Chapter 7: Not What She Wished For

"Nani, Nani, puiul mamii."

The bright red fruit was caught by her palm.

"Nani, Nani, puiul mamii."

A quick toss into the air.

"Puisorul mamii mic."

The bright red fruit was caught by her palm.

"Facete-ai, maica, voinic,"

A quick toss into the air.

"Nani, Nani, puiul mamii."

The bright red fruit was caught by her palm.

"Nani, Nani, puiul mamii."

A quick toss into the air.

"Frumusel și voinicel."

The bright red fruit was caught by her palm.

"Mandru ca un stejerel."

A quick toss into the air.

"Nani, Nani, puiul mamii."

The bright red fruit was caught by her palm.

"Nani, Nani, puiul mamii."

A quick toss into the air.

"Puiul mamii, puisor."

The bright red fruit was caught by her palm.

"Dormi, puiule, dormi usor."

The crunch of the apple, as she looks back at the window. The sun came up, reminding her of when the light would hit her in the face at the manor. She practically could still smell the lavender tea and huge breakfast her grandfather would make for the family in the morning.

Instead, all it smelled like was BO and water damage.

However, she wasn't cruel and could never be disrespectful towards this place. She knew very well what it was like to be poor, and barely have anything to eat.

"I wonder if I should donate some of my allowance to the Narrows when I get back?" She ponders on the thought. "Or has Bruce already done that?"

She racked her brain for a few more minutes before shaking it. She had more important things to be worrying about. Like how did Two-Face and Killer Croc show up here like her? How did she get here? And more importantly,

Who the hell has Jim been talking to for the past twenty minutes?!

As she snagged another piece of apple between her teeth, Rachel cast her look towards the police detective who's been on his phone for quite some time. She would just watch him pace and/or shift in his place, all while either scratching his chin or head, and would occasionally glance back at her.

Strange. He was like that since they both got up.

"Does he have an idea?" She wonders, and waits. She always hates waiting though.

While she does, she would either just start quietly mumbling a Romanian lullaby her mother used to sing to her, or get a mischievous idea of hacking into 90s technology which was always an amazing feeling to do.

Now that'll be something.

She nodded at the idea of that, and quickly finished her apple. By the time it was done, Jim was already off the phone. She looks up at him with curious blue eyes.

"So?" Rachel asks, wanting to know the details.

"I think your fears are right." He replies, his face kind of pale. "I called the stations, and apparently eyewitnesses claimed they saw a huge reptile in the bay. Does that sound correct."

She frowns, and slowly nods. "Yeah, that's Killer Croc alright."

"I also made another call."

"Oh. To who?"

"Lucius. I asked him if we could meet at his house to discuss something in private, he doesn't know what it is though."

Rachel gives him a look. "Don't you think you should inform him on what is going on?"

"Yes, but uh…" He scratches the back of his neck. "I think we might have to sit him down for this one too."

She barely gave it a thought, realizing that once again she would have to explain her situation to another person. "You're right about that one…" Rachel sighs, and springs up to her feet. "Okay, Jim, let's do this."

Jim opens the door, letting her go first before following. Since it was morning the bar/fight club downstairs were closed, leaving a very 'empty' feeling behind. It was also very quiet, too quiet for the detective's taste. He would think something was wrong if it wasn't for the sound of Lee's footsteps coming their way.

"Leaving already?" The queen asked, meeting them halfway in the hall.

"Jim here thinks Lucius Fox might be able to help." Rachel says, happy that they might have an answer.

"Oh, so you took my advice from last night?"

"I did." Jim replies, shrugging a bit. "So far that's our only shot. We're heading over to his place now."

"If we do figure something out, I promise to visit you one more time before I leave for my time." Rachel chimes in, smiling.

Lee chuckles, and cups her cheeks in a very motherly way. "That'll be amazing." The two share a quick moment, before the girl remembers something.

"Oh! Before I forget!" Rachel says, digging into her pockets. "Payment."

Lee perks up, then shakes her head. "Oh, No. You don't need to pay me."

"No, I insist."

"Rachel, you don't have to, really."

"No, no. I will. But it's not money, however you can probably trade it in for some." She grabs the woman's hand, and places something into her palm.

Lee takes a look, and gasps, her free hand covering her mouth in shock.

Jim, sensing that something was wrong, immediately jumps in. "What? What's wrong?!"

She shakes her head. "No, no, no. Nothing's wrong. It's just-"

"Just what?"

"Look!" She holds up a single golden drop earring with a giant emerald stone, that seemed to be surrounded by tiny alexandrites. "These are made from a really young French designer! They're so expensive! You have to sell an arm and a leg for this, Jim!" She faces the girl again. "Where did you get these?"

Rachel shrugs. "Don't know. My Grandfather gave me those."

"Holy shit…" Lee whispers, believing it was a dream that she was even allowed to hold one of these delicate earrings.

"Well if you like that so much, you can take the other one." She pulls out the other earrings, and places it to her palm.

Jim looks surprised at the woman's reaction. Lee literally looked like a kid in a candy store. "Well shit, if she is this excited over earrings, I should've gotten her some when we were together."

"A-Are you sure?" Lee asks, and Rachel nods.

"I've got plenty. You take them." The girl says.

"Plenty?" He thought, wondering how a girl like herself has such high quality earrings. "I don't remember you wearing those when I met you?"

"I took them off when I changed my clothes. Remember? I told you I came from a party." She says.

"What kind of party involves those kinds of earrings?"

"A... charity event?"

His face becomes puzzled at the way she said. "What kind of charity event did she even go to?"

Lee smiles proudly, closing her hand gently to keep them in place. "Thank you."

"No problem." Rachel says.

"And good luck, you two. I mean it."

"Thanks." He says, brushing off the previous conversation. "I appreciate what you've done for us as well."

"No need to thank me, Jim. Now go on, go see Lucius."

He nods, and gestures for the teenager to follow him down the stairs. Rachel waves to the woman, and jogs to catch up.

"Rachel?" Lee says, stopping her in her tracks.

"Yeah?" She said, looking back.

"I have a question before you leave."

"Okay. Shoot."

"Do uh…" How does she put this without sounding weird? "Do me and Jim know your family?"

Rachel stares, the question trying to process.




"Mary and John Grayson." She felt him freeze, before his hands gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze.

"I knew those two before they got married. In fact, I saved their marriage."

She perks up, finally looking at him with full attention. "You did? How?"




"Does she mean Bruce? Or my parents?" Rachel wonders, remembering that Jim had mentioned that he knew the circus couple. And they obviously know Bruce, so what is she referring to?

The girl soon let the corner of her lips curl upwards, satisfied with what she had to say. "You both know who my family is." She replies, and turns to head downstairs after the man.

She didn't wait for a reaction, nor did she wait for a follow up question (She honestly wasn't ready to answer those). She follows Jim through the main hall, watching him give the Riddler a glare who was trying to talk some sense into what she assumed was a fighter (judging by how muscular he was).

"Bye, Eddie." Rachel says, giving him a wave. She could hear him calling out to her, but the words were incoherent.

Outside, Jim jerks his thumb over his shoulder as they walk side-by-side. "Are you and him on good terms or something?" He asks, curious about their relationship (she did mention once before that she knew him through her job which he still doesn't know what it is yet!).

"Kind of. I mean we fight, but he wouldn't hurt me. He has a line he doesn't cross, you know?" Rachel replies, recalling her first time that they met. "Him and the Penguin."

The two of them say no more until they're at Jim's car, which honestly…

They completely forgot what condition it was in.

Broken driver's window, and a busted panel near the steering wheel, it wasn't looking so good.

Jim pokes his head inside, frowning. "Huh. I forget about not having the damn keys." He looks at her. "Think you can start it again?"

"Depends if it still has juice in it. But don't you remember we couldn't turn it off because without the keys?" She replies, copying his expression.

"Well if it's not on, that means it won't run." He lets out a frustrated groan. "Great. How are we supposed to get to his house now?"

"Got a plan B?"

He takes a moment to scratch his chin, thinking. Finally with a sigh, he suggested. "The Bus?"

She looks quite surprised by his response. "You, possibility one of the greatest cops in the city, wants to take the bus?" He nods, and her shoulders slump. "Well that's a first."


"Thank whoever for your stray pocket change, or we would have to walk by foot." Rachel says, coming up to Lucius' tiny house in the city.

"Your sarcasm is very strong." Jim said, knocking on the door.

"I'm being genuine."

The door soon opens, revealing the person that might have the answers to all of this. "Jim, you're finally here." He says.

"Sorry. Car trouble." Jim replies, truthfully.

His eyes land on the teenager, recognizing her immediately. "I'm assuming this is the guest you were talking about?"

Jim nods slowly. "Correct."

Lucius glanced at her again, before stepping aside, letting them in. "I thought you were just a troublemaker Jim brought into the station." He replies truthfully, after closing the door.

"Oh I am. When I want to be." Rachel replies, grinning mischievously.

Jim shakes his head a bit. "You might want to sit this one down, Lucius."

"Okay…" Lucius said, skeptikal. He sits down in the living room off to the side, the duo copying. "What is it?"

"Rachel here isn't exactly a law breaker like I thought."

"So she's… what then?"

"Do you believe in time travel, Mr. Fox?" She cuts in, making Jim mentally sighs. She was cutting straight to the chase already.

To the duo's surprise, Lucius actually had no shock or any other emotion besides confusion.

"You're a time traveler?" He asks the teen.

Rachel tilts her head at the subtle emotion. "You're… okay with this?"

"Well only if you are one."

"Uh… I'm not really a 'time traveler', that's definitely not my profession. I just happen to come back eighteen years into the past; and I'm not sure how I'm here, or how to get back."

"I see." He says, his eyes now pinned on the cop. "Is this the reason you need my help?"

Jim nods slowly. "Ye..yes." He looked at him suspiciously before repeating Rachel's question. "You're actually okay with this?"

"Okay is a strong word. However, I've had my suspicions too ever since we met at the station. The way she talked had my head spinning, and now I understand." Lucius replies, looking back at Rachel again. "So we do know each other, correct?"

"Yeah, we do." She says, getting over the shock. "It won't be for a long time though."

"Then I guess I could help out." He straightens up, officially all ears. "Now, tell me how you got here."

"It's kind of fuzzy, if I'm going to be honest. I remember going to a party with my dad, and then there was this… extremely bright light; and the next thing you know, I'm being thrown on top of a rooftop in Gotham."

"Thrown, you say?"

"It was like the light kind of just dropped me a few feet above the ground. But I don't recall anything else."

"That's all?" She nods. "Interesting."

"Well?" Jim asks, seeing that the wheels were turning his friend's head.

"If I'm being honest, Jim. I'm not sure." Lucius says, wholeheartedly. "The fact that all she says is there was a light, doesn't give me much. But it does tell me this wasn't something with science."

"How can you tell?"

"First off, if someone was going to time travel, they would probably have to build a machine." He looks at the girl again. "Now Rachel, in your time has anyone built a time machine yet?"

"Not that I know of." She responded.

"See? Nothing. It would either be a machine, or someone would have to go so fast that they could literally spring themselves forward or back. All she mentions is a light, so that rules out that theory too."

"So you're telling me we're back to square one?" Jim asks, his stomach dropping at the underlining answer.


"Great." He leans back in defeat. "I thought we would have the answer before more shows up."

"I'm sorry… There's more, you say?" Lucius said, looking alert.

"Let's just say some bad guys from my time are here." Rachel replies, growing pale at the thought. "One of them attacked us at Jim's apartment."

His eyes grow wide. "Attacked? Are you guys okay?"

"We're fine. Just a bit shaken." Jim said, running a hand through his hair. "Speaking of that, I got to go back. I need to see if they're still there." He pushes himself off the couch, standing tall again.

"So are we taking the bus again?" Rachel asks, coming up next to him.

He holds his hand up. "Hang on, you're not coming with me."

Her eyebrows furrowed. "Why not?"

"Because you got hurt the last time, I don't know if those guys are still there. It might still be dangerous."

"Dangerous? You just took me to the Narrows."

"You guys went to the Narrows?" Lucius cuts into their mini argument.

"Yeah, we went to see Lee since I know her as well." She replies, sparing him a glance. That response however drew the man back into a world of confusion.

"Wait, Miss Thompkins is still in Gotham?"

"Okay, so If I can't go with you Jim, then where do I go? I can't stay here, Lucius doesn't have enough space." Rachel continues on, and could sense that the man was about to ask what she means. "I know you're remodeling the second floor."

And with that, Fox's mouth closes.

"Shit… um…" Jim stutters, while practically biting his fingernails at this point. "Damn it. Where is she supposed to go?"

A few moments passed, and the sound of keys jingling got their attention. The man of the house stood near the door, showing off his ginormous set of lock pickers.

"Come on, I'll take you to your apartment, Jim." He said, holding up his hand to stop Jim from protesting. "But first, we can take Rachel somewhere."

"Which is where exactly?" The police detective asks.

"You'll see."


The car drove further and further from the city, out onto a suburban road, away from the supposed chaos. They traveled slowly, and along the Gotham city bay. Rachel laid her head against the window of the vehicle, while scratching the last bit of white nail polish off from her fingernails as she waited to see where Lucius was taking her and Jim. She kept her eyes off the road, and just distracted herself with anything inside; drowning out the sounds of the other passing cars and feeling the pot holes below the tires.

She didn't look up because all she wanted was a break from giving directions, and possibly spoiling anymore of the future for the people she knew. She still wasn't even a hundred percent sure if telling people these things would screw up the timeline or not (Because time travel ain't her forte like she stated earlier).

"This is when we need the Flash." Was all she could think.

So she continued to relax, and distracted herself. Unfortunately, her wish wasn't granted for very long.

"Are you going to Bruce's house?" Jim asks the driver, making the girl in the back seat snap her head up.

"Sure am." Lucius says. "He's got plenty of space, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if she stayed until you get your apartment looked at."

"I hope not. But I feel bad that we're just showing up out of the blue."

"Br-Bruce's house?" Rachel asks, slowly. She wanted to make sure she heard that right."

"Yeah." Jim says, looking back at her with that bright smile again. "He was that kid I told you that reminded me of. Let's see if they'll let us stay."

She nods in a snail like pace. "Cool…" She goes back to looking at her hands, shielding herself from the weird stares she was getting.

Silence follows, and nobody says a word until they're officially parked in the Wayne Manor's driveway.

"You can wait here, Lucius. I can handle this." Jim replies, opening his door and stepping out.

"You sure?" Lucius asks.


He shut the door, and waited for Rachel, who was moving extremely slow, to get caught up next to him.

"Before we go inside, let's not mention traveling through time-thing." He says, getting her to look at him.

"Why not?" She asks, confused.

"Since you're probably only going to be staying here for one night, maybe it's best we keep them out of it."

"You really think so?"

He sighs. "I hope so."

Together they both headed for the door, ringing the buzzer. And just a few moments later, a slightly silvered haired man answered the door, a towel in his hands like he just got done with a chore.

"Ah, Mr. Gordon. Might I say your visit is a surprise." He said, truthfully.

"Apologizes, Alfred." Jim replies, before gesturing to come inside. "May we?"

"Why of course. Come on in chums." He steps aside, letting the duo in. After gently closing the door, he puts his full attention on them. "May I ask who this young lady is?"

"This here is Rachel." Jim places his hands on her shoulders. "My niece."

"Niece?" The older man seemed to perk up on that one. "I was unaware you had one."

"What can I say? I don't like to brag." He chuckles dryly, silently praying that the butler was falling for this. "Rachel, this is Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's guardian."

She had an enigmatic face, but she used all her might to muster up a better one. "Um… Nice to meet you, Mr. Pennyworth." Rachel says, holding out her hand in politeness.

Alfred seemed taken back at this. "Likewise, Miss." He says, shaking it. "Now I'm assuming showing her off isn't the reason why you're here, isn't it?"

"No it is not." Jim says, quickly thinking of a way to put this. "Listen, last night, some people attacked my apartment."

"Oh, dear. Are you both alright?"

"We're fine, but I still have to go check it out and I don't feel comfortable leaving her in the precinct overnight again."

"And you were hoping that I would let her stay here?" Alfred asked, raising a brow.

"If it's not too much trouble. Lucius' apartments being redone, and Harvey and I aren't exactly on speaking turns right now." Jim replies, frowning a bit at that last part. It has been a few days though, so maybe they could try to talk again?

"Well, if it's just for a night then I'm sure I can make an arrangement." The butler said, clasping his hands together like he was ready to work.

"You're sure?"

"Positive. Besides, I think it would be nice to have a house guest to get Bruce's mind out of the gutter."

"What do you mean by that?" Jim asks, worriedly.

"Well…" His eyes went to the girl for a split second, carefully choosing his next words. "Do you recall what happened the other night?"

"Ra's." Jim thinks and nods slowly, the event practically flashing before his mind. "I do."

"Well, Master B's been… how should I put this?" A pregnant pause. "Going through a bit of a rebellious phase."

"How exactly?" Jim was not liking the sound of this.

"You know…" Alfred made a 'drinking' gesture with his hand, making the cop's eyes grow wide (Unfortunately Rachel followed it exactly too). "So maybe having a guest could… put him back on the right track."

"If you say so."

As much as Jim would like to give this guy a bit of a lecture on why he was allowing Bruce to drink, he simply doesn't have the time to do it. He quickly, but gently turns the teenager around.

"Alright, I'm going back to the apartement to see what's the damage. I'll make sure to bring your stuff back to you if I can find it, okay?" He says, putting up his parental front.

"You sure about this, Uncle?" She whispers, uncertain.

He tries his best to look reassuring. "Positive." He ruffled her hair, and bid the both of them goodbye.

Rachel slightly sighs, nervously brushing a strain of dark hair behind her ear.

"Okay, then. I'll go wake up Master B for you." Alfred said, clearing his throat. He was already heading off down the hallway too.

She perks up, realizing she must have just sat there silently for a long time. "Mr. Pennyworth, you really don't have to wake up Mr. Wayne." Rachel says, her words making him stop in his tracks. "I'm the one that showed up unexpectedly, so for there is a reason let the young man sleep."

He looks back at her looking surprised by her response. "Are you sure, Miss?"

"Yes." She chuckles sadly, but kept the fake smile on her face. "My parents would kill me if I were so rude."

Alfred straightens up, seemingly liking the response. "Okay. If you insist, then I will set up your bed chambers for the night."

"That would be lovely. Thank you."

"Alrighty then. Make yourself at home, I'll be down in a bit."

Rachel waited until she could see him on the stairs before dropping her act. Strangely she felt out of place, which was odd because she is pretty much a permanent house guest here. She sighs, and takes in the Manor.

"So this is the original? Looks almost the same."

Almost, but the new one looked…. Well… newer. It had a shine to it even with the whole 'victorian' look. There were more nic nacs and photographs all around the place. There was even a custom cubby holder to store her gym back from school. She was always so forgetful, leaving the bag at home by accident so with Bruce's brilliant mind, and Alfred's skillful hands they created it.

It felt so unnatural in the atmosphere that it wasn't there.

Her blue orbs cast to the staircase again. It always took Alfred about 15-20 minutes to get a guest room ready, so she has time to roam around on her own (and before staying here gets a little weird).

After only just a few steps, the smell of alcohol hit her nose that made her scrunched up. She gagged, covering it with her hand. Now in some situations, Rachel would ignore it, however she still remembers the gesture the butler made to Jim.

"Bruce." She thought, before following the trail.

She found herself at the study room, where she spotted a glass bottle just outside the door. She picked it up, and used her detective skills to examine it. The label revealed how cheap this stuff was. Uncle Harvey would disapprove.




"This is not even the good stuff!"




Normally she would laugh at Harvey's antics, but not now; Not when she knows who's behind this door. She carefully pushes it open, immediately noting that the room was trashed. Random things that didn't belong in the house were in this room; empty bottles littered the floors; furniture was tipped over.

Shock was the right word. It was definitely something she didn't expect.

Using her stealth skills, she tipped toed around the items on the floor, until she found a clear place to stand; And then… she saw him. Laying on the couch and grasping a throw pillow, was the billionaire man she knew from her future. Now this was the biggest shock of today.

"Bruce…" She whispered, taking in the sleeping man's form.

This wouldn't be the first time she's seen Bruce have a hangover before. There was one time that an old friend of his took a wrong turn in life, and Tommy Elliot, also known as 'Hush', decided to screw around with Bruce a little; And unfortunately, that involved her. She still remembers coming downstairs for water in the dead of night, covered in bandages and bruises, and spotted that the light in one of the side rooms was on. That's when she saw that her kidnapping had taken a toll on him.

A really bad one that is.

Rachel then made a vow to make sure it won't happen again. However, being a daughter of a famous man wouldn't guarantee her promise to herself (and she thought being a vigilante at night was worse).

"Oh, Bruce." She frowns, her eyes flickering to the fireplace.

She starts to wonder if the cave is down there, just like it is now, and wonders if he could help him deal with what he's feeling. It does in her time. Soon, looks turn into pity and great concern. No fifteen year old should go through something like this.

She grip the glass bottle as she continues to stare with many emotions. "Is this how you dealt with killing Ra's?"

*Bet you were surprised that young Bruce and Alfred are here already ;) But don't worry, I've got big plans for this trio. *Evil Laugh*

And for those who want to know what Rachel was singing, it was a Romanian lullaby called: "Nani, nani, puiul mami
(Nani, nani, mother's little baby). Here's what she was singing.

"Nani, nani, your mother's little baby
Nani, nani, your mother's little baby
Tiny baby of thy mother
I wish you be strong

Nani, nani, your mother's little baby
Nani, nani, your mother's little baby
Cute and strong
Proud as a young oak

Nani, nani, your mother's little baby
Nani, nani, your mother's little baby
Baby of thy mother, tiny baby
Sleep my baby, peacefully sleep"

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