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Harry Potter, the American Way.

Chapter 1- Return to Hogwarts

A young man sat alone in a train compartment leaning over the small table covered with two notebooks; one appeared to be ancient; however, the other was brand new. The older of the books had words written in an odd text while the more recent was written in English, the other bench seat had a rucksack made of black leather and a leather coat made of black leather with black fur; he had messy black hair styled into an American buzz cut. The young man's attire consists of a smart long-sleeved white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, black jeans, and black leather cowboy boots. He had two intricate tattoos, which were surrounded by odd symbols also tattooed into his skin. In his left hand, the boy had a stick twirling between his fingers like a drumstick.

He looked up when he felt a small discharge of energy, which symbolized a proximity rune to let him know when his friends showed up. He uncurled from his position so that he could face the door to his compartment, where he could see the outline of three figures talking; he slid his wand back into the disillusioned wand holster on his left wrist. He snapped his right hand; a second stick appeared in his hand with a flick of his wrist downwards, a mumbled finite which dispelled the notice me not charm he had cast on the door.

The three figures were surprised when a door materialized next to them; they were so shocked they took an involuntary step backward. The older female of the group gingerly opened the door because they did not know who was on the other side of the door. It was after they had opened the door that they saw the person they had been searching for; the brown-haired teenaged girl rushed forward like a missile engulfing the young man in a tight hug while asking a million questions a second. The black-haired boy let out a gentle chuckle and directed her to the bench he had been sitting at while indicating that the other two took a seat on the other bench. The one that was holding his bag and coat, he flicked his wand at the bag and coat, which neatly lifted into the air. The coat folded itself into the bag; the bag then floated into the overhead storage rack and settled next to his trunk. The two sat on the other bench just watched with awe as the other male did magic without uttering an incantation.

The two on the other bench were both redheads; the oldest was male while the youngest of the quartet was female. The female appeared to be at least a year younger than the others. The brown-haired girl looked at the person next to her and asked, "Harry, how are you? Where have you been this summer? How is it you can do magic without the incantation? And more importantly, how could you get tattoos?" The black-haired teen just sighed, rolled his eyes, and responded, "ok. I will answer your questions; the answers shall be in the order they were asked, and we shall be taking a look at these in an intellectual outlook, ok? The first answer is I am better than I have ever been. The second answer is that I was in North America, more precisely outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I learned about my magical affinities with my family and old familiar magic; no, I will not say what those familiar magic are. The third answer is broken into two categories: the first to cast a spell silently is that you have to know the spell already and recite the incantation in your head, the second part is the reason you have not heard of this style of casting or already read about it is that it is a sixth-year topic. The final answer is that the tattoos are tied to my family magics, and some of them are from one of my fiancée's family magic.

Ron looked up when he heard the word fiancés with a jealous look within his eyes. He was about to let out an outburst of disgust, he was beaten by his other friend, who let out a fit of distaste, but the boy knew that the reasons were different: the boy was jealous due to feeling that his friend had betrayed him by getting himself engaged not once but twice. He could only imagine how hot the two girls are. "WHAT, how could you go and get engaged? You are not yet 15; how could your relatives even think of allowing you to do this? I cannot believe you; you have repeatedly said that they are horrible people, but you are now saying that you are doing better than ever, plus you do look healthier. Still, they also took you to America with them!" the young girl yelled at the now livid looking raven-haired teen. Said teen smoothly shifted in his place to only look at the bushy-haired source of his annoyance. She was shocked at how his gaze felt like it was encompassing her very soul; he sleekly slid the 15' wand back into the holster on his right forearm. He laid his hands on his hips; it was only this gesture that made her realize that he had two single-loop holsters containing two wands.

The raven-haired teen gave a feral growl as he pulled out the left-hand wand and gave it a light twirl in an anti-clockwise direction. All of his physical assets gently floated down from the overhead luggage rack; his backpack landed on his lap. His trunk landed on the floor at his feet. Once again, he gave a short jab followed by drawing a V shape with his wand; this shrank his trunk down to the size of a matchbox, which he snatched up off of the floor and put it into his pocket; he stormed out of the compartment while twirling the wand back into its place in the holster. He walked to the furthest cubicle at the back of the train. He clicked his left hand, and his original wand appeared in his hand; he summoned his stag Patronus and gave it a message to give to Professor Dumbledore. Five minutes later, a Patronus in the shape of a phoenix appeared. "Go ahead, Harry, I give you permission to leave the express; I'll be waiting at the door." Came the ethereal voice of Albus Dumbledore. The teen smirked as he waved his wand in an upwards arch banishing the window; he then sat on the windowsill. He pointed his wand at the sky and muttered, "Metelojinx" this produced a localized thunderstorm. He then held up his hand, and he slowly disappeared in a pale blue/white bolt of lightning.

Time skip- 2 hours

When the train arrived at the Hogsmeade station, the older students noticed two figures on the platform instead of the groundskeeper and Professor's familiar singular figure. They soon realized that the second figure was a fourth-year student that was not wearing his school robes and plastered on his face was a smirk that guaranteed trouble and mischief; however, some could agree that it promised pain. A bushy-haired witch and a gangly red-headed wizard soon spotted the unknown wizard and headed towards him. "How are you already here? Where did you go after you stormed off? Look, I'm sorry for snapping the way I did, but it just shocked me to hear that you were now suddenly engaged to two witches from America." The bushy-haired teen rambled as she tried to hug the male teen.

Harry merely stepped back to avoid the hug; he looked at her. "Well, I went to a different compartment, and the reason I'm guessing you couldn't find me was that I cast a high-powered glamor charm on the door so no one would disturb me; the reason why I was already here is that I exited the train about two hours ago and headed here to take care of some business." He answered coolly. He calmly walked towards the carriages that took all but the first years up to the castle; before he reached one, he snapped his fingers, and the cart started to move off at a slow pace. The teen casually stepped up the step leading into the carriage without even looking back to see if his friends were following him. When the carriage did arrive at the school, the teen stepped out of the carriage and gave a short bow to the aged Headmaster, who was waiting for him.

Harry bowed to the aged Professor with a knowing grin plastered across his face; the Headmaster returned the bow, and once the formalities were over. "Do you mind if we have a duel in front of the students? I have some fury that I need to blow off," asked the youngster of the duo. "Yes, that sounds like a good idea; however, I do think we need to include someone else as we both have each other's spell repertoire and magical affinities memorized. I would suggest our wee charms master as he is a former duelling champion." The aged Headmaster responded. The duo headed into the great hall together, only separating when the raven-haired teen sat at one end of the Gryffindor table. When the student masses flooded the hall, they could see that the teen had yet to change into the school uniform; he was not even wearing an outer robe. The sorting had just finished when the aged Headmaster stood, "As it is the weekend, I am postponing the classes until Monday; this should allow the first years' time to adjust to their surroundings. There has been a request by a student for a friendly duel between themselves, me, and Professor Flitwick, so before we eat and have the beginning of the year announcements, shall we all make our way down to the quidditch pitch."

The entire student body burst into a loud cacophony of noise; people speculated about which student had requested the duel. When they made it down to the quidditch pitch, they were all astonished to see that it was the quiet and self-imposed boy-who-lived. Harry stood in the middle of the pitch, waiting for the students to take their places in the stands. The Headmaster pulled out his wand and pointed it skywards as Flitwick mirrored his actions to conjure a Fianto Duri enhanced Protego Maxima. The duellists bowed to one another; the raven-haired teen snapped his left-hand fingers, and a wand appeared in said hand; he slid into a loose stance, which the students noticed left little holes in his defence. Harry aimed his wand at the minute gap between the two Professors, "Sillafu Dwbl Stupefy," the teen called out loudly and clearly; two bolts of red energy flew out of his wand and soared towards the two older wizards. Dumbledore quickly flicked his wand and conjured a small silver shield in front of himself; Flitwick did a complex sequence of swishes with his wand to conjure a pearlescent duellist shield; this Shield deflected the spell back at its caster. The tattooed teen started to channel magic into his right hand; the only reason the onlookers could tell this was because the intricate tattoo on his right arm started to glow. He reached out and merely plucked the spell out of the air and threw it over his left shoulder, and it splashed harmlessly against the fortified shield spell. This display shocked the audience as they had never seen or heard anyone catch magic with their bare hands, let alone re-manipulate the spell.

Dumbledore was keeping his wand perfectly still and trained on his opponent. "Música Verberare," the aged Headmaster called out, a dozen music notes of a silver aura shot out of his wand and homed in on Harry; "Pluma Cuttro," the teen muttered as he flicked his wand upwards; a singular feather shot out the tip of Harry's wand, it moved at an incredible speed as it destroyed half of the music notes and continued on its course straight towards Dumbledore and Flitwick, Flitwick drew a small upside-down U and summoned the feather towards him. The onlookers could see him pushing a large portion of his magic into his next spell because the tip of his wand was a bright glow. The diminutive Professor then drew a U and sent the feather flying towards Harry; the spell's speed had doubled due to the sheer amount of magic used in the banishing spell that it had turned into an unrecognizable blur.

Harry could make out the feather but knew that he had no way of utilizing any of his spells due to the short amount of time before the attack would hit him; he sighed to himself as he pulled out a small metal rod from his back pocket and dragged it over his right arm where a couple of his tattoos glowed gold. He nimbly ducked under the feather and then jumped over the remaining music notes, "Vulgare Direxit Leporem," the teen called as he dragged his wand in an upwards arc; this created an almost invisible wave, the only reason it was seen was by a slight distortion in the air. "Murum Lux," Dumbledore retorted as he drew an upright rectangle; this left a semi-transparent wall made purely of light, this Shield absorbed the oncoming spell. An explosion tore up the ground in front of the dark-haired youth; the onlookers had seen Flitwick cast a high-powered Bombarda Maxima towards his distracted opponent. Harry was thrown off balance by this, but he quickly re-centered himself and retaliated with a shout of "Sillafu Dwbl, Glacies Cuttro, Tempestatem Divina," which caused shards of ice to form in front of his two opponents and a golden cloud to head towards the two.

"Militiea Clypeus, Amrywiad Cromen," the aged Headmaster murmured as a heavy shield appeared in front of him, but it was not quick enough as one of the two shards of ice hit the aged teacher in the left hand, knocking him to the ground. The Shield absorbed the cloud of golden energy; however, Flitwick was not quick enough to react, resulting in him being blown backward. Harry monopolized on this by whipping his wand forward, sending out a bluish-white lightning bolt, which hit the diminutive duelling master, causing an explosion. The charms professor came out of the dust cloud with a manic grin on his face; the teacher reached into his pocket and pulled out a book with the Gringotts emblem emblazoned on the cover; the teacher withdrew a Messer sword from the confines of the book. Harry frowned at this as he could feel the Professor's magic flowing through the blade; this would mean that he would have to change his battle plan.

Harry clicked his right-hand fingers, and a wand appeared in his hand; Harry started to cast at an increased rate as well as linking his spells together to form spell chains. The watching teachers noted that the magic the raven-haired teen was utilizing was primarily lethal, advanced, and modified versions of different spells, with the most being piercing and cutting spells. Flitwick started to channel his magical energy through his blade; he then performed a horizontal slash. This created an arc of red energy that flew towards Harry; when it hit the teen, it caused both of his wands to be flung into the air, and then they landed neatly in the outstretched hand of the aged Headmaster. This event caused Harry to let out an unearthly growl that startled the diminutive teacher; Harry reached down to the holsters at his hips and drew out two more wands this dispelled the glamour that had been hiding the holsters from sight up until now.

Harry flicked his left-hand wand downwards, conjuring a black sheet over the Fianto Duri Protego Maxima, "Nebulus," the teen muttered as he waved his right-hand wand; this produced a thick grey fog that enveloped the battlefield. Dumbledore and Flitwick reacted quickly by going back-to-back but were startled when they heard Harry call out "Aquamenti," they could see the icy-blue light associated with the water-making spell. The fog was slowly getting denser and more challenging to see through as it drew in the moisture from the water-making magic. Dumbledore soon realized what harry had planned, so he re-laid his theory to Flitwick, and in unison, the duo simultaneously called out "Finite" to try and remove the fog, but it was not dispersing. While this was going on, Harry had reholstered the left-hand wand he had the now empty hand outstretched. It had a faint blue glow to it, signifying he was using a rare magical ability to ensure that the teachers did not dispel the fog.

Harry slowly shifted into a big black wolf whose fur had a light blue tinge to it; from its emerald green eyes came pure blue lightning and emerging from its tail. The wolf lunged forward at the fog and slowly disappeared in a flash of lightning. One Professor could make out what was going on and was impressed that one of her cubs had fully mastered his Animagus transformation; she knew that she needed to talk to him to find out more as all she could make out was his shape a large canine. Dumbledore felt the electrical build-up behind him, but when he shot off a stunning spell in the direction, he had felt the build-up of energy, but the magic merely splashed against the Shield. The half-goblin teacher could not stand the lack of clarity, so he drove his blade into the ground and began to push the magic out through the floor. This technique acted as a magical sonar by sending out pulses of magic that would then highlight anyone or thing with a magical core but was shocked only to find himself and Dumbledore and a vast source of mana that was moving around at extreme speeds.

Harry could sense the magic flowing through the floor; he followed the flow back to its source. Flitwick felt the vast source of mana change its direction and started to head straight towards him; he still could not see anything in front of him except for the light-blue lightning bolt that was making its way towards him. The charms teacher was shocked when the lightning bolt changed its form to that of a wolf; however, the teacher reacted quickly by pulling his sword out of the earth in an upwards slash. The strength he put behind the swing was so forceful that it took stones from the ground with the blade. Flitwick quickly flicked his wand at the rocks, igniting them on fire. The flaming rocks would have hit the wolf's head if it had not shifted back into Harry. Said teen performed a combat roll to avoid the stones. The messy-haired teen clapped his hands together and touched the ground, and he pulled two kukri knives from the floor. Harry charged at Flitwick with two direct stabs, but the short teacher blocked the blows with his sword.

Harry suddenly stiffened as he felt a spell heading towards him through the fog, so he dropped one of his knives and once again pulled out the metal rod and traced two of the runes on the side of his neck. As he did this, he dropped the other knife, pulled out one of the wands from his holsters, and swiftly ducked under the oncoming attack. The teen flicked his wand in a u shape, and a moment later, two of his wands flew through the fog; however, he did not catch them instead, they started to float above his hands; he slipped the rod back into his pocket and drew his fourth wand to now be quad wielding. He aimed one hand at the small charm's Professor and the other at the bearded Headmaster, only to reach up and caught a silver arrow that Dumbledore had summoned. The teen soon dropped the arrow when a second pierced his leg from behind. "Well, Harry, I do believe that is game; you forgot that I too learned the dual casting. I used it to summon the arrow behind you and then used the delay to summon the one in front of you." The Headmaster explained as he stepped through the fog.

Harry just smirked in response and gave a sharp flick of his left wrist; an ornate red and white staff appeared in his hands. Using all his strength, he was able to stand up. He once again pulled out the metal rod and ran it over a run on his left shoulder; Once his leg was healed, he gave a dismissive wave of his right hand, and the staff was banished back to wherever it originally came from. The teen then gave out a blood-thirsty growl and, using his nails cut his left hand; as the blood started to pool, it began to be reabsorbed into the teen's body, but a deep black Falcata sword with a bone white handle and glistening red runes was left in its place; this left the Headmaster surprised as he did not know that Harry had managed to unlock the full potential of this particular sword let alone knew how to wield it.

"Expelliarmus," Dumbledore cried out, hoping to end this before this got worse; however, Harry cut through the spell with his blade. The tiny charms professor charged towards harry while removing a second sword from his book, this one was a Sarras Sword. The diminutive teacher engaged the teen in a fierce battle of swordsmanship. Harry surprised the short teacher when he channeled his magic through the blade, which gained a light-green aura showing that it had acquired the Diffindo charm's properties. Harry came at Flitwick with a downwards slash. The teacher blocked it with his Sarras blade but was shocked when Harry's sword sheared right through it, and he was further surprised when the edge of the sword burst into a pitch-black flame. Flitwick was astonished by these flames because he knew that these flames were directly tied into the dark arts; he couldn't fathom that Harry Potter: the-boy-who-lived knew how to wield the dark arts. The fire started to melt the Gobin wrought-silver blade; the heat produced was so extreme that it dissipated the mist, allowing both the students and teachers to see a fraction more than initially as the dark cloth shrouding the Shield. "Sillafu Dwbl, Argentum Virgam, Rhew Angylaidd," whispered the aged Headmaster as he conjured a silver staff; both ends were glowing with a holy white aura. Dumbledore then joined the fight and handled the Protego Diabolica enchanted sword's heat because the sacred aura was slowly freezing the demonic black flames.

The teen let out an angry growl; he grabs the wand in his right hip holster and lets out a deep calming sigh." Sillafu Triphlyg, Dämonishe Arme, Dämonenflammen, Hitze Metall," the teen whispered as his arms were encased in a blood-red aura and a blue-tint appeared in flames. The heat being output increased, and an overwhelming pressure started to leak from Harry; the tiny teacher began to tremble from the malicious tension coming from the teen and dropped his one remaining sword. The bearded Headmaster was still standing strong as he had felt a similar pressure when he had his infamous dual with Grindlewald, even though that dual wasn't all it appeared to be. He was drawn into the memory of the famous fight; he could sense a presence clouding his friend's mind. The fact showed this his eyes appearing scarlet-red instead of their regular blue; they dueled until they were both physically and magically drained. Dumbledore started to pool the remaining magic he had into his wand. He began to chant, "O Árchontas Páno Apó Akoúo Mou Klísi Egó Poliorkó Sou Diaskorpízo Aftó Kakó," as a holy white light shone down from the sky and engulfed Gellert as thick black smoke was purged from him through his ears and nose; an equally thick black sludge was flowing from his mouth.

"Sillafu Triphlyg, Ferrum Flamma, Aer Sagitta, Obfula Spatium," the teen shouted as a fiery-red spell that was shaped like an arrow emerged from the wand along with a pink arrow-shaped spell. These two spells soon merged to form a larger arrow with four blades on its tip. It was shifting between the silver of the first arrow and the second's pink color, and the final spell was a pitch-black arc with flickering white spots; the arrow was soaring towards the half-goblin teacher while the arch was heading towards the bearded Headmaster. Said Headmaster noticed that the black spell was tearing up and consuming the ground as it runs towards him. Dumbledore assessed the situation and thought about avoiding the spell when he suddenly remembered a conversation he had had with his alchemy master during the previous summer. "Mark well and listen, Albus, you have borne witness to how strong young Harry is at his current level but remember that as he learns from and translates the books of pure and dark intent that his magical strength shall only grow. I feel that it would be prudent for you to learn a spell from the Flamel Family Grimoire; there are two variants of this spell so learn both," the ancient alchemist had said as he handed over the thick leather-bound tome.

Dumbledore was pulled out of his trip down memory lane by the pained scream from the charms professor. The charms teacher was on the floor with a magical arrow protruding from his left thigh, surrounding the arrow was a terrible burn, which could have only been caused by the high-powered fire spell combined with a high-powered air spell. Dumbledore saw that the arch of black magic was still heading towards him, so he started to pour his magic into his wand and waited till the special magic was about to hit him and with a shout of "Magikós Plíris Metritis" the was a small ding as if a handbell was tapped. The spell appeared to stop before changing directions and heading back towards its caster at twice the speed and size that shocked Harry. The raven-haired teen froze as he saw the spell soaring towards him. He knew that the attack was now too strong for the magic redirection technique he had learned through the Pura Mente Libro De Lumine. The aged Headmaster spun on his heel and apparated over to his injured comrade, "Sillafu Dwbl, Episkey, Reparadam," the Headmaster muttered as he flicked his wand, and the wound from the arrow slowly faded, and the broken sword mended itself. Flitwick gave a nod of thanks, and with a twirl of his wand, a purple spell flew out of the end of it and struck the teen sending him flying into the Shield, and the teen faded to unconsciousness as he slumped to the ground.

The aged Headmaster approached his young student, "Rennervate," the bearded old man whispered as he pointed his wand at the teen chest. "I do believe that you made two fatal mistakes during this duel. One of these errors was that you underestimated the teamwork between myself and Professor Flitwick; you haven't seen us interact with each other very often, so you thought that we wouldn't work well together; however, we do have the occasional friendly spar, so we do know each other's strengths and weaknesses. The second error you made was showing off your trump cards early off in the fight; this allowed us to formulate different strategies to combat your magical prowess. Otherwise, you have shown great mastery of your magics, especially the Potter Battle Magics." The aged Headmaster stated as the teen was awaking.

Flitwick was Surprised when the teen looked at him; the raven-haired young man's left eye was no longer its normal emerald-green but a divine-gold; on his left shoulder was five circular scars, the only reason that the scars were visible was due to the teen's shirt being torn up from the charms teacher's underpowered Expulso Curse. Dumbledore sighed when the diminutive teacher gestured to the change in appearance because he knew that the illusion that cast had finally worn off due to both himself and the teen being magically drained, the spell not having anything to keep it fueled.

"I'm guessing that you are wondering about the sudden changes in our young friend's appearance. I'm guessing that you have heard of the young wizard who killed a Spearfinger in Tennessee over the summer. This creature is classed as an XXXXX Beast as it has magic resistant skin, poisonous talon-like nails, and its heart is in the palm of its right hand. This is a creature of true black magics as its magic has a tainted aspect to it." The aged Headmaster explained to his friend. "Yes, I caught wind of this story. Wait, are you telling me that Harry killed that beast and that those scars on his shoulder are from where she stabbed him with her nails. How is he still standing, let alone alive right now?" the charms teacher asked. "Yes, it was young Harry that killed the creature, trust me when I say that it was touch and go with his life after the beast poisoned him. It was only after one of his Fiancées poured her magic into him and drew a family rune of healing over the injury that he stable; the family can trace its magical origin back to the archangels of old, she and her family are known as Shadowhunters, and with the holy magical essence now running though Harry's veins, he too is now classed as a Shaodwhunter." Flitwick's eyes widened as growing up in the Goblin caves. He had heard of the legendary Shadowhunters. their prowess for fighting the darker beings of the world was well known. He couldn't believe that one of his favorite students was not only now one of these warriors, but one of his fiancées was born into that legacy and was most likely trained from a young age.

"The glamour that I used on Harry is no longer an option as his body has now grown immune to this particular illusion magic. The reason that Spearfingers Poison is so deadly that it makes its host body resistant to most healing and illusion magics; the only reason this particular spell worked up till now was that both mine and Harry's magic were powering it. Yes, the poison is no longer affecting young Harry, but it has left a mutation in young harry where he is slowly becoming immune to healing and illusionary magic. As there is no longer a way to hide the changes and scars on Harry, I will make an announcement explaining why Harry isn't wearing the standard uniform and why he has changed his physical appearance." The proud Headmaster explained, the charms professor was nodding along with this as he knew of the effects that the Spearfingers Poison carries.

The Headmaster waved his wand, and the Sheild and cloth were dispelled. The students and teacher could now see the full extent of the damage done to the courtyard; they all saw that all of the combatants' clothes were torn from spell damage, with the teen's clothing being in the worse shape, the teen also had five new scars on his left shoulder, he had odd runic symbols tattoed over his arms and even on the side of his neck. Dumbledore directed his wand at his own throat. "Now that this little exhibition match is out of the way, please make your way back to the Great Hall so that I can make the final announcements, and you can all make your way to your dorms." The Headmaster once again directed his wand at his throat to nullify the amplifying charm.

Back in the Great Hall

The Greathall was abuzz with conversation and excited energy after witnessing the spectacular display of magic. Dumbledore stepped up to the podium and cleared his throat to bring everyone's attention back to him. "as many of you have noticed, young Mr. Potter has gone through a drastic change in appearance over the summer, this is because of a magical infliction he obtained during a fight with a Spearfinger. He is not in uniform because he came into his magical inheritance and needs access to his mystical tattoos. On a lighter note, I am glad to announce that we are to have the honor of hosting an exciting event over the coming months, an event that hasn't been held for over a century. It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year." Once again, the hall broke out in a cacophony of noise. "You're joking!" someone in the hall shouted out; there was a tension in the hall, which had been building since the faculty and students had returned from witnessing the duel. The hall slowly collapsed into an awkward silence after the outburst; even the Headmaster let out a chuckle. "I am not joking, Mr. Weasley!"

Author's Notes

Magikós Plíris Metritís is my version of Meliodas' Full Counter the other reflection spell I referred to is Fysikós Plíris Metritis is my version of Estrarossa's Full Counter.