn't disappointed.

Naruto had shown to understand that the world isn't all black and white as many shades of grey are around and sometimes one must take action to save many lives. He will kill, yes but only if is the last option and won't allow himself to fall into that abyss.

After the test and passing the Demon's trails, Naruto agreed to take Talia and convinced Ra's to allow him time to think about it. He also requested that taking Talia with him is to understand his own feelings for her and maybe together find a way to their dreams by working together. The Demon's Head allows the knight to take his daughter and give him time to make his decision. He can see that the blonde agrees and has an answer but wants to think about it and was agreeable. He waited for a long time for a worthy heir, so he can wait for a few and have time.

As soon Naruto and Talia came in, news reports came in and started asking a million questions at once.

"Please, please, please. One at a time. You there. You first," Naruto said, getting the crowd to calm down and pointed at the closest reporter.

"Mr. Uzumaki do you plan on running for Major after your years as a senator are up?" A reporter asked.

"That's a good question. I might write a book after my years of being a senator are up. But running for mayor? Nah, I'm good. Lincoln March has done a wonderful job of being our mayor and has made many proud with his actions," Naruto replied before pointing at another to speak.

"Is the rumor true that you sent to a medical care a few years ago?" Another reporter asked.

"I won't go in-depth with the reason for that but I have and become better within a year or two later. I still visit my doctor every month for those sessions," Naruto said, being honest and was true in some ways.

That question is never new as many have checked the blonde's files that were created after the heist and events with Arkham to Ace happened. Naruto with help made sure to cover the tracks of his stay in Arkham and throw people off to never figure out his night patrols. Anyway, and moving on.

"My beloved speaks the truth as I went with him during those sessions, personality. And he's very sane," Talia said.

"How about you two's relationship?" A female reporter asked, eyeing a little to the blonde.

Naruto was about to say but was cut off by Talia who gives her lover a loving kiss and showed people that they are already taken, much to the disappointment of many women and men.

"Does that answer your question? My beloved and I are already taken and enjoying each other, in more ways than one," Talia answered, showing her seductive voice and personality.

"Y-yes," The reporter said, not daring to challage the brown-haired woman anymore.

"T-that would be all," Naruto said as he walks with Talia to their table for the evening.

"You didn't have to do that, not that I don't mind Talia," Naruto said, not minding the affection that one of his girls give to him.

"That reporter was walking on dangerous grounds and many should know that we are taken...with the bonus of course," Talia said.

"Of course," Naruto agreed as they sat at their table and enjoyed their evening together before any nightly patrols happened.

The pair enjoyed each other's company for a good amount of the night and party before a beeping sound was caused which made the blonde look at his watch, seeing that he was work to do tonight.

Naruto looked at his watch before seeing Jason not so far away, looking at his phone and both nodded to each other with no one noticing but Jason's girl and Talia.

"Another late night at work, beloved?" Talia asked or rather stated.

"Yes, another night. I will see you at the penthouse, for sure Talia," Naruto said as he kissed Talia's cheek which she smiled on that.

"Very well, but don't take too long," Talia said.

"I won't as it's not time yet, my queen," Naruto said as he leaves the party without no one noticing that he left while he saw a few people that left.

Jason and his girl left after the signal was sent to them, Thomas left in a hurry for some reason, Talia left unnoticed like her beloved, and now the blonde's turn.

"Jason it's time. Start stage one," Naruto ordered to his watch which had a hidden phone in it and could only speak to those that have the same watch as him but different designs.

"Well do, brother," Jason said on the other com-line and started to head out of the party to start the first stage of the mission that has been planned.

Naruto then made his way to his parked car before pushing a button that opens a hidden location in the trunk of the said car, showing a suit for the blonde to take and does as tonight the Bat comes out again.

"How's Isabel doing?" Naruto asked as he gets dress into his suit and out of his new dress suit for his night patrol.

"She's doing good. We have talked about marriage a few times but I don't know," Jason said as he gets changed into his suit from the other side of the building and in one of his safe houses.

"It will be fine, brother. Just relax and ask the question. It's not so hard, Jason," Naruto said as he puts on his body armor and shoulder pads.

"Says the one who's not married," Jason pointed out.

"No but I feel that will happen one day," Naruto admitted as he puts his belt on.

"I will keep it in mind and tell Isabel how I feel before jumping the question," Jason said.

"Good but mission first," Naruto reminded as he stars at his mask before putting it with his gloves.

"Well do," Jason said before ending the com-line and get started on his end with the mission.

Naruto, who now is suited up for the first part of the grand mission taking place.

The Arkham's Devil or other knowns as Batman, has been doing a lot of work over the years on fighting corruption and punishing criminals as the guilty need to be punished. The Bat had fought long and hard to one day save the city he grows to care about and bring it out of the ashes to a better future.

Now over the years, Batman had gained more allies rather than Harley which Talia was one of them.

Talia had become Naruto's second in command of his operations and leader when he is way in certain missions when he is needed somewhere else.

Harley with two others who are Catwoman and Poison Ivy which they have become the Sirens and are very close to the blonde in more ways than one.

Yes, Naruto has a harem which he has grown to love and care about the girls in his life which they have too to the man they love. He had remembered an old law in his former world home to have soul clan heir into Clan Restoration Act, CRA for short, which sometimes is forced by the elders and greedy people but the blonde wanted nothing like that and break away from his old world laws. And in this world, having more than one lover which what Naruto's relationship is called Polygamy, being legal in Elemental Nations and is not look down on as much in this world but does require having a big house and a good amount of support which the blonde has that covered thanks to his money he has won gambling games and devil's luck that would make a certain Senju jealous.

But anyway.

Barbara Gordon, who is more than a tech and information support on the team which she also part of Naruto's lovers and Batgirl. Barbara had joined after the death of the last good cop, her father, Jim Gordon. Naruto had found the redhead in one of her sorrows and decided to help her through the loss she has gone through and was dealing with. He took her under in his wing and trained her over the years to become his partner and later something more down the line.

Naruto had also created bonds and have two adopted brothers, siblings that he wishes he had in his old home and was happy for. Jason Todd was one of them as Naruto had helped him through dark times and brought him on his feet to a better life which he was really grateful for.

The other brother, Richard 'Dick' Grayson was in a very dark deep end until Naruto helped him and showed him about life once again, life & happiness that was taken away from him but regained again with the help from the blonde.

After careful years of planning and plotting, everything is coming into place, and time to play mind games to get things started for the grand final.

Time Skip

Arkham Asylum

"This has better be good, Doctor Crane," Thomas said as he was called by Doctor Jonathan Crane to come to Arkham for some information that came up and walk alongside him.

"Well, I have been trying to figure out if your opponent, Naruto Uzumaki was or not one of our people that escaped during Jack's Breakout & Fall," Jonathan said, pushing Thomas's rude question aside for the time being.

"Hush little baby~! Unless you calm down, the Bloody Bat of Arkham is coming to get ya~! He lurks above, desiring of a corpse of a plant beneath the ground~! Heh heh! He knows you're heart, your blackest deed, and hunts them down where they lead~!" An inmate singed who was nicknamed the Hatter and smiled.

"Bat of Arkham?" Thomas questioned.

"Just from an old story that Doctor Amadeus Arkham wrote about before his passing who had seen a Bat-Demon which was passed down through generations ago to here we are now. Many of the inmates called it The Arkham's Devil," Jonathan explained.

"Does that go into hard to explain events?" Thomas asked.

"Oh no this is something else totally different," Jonathan waved as he took Thomas to his office and showed him a good number of things. Rumors mostly on Naruto but not clear information and was going nowhere.

"This is not going to help me at all," Thomas commented drily.

"It might not but will let you know if anything comes up, after my check-ups with some test subject," The doctor said with a smirk on his face as he has been testing a good number of the inmates in Arkham with his fear gas formula and results have been grateful for the doctor to enjoy to his sick liking.

"Whatever, Dr. Crane. I have other things to do," Thomas said, not wanting to stay in Arkham any longer.

"Very well but listen this ticket show up in my mail today with your name on it," Crane said, handing his business partner a movie ticket for the Mark of Zorro movie and date when the movie came out which shocked the redhead man.

"Where did it came from?" Thomas asked.

"I don't know. It came within my mail with your last name on it," Jonathan replied as Thomas takes the ticket away from him as he left and the doctor soon left for his own work.

Jonathan walked out of his office and headed to his next test subject for the day but all of a sudden, the lights turned off and caused him to panic in the dark as it took a while before the emergency lights come which turn back on.

When it did, Jonathan screamed in pure terror when seeing a haunting Bat which was the embodiment of a devil himself coming at him, and started the beat down onto the doctor that abused his oath of protecting life.

In the background and watching the doctor getting beaten to his death, The Hatter started his song of the Arkham's Devil again.

"The Blood Bat of Arkham keep~ but say a prayer~, and best be aware~, and may your rest too long and deep~," The Hatter said with a mad grin as he watched the carnage.


We see now Batman leaving Arkham for another location as he made sure Crane was dealt with, to suffer at the hands of those he tortured. He made to not be personal with this part of the mission due to Arkham being part of his life and how Doctor Arkham's work is being dragged into the mud but not as much and will leave it at that.

Batman parked his Batmobile which enter a hidden underground roadway before closing up and allowed him to head to his penthouse with no one to notice. He then started to call Jason on his end with the mission.

"Is it done?" Batman asked.

"Yeah, we are good to go. I shot the helicopter down with a smart missile and have Thomas into the riot but was saved by the Owls and placed him into their projection," Jason informed.

"Good. Have the Owl and Knight be informed as well of the mission kicking up," Batman ordered.

"Copy that, brother," Jason said before ending the com-line on his end and get started with other parts of the mission be completed.

Naruto had been planning this mission for a couple of years now and has everything set up now. Now it leaves Dick and Astrid to get Thomas to the next part of the plan.

The Batmobile stopped at the location before being loaded up and locked down until the next mission which the Bat exited out of his ride and headed to the changing room which was part of his underground bases. Naruto had found a good number of paths underneath Gotham which many had old bases that belong to a certain court which they won't in use at the time being.

Naruto had change out of his suit and into some workout clothes for the time being. He then walked to the elevator before pushing a button for the top floor and meet up with Talia who most likely is there before him.

Once the elevator made it to its floor and open the doors, Naruto walks in into his very nice and high in live style penthouse which had everything for twenty people to live and enjoy with each other. While the old Wayne Manor is the primal base of operations, the blonde's penthouse works as a base and home to relax, a home away from home.

"Welcome home, my beloved," Talia greeted as she sat on the sofa and saw her love was back for the evening.

"Good to be back, my queen," Naruto greeted back.

"The plan is coming along?" Talia asked as she got up from the sofa and headed to a bedroom to change out of her dress to more of a different style of clothes to wear for the rest of the evening.

"Yes, yes it is Talia. The League of Assassins and Court of Owls have been very useful and helpful in gathering up all information on Thomas, his allies, corrupted partners, and those damn vultures that love to pick at the heart of Gotham. I started the scare, Jason the fire. Now comes down for Dick and Astrid to play their part in the next part of the mission," Naruto informed, feeling that he was close, so close to freeing this city and have hope come back. He and his team are very close to completing that mission.

Yes, not only Naruto has great connections in the League of Assassins but also the Court of Owls as well.

"Good and no peeking," Talia teased as she had the door open and Naruto had seen a green dress being drop to the floor.

"I will never dream of it," Naruto replied, knowing Talia and a good number of his girls can tease.

"Yes you would, Naruto," Talia smirked as she started to get change into her assassin suit.

"Father and the League have gathered a good amount of information. The Owls have too and set themselves up into a position of power with one of their own. Lincoln is doing his part very well and forcing Thomas to run for mayor he if can," Talia said, putting on her suit and snipped the front up, pass to her chest area.

"Indeed," Naruto agreed before smiling on seeing Talia coming out of the room and was now wearing her normal attire which is a black jumpsuit that hugged her body and showed her cleavage well while having a gun holster on her hip.

"You seem to enjoy yourself," Talia commented as she walks over to her beloved with a sway of her hips and was now close to him.

"Can you blame me? I went on a date with one of my girls, one who is a beautiful assassin and queen to me," Naruto said as Talia was close to his face now.

Talia smiled and said, "And you won't mind give your queen your love, my beloved?"

"I won't mind at all," Naruto said before the pair captured each other's lips and enjoyed the taste of each other.

They were about to go deeper but stopped as the elevator opens and the lights went off. Talia broke the kiss and looked around for who was in the penthouse while Naruto got up and looked around as well before being tackle into the sofa which flipped the whole thing over. The lights suddenly came back up which the brown-haired assassin saw who was on her shared beloved and the blonde was shocked to see who was here in the penthouse.

The first was a gorgeous young woman with black hair and green cat-like eyes. She wore a one-piece black leather suit, hugging her figure perfectly. Her suit had a silver zipper in the middle of it, a pair of clawed gloves, and a black whip tied around her waist. Over her head, she was wearing a black leather cat-like mask with a pair of green goggles that they were covering her cat-like eyes, leaving only her dark red lips free. This was Catwoman aka Selina Kyle, a member of the Sirens, one of Naruto's lovers and allies.

The second was a gorgeous young woman who had green smooth skin with a developed body that could make any man and even other women lose themselves in their lust, long silk hair red as a rose, glowing emerald eyes that were fitting with her skin, and also even her hair and dark green lips, making her look like a humanoid rose. She was dressed into a tight green corset made of vegetation, along with a pair of long gloves on her hands and also a pair of green strokings, all of them made of the same plants as her corset. This was Poison Ivy aka Pamela Isley, a member of the Sirens, one of Naruto's lovers and allies.

The third was a gorgeous young woman with blue eyes and red lips, her face was white, pure as the snow. She was wearing a tight, sleeveless, black and red bodysuit, that had different card symbols around it and a white-collar around her neck, her shoulders being naked, as a pair of long black and red fingerless gloves were present in her hands. While her face was pure white, she also had a black leather mask on her face. On her head we can see a dual, black, and red jester-like hat with belts on each side, covering her long, blonde hair. This was Harley Quinn, a member of the Sirens, one of Naruto's lovers, and allies.

Naruto was shocked and about to speak but was cut off fully by them as they have given their shared lover a loving kiss on his lips by turn and their own kind.

Selina's kiss was more seductive and lovely, similar to Talia but with the small hint of a cat animal-like instinct.

Harley's kiss was more wield and savage, like a french kiss with a lot of passion and need behind it, filled with lust.

Pamela's kiss was more calm, loving, and a little longer than the others. Both enjoying each others' lips with all of their being together.

Once the heated kisses were done and things calm down a bit, Naruto's reaction and shock were amusing to the Sirens as they love to surprise their shared lover with something that they knew he will enjoy.

"Cat got your tongue?" Selina teased.

"Or is it a flower?" Pamela asked with her own teasing.

"I think both with crazy too. Right puddin?" Harley asked while rubbing the blonde's cheeks.

Talia smirked while rolling her eyes and said, "You should always be ready for the unknown. Especially when it comes to your other lovers and myself."

"Yeah, noted," Naruto agreed on that reminder and calm himself down from the heated sessions he just went through.

Naruto then used his legs and polled the sofa back upright, having the four off the floor while Harley landed on the floor in a dramatic way.

"I take that you three have come here for more than surprises, that I don't mind," Naruto said as he dusted himself off and relax from the heated sessions he went through.

"Mostly for the surprise and bonus with it," Pamela replied with a smirk.

"But we did get the information like you request. All of the crime lords intel and deals are found," Selina added while handing Naruto a data computer drive.

"Good work," Naruto said as that part will help a lot on the mission which the Owls and League can use to their edge.

"Does that mean we get a more juicy reward, foxy?" Harley asked while moving her ass for the blonde to enjoy.

"Maybe, after the mission is done then you girls will have your reward with a bonus of course," Naruto replied with a hidden smirk, that Talia and Selina got on too which smiled at that.

Harley then remembers something and didn't want to say but did anyway as it bothers her very much.

"Any word on Joking Jack, pudding?" Harley asked which made Naruto and the other girls quiet on that, knowing who she was talking about.

Ever since and after the creation of Batman, another was created on the same night and Jack had lived that night but suffer the same fate as Harley and was driven insane. He had become the Joker from the playing cards and wants to put people into the same boat as him, one bad day to change someone as ugly as him. To this very day, Batman and Joker are hatred rivalry as they both created each other on the same day.

"We will deal with the clown when he pops his head out of the ground. Now we focus on Thomas and the vultures to keep up," Naruto said, not wanting Harley and himself to think about that faithful night that leads to the creation of three people that night.

"Next step?" Selina asked.

"Yes, the next step," Naruto said as the next part of the plan was coming closer and to the end now.

Time Skip

And those next steps have happened as the corruption, the vultures, and crime lords were going down as each hour goes by in the next day.

Thomas was losing everything left and right. Not only he lost his allies/connection to power but also lost the right to gain Wayne Enterprises as Lincoln, the Foxes, and Alfred took over. He was losing control and even his allies within GCPD were done for as most have been found captured or dead by the Bat & his allies.

The Court of Owls hasn't been helpful as they have other work to do than protect a child as they called Tommy one.

"It's over me," Thomas thought while driving on the road at high speed and escaping his attackers.

Thomas had also been played by someone who was leaving Mark of Zorro items in his office and everywhere he goes to find something to that movie, pushing him to big questions and find answers to them but only one place could hold the answers to his questions.

Thomas drove faster and headed to the abandoned Wayne Manor, not knowing that he was being baited to go to the manor by the very thing that has been stalking him from the get-go.

Oh, this should be good.

Thomas rushed into the abandoned manor with a pistol in hand and broke the doors down to see that the place wasn't as worn down as everything thought. The inside looked like people were living and staying at the manor while outside showed the illusion that no one was staying in a haunted mansion.

The door suddenly slammed shut and locked, causing Thomas to panic and rushed at the door to force it open, but no luck.

"This is what happens when you take a vulture's wings off, Elliot," A female voice spoked, getting his attention and saw that he wasn't alone in the manor as four people came out, two of who he already meet today.

The first was a young woman who wore a tight black bodysuit that hugged her body perfectly, a large golden bat symbol in the middle of her chest, dark orange gloves in her hands, with silver armor around her arms and legs, with a silver belt around her waist, a golden bat symbol in the middle of it, along with multiple small bags attached to it. On her shoulders, we can also see a pair of shoulder armor plates that were attached to a black bat-themed cape.

She was also wearing an orange scarf around her neck and a silver metallic blindfold like a visor that was placed around her head, covering her eyes completely. The visor also taking the form of a bat-like head with bat-like ears attached to it, being part of the visor, forming a bat-like helmet over her head. The visor and helmet looking like they were combined, behind the helmet we can also see that it had an opening large enough for her long hair to be let free. This was Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), an ally of Batman and another one of his lovers. (Batgirl suit is a combination of Batgirl Earth 1098 & Oracle Batman the Silenced, and outside her costume is her DCAU/Earth 12 looks)

The second was a young man who wore a black combat body armor with a red bat symbol on his chest, a crimson hood that has white eyes through the inside black color, a crimson bat-theme cape with black inside, red unity belt with black hip holsters for his pistols at the sides, black combat gloves with red razor blades at the sides of them, and black boots. This was the Crimson Cowl (Jason Todd), another ally of Batman and adopted brother.

The last made Thomas shocked beyond belief of betrayal they have done to him.

The third was a young man with short black and dark blue eyes underneath his mask. He wore a black, leather bodysuit that covered his entire body, with silver armor plates in the form of owls attached to his forearms, a silver shoulder armor plate that looked like an owl's wing, with a black belt attached to it, the belt having some golden parts on it, and a pair of katanas tied to it on his back. Around his abdomen, we can also see multiple silver knives attached to special made holders, and as its final piece, a black owl-themed helmet with large eyes and golden accessories around it especially around its owl-themed eyes/visors, making it look like a real owl. This was Talon (Dick Grayson), member of the Court of Owls, Grayson of Gotham, an ally of Batman, and one of his brothers.

The fourth and last was a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes underneath her helmet. She wore a grey and red bodysuit with a large white A located on the suit's chest, a brown leather belt tied around its waist with a pair of gun holders on each side of it. Silver and blue armored boots on her legs along with the same style gauntlets for her arms, under it, having red leather gloves. We can also see a pair of grey shoulder armor plates and blue chest armor on the suit, right next to the A symbol. The last part of the suit is a grey and blue advanced bat-themed helmet with blue glowing eyes. This was Arkham Knight (Astrid Arkham), an ally of Batman who's like a sister to him, and lover to a certain bird.

"You two betray me!" Thomas shouted, aiming his pistol at Talon.

"Who betrays who, Tommy?" Talon asked with fun who like an owl.

"After all, your actions have set this all in motion. You fall for the trap. Hook line and snicker," Arkham Knight said with a smirk underneath her helmet.

"I don't know anyone of you," Thomas said and was about to open fire but Batgirl throws one of her batarangas at the redhead which knocked out of his hand, and grunted in pain.

Crimson Cowl picks up the pistol before disarming it and throw the pieces away.

"I think we should explain the reason for his punishment that is coming to him. Fair is fair after all," Crimson Cowl pointed out which the other three agreed.

"You killed my father, the last good cop in Gotham for putting your bad cops away and the great number of information you once had. You had Jim Gordon, my father, murdered for staying against you," Batgirl explained, clenching her fist in anger, but calm herself for the time being as her lover will finish the rest for her.

"You had my parents killed, even though we didn't always get along but I still care about them and they to me. You killed them for being the eyewitness to the murder of the Wayne family, you killed two families that faithful night," Crimson Cowl explained while crossing his arms and glared at that the bastard that will get what's coming to him.

"The Court of Owls have long sentenced your death some time ago, Tommy, and I wanted to kill you for taking part in my family's death. However, the court and I chose to wait for your death as someone else has that right," Talon explained.

"And lastly, you have dragged the good number of my father's work down to the mud while having my mother sexually assaulted and later killed by your men because she going against your plans for the senatorship," Arkham Knight said as she was close drawing her sword out but was stopped by Talon and calm down.

Thomas was back to a condor and trapped like a rat in a trap now. Everything he has done for his goals to rule Gotham and take over many companies was coming down onto him.

"And watch your step," Batgirl said.

Thomas was about to speak, but a pair of hands crashed up and dragged the vulture through the wooden floorboards and down to a certain part of the cave. He struggled to get up on his feet and started to run for his life as something in the shadows was chasing him down like a prey he is.

"Get away from me! STAY AWAY!" Thomas shouted in pure panic and didn't pay attention to where he was going and was almost about to fall off the edge of a cliff to his death but something caught him.

Thomas grunted in pain as the shadow comes out and shows himself to be the Bat himself who had his claws digging into the vulture's flesh, by the arm, and pulled away from the cliff into the ground behind him.

"Your sins have come back to haunt you, Thomas Elliot. Everyone is dead because of you," Batman said as he narrowed his eyes onto his prey.

Thomas was very scared for his life now as the Arkham's Devil tower overs him.

"For years, I and others like myself have watched you and others pick Gotham's corpse for your sick imagination. Well, it's time to scatter the vultures and restore the city," Batman said, flexing his hands out which had his claws out and ready to finish the scum now.

The only that could be heard was Thomas screaming in pure terror as the Devil has come for his sins and end them all.

It was done.

With the vultures dead, Gotham can truly heal and be saved now.

Time Skip

City Hall

The next day, Gotham was fully had been saved. The crime and corruption have stopped. Many people were happy and felt safe to be in their city. Many believed that the cops have done but a great amount knows the truth as it was a certain Bat and his allies to bring down evil that rotted in their city.

We see in City Hall, a speech was going to be made by Gotham's most loved and wonderful mayor who is helping on running Wayne Enterprises, Lincoln March who secretly is the grandmaster of the Court of Owls and the long lost son of the Wayne family which good number knows it. He was going to make a speech today for the knight that saved Gotham who was his friend and something like a brother to him that shared the same dream as him. A city that saved and people are happy.

Lincoln put his hand up which had people quiet down and allow him to speak.

"I heard many people calling Batman a criminal, a vigilante that takes justice in his own hands, playing the role of both judge and executioner. Many believed that he was just another masked hero, a symbol of peace and justice. However, I see things in a different light, Batman isn't a criminal, not a hero like the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Flash. He is something else, he is something that this city. NO, this world needs. He is a man that faces darkness every day so that we, the innocent won't have to, he is a man that will place himself in danger so that others can live another day, feeling safe and protected," Lincoln started, getting the people to take his words in and catch his breath.

"He is a man that threw himself into the abyss and walked back out of it, forever changed, and yet continues to throw himself into it, so that others won't have to."

Many people wonder on the edge of their seats and felt that the mayor was right as Batman was different from other heroes.

"He is not a hero. He is a silent guardian. A watchful protector that punishes the guilty and protects the innocents. The Dark Knight," Lincoln finished his speech but wasn't over just yet as one reporter had a question.

"How would call upon this Dark Knight?" The reporter asked.

Lincoln looked at one of the cops by his side with a nod and that cop walked over to a large light.

"With this," Lincoln said which on time, the light turns on and the sky showed a bat signal into the night.

Not so far away, we see Batman seeing that his work on started but wasn't finished yet and war goes on. While Gotham had been saved, there's some work that needs to be done here and later other cities that suffered crime & corruption.

This was only the beginning.

"Indeed it is. Naruto, Batman & his allies will face new challenges now from in Gotham to outside the city and face different forms of corruption. Our Dark Knight & his allies will face them on and change the world for better."


AN Important: Remember that this story is one-shots of different Knights origins and yes open for suggestions as one did request of Supergirl the Bat of El story which sounds cool & fun. But that idea will wait as next ones we have:

The Breaker

The Shadow (Final)

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