*Not sure where this will go, because this is my first batman related fic ever.

This story is set in the Gotham tv show universe, but it may have some references to the show 'Young Justice'. This is also a Fem! Dick Grayson story too, and no slash also! Mostly just parental and family love. This is also set after 4x05, the episode where Bruce kills Ra's)

(Part 1 of my: 'Behind Wings And Shades' Series (AKA: The female robin AU)


Chapter 1: Are You Pulling My Leg?

The midnight wind blew lightly, ruffling the feathers of the pigeons sharing their assigned spots in the cage. They cooed quietly, some burying their heads as they slept the night away. The tiny animals were used to hearing police sirens and high pitched screams coming from the troublesome city. However, they weren't prepared when a booming white light appeared, making a sound that could be related to a bomb going off.

The pigeons jerked and tried to flutter away, but the lock door kept them in for their 'safety'. The light disappeared only when something, or someone, popped out. The person let out a frustrated cry, tensing up at the painful face plant they just did against the concrete roof. A finger nail painted hand reached up for their nose, while the other free hand pushed themselves up to sit down. A group of curse words were muttered from the supposed female as her nose started to bleed, and her body began to ache from the top of her head, and all the way down to her heel covered feet.

"What… what the hell?" She mumbled, soon finding herself squinting in the dark. "How'd I get outside? And where am I?"

Slight fear struck her in the core when she couldn't recognize where she was. She carefully got up, balancing herself as her eyes attacked the city skyline. She looked around with confusion and uncertainty, especially when she caught a glimpse of Gotham's famous clocktower.

"Well that's not supposed to be there." Squaring her shoulders, and remembering her training to stay calm (even in the most unlikely situations).

She carefully surveyed the area again, spotting a railing on one of the sides of the roof she was on, and got an idea. She took a few steps forward, cursing when she nearly stumbled over on her white gladiator heels that her stylist insisted she wear.

She growled at them, wasting no time to take them off. "Stupid, fucking heels." She grasps them together in one hand, and marches over to the fire escape.

She climbed down the rusty narrow stairs, jumping off the final latter that was stuck and in desperate need of some repairs. And once again, she found herself looking around, only this time she was looking down herself. She noticed her elegant dress with silver trim that caressed her body, and showed off some skin (much to her father's demise, it once again was curtsy to her stylist that she might just have to fire).

She frowns at some of the factors that plays out tonight:

A) She was a young girl.

B) She was dressed like she was a fucking super model.

And C) She was in Gotham at night.

Overall, it wasn't such a good idea, especially if someone would recognize her for who she is, then it would be game over. She nearly shivers at the thought of last time she was held for ransom.

"Can't be having that."

The girl chucked her heels into the dumpster, before snatching something to wear off the clothesline above. A pair of pants, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. She found herself pausing when she felt how soft the black hoodie was, and examined the logo printed onto it. It was a band merch, Wheezer to be exact, but that wasn't what struck her though…

"This looks brand freaking new. What's going on?" She thought, her mind turning for answers.

Putting her question on the backburner, she discarded her dress and changed into street clothes. She tucked away the jewelry she was wearing, in case she needed it for later (and probably will because she seems like she lost her purse with her credit card in it). Still barefoot, she trekked out into the cold crosswalk, brushing past any people in her way. Shivering a bit when the wind picked up, it was almost like winter was coming at any moment.

"I don't remember it being this cold either. I didn't even have a sweater on when we went to the gala." She thought, hugging herself to keep warm. "Now that I think about it, isn't it supposed to be summertime?"

Crossing the street at an intersection, she found herself facing a homeless man holding out a cup for change. Her heart clenched, but also her eyes lit up when he saw what he was wearing on his lower half. The girl fishes out her stunning emerald ring, taking a few steps forward and holding it out. Their eyes met, and as kindly as she could, she says,

"I'll give you this ring if you give me your shoes." Gesturing to his red and blue beat up sneakers on his feet. Without any hesitation for the man, he kicks them off and swipes the ring from her hand, almost crying with happiness.

"Thank you, young lady." He said, flashing a broken smile.

"You're welcome. Take care."

Sliding the shoes that were too big for her feet -but had to make them work for her numb feet's sake-, she was soon being pulled in every direction possible, all while keeping her eyes open on everything that seemed to be different. She quickly notices the way people walk, or dress, and even the cars on the road seem very different from what she's used to. It was indeed odd. The sense of fear comes back as she starts to wonder if this might have been a villain's doing, or maybe the many hits she's taken to the head has finally caught up to her.

"Am I in a coma? Or could this be Tetch's doing? Riddler's maybe?" She shakes her head. "No. There's no way they could do something like this. So what's going on?"

Brightly lit neon colors poured onto her face, stopping her in her tracks. She looks up to find a diner using neon lights for its sign.

"A diner. And it looks like it's twenty four hours, So maybe I can wait here until I figure out what's going on." With a little more confidence than earlier, she headed inside to an almost packed diner. Her bright blue eyes took it in, just as the woman behind the counter spoke to her.

"Can I help, sweety? Or are you still waiting on your parents?"

"Um, well-" She begins, just before a boisterous man comes through the door (Seriously, who's this happy at this hour?).

"Hey, Home skillet! What's up?!" He yells, throwing his arms out for effect as the one of the main cooks poked their head through the serving window.

"Hey, Tony! Where've you been?" The cook asked.

"I was at a Guns N' Roses concert in Gotham park. They killed it tonight, man!"

She raised an eyebrow, not recalling their being a concert tonight at the city's park. "Guns N' Roses?" She asked, catching his attention.

"Yeah. They're this super hip rock band that I love. You know, Big hair, great music, hard rocking youngsters? They're da bomb!"

She blinks in confusion. "Youngsters? They're not young. Those guys are in their fifties. Wait…" She scratches her chin in thought, puzzle pieces starting to fit. "First the clock tower; then this Wheezer hoodie I'm wearing is brand new; The guy just said 'Home skillet' and 'Da bomb', and he said that the Guns N' Roses guys are young. So does that mean I'm…?"

She gasps quiet, her head snapping back at the lady behind the counter who seemed to also be eavesdropping on the two men's conversation.

"Excuse me-" She said, putting her acting skills to the test. She pretends to be embarrassed by rubbing the back of her neck. "This is embarrassing, but I have this brain injury I got a few years back, and unfortunately I have trouble remembering anything after the day it happens. So if it's okay if I ask you a question that could help me?"

The lady covers her mouth in shock. "Oh dear, that's terrible. I'm so sorry." She replies, before giving a comforting smile. "Sure thing dear. What would you like to ask me?"

"I was just wondering what year it was?"

"Hmm… well that is a weird question, but if it'll help you I'll tell. It's 1995."

She froze. "Nineteen… Ninety… Five?"

"Yes, that'll be correct."

"Oh… I see…"

The lady's face turned almost motherly, her voice etching with words of concern next. "Sweetheart, you don't look so good. Do you want something to drink? It's on the house." Not trusting her words to speak, the girl nodded. "Okay, why don't you sit down while I'll go get it."

She swallowed, and stumbled forward to catch herself against the countertop. A haunting expression grew on her face for everyone to see, as she tried to control her shaking form. She was here, not back there. She was here in the 90s, not back in the twenty-first century where she belongs. And what makes it all worse is because she's alone, and has no idea what to expect from this era. Hell. She wasn't even born yet.

"1995? I somehow traveled back in time." She clenches the countertop tighter. "How the hell am I supposed to get myself out of this now?"

*Sorry it was short, but this is just a teaser for what's more to come. See you next time!*