A/N- I forgot that I had put Piper's kids last name as Halliwell, their last names are Matthews. Ever since Jack went to Jail she had their names legally changed to Matthews because she did not want them to have the last names of such a terrible man. Now on with the story!

These Days:

This morning Paige was the first one up for a change. She was usually the one rushing everyone else along so she could get ready to go to try to make it on time for once. She was up half the night because she offered to manage 'Matthews Haven' for the night to give Piper a break. Matthews Haven is a club that she and Piper started; they share the profits half in half. After she came back from closing the club, she could not fall asleep. As she was sitting in the window seat, just gazing at the morning sky, her thoughts kept reeling back to Jack. She was so worried about Piper, but she was also a little worried about herself. She has a secret that she vowed to tell no one, not even her own sister. Her mind loomed back to that day, when she had encountered Jack.


iShe walked into her house in the afternoon; her kids were at a play date so she had nothing to do. Piper had has been married for a year now, and she knew what the sick bastard was doing to her sister. She begged Piper to leave, but Piper was to strong willed to go, she had the flicker of hope that Jack would day. Paige could do nothing but be there for her sister when she was beat up, or something else of that nature.

She recently found out that Piper was pregnant, she was excited but she noticed that Jack was less then thrilled about it. She decided to lay her head down a bit so she sat in her comfy chair in the living room and rested her head back on the cushion. A couple minutes of silence went by before she heard breathing behind the chair she was sitting in. she cautiously looked behind her.

"BOO!" a man screamed.

"Ahhhh" Paige literally jumped out her skin. The man stood up and Paige then realized whom he was. "Jack! Thank-wait why are you in my house?"

Jack didn't say a word he just had a sly grin on his face and stealthy stepped towards her. Paige cautiously took a step backwards.

"Wha-What do you-ou want Ja-ack" Paige stammered as se kept walking taking steps backwards. Jack didn't say a word; he just kept advancing on her. Paige was literally shaking now out of fear. She had unfortunately backed up into a wall; Jack took this to advantage. He walked over to her and pulled out a knife. Paige's gazes fell to the knife, she kept an eye on the knife as well as Jack.

"Jack, you don't want to hurt me, I mean what will Piper think of you?" Paige reasoned. Jack then jumped on her and slammed her forcefully into the wall.

"Piper will think nothing, because she won't ever know" Jack brought the knife up to her throat. "Got me?" he pressed the knife against her neck as to say he meant business. Paige nodded slowly, now in tears. Jack slide the knife down her neck and stopped at her blouse. He raised the knife and ripped her shirt down the middle.

"Oh God" Paige whimpered.

"Shut the fuck up Paige, if you cooperate I promise this won't " Paige was not about to let Jack take control of her. She clinched her fist and brought it too Jacks face, but Jack was too quick and he caught it before it hit him.

"I said cooperate Paige," Jack yelled as he backhanded her across the face. "I have been eying you for awhile now, I could barely keep my cock in my pants thinking of you" Paige just looked at him in disgust and resentment. He now kept a firm grip on his knife and held it to her neck, Paige didn't dare move. With his other hand he continued to undress her. He even used his teeth to unbutton her pants; Paige couldn't be more disgusted. In no time he had her bear naked, and vulnerable to his every want and desire.

"Jack, don't want to do this" Paige begged as she sobbed in anticipation of what was about to happen to her.

"Oh but I do Ms. Matthews.I do" He then grabbed her neck in a chokehold and slammed her to the ground. He used his knee to open her legs, and he wasted no time plunging into her. Paige struggled against him, which only created more pain for her, but she was determined to get away from him. She started to use her hands to punch him off of her, her attempts were futile because all Jack did was take both of her hands and pin them above her head. He kept pushing in and out of her, getting rougher every time. Paige was in complete agony; she never felt this much pain in her life. He removed his hand with the knife in it from her neck and used that hand to pinch and mold her breast very roughly. Paige was crying uncontrollably now, she couldn't stop him and she had no strength to fight back. He kept pushing in and out of her; he was working so hard you could see beads of sweat on his face.

"Yeah baby yeah." He kept panting. He was getting to his climax and he finally cummed inside her. He pulled out and grinned at Paige.

"You were great Paige" He then moved quickly and planted a kiss on Paige's lips, Paige spat in his face. He didn't do anything but wipe it off his face. He looked at her and brought the knife back down to her neck.

"If you tell anyone, I swear I will not hesitate to kill you, you got me?" Jack threatened. Paige knew he meant business and nodded his head.

"Answer me bitch!"

"Yyyess" Paige managed to get out.

"Good" He made a quick swipe with the knife on her neck leaving a trail of blood rolling down her neck, It wasn't enough pressure to penetrate anything, so she was not seriously hurt by it.

"This is just a sample of what would happen to you if you tell anyone" He then briskly walked out the house./i

At the memory Paige subconsciously traced the scar that jack left on her. She was forever mentally and physically scarred that day, but she learned to move on. Of Course Piper would ask, where she got the scar. Paige had told her that she was moving some wood in the basement and she accidentally dropped it. The wood broke and pieces of wood sprung out everywhere, grazing Paige's neck. Piper bought it and just scolded Paige about moving stuff by herself.

Shuffling of feet from down the hall brought her out of her thoughts. It was Piper; she walked into Paige's room and quietly sat on her bed.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she asked.

"Not now sis, maybe later" Paige answered. Piper shot her a look of concern, but decided to let it go for now.

"Want to come down for breakfast?" Piper asked. "I'm making your favorite" Piper smiled.

"Sure" Paige got up from her spot by the window and followed Piper downstairs. Take it one day at a time Paige kept telling herself. Jack will be stopped; I just have to believe that.

Deep in the depths of the underworld, there are demons of all kinds roaming around together, conspiring evil plans together, working side by side to fulfill each demons utmost goal...to control to underworld. There are a very few demons who are willing to work alone, they want their rise to power by the means of their own hard work.

Aris live in a very isolated location in the underworld, very few demons know about him, and those who know are sworn to secrecy, if that is broken...the price they pay is their life. Aris is one of those demons that choose to work alone, his mission as in any other demons mission, is to rule to underworld. He knew his ticket to get there was the Charmed Ones; they are the only people standing in his way. After years of observation and study, he knows their weaknesses and their strengths.

Aris feeds on human anger...and hate. Whether it is man, woman, or child he takes that anger, and amplifies it 10 fold. Forcing his victim to give into completely evil deeds, therefore turning their souls black, and emotionless. Then, he confronts his victim, and feeds on his/her soul, leaving them soulless. There is not turning back then, the victims have no choice but to join evil, Aris provides them with powers to do as the please, with only one condition...that they give their loyalty to him and only him. Even though they can do whatever they shall please, they are still required to report back to Aris on what they have been up too. Together, Aris has 300 followers and one day when he has an innumerous amount of followers, he will take over the underworld. That is only his first task; as soon as he gains control...he plans to turn the whole world evil, feeding on everyone's inner anger. When he gets throne, the whole world will be full of soulless human zombies walking around aimlessly with no purpose. He only has to get rid of the 'pesky' Charmed Ones, as he refers to them. He realizes that their powers are tied to emotions...if they loose in innocent, their emotions are all over the place, therefore placing their powers out of whack.

He singled out this one special man to do the job of killing an innocent. He had taken the liberty of observing this man and his daily life. He had recently recruited him as one of his minions. Instead of allowing him to do what he wants, he gave this man instruction. Aris knew that this man would have no problem carrying it out. He just simply told him to kill the person who causes him pain...the person who he hates with all honesty. He trusts that he will do the job. He allowed him to take all the time he needed, just as long as he gets the job done. His plan was that the Charmed Ones would catch on, and go to protect the innocent, and then he will have his man kill them. It's an old strategy, but he has the upper hand. His man would be so blinded by hate that he would kill anyone that gets in his way of his goal. Right now they are discussing his progress...

"How far are you to your kill?" Aris asked the man.

"I am pretty close my liege. My victim is aware that I am around, it's scared shitless" the man answered. Aris nodded in a pleasing way.

"Thank you, you may go" Aris dismissed the man. "Wait a minute" Aris walked up to the man and grabbed his arm.

"Jack...Do not let me down" Jack nodded and shook off Aris's grip. He then blinked out.