[I'm not good with writing but this idea has been in my head for weeks and the last episode only helped my idea come alive]

Liz sat there in the back of the cab with her little girl next to her, talking about how much fun she and her uncle Aram seeing how happy her little girl was for the first time in a long time. But when she asked if she get to see Aram Liz's heart drop she couldn't tell her why she probably won't get to see him, hell any of them hurt her more than she wanted to amend but hurt more with when the little one asked the next thing

"Will we get to see uncle Donnie again then mommy? I didn't get to really see him alot he was so busy is what uncle aram told me" Agnes told her mother with a little smile on her face

Liz knowing the answer to that but didn't wanted to hurt her daughter more than she already had, she said the only thing that came to her head "Maybe babygirl I don't know we are going away for a while and I don't know when or if we will get to" Knowing how much that it's going to hurt her daughter. She looked at her little one with a half smile thinking about what her and her partner had done last night and how safe she felt and happy she hadn't felt like that since Tom.

Agens thought for a little seeing her mother smile, then something came to the little one's head "Mommy why don't you call seeing if Uncle Aram and Uncle Donnie can come with us?!" Agens had a big smile on her face as she told her mommy about her thoughts hoping she would do it.

She thought for a minute as they got closer to the airport she thought, I look Aram won't come. I could never put Aram in that place. Ressler maybe he would come with us but could I do it call just for Agnes so she knows mommy tried her best. So she said "Sure baby I can call and see if they will but I can't promise that it will happen okay?" She looked at her daughter once again who simply nodded

They got to the airport have Agnes go inside the plane as Liz made the call

Ressler had just walked out of his boss office with Aram both ready to leave their job knowing they don't know if they can hurt her down again. It was now 9PM all ready to leave what happened that day so much had happen they where ready to go home for some sleep before they had to do what they once did a couple of years ago. He walked into his office that they shared together looking where she would be sitting. Thinking about what they did last night after so many years she could finally know how he felt about her.

Taking him out of his thoughts as his phone ring no caller I.D showed he answer the way he always did "Ressler" He said firmly "Hey Ress it's me I have something to ask you" He didn't say anything so she went ahead and asked him what the little one wanted to know "Agens keeps asking if her uncle Donnie can come with us and I know this is hard to ask of you but do you Ressler, us 3 go away start over away from all of this life we will have everything we need but I do understand if you don't wanted to and I can get Agnes to understand that you can't where not leaving until 11" She was asking alot of him she knew it to walk away form everything he knew to go away with her and Agnes start over she never thought she would be asking him this she alway thought it would be her and Tom

Ressler stand their not knowing what to say he never thought she would ask him to come with and didn't know if he wanted to walk away start over with liz and Agnes "liz I… I don't know this is a lot and I-" She cut him off "I know Ress this a lot think we leave at 11 you don't come you don't, you do come then we work together just think you have till 11" With that she hang up the phone leaving him to think

He didn't know what to do he wanted to go with her knowing he could keep them safe and protect them from anyone that tries to come after them and hurt them he walked out the office looking over at Aram sitting at his desk working on paperwork. He looked in the trashcan to see one of the paper airplanes Agnes and Aram had made it earlier when trying to keep her mind off of everything going on around them he went down and picked it up smiling at it thinking about the little girl and her mother putting it back in the trashcan he walked over to Aram "Goodnight Aram go home and sleep your going to need it" he smiled at his colleague and then proceeded to walk away "You too agent Ressler" Aram shouted as his colleague walked away still feeling hurt about what had happened in the recent days.

He went home looking around where him and Liz stood the night before and each others arms smiling at the thought of it still thinking on whether he want to go or stay and Hunter down it would probably be easier if he just went he thought he wouldn't have to worry about where he stood because he knew if he stayed here and help her hide her from the task force and if he left he wouldn't have to pick whether her or the task force. He looked over at his bed we're just that morning she was sitting and he was trying to tell her not to go not to hunt Red then looked over at the go bag he always had already still debating on what he wanted to do

It was 10 now she didn't think he was going to come because she knew it was asking a lot from him as much as she loves him to come for them to really figure out what was going on between them and have time alone she knew he'd probably stay because he was so devoted to his job so she didn't expect him to show up at all going inside the plane by her daughter she sat down next to her stall not believing she can afford this that she really took 35 million from the man she thought was her father that's one of the little one looked up at her " are they coming mommy" The little one asked looking up to her mother "Uncle Aram can't I don't know about uncle Donnie yet sweetheart" she simply nodded and went back down to her coloring book

It was 10:30 now so close to 11 she figured he wasn't coming Agnes linger on the couch that was inside of the plane as Liz sat with her back to the planes open door looking down at her feet she knew Agnes would be upset that they didn't come but it was for the best if they stayed back to help her from the inside but deep down she knew she wanted one of them to come with she knew which one she wanted Ressler as soon as she thought about him she heard someone come up behind her someone came in the plane she quickly put her hand inside her jacket to get her gun when the person stopped her standing next to her looking down

"Keen stop no need for a gun it's just me you don't need to scare Agnes" he said looking down at her smiling go bag in hand she looked up at him surprised he came and couldn't quite believe it Agnes opened her eyes and look to see Uncle Donnie she got up and hugged him tight "You came! YOU CAME!" She said excited as she hugged him he bent down to pick her up " of course I would come" he replied to her he looked back down it was still so surprised he came "Are you sure you want to come Ressler you do…" he cut her off before she could finish her sentence he looked in her eyes " of course I'm sure if I wasn't I would not have came I'm sure I want to leave with you too" he smiled at her then turned and put Agnes down back on the couch she laid her head down and he put the cover over her he walked over to sit in front of Liz

She double check to make sure that's what he wanted and he kept telling her it is she got up and told the pilot they could takeoff now, walking back over to where she had sat down looking at him she wanted to talk to him about everything but couldn't because Agnes was still awake she pulled her phone out and called Redington

By the time she got off the phone with him Agnes was asleep she moved to lay down next to Agnes "Hey can we talk Liz?" She looked over at her wanting to talk about everything as well but one important question "where are we going?" He looked at her still hadn't yet asked before he came but not like he could back out of it now she sat up and looked over at him "We are going to Russia" it didn't surprise him it was her come home country after all he simply nodded his head looking out the window then got up and moved to the other couch she got up and sat down next to him

"So what does this make us Don?" She questioned needing to know an answer because after the last couple of weeks she didn't know where their relationship stood, he took her hand into his "I don't know want every it is we want, more what you want Liz I know what I want" he pause to looking at her not quite sure whether he should tell her or not he decided if he was going to stay with them he needed to tell the truth " I want US Liz to work and be a family for me to wake up every morning to you and her and protect you guys with my life but now it's up to you what you want" he squeezed her hand and gave her a half smile she wanted the exact same thing but she was scared because the last time she love someone like this he died

She looked at him "I want it to Ress it's just the last time I felt like this it was taken away I don't want the same to happen to you" A scared look crossed her face he knew what she meant by it the last time they both felt like this the others person died she couldn't bear to lose him

He took his hand out of hers placing it around him pulling her clothes a blanket next to her he grabbed it and put it around them "I know Liz and I can't promise something won't happen but I'll try my best to make sure it doesn't" looking down at her and smiling kissing her forehead " I know" she said looking up at him starting to move towards him so leave putting her hand on his cheek then to the back of his head pulling him down and kissing him, he put one arm around her waist the other to the back of her head pulling her clothes they aren't to sure how long they had been kissing they just know when they stop Agnes was awake But didn't seem to faze for what's going on in front of her she walked over and laid down putting her head unless a slap it is rusted her head on Ressler shoulder he smiled down at the two girls they didn't know what the future was going to bring but for now he enjoyed the moment pressing a kiss to her for head Agnes asleep on her lap she kissed him once more before falling asleep in for two nights in a row him and her went to bed with a smile on their face.