And Then There was Darkness by Shaman Harvest

Origins of Batman the Breaker (Earth -51)

"We all know the events, Death in the Family and how it later inspired that multiply choice movie series. But what if someone else was there that day, the day that Batman & Robin die? The Broken shall become the Breaker, a Knight, a King, and a Warrior of the Night."

Gotham's Graveyard

We see a young man with blonde hair as the sun and ocean blue color eyes. He wore a black coat, blue shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. He had a sad look on his face and his eyes showed deep sadness, being in deep thought and were spinning. This was Naruto Uzumaki, one of the adopted sons of Bruce Wayne and now a former student of Batman who was known as Sparrow.

Naruto was praying his respects to Bruce Wayne, his father, and Jason Todd, his brother. A death in the family happen and was hell for our blonde hero to go through.

Naruto had lost part of his family that day and had been mourning a few months now. He won't talk to anyone or even wear his costume again, just staying in tha Batcave and doing work on the main computer but he did allow visitors and listen to them which showed that he was allowing them in, just deal with his grieving and mourning.

All of this was pushing the blonde to go into a place, a dark one which he was climbing out of and building something for himself to use.

Naruto was out for justice and revenge, crossing each other and aiming at one person. The one that took his father & brother away from him, The Joker.

Naruto had an idea to get the clown's attention and what he must become. He knows that Dick, his other adopted brother, won't take the title due to his beliefs and was different from Bruce. Take and surpass the abyss which the blonde was going in but won't blink and will overcome it as he vowed to get the clown.

"It's time," Naruto said to himself as he leaves the graveyard and head back home to get started with the case while building a new suit for himself to use.

Naruto took a new suit and gadgets, one that is very familiar to everyone and will get the clown's attention to him. The clown loves the attention and chaos with it which having the very person of his attention coming back to get him out of hiding.

Naruto had worked on Bat-suit while adding his upgrades like armor, sharp designs to it, and new gadgets for him to use on the field against his war on Joker for taking his family away from him. The nightmares to those that are harmed and himself by the clown won't until he is stopped

Soon enough, the new Batman set out of the changing room and was suited up for war. (Batman Knightfall Suit, Arkham Origins)

"It's time," The New Batman said, having his voice deep and different while grabbing a certain weapon, a crowbar that was used to beat Jason to death and start the chain of events to where we are now.

Time indeed and the final fight between the Bat & the Clown will happen very soon.

Time Skip

On the bridge, we see Joker on a truck who was looking around for this rumor of a new Bat in Gotham and had seen him but he disappeared.

"Now where did you Bats? We were going to have a nice cha-ahhhh!" Joker said but was cut as he pulled off from the truck by something and screamed a bit before grunting as he hit the ground.

Joker looked up to see the new Batman with a crowbar in hand, glaring at him with the attention to hurt, maybe kill him.

"That wasn't nice," Joker said as he pulled out a pistol to shot the bat but that weapon was knocked out of his hand by Batman who swung his crowbar at the clown to disarm him.

Joker then tackles Batman into the truck but the Dark Knight recovered by kneeling the clown in the gut and knock him back ways. The clown then pulled out a knife which the bat answered with a handful of flashbangs and set them loose which created a large amount of smoke around the area, leaving the two to fight to themselves.

"Damn it!" Joker cursed before coughing a bit from the smoke and looked around for the bat.

The police started to stay clear from that smoke while breaking out the gas makes and other equipment just in case but will take a while.

Batman then pops out of the smoke and swung the crowbar downwards which Joker saw on time and dodged the attack.

Joker dashed forward with his knife and swung at Batman who dodged the attacks while one hit his mask at its side. He then headbutted the clown causing him to grunt in pain and jumped the knife.

Joker then throws a punch which was weak mind you and got by the Dark Knight but it was a fake hand and allowed the clown to escape.

"What the?" Batman questioned and was lost for words, leaving him wide open.

Joker jumped and launched a double kick into Batman sent him flying into a truck which then falls over him but was lucky to get into the car thanks to the sunroof but the clown didn't know that.

"AH! Got ya!" Joker said as he brings out his real hand and walked over to the car with a smile on his face.

However, the door was slammed open and send the clown backward, showing Batman was unharmed and walked over to the clown with his crowbar in hand. Joker tried to attack again but the Dark Knight swung the crowbar at his face and send crashing down onto the ground by the oil truck behind him.

Joker grunted in pain as he whipped the blood off his mouth and glared at the new Batman.

"Sorry, was that rude? I forget my manners," Batman said as he throws the crowbar away and took off his mask, showing himself to the clown. He had blonde hair and blue eyes but wore a blackbird theme mask on his face, a familiar one for the clown to remember something.

The day that where Batman and Robin day, leaving the alone bird to mourn for them on that day. That bird, was Sparrow, another bird wonder and member of the family.

"," Joker said as he smiled and started laughing to see the humor while a great joke was out now.

"Oh kid, you have done your papa proud," Joker said, being very excited.

"Batman? I don't think he will agree," Naruto said, glaring at the clown and brought out his right arm which his gauntlet had a sharp blade ready to fire at his command.

"Not that papa, this one. Look at you. All new deadly Bat, out of his shadows and now you are spinning image of me," Joker said.

"I'm not like you. I took his name to honor him, draw you out and take you down. For what you did to him, my brother, and to me!" Naruto said with fire and fury in his eyes, wanting to finish this, once and for all.

"Oh, losing Bats hit me too. Right in the trigger," Joker said as hits his chest, his heart area.

"I thought about hanging all up until you roll into town. The timing, the irony, and the new costume. I know there was a joke underneath that mask but I never saw this punchline coming," Joker said.

Naruto kept his eyes narrowed at the clown and ready to finish it.

Joker saw it which caused him to laugh, knowing what's going to happen next, and wanted to do one last thing in order to win.

"This is the best joke I ever heard, kid! This not Batman. This, not your inner demons. This is you, the deep down inside of you!" Joker said, pointing at the blonde who was shocked by this and mentally was challenging himself to kill or not kill the clown now.

"That day was your birthday. I got your crowbar, a little song for your bro, and bomb in your pants. And you were reborn, hahaha. Without your proud papa Joker to slap you in the ass. Without the Dark Knight going nighty forever. You won't be eyes opening and outstanding crazy knight you are today," Joker said, pushing Naruto's buttons more and challenging him, mentally to finish it.

"So admitted son...who's your daddy?" Joker asked as he pushes his forehead up against Naruto's gauntlet.

Naruto glared at the clown with pure anger and everything was telling him to kill this madman once & for all, end the suffering and save lives while avenging his family & brother.

Then pushing the trigger, the sharp blade blasted right through the clown's head to the other side and ended him for good, it was done.

Naruto put his mask back on and left the area, leaving the police to find the clown's dead body to pick up.

It was done, the Batman had killed the Joker, ending the suffering and pain in Gotham at last but at what cost?

Time Skip


It has been a week since the clown's death and Gotham was changing for the better, crime was going down at last and things were changing for the better. Naruto who still wore his Batsuit was working on the Batcomputer and was in deep thought in his work while some other things.

"After Joker's death, it didn't take too long for my friends and allies coming to me after the events. They try to make me face the results of my actions which I told them with a serious face, I did what Bruce would have done. I walked into the abyss and not looked into it but walked right into it and return. I was truly out or stuck there, in the darkness that took over me or I have been the one in control," Naruto thought, starting as he worked hard on his work.

"Now it was time for criminals of the world to know that with Bruce, Batman's death, something far worse is born, something even more dangerous. A new warrior of justice was born who takes the sins that I have done, will do, and face them no matter what. No fear, no hesitation, and won't hold back," Naruto finished his thoughts as he put his mask on.

Naruto will kill, yes he will but not fully. He will keep Bruce's own code while having his own inside. He will live with the fact on that as he did it for the greater good of the world. He didn't regret it and will do it again to save the lives of millions with on action and was ready to live with his actions.

However, before Naruto could leave the cave for another patrol, something stopped him or someone who was next to the car and keys in hand. She was a beautiful woman with long black hair, dark as the night itself, her eyes being a gorgeous blue in color and her lips were black from her lipstick, giving her a dark yet seductive appearance. She wears a sleek and slim jumpsuit with pointy cat ears at the top and a red interior. On her face, she wears a pair of gold goggles around her eyes, and around her waist, she wears a gray utility belt for her weapons such as her whip. This was Catwoman, Selina Kyle who is someone very important to Naruto in more ways than one.

"Naruto," Selina greeted as she puts her goggles and masks down, for the time being, wanting to talk with the blonde.

"Selina," Naruto said before trying to go the Batmobile but was stopped by the cat thief and throw the keys away for the time being.

"Move, there's work need to be done," Naruto said but Selina didn't move and kept the blonde close to her a bit.

Selina didn't speak as she reached up and took off Naruto's mask, showing his face, and was confused by this sudden action. The cat saw the pain behind his ocean color eyes, deep pain from what happened that night and his actions so far. She then brought him into a hug, which he didn't do anything at first and was confused for a second but something was happening.

Selina was going to help Naruto in his current state.

"Don't push us away, Naruto. Let it out," Selina said, her voice being calm and soft which seem to touch the blonde to the core as the dam was broken and walls came down.

Naruto then hugged back and released all of his sadness and pain out. All of the sadness and pain he felt when Bruce and Jason die that night, forcing himself to stay up at night to not relive the painful memories of that night, and pushing those he cares about away from him. All of it was coming out and shown from the tears that the blonde was letting out.

Selina stays quiet as she calms Naruto down by embracing with everything she got, allowing his mind and soul to calm down as he released his hidden emotions that he kept inside.

The pair stay together until things calm down and we see them sitting on a sofa to relax with Naruto laying on Selina's lab as she rubbed his head. Naruto had taken his suit off and wanted to relax, heal for the better which has a suit on won't help at this time. Selina still wore her suit on for the time being and hummed lightly as she plays with the blonde's hair.

"You plan on doing this mission?" Selina asked, almost challenging him.

"Yes but not alone or trap up. I don't plan to lose myself in the darkness. I plan to work out of the abyss and not alone," Naruto replied, much to the cat's enjoyment.

"Good and this handsome," Selina said as leads down and cut Naruto off completely.

Selina kissed Naruto up against his lips, being a warm and blissful kiss which to the blonde's enjoyment, and kissed back with equal passion.

The pair soon part ways, having heat in their cheeks and warmed.

"Thank you, Selina," Naruto thanked being happy that Selina was here to help him through his darkness and be the light in it.

"I should be one to thank you. For accepting me from the start and who I am, a cat thief who's a lot more than who she is," Selina said with a smile as the pair stay with each other and enjoyed each other's company.

The broker has become the breaker and healed at last.

Naruto (The Breaker) Harem: Black Canary, Donna Troy, Cheetah, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy

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