Chapter 1 A Chance

Konoha, Naruto's Apartment

It's been 6 years since the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked, things have calmed down, businesses were slowly rebuilding, the injured were treated, the Third Hokage was reinstated into leading the village once more and life has returned back to normal.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for one Naruto Uzumaki, he was sitting in his apartment, feeling alone, no-one wanted to be his friend, no-one truly cared for him, while the Third treated like an adopted grandson, he couldn't watch the child most of the time, being a village leader takes time away from their family, never mind someone like Naruto.

At the moment, the young blonde's blue eyes were nearly losing their mischievous spark.

"Why, why am I always alone!?" Naruto gritted his teeth as tears builded up in his eyes.

Before anything else could happen, "Ah, but you're never alone when you have me with you." A dark growling voice spoke out, causing Naruto to jump slightly, looking around for whoever it was that spoke.

As he was about to ask who was there, the voice chuckled darkly, "These humans don't care about you, maybe you'd be better off somewhere else."

Hearing the suggestion, Naruto was puzzled.

"Why would I be better somewhere else!?" He asked the voice as it huffed before replying.

"Because no-one'll know who you are, it'll give you a chance to start over, who knows, maybe this way, someone'll adopt you and raise you like their own child, also speak with your mind, since the walls have ninjas." The voice said.

What the voice said sounded too good to be true, though he found the ninja-crack to be slightly funny, but at the moment, the thought of starting a new life sounded wonderful,

"That does sound amazing, but what about the old man Hokage, wouldn't he be worried about me?" Naruto said.

Hearing the blond, the voice couldn't deny that. "That's true, which is why you'll write a letter explaining why you left, about how you want to start over, how being alone was making you lose your spirit, I'm sure he'll understand." Granted the voice left out the fact that the Hokage would send out ANBU to try and bring Naruto back because he was sealed in him.

Naruto having no clue, replies, "Yeah, but where will I go, I can't just walk out the village like that, I'd ether be brought back, or killed out there!"

The voice gave off a slight chuckle, a chuckle Naruto knew all too well when he was pranking someone.

"That is why I'll send you somewhere else that's safe, though it would be a random jump to another dimension." That peeked Naruto's interest, he saw those types of things in old comics that people threw out. "Unfortunately, it would be a one-way trip, luckily you'll still live when you arrive to that world, since the laws of nature would be different, it also means your chakra may be locked or lost as well and the actual trip will be painful." The voice explained.

Naruto was slightly put off at the idea of pain, as well as possibly losing his chakra, but gaining a possible family in a different world was kinda leaning him into it, being an orphan, Naruto always wanted a family, friends can come later, but family, so what if he wasn't blood-related to them, it's all about the bonds they've gained by it, at least that's what it's like for him and the old-man.

Thinking things through, as much as a 6 year old can, he nods his head.

"Alright, I'll do it, I'll go and get a family in a new world, I might miss the old man, but I'm sure he'd understand."

Naruto couldn't see it, but he can feel the voice was smiling, "Very well then Naruto, write your note, leaving out the world jumping part, since it would give your Hokage a heart attack." Doing what the voice said, along with leaving out the world travel, since he didn't want that to happen.

Once finished, the voice explained to leave everything, otherwise it'll get ruined along the way, Naruto followed what the voice said, sitting in the middle of his floor, in the lotus position, still wearing his white t-shirt and blue shorts, waiting for the voice to start.

He then realized something, "Oh yeah, what's your name, you never told me that!?"

The voice began think it over, it may as well leave a parting gift, "My name is Kurama, once this is finished, you'll be sent away and I'll separate from you and be somewhere else, hopefully away from all the humans, since I don't want to be used and sealed again."

Being confused at that last part, Naruto gave a friendly smile, "Thank you Kurama, besides the old man, you're the only friend I ever had!" He beamed.

Hearing this Kurama was shocked, no-one has ever thanked him before, so hearing it now was really heart warming.

"Good luck Naruto." And before Naruto could reply a powerful primal pain hit him, covering him in red chakra, before anything else, Naruto vanished in a flash of red, leaving Konoha, and the Elemental Nations.

On a world called Earth

In the pouring down rain in the city of Wardington, everyone was busy going home or trying to get out of the rain. However in an alley way flashed a red appeared and Naruto landed on the ground with a thud, his clothes had cuts and burn marks on them, along with his body.

Naruto groaned feeling pain all over his body as he tried to sit up. "Kurama was right, this is painful." He muttered trying to take deep breathes.

"Oh my, are you okay?" Naruto's head shot up at the voice. He looked over towards his right to see a stranger staring at him. It was a light skinned woman having shoulder-long brown hair with brown eyes, a slim figure with C-cup breasts, wearing a orange shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes, she was holding an umbrella to cover her from the rain.

The woman walked over over to Naruto who instantly backed away in fear into the alley he was in. Old memories of his abuse from the villagers kicking in.

"No it's okay, I won't harm you." The woman said in a gentle tone as she tried to calm Naruto down who cowered in fear as the woman tried to reach for him, making him cover his head with his hand with little strength he had in his body. Naruto shook as he prepared for whatever she was gonna do to him. However he felt a warm hand touch his, causing his nerves to calm down as he slowly stopped shaking. Looking up he stared at the woman's soft and gentle eyes as she held his hand.

"It's okay little one, no one is going to hurt you." The woman spoke in a soothing tone as she lowered the boys arms. Naruto's eyes watered, his mouth quivering until he launched into her chest. After a long time of being alone Naruto needed some comfort, and while the woman was surprised by this but allowed the boy to cry. Whatever he has been through he needed to let it out.

"It's okay, it's okay." The woman soothed as she hugged Naruto. She slowly picked him up and walked out of the alley way as she walked back to what must have been her home.

"What's your name if you don't mind me asking?" The woman asked Naruto, who was crying in her shoulder, looked up and stared at her.

After sometime he finally answered, "My... name is Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki ma'am." He said.

"Well it's nice to meet you Naruto. I'm Miyoko Kuso." Miyoko said giving off a beautiful smiled making Naruto smile back at her.

And that is it for the first chapter. I meant to post this on the 27th which was my birthday, but I got really drunk celebrating it. Apparently if you turn the age on the day you were born it's a golden birthday and it was mine. To make a long story short I got really drunk that left me with a hangover for two whole days. In hindsight not a good idea since I don't really drink. But I'm better now!

Anyway as you can already tell it's a Naruto X Bakugan story where Naruto thanks to Kurama come into the world of Bakugan and is founded by Miyoko, Dan's mother. Now for this Miyoko never got married therefore never had Dan, so Naruto is taking Dan's place. Now keep in mind Naruto will act like himself but a little more mature. Also for Naruto's Bakugan for the future I already have ideas and will reveal them later.

What I plan to update next is A Pokefied Ninja, Foxfire, and Naruto Ketchum, along with a new story, so look out for them.

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