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A giant screen was displayed in the middle of the room, its size enough to cover the wall of a modest house. Divided in segments, the screen showed many different scenes of New York from a few hours ago. In one part Captain America was seen fighting Chitauri and helped a few people get to safety. In the other Iron Man was seen flying around and blasting the aliens out of the sky alongside Storm shooting lightning and using winds to do the same. The last one showed an eagle, gigantic in stature in the air as millions of amperes of current was discharged through the hordes of 'Leviathans' and Chitauri.

"The Earth saw its first Alien contact today in the form of a host-"

"New York attacked today by Aliens, massive destruction and life los-"

"Group of people seen defending the city, most notably the Iron Man and the Hulk along with Captain America, the hero-"


"Giant leopard and eagle seen killing the enem-"

"No official statement from the President or Tony Sta-"

All the voices were abruptly cut off along with the video feed as Nick Fury switched off the television and turned around to look at the five giant screens in front of him. Watching the World Security Council, the big bosses of SHIELD Nick Fury once more felt that he should have retired from this shit years ago as he saw the expressions on their faces.

"Gentlemen, this is the reason SHIELD was created. Today an alien force attempted our subjugation or annihilation on the behest of a god. And the Avengers stopped them, saving billions of lives worldwide. The Tes-"

"That is all well and good Fury, but where are they now? You can't tell me that you aren't keeping tabs on and Captain America right now, or the supposed god Thor?"

His single eye turning to glare at Nagendra Singh Nick Fury growled out his answer

"They are on a vacation, a well-earned one if I say so. Dr. Bruce Banner is currently with Stark while Captain America has gone for sightseeing along America. Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff are back within the Helicarrier while Thor is preparing to depart to Asgard."

"And what of the terrorist Loki?"

"Mr. Gideon, Loki is literally a god, and no prison on Earth can hold him in if the way he fought with Hulk is any indication. He is being taken back to Asgard by Thor to face justice there."

"What of the Tesseract Director, isn't Phase two going to be implemented now?"

Walking forwards a little, Fury pressed a button on his phone, creating a hologram which showed Thor with Mjolnir in his hands.

"Humans, I am Thor Odinson, the crown prince of Asgard and the god of Thunder. I am taking the Tesseract back to my realm. Midgard has no business attracting the attention of cosmic powers by hosting such a dangerous and powerful object on it."

The hologram receded back into the phone, and Fury turned to look at the council members to see Alexander's face look like someone killed his puppy while the other wore somewhat relieved looks.

"I didn't think it wise to argue with the god who took the decision"

As he turned around to walk back out of the chamber, Malick Hawley the most silent member spoke

"What of Harry Potter Fury, the monster who appeared in between the battle, a man who can turn into a giant eagle or a leopard, the man who has control on thunder and fire along with ice and even equaled Loki in fighting for a few minutes. And let's not forget the fact that he was somehow able to punch the Hulk into the air. Is there any information on him since he ran off after the battle seven hours ago?"

"Harry Potter is currently the priority of SHIELD, his face has been made known to every SHIELD asset available across the world with several more transfers in progress. He is currently our main priority and is in the danger class Omega like Magneto and . Even as we speak, SHIELD's R & D department is working on the ways to possibly contain and neutralize the target."

Walking out of the room as the conference ended Fury opened his phone and glared at the figure of Harry Potter punching the Hulk captured from a street camera. Even during the battle his hackers had worked overtime to remove any evidence of how much danger Potter posed to the world. The only thing the world knew was that a leopard and an eagle had fought in the battle due to people actually being on the scene or live feeds from cameras of the news agencies, not that the beasts had been a human. His picture as a human was also in the news given to the media by one of the men saved by him in a hotel and another from a camera on the street light. Already there were demands to search and arrest or even replicate Potter's abilities from around the world. His ruminating was cut off as Hill's voice sounded in his earpiece.

"Commander Fury, please come to the bridge fast. There is a big problem!"

'Not a minute of rest'

With that Fury ran towards the bridge his pistol and titanium knife in hand, ready for a confrontation. But when he came through the doors, everything and everyone was unharmed and in single pieces. Sheathing and holstering his weapons back into place he turned towards Agent Hill, his second-in-command.

"What is it?"

Showing him a tablet hill just let Fury's single eye read the words on it, and the next movement the tablet was back in her hands as Fury turned around and walked outside back towards the conference chamber. The words on the screen repeating inside his head

'Harry Potter is deemed an enemy of state and a danger to society. General Thaddeus Ross and his unit are given the permission to capture the target for further investigations and proceedings.'

Going by the signature of the president and the Oval office stamp, Fury knew that Ross was going to cre3ate a lot of problems in the coming months, because while Hulk may break people into pieces and then run off, he was sure Harry Potter would do much more painful things to Ross.

In the solitude of the conference chamber as the call to the President connected with Tony Stark on the line Fury couldn't stop from wishing that if he had a time machine he would gladly have strangled Ross in his crib itself, saving him from numerous headaches.

Flapping his wings high in the atmosphere Harry Potter replayed the battle in his mind, cataloging the faces of each of the people who had been fighting along with their skills and kills for the future. Even now he was still amazed and a little awed by the fact that gods literally came down to Earth and fought. While the old families in Wizarding World knew about the gods and even had evidence of Greco-Roman Pantheon, the Egyptian Pantheon, the Hindu Pantheon and the Shinto Pantheon along with many others like Mayan and Aztecs existing, they had never been a sighting or a ritual done for their summoning in hundreds of years, the last recorded summoning done for Lord Apollo in 900's when a new disease had plagued the European magical societies, eradicating whole settlements and families within months.

However the most intriguing fighters had been the 'Wolverine', 'Spiderman' and the redhead who had tried to scope out his mind. The previous two had been fighting non-stop and seemed to heal from injuries very fast compared to normal humans, the former having almost instantaneous healing. Their abilities were also like their namesake animals were given human forms to live in, a lot like when a powerful animagus gains his or her animal's nature or skills while being human.

He had felt the redhead look into his mind, and the swirling vortex of rage and hate present in his mind then had been enough to dissuade her. But their powers had intrigued him a lot due to their apparently no source of power and the varied ways in which they were used. Increased senses and strength, claws, healing, telekinesis, telepathy and weather manipulation all seemed to be the tip of the iceberg when those people, called Mutants by the rest of the population were concerned.

His flight was abruptly cut off as he sensed something moving exactly towards his position from below, and it was fast enough to give the fastest jets a run for their money. Without even pausing he enlarged his thunderbird form changed size, turning from a normal sized eagle to the behemoth it had been in the battle. And then he was diving at terminal velocity, thunder developing on his bronze and neon blue feathers as the clouds darkened around him.

Just before he was about to let loose a furious assault on the poor soul, his eyes caught the blond hair and the red cape on the person and the next movement all the thunder was gone but the clouds remained around him as the form of Thor Odinson alighted before him, Mjolnir spinning above him and a serious air about him.

"Change back Harry Potter, I have much to discuss with you."

Flapping his wings twice, Harry started shrinking and turning back and in a blink of an eye later he was floating in front of the god. Looking down towards his blood and guts covered armor Harry did not look at it as it changed into a white shirt and blue pants. The blood and gore falling down in the clouds, probably making a mess of an unfortunate soul below in the city.

His green eyes looking back into Thor's own blue ones, Harry thought of almost twenty spells in a single second which he could use if Thor became hostile. He had no delusions that he would be able to defeat Thor when the latter was at full power but he was sure that he would injure the deity enough to escape.

"How did you use thunder and the winds Sorcerer? While I too use magic of a sort, but my connection with storms and thunder is much more innate and not replicable by any other save for those who have the same connection. Your usage was too much like mine to be magical, because Loki has been using magic for thousands of years and even he never could produce such Thunder."

Harry knew that if this devolved into a fight, he would escape but with Asgard as his enemy, and going by the legends of Valkyries and Einherjar in his own dimension along with the amount of Thor himself had, Harry wasn't too keen on that thought.

"Lord Thor Odinson, my usage of thunder and winds is due to the avian I turn into. Thunderbirds were apex predators in the sky in my dimension, able to kill even the greatest of Dragons with their relentless attacks and the control they had over the winds. When I am in this form, some of the magical capabilities bleed into me due to my blood being altered a little, and the blood carries the magic along with the soul."

"Fascinating, I have seen beasts who can command elements but never on the scale of this 'Thunderbird' you turn into, and what of the feline form you take? And call me Thor, I am not acting in the capacity of Asgard's crown prince and neither are my allies such as yourself and Stark required to call me Lord"

Turning his right hand partially into a paw Harry raised it in front of Thor and spoke while gazing at the world below him.

"Nundu, arguably the most ferocious beast on my planet, It could be defeated only by Thunderbirds, Krakens and Basilisks if they attacked in the right way. Its hide is thick enough to easily handle blows from muggle tanks bombs. On my planet more than a 100 wizards were needed to kill a fully grown Nundu, its size, speed, magical resistivity and the poisonous breath, making it deadlier than a fully grown dragon."

He jerked out his reverie when a strong clap on his shoulder from Thor. Turning towards the Asgardian Harry raised his eyebrow and in return Thor smiled at him.

"The Tesseract had unimaginable power, and it has been used in the past by my father to traverse dimensions. I will talk to him about this and ask if he can help you or not. But for now farewell Harry Potter, and if you ever have need of my assistance then I will be ready to lend my might and hammer to you."

Hope rose within him at the thought that maybe he could return to his dimension and complete his work, after all the killers of his wives may be dead, but those who had pulled the strings weren't. And then Thor's promise of help came, shocking him quite a lot.

"Pardon me Lor-Thor, but why are you promising to assist me even though you have known me for less than a day?"

Thor's face turned serious in an instant, no hint of the easygoing smile remaining on his features as he turned towards the city below, his fists clenched tightly.

"When Loki was showing me the deaths of Jane and everyone I have loved, I admit I was not in my senses. Anyone could have struck me down such was my condition in the throes of misery. Emotions have always been a weak point for me, and Loki was fully using that fact.

But when you somehow tapped into your powers on a godly level while at the same time releasing so much energy, my senses were momentarily filled with nothing but the feel of another god rising to wield my own domain. And thus the illusion's hold on me broke the moment Loki's attention slipped off it and my own senses were left devoid of the illusions effects So if it weren't for you, then I am sure I would have eventually gotten out of the illusion but till then it would not have mattered."

Before Harry could even reply, Thor just swung his hammer and flew away swiftly his last words resonating in his brain.

'A new god rising'

Skeptical and excited at the same time Harry vanished his swords back into the pocket dimension they resided in when not within his hands and then flew straight up, breaching the small strips of clouds and finally above the Stratosphere.

Exhaling softly Harry closed his eyes and kept a tight leash on his magic, not even allowing the barest of amount of it to be used for anything. The next second he started to plummet down like a puppet with its strings cut. He tore through the clouds again and angled his body slightly flying past some birds with velocity great enough to scatter them just due to their vicinity to him.

And then he tried accessing the powers of Zeus he had used today but without using his sword. Thor's words and his own explanation had intrigued him about something. If Thor who was sure to have seen the ascension of numerous gods had said that he had risen as a god, then it was possible that the powers were now his without the sword too. After all if the weapon could only carry the powers then it would not have been a great idea. He felt for that power, that feeling of energy and static but came up empty handed. He knew that the powers couldn't be willed into effect, because that would probably result in his magic being used. Even as he searched for possible methods or ways, his descent got faster yet, now plummeting towards the Earth at speeds which resulted in burning due to friction, evidenced by the burning shirt and pants which were disappearing into the air.

When he was halfway down to the Earth, his mind latched on to a sentence from a book written by Maximus Potter, his many time grandfather from 1200's. He had written that despite the proven fact that blood carried magic in wizards it couldn't be true that it was the reservoir or the source for magic in humans, because even when blood was drained from a body, leaving bare minimum for survival there was no effect on the magic of the wizard, but when instead the killing curse or the Dementor's kiss had been used there had been no magic left despite not even a single drop of blood being spilled.

His eyes opening up, Harry went into the Astral plane, his soul manifesting in the empty metaphysical area. And then he felt it, the power and the static hum in his soul, seeped into the very core of being. Energy so vast and untamed that he could easily destroy a city the size of London in one strike.

But even as he let a tiny fraction of that power suffuse his body he knew that he wasn't even remotely strong enough to wield power on that level. He opened his eyes and now that he was not brawling with a god, he could feel the changes. Due to his thunderbird nature he could feel when something moved through the air up to 10 miles, but now? Now he could accurately pinpoint the number of birds flying in a 100 mile radius, such was the increase in his perception and skill. He could even tell the number of humans walking on the road directly below him or the amount of voltage currently within the clouds around him, just begging to be used by him.

Shuddering lightly Harry withdrew the power and turned back into his avian form, already knowing that he would have to use this power extensively to make this a part of himself. A well-known part that was as easy to use as breathing, ready to be utilized at a thought instead of entering the Astral plane and feeling it out through his soul.

Now that all his immediate concerns were over, Harry turned eastwards, flapping his wings and using the winds to fly forwards at supersonic speeds. His destination, London.

"What are your thoughts on Spiderman?"

Turning towards Steve Rogers, Tony Stark drummed his fingers on his car's hood and thought about it. Spiderman, a hero who surfaced before him, and was known to have enhanced strength enough to beat Rhino. Increased speed and likely metabolism along with healing too given the number of times he has been left almost dead.

Even now after 5 hours since the battle had been completed Steve had some scratches and scabs along with bandages on his face and arms. Tony himself had a nasty gash in his side where a portion of his suit had bent inwards due to being struck by a Leviathan's tail.

"He is a good hero but has become ruthless in the last few months after he killed the Green Goblin who turned out to be Norman Osborn. I am thinking of recruiting him."

Both of them turned towards Nick Fury who just entered the room. Steve and Tony, both experts at reading people could immediately tell that something had rattled Fury badly, enough for him to almost break the screen of the tablet he was holding.

"Read this Stark, and tell me the number of caskets the Army has to prepare."

Steve immediately perked up at that and leaned sideways to read along with Tony what was shown on the screen. As they kept reading both of their eyebrows rose higher and an urge to laugh over this order from the President came over Tony while Captain could feel the same urge for the first time in his life.

"Fury, how many brain cells does our President have in his mind?"

"Stark, I am questioning that myself after failing at the stopping of this order. The President has been advised heavily on the merit of this plan of creating Super Soldiers by Ross and some other Generals along with Alexander Pierce himself. That piece of shit couldn't even harm the Hulk ever and now he is going for this."

"Director, Stark, with how much I know of Ross and what I saw of Potter I think it is probable that the headache known as Ross may be finished for good."

His mind fixated on the fact that Captain America, the image of righteousness and heroism was condoning what was essentially going to be a massacre, Tony turned towards the man with his mouth open for a remark but he was answered before by Rogers.

"He isn't deserving of his rank Tony, I have seen the rampages of Hulk in the videos. Every Time it was Ross' presence and attacks which caused Hulk to transform. His incessant need to have super soldiers has caused more deaths in army and civilians than it would have had if Hulk had simply been left alone. If this gets him to stop then I am not having any problems. People like Ross don't listen to reason Tony, they are too proud of that, trust me I know."

The sound of door unlocking shook them and they turned towards the sound to see Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill standing there. If Tony's eye lingered a second too long on their breasts straining against their catsuits or the legs which were practically on display then no one commented, already used to the billionaire's nature.

"Director, Thor is ready with the Tesseract and Loki."


Chuckles echoed through the office as the shout was cut off due to the heavy doors being closed. His hand still on the door Logan turned around, his eyes almost spitting out sparks as he glared at the bald man sitting on a wheelchair behind the large desk. Standing next to him, Ororo smiled lightly, her tight emotional control not slipping in the slightest.

"Shut it Xavier, or do you want something else to be paralyzed too?"

Charles Xavier, famous speaker, writer, and the most powerful telepath till date in Mutant Community stopped at once, but his eyes full of mirth still looked at Wolverine's glowering face.

"Logan, don't be rude. Haven't you heard 'Laughter is the best medicine'? Enjoy the day Logan, you and Ororo have done quite a lot today. You even have your photo circulating in the news!"

"Fuck you too Charles"

With that said Logan was out of the office, no doubt to either go for a drive or grab a beer. When Charles turned towards Ororo next he winced a little. While no serious injury on her body due to her long range fighting, Ororo was still sporting a large bruise on her face due to a Chariot blasting her into a building. Charles knew that it would disappear within 4 to 5 days due to the slightly enhanced healing all Mutants had. And for Ororo it was more than that too due to her Omega level powers.

"What do you want to talk about Ororo?"

"Jean's telekinetic power was a lot more powerful than she has ever shown in Danger Room. She was able to crush three of those giant snakes into nothing but blood and pulp at once."

Frowning slightly, Charles turned towards the television surfing through the channels till he found one which was showing the X-Men. After five minutes of watching Scott blast his optic beams while Jean crushed or broke the Chitauri, Charles saw what Ororo was telling him about.

The camera was positioned in such a way that only half of the scene was recorded, but it was enough for him. Jean stopped the advancing Leviathan completely in their tracks and the next second they burst like a water balloon, the blood and viscera flying everywhere but Jean's and others' position.

"How much has Jean lifted at the most using telekinesis in the Danger room?"

"It varies Charles, sometimes when she has been very angry she has lifted over 3 tones, and once she completely crushed a 5 story building into dust when Scott had somehow gotten her furious. But normally she easily lifts about 1500 kilogram."

His gaze once again returning to the screen now showing Iron Man shooting the Chitauri, Charles kept on thinking about the fact that somehow Jean was able to lift and outright destroy more than 100 tones at once, if the size of the Leviathans was anything to go by.

'Is it the effect of the strange being I found in her mind? Are the blocks eroding now, letting the creature out in Jean's mind?'

"Where is Jean now?"

"She fell asleep on the way back, I took her to her room and she is still asleep. Probably for a day if the amount of fighting she did today."

Nodding in thanks, Charles moved out of the office, Ororo trailing behind him as he wheeled towards the basement of the mansion. Pressing a button on his chair he spoke

"Hank, start up the Cerebro. It is 5 PM now. lets search for new Mutants today."

Charles turned right and promptly got a face full of a paint filled balloon courtesy of Kurt and Evan.

His face dripping green colour on his suit and chair with his hair matted to his head, Charles Xavier once again lamented the loss of his legs as he saw Kurt teleport away while Evan just retreated backwards, his eyes fixed on the glaring visage of his aunt.

'No paint or Balloons ever in this house now!'

Turning back into human, Harry teleported mid-air to the beach below him. The next second his feet alighted on this Universe's Great Britain with no one present to witness his arrival.

Sniffing once to confirm that no one except for crabs and animals were in his vicinity, Harry summoned a stick lying around the beach. A point me and transformation later, Harry Potter was running at speeds greater than 200 miles per hour, his four legs not even stirring up dust or gravel in his path as the Nundu crossed the country towards his destination.

After 10 minutes of nonstop running Harry stopped immediately as the smell of Petrol and rubber invaded his sensitive nose along with the smell of humans. A low growl emanating from his throat, Harry ran forwards at full velocity and jumped towards a tree. His claws strong enough to easily pierce and grip the trunk of the tree, He climbed above like a Leopard may do.

And when he reached the top after breaching the canopy, it was an eagle which emerged from the treetop. Flying swiftly over the city he didn't look downwards as he crossed the city beneath him. Pushing his wings to absolute limit without utilizing his powers he crossed the skies swiftly. By the time the sun was finally down and stars were coming out he had finally reached the edge of London.

Turning back into human and apparating instantly, Harry appeared in front of Buckingham Palace, the city around him alive more than it had been in his world. Immediately Harry was assaulted by sounds and smells from all around him. Materializing a black hoodie on him, He started moving towards the Big Ben, all the while aware that 3 people were following him, their heat signature and the peripheral vision of his granting him the information.

One of them was a blonde woman in a red dress; the second one was a bald man wearing a hat. But it was the third one which caught his eye, wearing what was unmistakably a set of yellow robes, the woman had a hood protecting him from seeing her face the first time before he turned. He kept walking forwards and dodged around the people who were busy watching the recordings of 'Battle of New York' as it was being called all over the world.

Looking behind with the help of a car's windshield his mouth widened into a grin when he saw that only the yellow robed and the hat person were behind him now, the blonde no longer behind him.

Increasing his speed slightly, Harry sharply turned back while changing his clothes and face with a glamour when his body was hidden due to the throng of people moving around him. Disappearing into the crowd, Harry moved towards the hat-man and not even giving the man time to resist, a swift Imperio later the man was following him in an alley. Creating a notice-me-not and an aversion ward at the mouth of the alley, Harry turned towards the man and conjured a chair for him to sit upon.

"Who are you?"

"Andrew Bernard's"

Idly conjuring a rope around Andrew, Harry made him fall down on the floor. Despite the pain of falling on a cemented road, the blank expression and the monotonous voice didn't waver as Harry asked him once again the same question.

"Why were you following me?"

"Steal money"

A small smile on his face Harry released the man from the Imperius and vanished the ropes. His face pale, the man looked at him with horror and tried scrambling away from him. In a blink Harry was in front of him and clutched the man's shirt with his right hand.

"You wanted money right? You can have it mate."

Somehow the man turned even paler if possible and a foul stench started coming from him. They both looked down to see a wet patch rapidly firming in his pants.

"Pleas...Please let me go! I have a wife and a kid to feed! I will report you to police and the-"

The man's voice was immediately silenced and the next second Harry walked out of the alley whistling slightly as his hands remained in his pocket.

No one ever saw the green light which shone brightly before the whistling started.

"That was a very nice way to end someone's life"

His right foot still in the air, Harry turned around to look at the person who spoke to him. As he had thought it was the same yellow robed person from before. He looked at the people still moving around them, unknowing of the potential battle brewing amidst them. His gaze once again returned to the magical in front of him and a powerful one too, since muggles couldn't have seen the alley after he had put up the wards.


Screams and exclamations rang throughout the road as the body of Andrew was discovered lying in its own pool of piss and shit. Within moments everyone was either running home or was congregated at the mouth of the alley, watching the one hand security personnel examine. But as all of this happened, Harry's gaze never strayed from the wizard or witch in front of him.

"Who are you? Because going by the gold ring in your hand you don't need money at all like Andrew over there"

Voice not betraying anything other than amusement the answer came from behind him

"You may call me the Ancient one or Sorcerer Supreme and No, Harry Potter. I have no need of money or materialistic possessions. But what I need is your time and some answers."

Turning around Harry looked upon the bald head of a woman or Sorcerer Supreme as she was titled. An androgynous form with golden-black eyes and a sharp nose, her posture screamed Relaxed and serenity.

""Not interested at all, the next time you follow me I'll end you"

Turning around and walking away Harry once again started seeing the sights around him, steadily getting closer to the Big Ben. His eyes on the palace, Harry enhanced his vision to see the guards and police along the walls with weapons and devices far advanced than his world.

Then he felt something which caused some wariness in him. Magic was being used around him. While the amount used was very small, it was the effects which had him concerned. The whole world around him shifted for a second, and it was like he was looking at the world through glass.

"Harry Potter, we need to talk. It is imperative you listen to what I have to say."

"Fuck this!"

Not even turning around Harry punched the air in front of him, releasing a wave of pure uncontrolled magic in the same direction. The bolt tore through the enchantment, collapsing the glassy surface, returning the world to as it was. But in his ignorance, Harry pushed a lot more power than necessary in the bolt, which resulted in the bolt simply tearing through the people directly in front of him in a straight line, vaporizing their bodies and clothes out of existence. And the next second, it slammed into Buckingham palace, going through the outer wall about 50 feet deep into it. He looked on shocked and a little flabbergasted as screams rang throughout the area at the sudden vanishing of dozens of men and women.

He was about to teleport away when a green light shined behind him. Spells to cause painful deaths immediately on his thoughts and hands, Harry turned around but was stupefied when he saw the Ancient one raising her hand with 13 concentric circles and pentagrams around her wrist and forearm and a green gem glowing in a pendant on her chest which was previously invisible

His magical senses were literally tingling with the amount of power in the air. He backed up slowly, hands raised in front of him to defend himself from anything she would throw at them when something moving caught his attention by the corner of his eye.

He half-turned and what he saw caused him to rub his eyes to confirm what he was seeing. The people who had just been killed off by him were reforming into existence from the scattered atoms they had become. Up ahead the Palace also started reforming as if a movie was being rewinded.

'She had fucking control over fucking TIME!'

Immediately Harry elevated her danger level to higher than even Thor. This Sorcerer could just turn him back into a baby and stomp his head open like a tomato if she so desired.

Calming his increased heartbeat down Harry saw her lower her hand down as the runic circles and the gem vanished from her hand and chest. Immediately sounds filled the surroundings once more as if the accident never even happened.

Her eyes turned towards him, this time something dangerous in her expression. And Harry suddenly thought that maybe Big Ben could be visited at a later time too. After all it isn't as if the tunnel would go anywhere would it?

10 Minutes Later

"Welcome to the London Sanctum Harry Potter! One of the three bastions of the Sorcerers sworn to defend the Earth from dimensional threats"

And after hearing that Harry could only think about whether a mass-murdering wizard who could turn into two giant beasts capable of leveling cities and had access to the power of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades could be counted as a threat or not?

This was literally typed out in a single day, so finger crossed for this one but since I am probably going to be very busy after 27 so I thought that I should at least give out one more chapter.