Title: These Days

A/N- This is a story with just Paige and Piper as sisters, in the show they aren't very close, and I know they could be, so this is a story with just them in it, they grew up together yada yada yada.. you know the rest.. they have no powers just regular human problems. I want this story to show the sisterhood that Piper and Paige should have, unfortunately it is not shown in the show. Don't worry Prue and Phoebe will show up soon or later, but they won't be related to them at all, but they do hold an interesting part in my story (

Piper-single mom (sorry PL fans)

Kids- Devonte Chris Halliwell (pronounced- day-vaughn-tay)

10 yrs

old nickname-Dev

-Marquita Desiree Halliwell (mar-kawee-ta)

9 yrs old

nickname- Keeta

Paige-single mom

kids: -Tanya Lee Marr

7 years old

nickname- Yani (yawn-e)

Tamara Lynn Marr

7 years old

nickname- Mara

(yes they are twins) here is the story!

"Tanya Lee Marr!" Paige yelled at her daughter early in the morning. Tanya quickly squirmed out of bed along with her twin sister Tamara. They shared a room in the House next to the Manor. Tanya and Tamara scurried to their door to find a very mad Paige in the hallway.

"What is this?" Paige asked pointing to the marker stained paper work. "I know this is your handwriting Tanya" Tanya just batted her eyelashes innocently "I could not find any more blank paper so I used that one"

"You are in big trouble now Yani" Tamara whispered.

"Do you know how important these papers are?" Paige asked Tanya. Tanya shook her head in response.

"This could cost me my job!" Paige started fume again, Tanya saw how mad she was and decided to try her 'get out of trouble' plan.

"Yani you are in so much trouble!" Tanya just looked at the floor and started to shuffle her feet, and tears then formed in her eyes.

"I'm sorry mommy. *Sniff* I didn't mean too...*sniff* I just wanted to write something for you, and I messed up on them papers" she pointed to the ones in Paige's hand. "So I just gave up...*sniff*" This little act always made Paige breakdown. She walked over to Tanya and enveloped her in a hug.

"Its ok sweetie, just don't do that again," Paige said sternly yet kindly. "Now I need to go and see if I can get some more of these papers" She picked Tanya up, turned around and headed to the kitchen. Tanya smiled a mischievous grin to her sister Tamara who was following them from behind. Tamara just smirked and kept walking.

"And you know what?" Paige asked Tanya.


"You are going to help Mommy get these papers back" Tanya looked confused.

"You are coming with me to work today, and you are going to apologize to my boss for messing up her papers" Tanya was shocked.

"But mommy I have a field trip today to the zoo!" Tanya whined.

"That is part of your punishment. You have to learn to take responsibility for your actions" Paige explained. Tanya wiggled out of her arms and stood in front of Paige with a determined look on her face.

"I am not going" she stated matter of factly while stomping her foot.

"Yes you are" Paige said.

"Am not" she yelled

"Miss Tanya you better can that attitude real fast!" Paige said harshly. That shut Tanya up. "Now come and eat your breakfast" Tamara walked past Tanya and snickered, "Way to go sis" Tanya just gave her a glare and followed her into the kitchen.

Paige dropped Tamara off at school and took Tanya to her work. Paige is a social worker at South Bay Social services. They are currently in the car.

"Now what are you going to say when you apologize to Ms. Black, my boss?" Paige asked her daughter

"I am sorry I missed my field trip to apologize to you" Tanya replied a little snotty.

"Watch it miss thing" Paige warned. Tanya just rolled her eyes.

"Now what are you going to say?"

"I am sorry Ms. Black for messing up your papers and enjoying it" Tanya said sarcastically.

"Do I have to pull this car over and put you over my knee?" Paige threatened. Tanya looked wide-eyed at Paige.

"I'll say, I am sorry Ms. Black for messing up your papers, I will never do it again," Tanya said rather quickly.

"That's more like it" Paige beamed. They then pulled into the parking lot of South Bay social services. They got out the car and headed toward the building. Paige held Tanya's hand as they walk towards Ms. Black's office. They went in.

"Ms. Matthews, do you have my papers?" Ms. Black asked while not looking up from her work. Tanya was hiding behind Paige's legs shyly.

"Well they got marked up by my daughter, and she has something to say to you" Paige gently pushed Tanya forward. "What do we say Tanya?" Ms. Black lent forward to see Tanya; she was quite small for her age.

"I am sorry Ms. Black for messing up your papers, it will never happen again" Tanya then quickly moved back behind her mother's legs. Ms. Black just smiled at her.

"Its ok sweetie" she told her. "Ms. Matthews you are lucky I have a copy of my papers, I want them on my desk tomorrow at 9:00am sharp!" Paige nodded in response. She picked up Tanya and carried her to her desk. She sat Tanya down on the little chair she had in the room.

"I want you to be good today, if you do me, you, and Tamara will go out for ice cream," Paige said to her daughter. Tanya just nodded in response.

A/N- this chap is a bit boring, but the plot thickens as the story moves along.