"You should have watched where you were going!"

"Shut up, or my fist will be going in your face!" The other guy snarls.

Now all he was trying to do was help. Help for the hospital. Especially for Melissa. Whom all they'd sent her was more beacon hill hell and a dead rat. Liam pulls slimmer guy away, when the guy turns around and swiftly punches him in the face. "Get the fuck off!" He yells. He's about to start swinging. When Liam raises his head. Eyes glowing, claws out. He can't understand why this is happening. Why again? Why now? He knows that other people can see it. Hospital staff stop talking. The asshole that hit him looks scared. He wants to smile, but he himself is now scared, and his cheek is as sore as hell.

He staggers as he gets up trying to cover his face.

"What the fuck are you?" The guy who hit him shouts.

Before he can think of responding he's being swept off his tired feet and pinned against the pale right side of the wall. "Li, Li look at me" Mason asks, taking a huge wad of tissues and dabbing it all over his face, then pausing at his nose.

"They...everyone can see..."

"No, they can't. Li, think of Hayden, think of Scott who needs you to be in control right now..."

"That son of a bitch hit me!" Liam growls.

"I know, but we've got more important things to think of right now. I know you're in a ton of pain for a bunch of different reasons, but I can make you better I promise" With that statement, Mason kisses him on the mouth. Sure it's uncomfortable with the fangs. But as soon as the human's lips meet his own, he's spellbound. Liam heart slows. He grabs his friends waist as his claws become normal and his fangs disappear. Before he can pull him in further, Mase unfortunately pulls away.

"Wow, are you my anchor? My real one?" Liam asks confused. he reluctantly leans against the wall, as he sees fuzzes of people around and realises, oh they're still in public. However, everyone is walking past him. The guys arguing about their cars have gone, and Liam can finally just blend into the background like a normal teenager again.

"I'm sorry" Mason said as steps away from him and leans next to him on the wall. "I could have picked another way for you to relax. We should have said Satomi's mantra..."

"It's okay"

"It's not. I invaded your space and crossed several lines. Kissing you like that...it's tantamount to assualt and I-"

"Mase, shut up!" Liam groans, reaching over and grabbing his friends hand tightly. "I needed that. I need you"