Chapter 1: New Arrivals.

The world that MGE originates from is not your ordinary medieval fantasy world. It is controlled by two rival factions.

The first are Monster girls, or Mamono. Once, they were more animalistic beings that only cared about seeing the world of man suffer. One of them, the current Demon Lord, changed ALL of them via human personification magic, turning all mamono into feminine monsters with lust for humans & their "spirit energy". Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where it comes from, what with their thirsty nature. The main enforcer is Druella, an extremely powerful Devil who has control over vast swaths of land.

On the side of man is the Order, your stereotypical corrupt church and their legions of knights & mages. Not much else to say.

One of the towns that was ahead of its time was Lescate. While not as populous as some of the larger settlements, it made up for it by having a radical idea: coexistence between human & Mamono. It was a slow, tedious, & arduous task and as a result, it wasn't pure coexistence; rather it was akin to segregation of black & whites during the era of Jim Crow laws back on Earth.

But a more recent development is a new arrival. A year ago, a 2-story house arrived during a huge storm, appearing on the southern end of Lescate which was controlled by the Order. The house itself looked old, due to the stone-work that was unrecognizable to any stonemasons and estimated to be at least 90 years old, if not older. No one knew how it arrived and many wondered who the owner was.

Some Order knights tried to get in but the moment they stepped foot on the property, they were repulsed away from it, coming into contact with some kind of magical barrier. Not even their most skilled mage could pierce the barrier. So they cordoned the house off, failing to gain curious folk tried to peer into any of the windows but most were covered up by curtains or blinds. Only the upstairs were open during summer and they caught glimpses of one person inside and could tell it was a human male.

XXXXXXXXXX (Note: this is to indicate a change of scenery)

Here's an example of such an attempt of communication with the owner from the Order:

About 3 months after the unknown house arrived, a squad of Order Knights were informed about the arrival of a house and told to investigate it and if there's anyone inside.

The squad made their way towards the house and saw that it was how others described it: a 2-story house that was made of stones with a small porch made of green tiles with a small front yard. The backyard was covered by a pale brown wooden picket fence. It's architecture was unlike anything the knights had seen in all of Lescate.

"Well, this is the house the men from the tavern described. It looks old yet no one here or back at our headquarters has any record of it being in Lescate." One of the knights spoke out once they all saw it.

"I find it strange that very few people have seen the owner of the house nor can they actually set foot on the property." A female knight with short blonde hair & green eyes added.

"I find the latter to be outlandish. Such barrier magic described could only be cast by a Mamono, yet this house is squarely on the human size of Lescate. Though I'm unfamiliar with its design." The leader Siegfroyd, a veteran in his late 40s due to his brown hair starting to gray, stated with suspicion growing in his voice. He has a voice that is powerful & strong.

He looks to his subordinates,

"Time we get down to business. Myself & Vera will investigate first. If you hear signs of trouble, either come & assist us, or save yourselves and inform headquarters." He said. The other Knights saluted as Siegfroyd & Vera, the blonde female knight, approached the house.

While they were able to get onto the front yard just fine, the moment they tried to step onto the stairs leading to the porch, they felt themselves being pushed back by something, causing them to slide back a few feet.

"We're fine." Vera reassured the others. They looked and saw a faint shimmer of a force field appear around the house before it vanished.

"I've seen this type of barrier before. Luckily it's not dangerous as it merely keeps anyone from entering."Sieg confirmed.

"What if we threw something at it? A pebble or stone?" One knight suggested.

"Not a bad idea." Vera picked up a rock, bounced it lightly in her hands as she took aim for the center of the porch.

She lobbed it towards the house and the rock collided with the portal before it stopped, falling where it made contact. "Physical projectiles seem to have no effect either. . ." Vera stated.

"I didn't expect otherwise. We need to at least get the person's attention somehow" Sieg shouted. He cupped his hands and yelled,

"HEY! WHOEVER IS IN THERE, COME OUT! WE ONLY WISH TO TALK!" They waited for a response before they saw movement upstairs. A silhouette of a human figure could be faintly made out since the glass made it hard to see who it really was. The person inside didn't show reaction outside of putting a cover over the window.

"Well we do know someone is in there. But they clearly don't want to interact with anyone. Rather rude." Vera chastised, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Or they could be nervous around people, shy even. That is if the non-lethal barrier is anything to go by." Sieg added, trying to reassure his subordinate. But deep down, his experienced mind had some doubts.

"Perhaps." Vera then had an idea. "If we can't get in or a physical projectile can't pierce the shield, perhaps one of our mages could. I'm sure one of them from Winterhold can do it." She suggested. Sieg put a hand under his chin.

"Hmmm. . . not a guarantee but it's worth a shot. I'll see about getting into contact with Winterhold to see if they can send someone. It will take some time with how far away that city is." Sieg said. He looked to his squad,

"In the meantime, let's leave this house and whoever is inside alone until the mage from Winterhold gets here. I want a daily report to any changes that may occur at this house. Am I clear?" Sieg announced. They all saluted,

"Sir yes sir!"

It took 3 months, but a top level mage arrived from Winterhold. After being informed of the situation, he began trying to pierce the barrier with a variety of magic blasts: explosive spheres, fire balls, a bolt of lightning. Nothing worked. At this point, they just gave up due to the effort being a time sink and had more important matters to deal with aside from an unknown hazard. However, they did leave a scout or two nearby to keep watch if they spotted movement inside and/or if anyone came out.


It was only a matter of time before a Mamono caught wind of this house, and when they did, the owner's life would be forever changed. . . .


While Siegfroyd from the Order controlled the human side of Lescate, a special Mamono controlled the Mamono side of the city. Keeping the peace between both sides is a daunting task but someone has to do it. Even though it may seem fun coexisting with humans, the Order still has the gall to segregate, leading to the occasional riot or two to be taken care of.

Currently, she was in her lair, lounging with two of her comrades.

The leader was a Succubus as shown by the purple bat wings on her back, the longer than normal polished nails on her fingers, and a thin rat-like tail with a heart-shaped spade tip. She had blue hair that went just past her shoulders, bright purple eyes, and a face devoid of damage or scars, making her seem perfect. And she had a killer figure to go along with her marvelous face: H cup bust with long slender legs and a heart-shaped rear. Her attire also left 0 to the imagination. A bright orange-yellow virgin-killer sweater that only had scant areas of armor plating, light chainmail at best. She was Kuro Aizen, niece to Druella.

While her aunt is more eager for conquest and creating Demon realms, Kuro would rather let her subordinates do the heavy lifting and only assist if completely necessary; that said, woe betide anyone who makes her mad, especially any Order Knights who have an inflated ego. Currently, she was using a nail file on her fingernails.

One of her closest friends was a Nekomata, as shown by the black cat ears in her short pixie cut black hair along with the two tails popping out just above her attractive rear, along with the amber colored cat-like eyes with purple eyeshadow trailing them. Her attire consisted of a black skintight bodysuit that showed off her plump G cups, made even more apparent since she wasn't wearing underwear underneath. Her paws had leather black gloves and thigh high black boots on her feet. Her name was Cleo Verdona.

She was spending her time reading a book. It was her favorite pastime when she isn't using her stealth for keeping the peace for Mamono. She acts as a vigilante, protecting Mamono from Order Knights with the exception of Sasha Fullmoon, as she occasionally volunteers at a Mamono orphanage.

The third closest friend to Kuro was a Lamia. Her lower snake tail half had the patterns of a Green Anaconda, along with the thick crushing power that came with it. She had long reddish-orange hair with black tips, pointed ears, and green slit snake pupils, along with a forked tongue. Red & black war stripes were painted onto her cheeks. Her attire was a green frilly skirt around her waist and a red crop top barely containing her G cups but she didn't care. Her name was Anna Felicia. She was sharpening her hook swords, her primary melee weapons aside from her powerful crushing tail. She is Kuro's top enforcer and her physical strength means that even the strongest Order knights are usually sent packing after a good crushing blow from her tail.

"So tell me Kuro, when did you send those Harpies to spy on that house again?" Anna asked. Kuro put a digit to her chin as she recalled.

"Hmmm. . . at least a month ago. That one Harpy with the red feathers, Fenix I think her name was, told me about that house not long after the Order gave up on trying to gain access to it. Still have no idea who could be in there." She mused.

"I hope we find out soon; getting dull trying to keep the peace. Wish we knew who lived in there." Cleo said, taking a break from reading.

"More importantly, we need to determine if this mystery house is a threat or not." Kuro asserted.

Before Cleo could respond, her cat ears picked up the sound of flying.

"Sounds like a Harpy has come back. Who knows; perhaps it could be what we're waiting for. . ." Cleo said. They all came to attention as Anna opened up the window with her tail just as Fenix arrived.

The harpy was distinguished by the red feathery wings in place of her arms and the golden scaled legs tipped with eagle talons on her feet. She wore wrappings around her flat chest and a ripped pair of shorts on her waist. She has short red hair and golden eyes.

"Report, Fenix." Kuro asked, folding her legs.

"I have news regarding the mystery house. . . along with the owner. It appears that whoever lives there has finally made their appearance." She reported. This got their attention.

"How many came out and what do they look like?" Kuro asked.

"Only one and I believe the person was a man since nothing showed that they were female. Even still, I couldn't see anything to determine what he looked like as he was too far away. He wore a wide black hat, a long green trench coat that covered the majority of his body, and black boots. I would've gotten closer but I couldn't risk exposing myself or else the Order would be on my tail." she explained.

"And you sure weren't followed?" Anna asked.

She shook her head, "No, ma'am. And the mystery man didn't see me at all." the harpy reassured her boss.

"Do you know where he was going?" Cleo questioned.

"He was heading for a tavern. Something about seeing the traveling Songstress I believe, as I could listen to what he was saying." She added.

Kuro patted her head with a smile, "You did well, Fenix. Get some rest. I shall discuss what to do with my comrades." she said. Fenix nodded before taking flight back to her roost. The Succubus turned towards her Nekomata & Lamia friends,

"So now we have a vague idea of our mystery man and a location of where he is going." Kuro proclaimed. Cleo raised a hand,

"Allow me to trail him. I can disguise myself and get an idea of what he's like." Cleo suggested. Kuro nodded,

"Very well. Been awhile since you've been out Cleo. Find him and once you do, follow him back to his house but be quick, silent, and stealthy about it. My aunt is planning on converting Lescate into a Demon Realm 2 days from now and we don't want our stranger or the Order to catch on to anything suspicious. " Kuro announced. "Finally; I've been itching to get out and do something since I've been bored." Cleo said, closing up her book and about to head out.

"Hold it," Kuro said, stopping her. "Don't get too overzealous and stick to being covert. Do I make myself clear, Cleo?" Kuro said, narrowing her eyes. Cleo rolled her eyes and bowed,

"Of course, Lady Kuro." She said before leaving to her quarters to gear up. She wrapped her twin tails around her waist, forming a makeshift belt with them before wrapping her ears in a black bow. She stowed a bandoleer of throwing knives diagonally on her chest before completing her disguise with a black veil over her mouth. She smirked,

"Mystery man whoever you are, you will belong to us before the end of the week." She said to herself as she made her way out, using the underground tunnels to make her way towards the human side of Lescate, where her target was located.

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Next chapter: Cleo finds the mystery man at the tavern, watching the dancing Songstress. After attempting to end a bar fight that ruined the good mood, she follows him back home only to make a rash decision once he ends up being ambushed by Order Knights: stay & watch how he fares in a fight or assist him and expose her identity?

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