The Princess of Death

Chapter 1

Godrics Hollow


Lady Lily Evans-Potter watched with a smile as James played with there little princess little Haralda Potter giggled at her Daddy making different colour Bubbles as she tried to catch them,

James had agreed with the name as it felt right but still wondered why Lily had demanded that name, it was a secret he would never know in this life, for you see Lily Potter was meant to be a miscarriage had it not been for Odin the King of Asgard who decided instead of keeping his Daughter Hela the Goddess of Death in Hel he would send to be reborn on Midgard to understand the Mortals.

Oh yes, that's right Lily Potter was the Goddess of Death she had gained back her memories somehow when she turned 13 at the beginning of her 3rd year at Hogwarts and had become a recluse for that year as she attempted to make peace with her memories as Hela with her current memories of Lily.

It might have been quicker however if she was not constantly distracted by her future Husband James potter and his friends, by the end of that year she had grown used to them as well as her memories and life went on until her 5th year when her best friend had called her a Mudblood in front of his fellow Housemates and the marauders.

James and Sirius had come to her backing attacking the gathered snakes leaving them tied up in nothing but their underwear hanging from a tree, the two would have been put in detention had she not told the Headmaster about Snape.

Both Lily and James started dating in their 6th year and married months after graduating from Hogwarts and now they sat here with their child, she had thought at one point about leaving Midgard and returning to Hel as she would never be allowed back to Asgard, but sitting there as her daughter crawled away from James grabbing her leg laughing it made her Choice to stay easy despite the fact the world, they were a part of being at war.

She never saw the betrayal coming when later that night their home was attacked by Voldemort telling her to grab their daughter and run Hela ran up the stairs to the emergency Portkey that would take them straight to Hogsmead village.

However, it failed to work it seems old Tom was wise enough put erect and anti Portkey ward before he attacked when the spellfire downstairs stopped with a flash of green, she closed her eyes knowing her Husband had fallen.

The Bifrost


Heimdall watched with great sadness as the husband of Queen Hela fell in combat against the abomination who was now slowly making his way up the stairs to where Hela was trapped with her child.

A child that despite her mother being in Mortal form was still half Asgardian, the King when he learned of Hela not only marrying a Mortal but bearing him a child it angered the King that he was ready to go down and take both Hela and the child back to Asgard before sending Hela back to Hel.

It was only the calming words of the Queen and the Knowledge that for the first time since she was young Hela was happy and not planning to start any new bloody conquests on Midgard, he could only watch as she fought against the abomination and was holding him back only for the dog to take aim at her child.

He watched as Hela blocked his spell with her body killing her, well her mortal body sending her soul back to her true form in Hel, what shocked him however was seeing the abomination once again attempt to kill the child only to fail as his spell went flying back at him.

Potter cottage ruins

Godrics Hollow

Sirius watched as Hagrid turned to take his Goddaughter to Albus only to watch as the half-giant froze as a figure appeared before them both in a cloud of black smoke. "I will be taking Haralda with me if you don't mind Hagrid."

Believing this was one of Voldemort's followers Sirius went for his wand only to freeze in place unable to move as the unknown woman walked forward picking up his Goddaughter before vanishing.

Gringotts Bank

Diagon Alley

The Bank was closed however the times of a Goblin Bank meant nothing to the Goddess of Death, and you would think that a person appearing in the bank would cause panic however the goblins upon seeing the guest bowed before the Goddess of Death.

After an hour Hela left with her daughter to return to her realm just as her little girl woke up. "Momma were we?" Smiling down at her little princess she sat down in her Throne cuddling her little girl. "We are back home my little princess." Hela watched as her Daughters true form came into effect her green eyes turning White her hair stayed the same.

Hogwarts School

Headmasters office

Albus sat with the Minister of Magic after returning from the bank being told by the goblins that Lady Potter had sealed the potter estates and vaults before leaving the magical world for an unknown amount of time. they now sat looking at the book of names completely shocked the Girl who lived as she was already being called her name was changed in the book well her family name had changed and it confused Albus beyond belief, it also sent a shiver of fear but he did not know why

Haralda Helasdottir

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