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Stark Tower was a technological marvel. It was the brainchild of the multibillionaire Tony Stark and his secretary-assistant and girlfriend Pepper Potts. It had the best of the planet's technologies available on it and was one of the most high-tech places on Earth besides Oscorp Industries, Baxter Building, and Doctor Doom's fortress in Latveria. and besides being the home of the lustrous Tony Stark, it was also a popular tourist, as well as an educational place for students, interns, and many others—and the technological advancements displayed were a source of wonder for the rest of the citizens.

Located in Midtown, the Tower was always in Media coverage regarding one thing or the other. And currently, it was showing the face of the National hero, the legend of the Allied Powers. The Captain America.

Silence enveloped the city as his face was broadcasted across all the billboards. From Queens to Midtown, every person watched with stilled breath as the Living Legend started speaking, "Good Morning Manhattan. I am Captain Steve Rogers, and I urge you to evacuate the area surrounding the Stark Tower immediately. Midtown is about to become a battle zone between a specialized response team and a hostile force invading our planet from outer space."

Amidst the shouts of 'WHAT?' and profanities being thrown around, some in the crowd started moving away immediately while some still stood shocked. Had it been Tony Stark proclaiming such an absurd thing then maybe they would have thought of this as a jest, but from Captain America himself?! the news that they were about to be attacked by aliens seemed to hit the populace with all the force of a nuke.

"I repeat! This is neither a drill by the Armed forces nor a joke. Manhattan is about to be attacked by an alien force known as the Chitauri. Please evacuate the area ASAP and if possible the city itself. You don't want to be present there when the fighting starts."

With that, the live feed ended, but seemed to echo around the roads for a few moments. In the haunted silence it appeared like everyone was waiting for the said aliens to come out of the manholes and start a massacre.

And then a red and blue, quite familiar person came swinging through the buildings. His whole form covered from head to toe in a skintight suit, Spider-Man landed on a street light directly in front of the Stark Tower's entrance with his white lenses staring out at the public. In the background, the ranting of Jameson could be heard, no doubt saying that this was Spider-Man's fault—though, for once, he was not given even a single glance as the citizens of New York stared at the masked vigilante.

"You have about three to five minutes before the attack happens, and you are stuck in a Chinatown firecracker festival's lethal version. Get moving people! You don't want to be here when shit hits the fan!"

It was probably the fact that the Captain had just warned them, or maybe it was the uncharacteristic seriousness from Spiderman...but within seconds a stampede commenced as everyone rushed to save themself. There was no order; no sympathy for the people in their path. Cursing, he started swinging around and webbing the people up, lifting them from the ground before they could get trampled. Dimly, the masked vigilante was aware of Iron Man arriving behind him and entering his home, no doubt to confront the aliens once they arrived.

Above on the landing pad, Tony Stark sighed as his battered suit was taken apart and stored inside by JARVIS. Walking into the Green Robed, tall and imposing figure of Loki, the God of Lies and Mischief. When Fury had called him in, Tony had believed that Loki was an impersonator; after all, Gods weren't real. And then, he and Captain America had caught him easily, just a blast of his repulsors, and the god was done.

That had reinforced their belief that this was just a metahuman or a mutant who was power-hungry with a flair for dramatics greater than his own. But then, Thor had come down on their plane as a strike from the heavens themselves. The Norse God of Lightning and Thunder had freed his brother and they had followed the brothers, only to discover that Thor himself was confronting Loki.

After a brief fight between Thor and himself, Loki was transported to SHIELD's helicarrier, imprisoned within a cage created to be strong enough to contain the Hulk. After that, it had been a whirlwind of fire and blasts as Loki was busted out of his prison by a hypnotized group of SHIELD operatives. Now, after getting their shit together they were finally here. As Tony finally entered the lobby he saw Loki sitting on his sofa as if he owned the whole world.

Shuddering slightly at the piercing gaze of the enemy, Tony went towards where his drinks were showcased in a manner that screamed 'Rich' better than his Iron Man suits ever could. Knowing he had to stall Loki till the team reached his position, Tony did the thing that both he and Spider-Man did the best, he talked.

"Reindeer Games, you shouldn't have busted out of your cozy cell. You almost caused Fury to lose his ship and cool at the same time, and that was supposed to be my job."

"Please Stark; don't take me for a simpleton. I have forgotten more years than your entire team has lived. Stalling me won't change anything."

As Tony gulped his Rum from the glass, he also gulped mentally. Offering Loki a glass, Tony discretely looked over towards a panel that had a minute red line going through its edge on the top.

"Do you want one? I have all the varieties here. French, Italian, German, Indian, even Rus…"

Tony trailed off when he turned around with two different bottles in his hands and saw Loki barely an inch behind him, still as a statue. He jerked back in surprise and the bottle in his right hand slipped. Almost expecting a crash he was surprised when he saw the bottle perfectly intact and floating a hairsbreadth above the flooring.

As Loki raised the bottle, Tony watched it shift into a bar of metal which separated into five different bars of the same mass. In front of him, each turned into a different thing.

The first turned into a Greek Xiphos.

The second turned into a Longsword.

The third turned into a Scimitar.

The fourth into a Talwar.

And the last turned into a Katana.

As Tony watched in abject fascination and no small amounts of terror, his guest once again started speaking.

"I last visited Midgard when I heard that your species created the 'Gun', a weapon capable of blasting a metal piece with velocity too great for your mortal eyes to see. Intrigued, I toured this world then, from the rising and fall of Empires in Bharat and China to the warfare in the place known as Europe, I saw it all. And do you know what I see now Tony Stark?"

Knowing that every word said meant more time for Spiderman to evacuate the public and his team to come Tony asked


"I see nothing has changed, there are Archimedes and Aryabhatta in this age too and so are Genghis Khan and other warmongers. But the thing which has changed the most is, people have stopped believing in deities. Insects shouldn't forget due to whose grace they live, and Midgard has forgotten where they stand in the cosmos. It is time for them to remember it."

Loki turned towards the windows and walked towards the glass, a golden and black armor materializing over him and his skin gaining a slight blue tone to it. Tony instead turned towards the panel where the red line was very slowly turning purple.

And then, a sound like a gong echoed all around him. Turning towards the origin he saw Loki floating in front of the public with his scepter in his hands. A snap later, JARVIS started showing him the frontline view of the Norse God.

Peter Parker felt a little more secure now that Iron-Man was here. While not a physical fighter, Iron Man's suit was the WMD with its repulsors and what not. But even that didn't help him give an impression, an illusion of safety in front of this Deity floating above him.

He had known there were Aliens present in the Universe, after all, Venom hadn't grown out of his ass but that still had been a single defeatable organism. This man hovering in front of him gave off an aura that Venom at his worst hadn't been able to give off. Then Loki waved his hand in a triangle, and suddenly every billboard around him was showing Loki's grinning visage.

"Citizens of Midgard or Earth as you insects call it. You have been playing with powers that have no business being in your hands. And now you will submit to me Loki Laufeyson, or perish! I have no qualms with either of the choices, if you submit then everything continues as it is except for the alarming number of your forays into the bigger Universe."

Everyone watched with open mouths at the man claiming to be Loki Laufeyson before the mutterings started. Spiderman's danger senses kicked up a little, enough to tell him that the danger was not to him. But by the time Peter could turn around, it was already too late

"Shut it Freak! Go back to the planet you came from. You cannot defeat Spiderman and all the heroes who are coming to kick your alien ass around!"

Spiderman hung his head with his fists clenched at the stupidity of one of his school's band members. 'Tomorrow if I remain alive, I am going to punch him hard'

A cruel, cold laugh rang out in response and everyone could feel the temperature dropping a little at the sound.

"By the Bifrost, I haven't laughed that hard since Thor thought Fandral was Sif and attempted to ask his hand for the night. " Wiping his eyes Loki then turned his gaze towards the public and shouted, his voice reaching even the farthest of homes in New York.

"Hear that Mortals, you put your hopes in the hand of these Avengers, these Humans who have something different about them, something which somehow makes them a threat to me! Look upon your heroes Mortals and despair!"

The billboards then started showing the inside of a room and Captain America confronting Loki. Despite all of his grace, all of his war experience, Captain could land only a single punch on Loki and that was also shrugged off. After a few moments of evading kicks and punches from the Captain, Loki moved and then ducked down swiftly inside the guard of Captain America while his arm was still shown moving in slow motion above Loki's head. He grabbed the Captain by his waist and raised him like one may raise a child and then brutally slammed him down on the metal floor of the room. A stomp on his throat later, Captain America was left choking and wheezing in the room while Loki went out.

Then it showed a terrifying sight. The Hulk, known to be the strongest creature on Earth, a monster made real was fighting Loki and Loki was laughing? While Loki's laughter was horrifying, the people were more terrified of a six-foot figure going toe-to-toe with the Hulk and even laughing during the fight. Hulk slammed his fists with all his power on Loki, intending to flatten him into a paste but amazingly, Loki caught Hulk's fists on his forearms by making a cross. Forced to his knees, Loki showed surprise for a moment, before he rolled forwards making Hulk stumble. Before even a blink could be taken, Loki slammed his right heel directly into Hulk's groin and in the same movement, the nimble man leapt up with inhuman speed. As the Hulk groaned due to sudden pain in his lower regions, Loki's fist glowed an ethereal blue and the Norse God punched Hulk full force in his temple.

The punch completely made the Hulk's feet leave the surface of the room while he spun due to the force of the punch and fell on his face. With a roar, the Hulk stood up while slightly shaking his head, but until then Loki had left the room.

The feed cut off then and the public suddenly became aware of their thudding hearts beating like a high amplitude speaker was inside their chests.

'He punched the Hulk into air'

For a moment, Loki's six-foot figure seemed larger than anything the whole public had ever seen. His presence enveloped their minds, dwarfing any kind of hope and resistance they may have had against the trickster.

"Look upon your mightiest warriors Humans and fear! There is no one on this planet that could stop me and my army. Your army is outnumbered and outmatched, your 'Heroes' are already in tatters. And now you will be much the same."

"Maybe we are, maybe we are insufficient, and maybe we can't win. But you can be damn sure that if we cannot save the Earth, we will damn sure avenge it."

Loki and everyone turned towards Tony Stark, now covered from head to toe in red and silver armor, and hovering in the air with his weapons aimed at Loki.

Spiderman swung himself up to a higher vantage point and shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Get the fuck out here! Does this look like a playground fight to you people? Want to live the rest of days in a coffin?"

And with that, the remaining people started leaving the roads across the whole city. Cars and trucks flew through the asphalt but even that was insufficient in the face of the millions of people running around for safety.

"Who is going to defeat me Tony Stark? You, a man who is using an armor with weapons barely capable of stinging me. Captain America, who admittedly is an impressive fighter for a human but he may as well be a toddler in front of me. Or the Hulk, whose mindless rage can be easily exploited to destroy your comrades.

Thor has no hope of defeating me and my army. While certainly more powerful than me, he cannot use his powers fully without harming you all and this city. Witho-"

"Bub, you talk too much"

With that, a barrage of lightning bolts, lasers, and bullets slammed into the armored god, sending him crashing into a building with a loud boom.

Iron Man turned towards the planes which had fired bullets on Loki and grinned underneath his armored face at the sight of Quinjet and a heavily modified Blackbird plane, which was being piloted by Clint Barton and the Wolverine respectively.

The planes flew down swiftly and hovered above the road wide enough to serve as tarmac and then SHIELD's team of Captain America, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, and Bruce Banner jumped out while a group of four individuals jumped out. Before Tony could look at more than Wolverine's Adamantium claws popping out, Loki's voice reached their ears.

"This is all that you have. A Storm elemental, a boy who cannot do anything but mope and obsess over a Redhead. Two beasts in the skin of men, a Soldier lost in time and two assassins, two results of Accidents, and...Oh, By the Nine Realms! I didn't know it had chosen a ne-I am coming for you!"

Loki's voice changed at the last moment, turning into a much rougher and menacing voice, all of the silkiness gone from his words. Tony turned towards the woman to get information about her and he paused for a second. He wasn't ashamed to say that he was a horndog who slept with a new girl every second day, but damn if this woman seemed to dwarf them in every way by her presence alone.

JARVIS helpfully supplied the information about the redhead who was wearing a black spandex suit with an X on its front. The name is Jean Grey, and she was studying in Bayville High while living in Charles Xavier's bungalow.

Tony turned towards the woman to see her extend her hand and push it forwards towards Loki. His armor's sensors went haywire at the sudden rise in kinetic energy surrounding him along with a thermal draft which slammed into Loki and moved him about an inch back.

Laughing at the stupefied faces of everyone, Loki rose back up into the air towards the top of Stark Tower and clapped once.

"Everyone, stay close. Thor's description of Chitauri was that they all have enhanced strength and slightly better reflexes than Humans. So beat them from long range as much as possible. And please tell me what you people can do"

Steve Rogers finished speaking while turning towards Wolverine who was looking like the leader. He started speaking as they all watched a blue beam thrumming with energy shoot up into the sky from the tip of the lightning rod attached to the building adjacent to Stark Tower.

"Redhead is a telekinetic and Telepath. The kid can shoot lasers from his eyes while Storm can shoot lightning bolts and control the weather," the man said."Name's Wolverine, superfast healing and adamantium claws."

Before they could do anything else, the bolt of energy slowed its ascent, and then something only seen in sci-fi happened. Earth saw a wormhole for the first time, a 200 yard across circular wormhole which started spewing out aliens faster than they could see them.

Without a word, Tony flew into the air, followed by Storm while the Chitauri flying on Chariots started spreading out and blasted the Roads, Buildings, and the remaining people on the streets with blazing purple blasts coming out of their javelin like weapons and guns on their arms.

Captain America got the first look at their adversary as he slammed the edge of the shield into its shoulder and then punched its head. It was a purple-skinned humanoid figure with brownish-bronze armor covering it in vital points except for the eyes and lower half of its face. Black beady eyes glared at him even as he smashed his shield on its hideous face, turning it into pulp due to his strength. Turning around to take a breather for a moment, Captain America roved his eyes over the battlefield and saw Natasha and Clint shooting at the aliens with perfect accuracy with pistols in the Russian femme-fatale's case and specialized arrows in Clint's case.

The kid with lasers coming out of his eyes was doing a good job, but he already had a small wound on his brow due to shrapnel from the rapidly destructed road. His optic blasts were searing into Aliens at their non-fatal points, but the damage was all the same. He was even blasting Chitauri out of the sky when he could aim at their chariots.

Wolverine was fighting savagely, his claws ripping apart the humanoids like they were soaked tissues. His powerful frame tanking hits from their guns and healing the red patches formed in the blink of an eye.

The telekinetic was smashing the Chitauri with all the subtlety of a hammer. Her telekinetic powers in full effect, everything on the road, from broken glass to concrete and metal pieces was flung at the aliens leaving them as a smear on the ground or riddled with holes.

Bruce was firing at the aliens with one of the blaster things he picked from a body, while Spiderman was swinging around, kicking and slamming the invading force with all of his strength. Peter wasn't going to web them up and leave them alive, he wasn't the naive kid he had been. After Gwen's death, his beatings on criminals had become harder and these creatures weren't of Earth even, so this gave Peter the perfect opportunity to let loose his whole power and speed.

Tony was flying around firing repulsors at the chitauri chariots without pause along with Storm firing lightning bolts and making the chariots crash into each other or fallen debris by using her wig powers.

And then the whole skyline above Stark tower turned neon blue for a moment and with a white flash, a massive lightning bolt was shot into the portal. Even the massive lightning rods all across the skyscrapers could barely lower the amperage of the thunderers' fury. With the roar of the storming winds echoing in their ears, Thor's armored figure crashed right in front of the defenders as the burnt chariots and pieces of the Chitauri rained from the portal and the surrounding area.

Swinging Mjolnir around him, he started bashing the skulls of the enemy open like eggs and flinging them around with his massive strength and a new 7-foot 2-inch frame. Despite the awe-inspiring level of power he just threw around, he was going as strong as ever. Thor loved this, the thrill of battle which made the warriors go proudly to Valhalla.

But effective as they all were, it was quickly becoming apparent that they were not enough, already in three block radius of the portal cars and streets were blasted apart. Burnt pieces and the bodies of the unlucky citizens caught in the attack were strewn around the debris.

Every few seconds the sound of glass breaking or someone screaming would echo around the streets, and then silence would show the abrupt end to the voice as well as the life behind it.

Thor was feeling restricted in the city. If this had been an open land instead of a civilian area where there were still refugees present then he would have shown these Chitauri what the God of Thunder could do, but his powers weren't like his mother's or Loki's which could be used in the vicinity of mortals. As he ripped off a Chitauri's head with his hands, Thor saw the truth in his brother's words.

He had always been more powerful than Loki, but today not a single speck of that power was helping him. He could only let lose minor bursts of static and voltage between his allies while Loki had used his magic and Jotun-Asgardian composition to punch the Hulk, a monstrosity the likes of which Thor would be pumped to fight into a temporary stupor.

His rumination was stopped by a scream from the man who was dressed in an odd dress of red and blue that was swinging around and defeating his foes.

"What the fuck is coming out of that fucking portal now? It is looking like a giant ass snake!"

Steve Roger could only stand with his mouth open at the sight. If someone would have told him in 1945 that taking the serum of Dr. Erskine would result in him meeting Norse deities, a narcissistic egoistic and the self-centered son of Howard, fighting aliens and seeing snakes as big as buildings coming out of a hole into space itself after more than 60 years of sleep, he would have stayed away from the serum.

"Stark, are you seeing this?"

"Seeing, Cap'n! I am working on believing. Tell Banner to get ready, I am bringing a punching bag for the big guy"

With a flash of flares and missiles striking into the movie size, metal-plated anaconda, Tony caused it to follow him while he started flying towards where the mutants from Charles's mansion and his team were fighting.

Down on the street Captain turned towards Banner and for a moment was stupefied by the fact that Dr. Banner could even shoot.

"Dr. Banner, I wasn't aware that you knew how to handle weapons"

Shooting a Chitauri moving towards Clint and Laser-Eyes position, Banner responded

"Not many are Captain; it is as if everyone forgets that before getting caught up Gamma radiation Super Soldier project, I was in the army too. While not a great marksman like Agent Romanoff or Barton here, I know my way around basic Weapons, and trust me this point and shoot weapon is a piece of cake."

"Bruce, I think this would be a great time to get angry, Tony is bringing a punching bag for the Hulk"

Without warning, Thor slammed Mjolnir on Captain's shield, causing a wave of static and wind to erupt in a circle which amazingly ignored the defenders while completely frying and sweeping away the Chitauri around them for a moment.

At the looks of wonder on everyone's face, Thor just said "I am the God of Thunder and Storms" but then, a roar shook the very Earth as the massive snake flying behind the red form of Tony Stark came around the bend.

Bruce just threw away his gun and started walking towards the reptilian creature and soon he was running straight towards its gaping maw. A ripping sound came as his body grew and grew, thickly corded muscles erupted along his whole form as his skin turned green,

his fingers became as thick as the diminutive Scientist human arms were and his height became a staggering ten feet and some inches.

As the Iron Man flew above the Hulk, the strongest creature on Earth leaped up with a roar of "HULK SMASH!" and then slammed both fists in an overhead strike right on the area between the eyes of the Leviathan. And just like that, the road below the jaw cratered while the whole head disappeared into pieces of gore and purple blood which completely drenched the surrounding buildings and Hulk's green form. The headless body kept twitching for a few seconds but then stilled.

Retching sounds filled the air as everyone turned from the brutal sight to see, Laser-Eyes and the Mutant redhead vomiting while Wolverine was clapping slowly.


Before they could comprehend what was happening, the Hulk came barreling towards them. Concerned for their safety, Natasha was about to call Fury for support when the thing just bent at his knees and then leaped off the ground, leaving deep gouges in the place of bloody footprints.

Turning to map its trajectory, they saw the Hulk's giant form enter a flying snake and then without a fanfare, erupt out of the other side with something in his arms.

"Captain, the Leviathans have the Chitauri inside them, meaning the corpse of the headless one is teaming with almost a hundred of those going by its size. And it has been barely five minutes since this portal has opened."

"Someone go to the third building five streets down, there are people there being cornered by the Chitauri"

"How do you know that?"

At Natasha's question, Jean answered while taking hold of a piece of glass and running it through the bodies of Chitauri rapidly, leaving them twitching on the grounds due to the deep lacerations dripping green blood

"I am a telepath"

Captain America nodded at that and ran off to where he was told to go, the only thing on his mind to save as many as possible because he knew that realistically, it was impossible to save everyone in the city.

"They have a hive mind; I can't seem to hear individual thoughts. They are getting mental commands directly through a neural implant in their Medulla Oblongata. It is giving off thoughts of violence and death. That hive mind is the reason for such synchronization between their attacks and aiming."

"How does that information help us Red?"

Glaring at the blood soaked form of Wolverine, Jean Grey flared her telekinetic powers and spoke harshly "My name is not Red you hairy buffoon. Get that through the metallic skull of yours and be useful for once in your life" and suddenly she threw her hand out towards where the headless body was lying in a pool of its brain and blood, flattening it completely. They could all hear the cracking sounds and the shrieks coming from the dying Chitauri which caused others to gaze at the Redhead with wariness.

"Ouch", Natasha whispered in her com-link to Tony and Clint both, causing them to snicker. But their brief moment of respite and levity was shattered as the portal fluctuated once and then blared a brilliant blue color. Over the roars of the Leviathans and the Hulk, they could hear a buzzing sound which caused their hairs to rrise.

Loki for the first time looked a little confused since anyone had ever seen him and that was concerning in itself. If something caused the mastermind behind the planetary invasion to be confused then it could be turning ugly for them fast.

The thrumming power seemed to reach its crescendo as a shockwave erupted from the portal as the epicenter and disintegrated the flying chariots and the snakes around it. There wasn't a speck of them remaining behind, and the fact that Hulk had been on the ground killing the foot soldiers left and right was the only fact which saved Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk from being removed from the reality itself due to the extreme fluctuating powers of the infinity stone inside the Tesseract.

But then they all saw Loki grab his head and snarl like a beast, glaring towards the building atop which the machine for the portal was kept. And soon the reason for that became visible.

Thor jumped up and flew above and then shouted

"A man has appeared near to the machine creating this portal. He isn't known to me and he isn't looking like someone garbed for a war"

But then Thor frowned a bit and started flying towards the place where the figure was supposed to be and at the same time, something flew up into the air shooting up so fast that even Thor had some difficulty tracking its ascent. But when the thing stopped, everyone stopped and stared for a moment. Even Loki stopped holding his head and looked up with something akin to horror.

The Mutants and the Avengers themselves were stunned into silence and Tony had stopped flying altogether, JARVIS handling the controls. On the Helicarrier and in the homes with a window view to the scene, they all looked on in shock at the massive Eagle with six wings hovering just above the portal. Peter had thought he had seen everything after the Electro and the Green Goblin fiasco but apparently, the Universe liked to fuck all of his potential peace-giving thoughts.

It was a majestic sight and something which would have caused a crackpot mutant with katanas to sprout something about America's revenge. The Eagle was a beautiful Golden shade interspaced with Red and Purple along with Blue accents on its wings and crest. Its talons looked massive and sharp enough to rend apart the strongest tanks and bunkers with ease. Its beak was a little curved, something between what an Eagle and a Raptor would have.

Its eyes were heterochromatic as seen by the SHIELD's satellite and Thor's godly eyes. The right one was a bright green color like polished jade and the left one was the color of tungsten bulbs, a poisonous yellow.

Thor didn't know what this avian was, having never came across such flying beasts in all of the thousands of years of his life, but he knew one thing. This beast was capable and proficient with the powers of storms. Thor could feel as the creature flapped its wings once and the natural flow of the wind currents in this area of Midgard shifted effortlessly in the direction the man-turned-creature wanted them to shift in.

He knew that the creature's power over his domain wasn't enough to challenge him, but watching the winds slice into the Leviathans as Sif's blades cut through enemies was an act of control he had never been able to accomplish. Control was more of his mother's and Loki's speciality. He and OdinAllfather had always been the powerful and bash-it-until-it-breaks warriors.

Storm, who was currently freezing a chitauri battalion to death quickly by causing a minor rainfall and then using air pressure to flash freeze them before breaking them in quick succession also felt a new power controlling the storms and wind.

'I liked it yesterday when only I was able to influence and control the skies. Charles is going to pay me a special bonus for putting up with this!'

Jean Grey watched the man slice apart the snake-things with blades made out of winds and intrigued, sent a mental probe towards it through the astral plane. As she reached the outskirts of the mind, a cold seeped into the very cells of her body. Not the kind of cold that makes you wish for hot chocolate, it was the kind of cold due to which Hestia was revered.

It was a cold that permeated her thoughts till all she could feel was hopeless, helplessness, and a state of perpetual hatred and fury so great that even Wolverine and Sabretooth would look like best friends in front of the sheer magnitude of the anger.

Staggering slightly from being suddenly shoved back into her mind by what was a telepathic slam of a power almost equal to Professor himself, Jean removed the arms of Scott Summers from around her while shivering for some reason and turned towards the people standing with her who were all now watching the Eagle sends out bolts of electricity precisely on the Chariots and the Snake thingies. And Thor was also helping by throwing Mjolnir, his hammer from the myths around, and sending it through the bodies of the enemies like they were made of the flimsiest of paper.

"Don't attack him at any cost! He is full of enough anger to make Wolverine's and Sabretooth's rivalry the best friendship in the world. If you harm a single feather on that eagle, he will start attacking us too. Let him do whatever he does."

At Jean's panicked voice, Clint shifted his aim from the massive Eagle to the Chitauri squadron coming towards them, causing a blast and killing all of them.

And soon they were back to fighting the increased Chitauri who were now all coming towards them instead of going out of the perimeter in which Storm and Tony were flying, killing them all.

They all stopped though and converged at one point when the Eagle landed, shrinking down somehow to fit in the debris-filled road. And then like a movie going on, the seven-foot Eagle turned to a six feet man.

He was wearing a ripped shirt under what seemed to be a robe which was half burned off. His legs were covered by something which vaguely looked like pants and his feet were bare. But it wasn't the came-out-of-a-blast appearance which caught their attention, no it was his face.

It was gaunt and looked like a piece of chalk white leather was stretched taut over a skull. His hair was surprisingly neat and fell till his chin in waves. But it was his eyes which caught their attention; they were also Heterochromatic like the Eagle which he turned into. One a jade color and the other a tarnished yellow. Before they could think anything more, his appearance changed before their very eyes. Gone were the sunken face and the scruffy clothes. Within seconds, he had a handsome face with high cheekbones and a sharp jawline. His eyes also changed color, turning from a Poisonous yellow and the jade green to a much more neon shade which was almost emerald.

His torn clothes burned off and armor took the place of it. It was made of a dark forest green-colored material that looked like it was black in some places. But the final change was the two swords which appeared in his hands. Both were Scimitars, the kind of which Prince Dastan wielded in Prince of Persia and both were almost three feet long from the hilt to the tip of the curved blade.

Looking wickedly sharp, the blades had a hilt made of a metal which was a matte black colour and had a ruby each inlaid on the crossguard.

"What is happening here?"

Natasha raised an eyebrow at the emotionless voice and the detached manner of speaking from the man. She knew only one other person who could match her in the cold-detached department and this man clearly wasn't Yelena.

"Who are you? And how did you turn into the Eagle thing?"

Wolverine was once again asking himself why he hadn't torn out Scott's throat and was considering doing it, but he then remembered that Charles wanted Scott to be the leader for his mutant team, and for that, he had to remain alive. Wolverine wasn't afraid of many things; he even had partaken in a brief tussle with the Hulk and The Thing one time. His healing and Adamantium claws had balanced their strength quite well until Hulk got angrier and powerful enough to flip around the Thing like a sack of potatoes.

But even without the display of savagery shown by this man's avian form, wolverine would have steered clear of him or at least treated him with caution. Not because of the armor or the swords, no it was because he could smell blood upon the man. The blood was giving off several different smells, and going by Thor's raised hammer and Spiderman's tense figure, they could smell it too. The different smells meant only one thing; this man had literally bathed in the blood of several different people.

"I don't have the time for this. I will be honest, I had just destroyed this very city in my dimension, and I would appreciate your honesty to prevent a second New York from being histories like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Though I won't mind if you give me a reason."

Upon the Helicarrier, Nicholas Fury, the Director of SHIELD almost told his best agents on the field to shoot this man but then he stopped. He stopped and stared as the Man lifted the Scimitar in his right hand and slammed it tip first into the ground, the tip sinking in as if the ground was made of warm butter.

On the scene itself, Jean suddenly gripped her head and screamed and so did Charles Xavier as they all felt something spread outwards from the sword's tip. A mental call of death and decay echoed throughout the astral plane and caused a woman, who was protecting New York's Sanctum to pale and turn towards the point of origin. Without a delay, she used the Eye of Agamotto and saw the future of the world changing and rewriting itself as if the original never should have existed in the first place. Knowing that she didn't have the time to see all of this, she once again returned back to her body and started killing the Chitauri trying to breach the Sanctum while ruminating on the thought of inviting the catalyst and the centerpiece for the change to her home.

Tony and the rest of the world watching the battle from the live feeds many people had going on watched in horror as the dead soldiers from the aliens force rose up once again, their eyes pits of red and their movements smooth unlike the jittery and jerking motions shown by zombies and reanimated corpses in Resident Evil and other Zombie movies.

They all were missing one or the other part of their bodies, but were still moving about and grabbing up their weapons. Within moments, the undead were shooting their own alive brethren without care.

"That is what the New Yorkers looked like when I was grabbed up by the portal; do you want the same thing here?"

"No! There will be nothing of that sort here on Midgard. This realm is under my protection! And it is your previous action of slaying the Leviathans only which is saving you from death due to your creation of the Draugr!"

The man who just raised an army of the dead turned towards the visibly enraged God and spoke in a calm voice, betraying nothing but disinterest towards the whole thing.

"Lord Thor Odinson, the Norse god of thunder and storms, the myths don't do you justice. You seem more dimwitted than portrayed by Lord Loki. These aren't Draugr; if I created them then this battle would be over too quickly. And I barely started having fun in my New York before this portal pulled me somehow here still; at least there is an army for me to fight"

"What is your name?"

"My name is Harry Potter.", came the whispered response before the man was gone in the wind, and the Chitauri started falling left and right with their body parts strewn about the road. Each cut wasn't a clean kill; it was made to cause maximum pain before death, a torturous one at that.

Loki himself flew above the Stark Tower, having seen and heard everything and somehow, Loki knew that fighting this one man was going to be tougher than fighting Thor ever was.

And deep in the cosmos on a throne made of gold and grey metal, Odin-Allfather gazed upon Midgard's war-torn city of New York with an expressionless face. And then his one good eye turned towards his adopted son Loki's eyes glaring with all of his power at the blue color there but helpless to do anything.

At the same time on a desert planet a great ship was flying above it. And in it, the face of the mad titan glared with hatred at the red-haired woman who was the antithesis of everything his object of affection stood for.