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Harry Potter, the American Way.

Chapter 2- Explaining the Summer, showing off.

A raven-haired young man was sitting at the head of the Gryffindor table; the Headmaster had just announced that the Quidditch house cup was not going to be running this year. "You're JOKING," one of the two red-headed twins had shouted out from their place slightly further down the red and gold table. "I am not joking, Mr Weasley!" His trusted mentor called out, surprising the masses with the fact that he actually knew who had called out through the ocean of student voices. The young man felt the pit of his stomach sink with a dreadful feeling about the situation; he had faith in his mentor's abilities with security magics. Harry started to reflect that he had some new skills that he wanted to show off. He felt like if he explained himself adequately to Ron and Hermione, they might be able to go back to being friends.

The teen calmly got up from the table along with his fellow Gryffindors as they made their collective way up to the seventh floor. Once, the first through the seventh years had entered the common room through the Fat Lady's magical portrait. Naturally, once they were all in the safety of their parlour, they all split into their groups of friends. The three chasers headed towards the raven-haired teen and dragged him to the comfy sofas in front of the fire.

"Out with it then. Where the hell did you learn to cast spells like that? Some of those spells are seventh-year material or advanced, plus some of them we have not ever heard of. We also saw something in last months issue of U Hex A! that one of my cousins sends over for us to keep informed with what was going on over the pond. Why did we happen to see a certain black-haired green-eyed young man sandwiched between the famous singer Gloria Ignis-Avem and the Model Alice Hayes?" The young Irish chaser asked her teammate. "Well, I'll answer these questions and then some. I can cast spells in that quick of succession because I have a bigger than average magical pool, so that rapid casting does not drain me as much as others. Most of those spells I learnt from my summer mentors and family grimoires. I was with Gloria and Alice because it was discovered that the first potters made a marriage contract that did not come into play until now. My mother was actually a half-blood from a long line of squibs, and a marriage contract was with them as well." The young man explained to the three chasers as he got up from the sofa and headed towards his two friends.

As he approached the aforementioned friends, he could see that they were shooting glares at him and frowning. This was a clear display of how much they now hated him, "I thought it might be best if I were to explain everything to you directly instead of hearsay. The magic I was using shows my training. I demonstrated some of the magic that one of my fiancées can utilise." He gently whispered to the duo but was meet once again with hardened stares and sneers from the two he thought were his friends. The teen sighed as he left the two to their self-created pity party and headed towards the group of his nine other year mates. "Hi guys, I know that we don't often hang out; starting this year, I would like to rectify that mistake. Suppose you have any questions about my change in appearance or the jump in my magical skills and abilities. In that case, if I can answer them, I shall happily do so." The emerald-eyed teen said to the group of eight. "Well, I do have a question, Harry; how is it that you could cast some of those spells as I haven't heard of them or come across them in the Longbottom family grimoires?" A ratty-brown-haired teen asked his dorm mate. "To answer that question. Neville, some of them are found in the Potter or Evan family grimoire, or one of my mentors taught it to me over the summer," Harry answered honestly.

"I also have a couple of questions if you are ok answering one about your social life both here at Hogwarts and out of school. So, the first one is what is happening between you and the other members of the golden trio? I don't know if you have been asked this already, but why there a rumour going around that you are in two contracted marriages?" Asked one of Gryffindors fourth-year gossip queens. "Well, to answer your first question is actually tied into the second question. You see, I have had the rare occurrence of inheriting both my paternal and maternal familiar magical affinities. These were linked to ancient marriage contracts, so that is why and the two I am engaged to are famous in both the American magical and muggle worlds. Ron and Hermione are angry with me because Ronald is Jealous of the marriage contracts that I did not ask for but have come to accept. Whilst Hermione is mad that I am using to quote her barbaric means to be with women, I am in more than one relationship. I was hoping to patch the damage by explaining stuff to them, but they still didn't want to listen to my explanation, so here we are." The raven-haired teen answered honestly to the Dirty-blonde-haired teenager.

"Harry, I know from doing research into my family's magical past that it is a rare occurrence for a child to inherit both of their parent's family affinities. I know that it is rare for someone to have both familiar affinities and their own unique affinity. I can understand Hermione's point about how barbaric a marriage contract is. However, I also understand that the magical realm is still set in its ways, so if that is how some of the older families operate, then ok. As you said, these contracts are ancient, so it's not like they were created with you in mind." A black-haired teen said to his dorm mate. "Yeah, these contracts were created with activation clauses. The potter family contract states that the holder has to wield the family's affinity for pure intent-based spells and casting. The Evans family contract says that the holder must have the families dark-intent based spells and casting affinity. So, it for a pure chance that I would inherit both of those affinities. Yes, I was informed by the goblins on how rare it is for a magical being to hold two affinities, let alone four affinities. Mine are light and dark intent magics along with alchemy and transfiguration mastery." The tattooed teen explained to the group, "Anyway, I'm knackered after that dual earlier on, so I'm going to go and sleep. I'll see all of you tomorrow." He states as he got up and headed up the stairs to the fourth-year boys' dormitory.

The next morning:

The black-haired teen woke up as a silent alarm was going off; it was still fairly dark out with the sun just starting to peek over the top of the forbidden forest. The teen waved his wand in a clockwise circular motion cancelling his alarm spell. He then proceeded to drag his wand in a tight diagonal downwards movement followed by a sharp flick upwards and once again brought the wand down in a tight diagonal downwards motion. His clothing changed from his simple pyjamas into a simple pair of black multi-pocketed cargo trousers, a black long-sleeved button-up V-neck T-shirt, a pair of shin-high combat boots, a set of shiny dog-tags and a black leather shoulder holster. The raven-haired young man quickly jogged out of his dorm room and headed out to the black lake, where he began to do laps around the perimeter of the great body of water.

After the emerald-eyed teen had finished his fiftieth lap of the body of water, he headed back into the castle and headed for his dormitory. Once he had arrived, he grabbed a quick shower to wash away the build-up of sweat from his run. He flicked his wand up-ward as a foggy set of numbers appeared in the air showing that it had only been an hour and was nearing 7am. So, an hour before the main breakfast rush, there are two hours before the first class of the year. Once again, the teen utilised the switching spell to equip his usual attire consisting of grey jeans, black-shirt, cowboy boots, ring set, father's watch, dog tags from earlier, and cowboy holster. Now that he was dressed, the teen made his way to the great hall and bumped into his transfiguration teacher.

The stern Scottish teacher was making her way to the great hall to have an early breakfast to be ready for the first day of teaching. She collided with someone and was knocked to the floor. "oh my, I do humbly apologise, Professor. I too was making way to the great hall." A calm and collected voice states as a hand reached down to help her up. As she took it and was pulled back to her feet, she noted that it was one of her favourite students when she noticed his raven black hair and emerald-green and ethereal-gold eyes. "I was actually hoping to talk to you before class today as I would like to know when you are next free so that I could show you something that I learned during the summer." The teen says, much to her surprise as he was not one to usually show off if he had mastered something magical. "Well, you do have transfiguration first thing today, so if you want, you can head to the classroom slightly earlier, say once we have both finished our breakfast. Once we are securely in the schoolroom, then you can show me this new trick of yours." The transfiguration teacher states as the duo start walking towards the dining room of the prestigious school. "Yes, that will work for me, professor." The young man says after a few minutes of thinking about things. The duo made it to the dining hall and went their separate ways; the teacher headed for the staff table whilst the teen sat at the lowest portion of the red and gold table. The teen was shortly joined at the table by a few upper years, the three chasers, the Weasley twins and the group of nine fourth years from the previous evening.

"So, how was the remainder of your evening, everyone? Did I miss anything after I had retired for the night?" asked the raven-haired teenager as he twirled the metal rod that he had used in the mock dual the previous day. "Well, Forge, and I did go and ask the winning duo why they were so mean to you, ickle Harry. They responded with, you were flaunting your new skills to Hermione and was rubbing your marriage contracts in Ronald's face! We have to say that that is a load of rubbish; both variants of you wouldn't think of acting like that to those you consider your friend." The Weasley twins stated to the quidditch team's seeker. "Harry, I do have one question. You see, I noticed you utilised that odd metal wand during your dual with professors Dumbledore and Flitwick. So, I was wondering what it actually is?" asked the witch with Indian heritage. "To answer that particular question. I shall have to tell you guys who one of my fiancées is and what her family's magical affinity and origin are traced. Her name is Adalheidis Hayes. You may have heard of her under Alice Petra Hayes' name as she is a model on both the magical and muggle worlds across the pond. Her family can trace their magic back to an angelic being known as Raziel; she and her family are what is known as a Shadowhunter. A being who has celestial magic running through its magical system and fights against the forces of dark magic. This angelic being bestowed upon this family his grimoire, which contained various divine runes that can do a multitude of unique abilities from boosting one's agility to healing. The reason I have one is during a night of camping on the boundaries of family property. Alice and my other fiancée were accosted by one of the darkest beings alive, the legendary Spearfinger. She managed to stab me with her hand on the left shoulder. Alice saved my life by making me a demi-human as I am not a full Shadowhunter, but I am no longer fully human. I need this stele to activate the angelic runes that are tattooed on my body." The heterochromatic teen explained as he pulled down his shirt's left side to show the group the scars.

"Showing off again, are you Harry? Professor Snape is correct that you are just like your father, huh Potter." A voice called from behind the group; when the teenagers looked, it was the former members of the golden trio, and they were sneering at the raven-haired teen. "What is your problem, you two, just because Harry here has come into his heritage earlier than usual. He inherited and activated a set of contracts that he did not actually ask for. It's purely coincidental that he even inherited both of his family's magical affinities, which were tied to the contracts." Called out the usually shy Longbottom heir. The two sneering teenagers were shocked that the most nervous boy in their year had spoken back to them and had been quite forceful in his speech.

Each house's head had started to make their way down the tables handing out timetables to each student. "Mr Potter, if you want, we can head on up to the transfiguration classroom right now as I have finished my breakfast. You can bring a few people with you if you want more people to know this skill or affinity. I do have to say that I am terribly disappointed in both of you from what I heard of this conversation. Mr Weasley and miss granger," The Scottish head of the house says to the group of teenagers as she moves past the group and out of the great hall. "If you don't mind me guys, I asked McGonagall if I could show her something, so I am going to demonstrate to Pref. McGonagall." The gold-eyed teen said to the group as he got up from the table.

The teen catches up with their transfiguration professor just before the doors out of the dining room. The teacher-led the Raven-haired Gryffindor out of the great hall and headed towards her classroom on the castle's ground floor. Once, the party of eleven had arrived at their destination. The scarred teenager stepped forward, and with a mere flick of his wrist, the tables neatly moved out of the centre of the room, leaving a vast open space. "Ok, Professor, if you wouldn't mind casting a Protego charm over yourself and the other students, this can cause some spell-based output." The raven-haired teen said. His body slowly sprouted bluish-black fur and shrank down to be just over two feet tall. The teacher was shocked to see a magnificent wolf standing where her student had previously been located. The wolf's eyes matched the teenagers, so the right eye was soul-piercing emerald-green, and the left eye was an ethereal-gold. There were five white patches to the wolfs fur on the left shoulder; pale blue lightning was sparking from its eyes, teeth, claws, and tail.

"I do have to say Mr Potter to have achieved a few have succeeded in becoming a fully-fledged Animagus like myself. I do have to admit that I not familiar with this species of wolf. So, if you do not mind me asking, what type of wolf is this, Mr Potter?" asked the feline Animagus. The wolf's form started to shrink once again, shocking the teacher. The wolf's fur turned from its bluish-black to pitch-black its front legs turned into a pair of wings whilst the hind legs shrank down and became talons. Its tale feather was black with a white band around the tips. "I do have to say that I am even more surprised with this Mr potter as it's rare for someone to have two Animagus forms. If I am not mistaken, then this one is within the Accipitridae family of birds." After recovering from the shock of seeing her pupil turning into a bird after his wolf form, the teacher followed up with.

The bird slowly turned back into the teenager. "Ok, I shall answer your questions right now. My wolf form is more of a spiritual companion bonded through familiar magic rather than a complete Animagus form. My crested honey buzzard is my true Animagus form. You see, my wolf form is actually the last living Raijū wolf. It had bonded to the first Potter or rather the family that would eventually become the potters. His name was Felix Uriel Solaris-Luminis when I turned up at his tomb. The Raijū was severely injured after I healed him. He gifted me his magical essence as his final task had been accomplished, which was to guard the tomb of his bonded wizard along with another magical creature. I won't mention which one that is right now." The teenager stated one he had fully turned back into his human form.

"if you wouldn't mind, Mr Potter, please could you put the classroom back to the way it was initially as you do have this class next." The teacher asked the newly identified Animagus; the teenager simply nodded his head. With a wave of his wand, the tables realigned themselves back to the correct configuration that the classroom was set to before displaying the newly acquired talent. The teen took up a seat in the front most central table and pulled out his Intermediate Transfiguration book. The remaining Gryffindors turned up just as the first bell rang and took up the remaining seats. "So, today, we shall be starting to learn how to turn a Hedgehog into a Pincushion." The teacher announced to the fourth-year Gryffindors. Some of the class groaned at this announcement.

"Please open your books to page 165. We are going to read over the theory behind the magic before actually performing the Hystrifors spell. We will be reading over this chapter for 40 minutes, and then the last 25 minutes shall be used to practice casting the spell." The Scottish teacher states to the class. There was silence throughout the classroom as the proud and noble house read over the book's chapter; the raven-haired teen simply flicked through the tome with a bored look on his face. "Mr Potter, whilst I was impressed with your earlier display of transfiguration, and general charms work. However, that does not give you free rein over taking your course work seriously. So please pay attention to the core material." The stern teacher called out what she thought could be the most promising rising student of his year group and was disappointed to see him slacking off. "I would, Professor, but I was taught by your predecessor over the summer, so I am ahead of this year's course material." The teen responded without looking up from the book; the teacher only realised that the teenager was not reading the assigned book but an ancient-looking tome.

"Ok then, class, it has been 40 minutes. I would like for you all to come and collect your Hedgehogs and practice performing the spell. Now I do not expect for you to actually be able to successfully perform the transfiguration on your first try." The feline Animagus teacher states as she stood up from her desk. The fourth-year Gryffindors lined up to collect their hedgehogs. "Hystrifors" echoed throughout the quiet classroom. The eleven students and the teacher all turned around in surprise. They watched in bewilderment as the heterochromatic teenager performed the spell for what appeared to be the first time. "Mr Potter, I know you commented on the fact that you were ahead of your year mates, but I didn't believe that you would be able to perform the spell on your first try." The teacher said.

"Well, my transfiguration tutor hammered home that I should be able to perform the simplest of transfiguration spells once I had my magic unblocked. I do have to say that if you want more answers on what level of transfiguration I am at then, I would ask the man you replaced," The teen explained to the shocked teacher. The lesson's final twenty-five minutes flew by for the class as the eleven other students tried to perform the spell whilst the raven-haired teen continued to read over his ancient tome. The final bell rang, indicating that the lesson was over and that the Gryffindors group had to make their way to their free period. Once the house of lions was out of the classroom, they all separated into their own groups. The girls started to huddle together and giggle as they walked down the corridor; the three boys looked towards their group's new fourth member. "Well, what do you want to do with this free period Harry?" asked the shy Gryffindor. "To be honest, I was just going to go and practice some of the magics I learnt from my family grimoires. So, I was going to go down by the lake as if it backfires or causes damage, then it would be manageable." The teen responded as the group headed towards the great lake. This leaves the only two Gryffindors out of the group, one of which was a lanky red-headed wizard and a bushy-haired buck-toothed witch.

"There he goes again showing off, he wasn't that good at transfiguration last year, but now he is showing off at the first opportunity. He is rubbing your nose in the fact that he has these ancient tomes that you aren't allowed to look at due to them being a family heirloom. Still, he shouldn't be flaunting his newfound skills, power and wealth by showing those tattoos and clothes." Complained the lanky redhead. "Honestly, Ronald, that's not why I am annoyed with him; it's the fact that he is utilising barbaric means to be with women. I know that the wizarding world is behind the times when compared to the Muggle realm. My main issue with it is the fact that he has more than enough power and reputation to change how the wizarding world operates, but no, he's willingly going through with these barbaric marriage contracts." Exclaimed the irate witch to her only companion.

The group of four teenage boys had made it to the shore of the lake near the castle. Three of the boys took off their outer robes, loosened their ties, and sat down on the cool sand. The raven-haired teenager pulled out the tome from earlier, and, opening it to a page he had marked, he gently set the book down on the sandy floor as he pulled out his holly wand. "Ardere Volnus." The teen cried as he waved his wand downward, and a blood-red slash flew from the wand's tip and flew out over the lake. The three other teenagers in the group could see that the path that the spell had passed was slowly bubbling and evaporating. "Well, Well, Well, what do we have here. If it is not Scar head, the Squib and two filthy half-bloods. You know that even with this change in attire and that little display of theatrics last night means absolutely nothing." A high and mighty voice called from behind the group as a blonde-haired teenager walked up close, followed by two hulking teens.

The group of four sighed at this sight. "What do you want, Malfoy. Can't you see we are trying to enjoy the last of the sun before it gets too cold to lounge outside?" The Raven-haired teenager exclaimed to the group of green and silver tied teenagers. "I'll show you who is the better wizard, Potter!" shouted Draco as he pulled out his wand. "Arderesemper", the blonde cried as a red flash appeared from the wand tip. The raven-haired teen placed his hand on the sandy floor; an eerie-purple glow appeared under the teen's hand as a large circular pattern appeared. The burning spell collided with an invisible barrier and slowly dissipated. The blonde teen looked surprised that his nearly invisible attack had failed to harm any of the group of Gryffindors. He tried to cast it again, but silently this time, he was channelling his magic to his wand, but nothing was happening. "What have done, Scar head? Why is my magic no longer working? Also, how did you dispel that attack? You couldn't have possibly known the counter curse." the quickly angering teen exclaimed.

"Well, that's easy, Malfoy, one of my many tattoos comes from one of my family grimoires. It negates dark curses if it comes within a certain distance of my person simply dissipates. The glowing purple seal now on the ground is another spell from my family's grimoire that binds anyone's magic which holds anger and/ or hatred towards the caster." The Heterochromatic teen explained to the shocked group of both Gryffindors and Slytherins. The three Slytherins sneered at the group and stormed off towards the castle just before the first bell rang, signalling that lunch was about to begin. The trio of stunned Gryffindors quickly fixed their uniforms and headed towards the great hall for lunch. "That was amazing, Harry. Can you actually temporarily lock a person's magical core?" asked the sandy-haired teen. "To be honest, that was a bluff. That was a spell circle I read about in the Evans family grimoire but have not fully translated the page, so at the moment doesn't have a function. The part about the spell nullification was true, and I simply extended the field to the tip of Malfoy's wand. Hence, it appeared that nothing was happening. I am glad that he left when he did as extending my dark magic nullification is quite taxing on my magical reserves." The Raven-haired teen explained to the other Gryffindors with a bit of sweat dripped down his brow. The group walked through the doors of the dining hall.

The quad joined up with the girls; the four girls looked at the group and burst into a cacophony of giggles. "What on earth is going on with the girls? Why are they so giggly?" inquired the darker-skinned teen. "Well, I do believe that they most likely bore witness to the incident with the Slytherins a moment ago." The Raven-haired teen summarised as he pulled out his timetable and saw that he had a double DADA period. He was excited for this course as he was exceptionally well versed in and had first-hand experience in dualling and fighting against creatures of darkness along with Dark wizards. He finished his lunch and grabbed his bag from the floor. He walked out of the hall, heading towards the Serpentine Corridor located on the third floor.

Harry made his way to classroom 3-C, where the haggard and scarred ex-Auror was stood waiting for the class to arrive after their lunch break. "You are here early, Mr Potter. Albus mentioned that you have had first-hand hands-on action when it comes to combating those inclined to the dark arts and Dark creatures such as your run-in with the Spearfinger." The one-legged ex-Auror. "Yes, that was touch and go fight; it was only because I had already gained both of my families negation tattoos that weakened the creatures magic. I indeed got poisoned by her fingertips, but, thankfully, Alice was there to utilise her Shadowhunter healing rune." The teen said with a broad and loving smile as he thought about his fiancées. "I was hoping that you would think about regaling the class with one of your new adventures. Preferably either one of the tomb incidents or the fight against the Spearfinger next week." The scarred elder asked the teenager. "I'll think about it. I'll let you know via either owl message or Patronus," Harry said quietly as the other Gryffindors and a few of the Slytherins were slowly walking down the corridor.

The class were permitted to enter the classroom with the teacher's false leg clunking against the floor as he walked up between the desks and to his own desk. "Ok then, class, I have looked over the previous year's curriculum. I am disappointed to say that other than your previous teacher Lupin. You have been underwhelmingly prepared for the real world. I am going to teach you both counter-curses and regale you with stories of my time as an Auror to hammer home the need for constant vigilance and the need for counter-curses." The scarred ex-Auror states as he pulled out his wand, and with a flick, his planned structure for the year appeared on his chalkboard. "So today, we are going to be focusing on the basics of counter curses…" The Professor started to say. "Actually, Sir, would it be possible for you to tell us about the different intents required to cast spells?" Cut in the bossy and timid voice of a buck-toothed Gryffindor.

"To be honest, that is more of a subject that you should be asking Professor Flitwick as it comes under the classifications of charms. However, what I can say is that the truth behind magic is that there is no light or dark, only the intent required for a spell to work. There are two excellent examples of this; the first is the Patronus charm which requires the caster to draw upon their happiest memory. However, if a person has an affinity for pure intent. Which encompasses happiness, love, passion, etc. They would not have to use the happiest memory as they just use the meaning behind their casting. Whereas the dark intents most famous example is the killing curse, otherwise known as the Avada Kedavra curse. The person has to draw upon hatred, spite and loathing to utilise the darkest of spells. Much like the pure intent affinity holders, the dark intent does not have to utilise their more negative emotions but the intent behind the spell's use." The scarred Professor explained to the class.

"Back to the actual subject of today's lesson then. A counter curse is a term given to any spell that undoes a primary spell's effect, which could be viewed as a secondary spell. These spells are designed to remove the effects of a curse or dark charm; however, to use these types of spells, the caster must maintain eye contact with the subject. Some spells simply do not have a counter-curse. The most prominent of these spells is once again the Killing Curse." The haggard teacher says to his class as the bell rings, symbolising that the class had ended. The Gryffindors once again swarmed the halls as they all made their way down to the Great hall, located on the ground floor. "Harry, why were you so early to class? Did you have something to talk over with the Professor like you did with McGonagall?" asked the fourth years resident gossip queen Lavender Brown. "To answer that lavender, one of my tutors over the summer is good friends with Moody. I just wanted to check to see if he knew more details on what had occurred to me during the summer, and by that, I mean my encounter with the elusive and evil Spearfinger. If you do not mind, I feel like being alone for a while before going to bed for the night," The raven-haired teen states to his friends as he got up from the table and left the dining hall.

The raven-haired teen proceeded back to his common room and to his actual dorm room. He stopped at the window next to his bed and opened it before gently placing himself on the windowsill. He was staring out at the night sky, looking at the stars. His attention was slowly tracing the Leo constellation as he was thinking about how he met his fiancées. It was the day before he was due to depart from the mystical castle that was Hogwarts ending his third year. "Mr Potter. The Headmaster has requested your presence at your earliest convenience as it pertains to your housing over the summer." His head of house said as she pulled him aside after he had finished his breakfast.