Hey everyone, I am doing a fanmade Kamen Rider called Gears. This fanfic will have some of the characters from Steel Angel Kurumi and maybe others. BTW do I have to bother with describing characters besides my OCs since people can just look them up? I am doing a poll for an OC of mine for the Fate series. His details are on my "My version of the Unlimited Blade Works Mantra". There are 3 choices. Harry Potter, Sekirei, or other. The poll will end on April 1st. On other if anyone has a suggestion(s) please PM me. I am looking for a cowriter to help with writing and someone to help with the designs for the Rider stuff and if anyone has ideas for the monsters my Riders faced please PM me with them or leave them in the reviews and you will get credit for the idea(s) If anyone wants to do a Harry Potter challenge I have some on my Bio and a couple new ones that aren't on it. Thanks to Dannyrockon122 and CMXB for their help with Gears. Oh yeah the poll I will host a new poll with the other choices and the first if people voted mostly for other.

(15 miles outside Tremorton: 7/24/2009 1:27 P.M)

(3rd person POV)

A figure on a motorcycle that is a wearing a black motorcycle helmet (one that you can move the visor up) is driving down the road to Tremorton as he then goes off the road and stops. The motorcycle looks like the Ride Chaser with the black changed to gold, the purple changed to red. And the skull is changed to a gear. Its name is the Machine Gearer.

The figure take off the helmet revealing that the figure is an 18-year-old male. He has long black colored hair (like as long as Zero's hair from Megaman) and warm chocolate brown eyes. He is wearing a black leather coat that is short-sleeved, with numerous gold-colored studs decorating the shoulders, collar, and chest, and a single zipper on the front (like Dante's coat from Devil May Cry), a red tank top shirt with black gears on it, red pants with two black belts wrapped around his right thigh, a black, leather belt, black fingerless gloves with metal stubs on the knuckles, and high, black steel toe combat boots.

This is Kaito Himura.

"So, this is where they are." Kaito said as he took out a device that looks like the Dragon Rader from Dragon Ball but with the white replaced with black. He then sees the sign.

"Tremorton huh. Wonder why they're coming here? They do realize that the robot girl known as XJ9 or Jenny Wakeman is here? Unless they might have something planned for her. I better step on it." Kaito said. As he puts away the Radar and puts the helmet back on as he then goes back on the road as a memory appears in his mind.

(Flashback: 3 months ago. Japan: 4:25 A.M:)

Kaito is carrying a fatally injured man (think Syam Vist from Gundam Unicorn but a bit younger and wearing a lab coat) away from a burning lab.

The old man is Dr. Danzo Himura. Kaito's 'father'.

"Kaito. I don't have much time. You must stop them before-" Dr. Himura stops talking as he starts coughing up blood.

"Father you need to save your breath." Kaito said in worry.

"Kaito it's too late for me." Dr. Himura said knowing that he will die soon.

"Father." Kaito said as he starts crying.

"Kaito in the lab there is a safe. In the safe there is a case that has your name on it. In the case is a few items that will help you for now but eventually their powers won't be enough so I put in a chip that has the plans to something that will give you more power but there are conditions to unlocking its knowledge. When you complete the conditions, the chip will know due to its connection to you. When its unlocked you must go to Tremorton where my old friend Dr. Nora Wakeman is. The Machine Kingdom forces must not win. Kaito you must defeat them before they can turn this world into a wasteland." Dr. Himura ordering Kaito.

"I understand Father." Kaito said sadly understanding that he must destroy the Machine Kingdom to not only avenge his father but to also protect nature.

"Kaito there is so much I have left to show you. To teach you. But you must carry on without me. But I have faith in you. You must believe in the possibility that lies within you. Within everything. Kaito you must evolve to become more than a machine. You must become Human." Dr. Himura said his final words as he took one last breath and closes his eyes.


(End flashback)

'I must stop them before they can do anymore damage.' Kaito thought in anger.

(inside Tremorton 5 minutes before Kaito enters)

In Tremorton at a skatepark is XJ9 or Jenny to her friends and her friends Sheldon Lee, and Brad and Tuck Carbunkle . Jenny stands at 6.6 feet (1.98 m) tall and weighs roughly 600 lbs. She has blue "pigtails" with bolts connecting them to her head, blue "bangs", white skin, blue "clothes" (a crop top, a miniskirt, and boots), a belly-bolt (a bolt that simulates a belly button) which doubles as a linchpin (hands with 5 fingers each and center holes, a "false nose" and no ears.

Sheldon is a 5-foot 6-inch-tall teenage boy. He is 18 years. Sheldon is depicted with greasy black hair, and two specks on his cheek that could either be freckles or acne. His hair has two cowlicks at the crown of his head, and he has crooked teeth and a slight overbite. He is dressed in blue-gray pants, a white T-shirt, and an auburn hoodie.

Brad is an 18-year-old human adolescent male with apricot-colored skin, spikey red-orange hair, and dark-colored eyes. He is wearing a white dress shirt with a black vest over it, khaki pants, and black dress shoes.

Tuck is a 9-year-old boy with apricot-colored skin, black hair, and dark-colored eyes. He is wearing a red shirt with a black collar and a black stripe in the middle, blue jeans, and black shoes.

"Man, Jenny its great we can all hang out together without any worries." Brad said happy to be with all his friends.

"I know and its our last year as high school students." Jenny said remembering the years that has gone by ever since she meet Brad and Tuck.

Suddenly Jenny's body open up a bit and a screen pops out. On the screen was her mom Dr. Wakeman calling her. She has white updo hair, a pointed nose, and is wearing a pair of red lab goggles, black turtleneck, and yellow button-down lab coat with matching heels.

"Mom what's going on?" Asked Jenny.

"Jenny! It's horrible! Some machines are attacking downtown and some people are already hurt!" Yelled Dr. Wakeman.

"What?! I'm on the way!" Jenny yelled as she activate her rocket boosters and zooms off hoping she gets there in time before someone is killed.

In downtown many humanoid machines with red coloring and a horn and have machine guns (Char's Zaku II) were shooting all over the place hitting people who are running away. Luckily, none of the hits are fatal.

"Show these humans our might Zabots!" Ordered a machine that looks like the Junk Warrior but recolored commanding the now named Zabots. The blue is replaced with red and the scarf is removed.

Suddenly laser blasts hit the Zabots damaging the Zabots but barely.

"What!? Who did that!?" Yelled Scrap.

"It was me buckethead!" Said Jenny as she landed.

"So, you're the robot girl known as XJ9." Said the Junk Warrior lookalike.

"That's right! Now answer me who are you and why are you doing this!?" Yelled Jenny.

"I guess I can answer that since it won't matter to you anyways. I am Scrap a warrior of the Machine Kingdom and the reason why is the destruction of the human race and the rise of us machines." Said the now named Scrap.

"Machine Kingdom?" Questioned Jenny since she never heard of them before. Scrap then punches her at hi-speed denting her cheek and her getting punch through 3 buildings .


"My king told me to not too damage you too much, but I think a little damage is fine." Said Scrap mockingly as he starts walking towards her when suddenly the Machine Gearer rams into him knocking him away. Kaito then parks it and takes off his helmet.

"Hey Wakeman-san are you ok?" Kaito asked her.

"I'm fine. Thanks, but you need to get out of here before you get hurt!" Yelled Jenny while grateful for his help but scared for his safety.

"She is right you know because after what you just did to me I'm gonna rip every bone out of your body!" Yelled Scrap enraged by Kaito's attack on him.

"Are you mad because I hit you with the Machine Gearer?" Asked Kaito sarcastically knowing the answer. Scrap growl in anger that this 'human' dare to attack and mock him.

"Enough talk. It's time for you to lose. Now let's rev it up!" Kaito said as he took out a weird looking Gun and place a gear on it. The Gun is gold, red, black, and silver colored and it has a big blade on it (The Lupin Gunner minus the part where the Shift Cars go, and the blade is replaced with the Rhino Super Viral Car's blade. The part where the Gear goes in on the left side.). This is the Gear Gunner (it has the same voice and standby music as the Break Gunner).


Kaito lightly presses his palm against the Barrel as Death Metal-like music plays.

"Henshin!" Kaito said as he takes his hand off the Gear Gunner's barrel.


A pair of energy gears formed at each side of Kaito as a strange armor seemed to form around him, then the gears and armor slammed on him locking the armor in place.

He has Sinanju's head, 00 Gundam arms and legs with the GN Drives replaced with Super Mashin Chaser's shoulder pads, and you know the wheel thing KR Chaser has on his back imagine that as a gear. with the gem like thing the Wing Zero has on his chest. His head is purple with the eye visor being all the way red (think Unicorn Gundam unicorn mode's eye visor if that helps). The body and the shoulder pads are silver. The arms, legs and the gear on his back is gold.

This is Nitro Gears.

(Play His World by Zebrahead.)

"Wow!" Jenny said

"Who are you, bastard?!" Yelled Scrap.

"I am the Machine who protects all of nature! My name is Nitro Gears!" said Nitro Gears (I will call him Gears or N.G to make it easier).

"Member of the Machine Kingdom it's time to turn you into scrap!" Yelled Gears

(To be continued)