Princess of Death

Chapter 22

Peace Negotiations

Potter Castle

3 months after the events in New Mexico

1 month after Phoenix generators came online

The people in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland couldn't sing the praises of the Duchess of Inverness any louder as everyone from the governments of the British Isles to the common citizens were benefiting from the Phoenix Generators.

Already within a month of them being online the emissions levels from the UK had a massive drop according to the UN, hell nations in Europe and across the globe were all but begging to have access to this technology the number of letters and emails that were sent to Peverell Industries were so numerous, that it forced Haralda to speak live before the European Parliament stating that all Nations that had Peverell industries assets or branches would be getting a Phoenix Generator station or already had one that was waiting to be turned online pending final approval from the Government of said nations.

Thankfully for the sanity of Haralda that turned the people's attention to their own governments leaving her alone, however, it also made her many enemies in the UK in the form of the smaller energy providers such as British Gas.

Not that Haralda really cared they could threaten her all they wanted if push came to shove, she could totally destroy them by dropping her prices to 5% of their best prices, and what amused her greatly is they knew that. Smiling to herself she looked down at her desk that was currently covered in documents and her laptop.

Oh yes, one of the first things Haralda did when she mastered Technomancy was to bring Potter castle and many of her other magical estates into the 21st century, however right now on her laptop was her Account details and profit charts for her letting business.

You see Haralda had on a whim when she was 13 spent 280 million Pounds on properties across the British Isles and parts of mainland Europe, property's ranging from large castles or hotels to small 2-bedroom flats. Why was she looking at this well it's quite simple every few months she would personally look at her property portfolio to see which property we're doing well and those that weren't.

Those that weren't and continued to fail would be sold off to purchase a more profitable asset, hell some times she would just buy some rundown-home for dirt cheap do it up and sell it for big bucks it drove her Account Manager at Gringotts Bank into a frenzy but they both were happy as she made money and he was well paid.

"Begging your pardons mistress, but yous be having a visitor." Came the voice of one of her house elves a young girl called Hermione, (what her Uncle is the god of Mischief), Haralda not really paying attention to the elf or the wards just mumbled her permission to let the guest in.

"Hello, my Dear Niece." Came the not as loud but still booming voice of her Uncle Thor, one of the last people she wanted to see. She blamed him for stopping her from saving Loki when he let go and hated him for not standing with her when she yelled at Odin.

"What in the name of Helheim are you doing here, better yet how did you get here has the Bifrost been repaired. Actually, don't bother telling me and just leave go find that little mortal Pet of yours I believe she is still in New Mexico."

Thor winced at his only Nieces tone he knew she hated him with a passion for stopping her despite both her and him knowing that even if she got to Loki the chances of both of them surviving was almost impossible, he begged his father to send her parents or even Sif but the Allfather had refused.

"Please Haralda I have been tasked with bringing you to Asgard as you have ignored our Kings summons and that of your own parents repeatedly." The second he finished his sentence the look of anger in those white eyes were all he needed to know her response to that.

"Oh, and what Mighty Problem does Asgard suffer that the Great and powerful Allfather needs me to deal with it."

"Haralda please he's your Grandfather he mourns the loss of Loki too but now is not the time the damage done to Jotunheim was significant there new King Greim Laufeyson is mobilising for war however he wishes to speak with the Daughter of Death as she has no love for Asgard at this time and would be fair."

Haralda sat there for a few seconds before standing up her Asgardian Armour materialising on her gesturing for Thor to Move, while she may hate members of her family that didn't mean she was willing to let all of Asgard suffer.

4 hours later

The sounds of yelling could be heard from Odin solar between Odin and Haralda making Frigga and Hela slightly worried, both were as stubborn as each other. No one could really tell what is going on in there but sentences such as "are you mad girl they will betray us the second you leave" this was responded by. "me mad this is the only way for peace we cannot afford a full-blown war with Jotunheim while the other realms burn."

For the next ten minutes, it was quiet only for the door to open and Haralda walkout followed by a very tired looking Odin who ordered 4 guards to follow Haralda and obey her orders, Frigga and Hela walked towards Odin who now sat on his Throne. "Well Father, that sounded very productive," Hela smirked causing the King to just groan at having a very annoying Daughter and Granddaughter.

Hela sat down at a table where James was passing the time with a few of his fellow Einherjar with a few games of poker, well when I mean passing the time, I mean he was clearing them of most of their coin much to their annoyance.

"I see you are enjoying yourself Husband, mind if I play against you." Dropping a sack of coin on the table, James not seeing the bait believing his beautiful Wife just needed a distraction from what was happening with their daughter agreed.

10 mins later

James was now banging his head on the table as his fellow Einherjar were laughing at him and cheering Hela as she cleared him out of his winnings and his own coin, looking up he saw his wife's grin. "Oh, dear Husband you may be good but don't forget it was I who taught you how to play the game, now how about some Orlog to see if your luck has changed." James just continued to bang his head on the table as his brothers laughed at him. It made him wonder what his daughter was doing in her negations.

Jotunheim Land of the Frost Giants.

King Greim stood with his top advisers at the site where his father had declared war on the Asgardians months before watching as the green portal opened revealing the Princess of Helheim the power radiating off her was intoxicating, to say the least.

Now you're probably thinking what the hell do the frost Giants care about a Princess of Asgard, and you would be right if she was an ordinary member of Odins House he would not have wasted his time with this meeting. However, she was no ordinary Asgardian, was she?

No, she was the Daughter of Hela and a Midgardian Seidr user, she proved her strength against the Midgardian magic users making them fear and worship her in terms she was powerful, but she was also fair and the fact that she had basically placed herself in self-exile on Midgard because of her Uncle his own Brother Loki's Death, showed she was fair to the other realms.

"Princess Haralda, welcome to Jotunheim shall we discuss terms of peace, or are you here for war." He watched as the princess of Death allowed a small smile to adorn her face before looking at him her white eyes burning into his very core.

"King Greim, while I do enjoy a good war and would love to test the Jotun in combat, I believe that both I and the Jotun have suffered enough. I have been task by the Allfather to discuss terms with you as an all-out war would only cause problems for not only our two realms but all the Nine Realms and beyond."

Waving her hand, she created a table with chairs for her and Greim who took his seat at the table his eyes showing gratitude which was shocking even for him.

"the terms I offer are simple the forces of Jotunheim will stand down and work on rebuilding their world, Asgard will send monthly shipments of supply's for your people as recompense for the damage caused by the Bifrost under the command of Loki. Also, I shall return this to its rightful owners." 2 guards walked forward carrying the Casket of Ancient Winters much to the shock of the Frost Giants.

"You would return this to us, what's the catch Helasdottir if the story's of your mother are true you will have a catch," Greim spoke the tone of his voice giving away his desire for the Casket, Haralda removed a piece of paper and lay it on the table before removing the Elder Wand from her sleeve.

Looking down at the paper he read it it's content we're shocking but deep down he was impressed at its terms and the Heiress of Deaths Bloodlust.

I King Greim Laufeyson do swear on my life and the lives of my clan and all Jotuns that call Jotunheim home that with the return of the Casket of Ancient Winters by Princess Haralda Helasdottir that we shall do nothing to break the peace with Asgard or the other realms and do everything to help restore and maintain the peace of the Nine Realms and beyond if called upon.

On the terms that Asgard continues to aid in the reconstruction of Jotunheim

So, mote it be.

Looking at Haralda he gave her a grin before letting out a laugh. "You are indeed your Mothers Daughter I am not disappointed, very well let us do this." Both King and Princess stood locking their arms together in a warrior greeting shocking the Asgardians that had come with Haralda as she was not screaming in pain from being burnt.

With her free hand using the Elder Wand, she sealed the vow making it official Greim was shocked when he felt the magic of the oath take hold in his chest but nevertheless a deal was a deal, her soldiers placed the Casket on the table allowing Greim to pick it up giving a nod to Haralda before turning to leave.

When she got back to Asgard she informed the court that Asgard and Jotunheim were now at peace, Odin ordered the first shipment of aid to be sent at once, Haralda bid her goodbyes before she left the silent court who watched as their Princess still refused to stay.

Portal to Midgard

"Haralda please wait!" Came the voice of her Mother who was followed by her father before she could say anything to her parents Hela pulled her into a tight hug. "I know you miss Loki honey I miss him too but please don't shut everyone out, stay a couple of days here or in Helheim at least."

"I am sorry mother, but I cannot be here without Uncle Loki Asgard is just not the same. I know you all mourn his loss too and I am not making it easy, but before father returned to us Loki filled that role of a father, he spoke to me and treated me with love and acceptance unlike many here in Asgard."

Hela lowered her head slightly while it was true that now Haralda was beloved those first few years were hard on the young girl, many in court and the population, in general, we're wary of Haralda because of who she was, Loki didn't care in the slightest and now with him gone it hurt Haralda the hardest.

Looking back at her daughter she saw James was hugging her placing a hand on his shoulder he pulled back. "I understand Haralda take your time but remember your family even Odin are here for you." Unaware too the small family Odin Thor and Frigga were watching from above.

They watched as Haralda walked through her portal to Midgard without saying a word, Frigga noticed a small tear leave Odin's eye, he truly had grown to love his granddaughter and hated having his argument with her earlier. he turned to head back to his office telling everyone he was not to be disturbed.

Sitting at his desk he turned to see his loyal Ravens Huginn and Muninn looking at him her heads tilted. "I have a task for the two of you let me write it first then I need you to deliver it."

My dear Haralda

And that's all that was known of this letter written by Odin it's content only known by Odin Haralda and two Ravens.

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