Welcome to my newest fic, When Two Worlds Collide! This story attempts to portray what might happen if Pokemon appeared out of nowhere on Earth one day.

This fic will feature no human-to-Pokemon transformations, and no Pokeballs or other things exclusive to the Pokemon universe. This means Potions and associated items will not exist in this story - as will some Pokemon like Porygon, Ditto and various Legendaries. Some small-scale Mythical Pokemon do appear though.

Most Pokemon are not truly sapient, though they are more intelligent than any Earthly animal.

All Psychic- and Fighting- Types are sapient with human-level intelligence. Pokemon with Aura abilities or, all those which are Psychic-Type (such as Espeon) can communicate through telepathy. However, humans did not develop Arua abilities and psychic abilities when the shift happened.

Pokemon in this story are significantly weaker compared to how they would be in the main series. They still pose a great danger to Earthly humans though.

Arc 1: Contact

Security Chief Michelle sighed as she collapsed onto the break-room couch of the Las Vegas Animal Control Center. She had the damned night shift, and all that kept her from drifting off was a large cup of coffee.

Half an hour of wandering the grounds led her to see absolutely nothing save for the last few commuters returning home from working overtime as she returned for a coffee break. That was until a large flash of green light lit up the night sky.

One of the guards had stopped to gawk. "What the hell?!" he asked, pointing at the sky. Michelle thought bitterly that this was the first damned time something interesting happened.

"Hey," she said. "I saw it too."

"Yeah? Thanks for that, Captain Obvious." While Michelle hadn't bothered to learn his name, he was the most abrasive person she'd ever met..

"Well, it's at least something inter-" she began, before more flashes lit up the night sky.

"This shit is like something out of a sci-fi movie!" He moved over to the window to get a better look. "Mate, we should call the police."

"If you want to do that, go right ahead. I'll help secure the area."

An hour later, she watched the two resident animal control officer, Todd and another man, run out the door. The receding noises of the animal control van's engine pierced the night, leaving her alone.

Grimacing, she drained the cup and tossed it in the nearest trash can, retrieving her duty weapon.

The animal control van sped through the streets until it reached its intended destination. Todd stepped out–

–and was greeted with an odd sight. The dog that they had been sent to help lay dead, beside what looked like a rabbit with brilliant blue eyes and wings instead of the usual stubby tail.

That wasn't all that Todd noticed. The dog's body was charred, like it had been lit on fire. What the hell was going on?

Nicole came out with a tranquilizer gun and catch-net. She aimed it at the rabbit-like creature and fired. The missed shot caused it to turn around, eyes glowing. This caused her to trip and fall, convulsing.

Todd grimaced, and ran to get his tranq gun out, firing a shot into the creature's leg. It stumbled. Another shot hit it's undamaged leg, causing it to attempt to crawl away. By the time he reached it, its deep blue eyes stared at him in terror before closing. Todd picked up the catch-net that his partner - still out of commission - had dropped. Placing it in the standard animal cage, he threw a blanket over it as quickly as he could.

The smell of burning flesh and blood was sickening, and he backed out, flashlight in hand. With a clearer view, he saw a charred corpse. A human corpse. That almost caused him to throw up right there.

This wasn't the job for animal control, he thought bitterly. It was meant for the police. "I don't think you're meant to exist." he said to the creature. The truth was, it was unlike any animal he had ever seen. In fact, he'd go so far as to call it alien. Everything Todd had seen would make for one hell of a story. He couldn't wait to go home and share it with Jeff. It wasn't like anyone else would believe him.

Shakily, he dialed 91, calling for an ambulance. Giving the street name, address and details of his partner's condition, he waited.

As the wailing of sirens drew nearer, Todd wondered what the police and paramedics were going to say. The paramedics moved in, and he stepped aside to let them do their work.

Todd left after his questioning. He had provided as much info as he could, and the events of what he thought had transpired.

After helping the police try to track down the creature's owner to no avail, he left. There possibly won't be too many call-outs this night, so at least they were home free.

The sight of the charred corpse was burned into his brain. For all the shock he felt, he was certain that their family would have an even harder time processing the news.

Luckily, the animal control center was only a stone's throw away. He moved the cage over to the holding area and gently placed it down, calling Michelle over to help.

Clean water and kibble was poured into bowls and set out in front of the cage. Now was the time to remove the blanket, open the cage, and check its behavior. They'd used new bowls too; just to be safe.

The blanket came off, and the latch was released out of sight. Todd and Michelle stepped out of the animal holding area to leave their newest resident to its own devices.

Victini poked its head out of the cage. It was in a large pen with two bowls set out in front of it holding some sort of kibble. The taste was entirely bland and dry, but its hunger meant it didn't even notice.

The last thing it remembered was sitting on a cushion in a locked room. A flash of light appeared, then it was on the streets. Then… Humans? They didn't smell like anyone it knew. Then whatever this place was.

Still, it was safe. The city and people it had found itself in were completely unfamiliar, with creatures that held no elemental powers.

The water in the metal bowl tasted a little like chemicals, with a slight bitter aftertaste. It was still refreshing though.

Victini looked to the small pet bed provided. Its winged tails had difficultly fitting, but eventually, it managed to sleep.

A small flock of otherworldly birds appeared in a forest, their flight uninterrupted by the change in setting. In the darkness, the birds from Earth paid them no heed.

Michelle turned on the TV, flipping to a news broadcast. The expected news came on, before switching to footage of the Event. The green light flashed once more on camera, with the anchorwoman urging viewers to await further instructions.

She sighed. Whatever had gone down, it was certainly not good.

Turning away, she watched the creature through the metal door's window. It had gone to sleep now, not noticing her presence. If it tried anything to the other animal control officers at the center, well, she would have it dead to rights. More like dead, but still there were tranq-guns for subduing things less violently.

When it woke up for a brief moment, she thought there was a glint of sapience in its eyes. But.. that could not be true. There was no intelligent life in the universe other than humanity, she figured. Making as little noise as possible, she left for the break room.

The day shift workers would take care of it in the morning.

Welcome to the Remastered first chapter of When Two Worlds Collide! This chapter changes the pacing and flow to start off with the event bringing Pokemon to Earth, and the first capture attempt of a Pokemon.

The capture scene is based on the prompt/comment reply of a Reddit post: "What if a Victini found its way into Las Vegas?"

At this point, no one knows much about the exact circumstances yet (it is a few hours or so afterwards, after all), though with time there will be more Pokemon arriving on Earth, some of them being more powerful. Earth's ecosystem will be affected irreversibly.