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*Mim POV*


I want to diiieee!



As one of royalty i have a good poker face so it probably hasn't shown on my face but right now i just want to crouch on the spot and bury my head in my knees. Riru has been throwing me worried glances occasionally, but that must be that she's worried about me from earlier. What's that? What happened earlier you ask? Well it was my greatest embarrassment of course. Riru saved me when I said that I would save her when in fact all I did was daydream fighting the monster in front of me without actually fighting it.

It hasn't been long since we left the cave where we fought the drake and also encountered those demons from the monster nation. What were they doing there anyway? Were they after Riru? I sent a sidelong glance at her, they did mention the name of the Demon Lord…

I am dying. Currently. From her name is quite similar…

"Say… Riru-chan."


"Did you know those monsters that were in the cave earlier?"

"Hmmm? There was only one drake though?"

"Nonono, I mean the other two before the drake."

"Ohh, that's what you mean. Yeah you could say that."

"What do you mean by that?"

I was a bit suspicious of the vague answer and pressed onward.

"Well, the truth is…"

Riru seemed to trail off, is it something tragic? Maybe even embarrassment? I would love her to be in the same embarrassing boat as I am.

"The truth is that it was the Demon Lord that sealed me in that crystal…"

Ah. that explains it. That evil being probably did all sorts of awful things to her and that's probably why she didn't say right away, but she decided that I'm already trust worthy enough? She does call me nee-san so possibly she sees me as a sisterly figure? Kyaaa~

"Ah! I get it! Those two monsters were probably looking for the Demon Lord for some reason and then when that crystal exploded, that was made by the Demon Lord I assume, it alerted them or something and so they showed up there to find him!"

I must admit that I think I just came up with a very solid hypothesis. Looking at Riru she had a bit of a grimace on her face… ah, I've probably made her think of some unfortunate memories…

"Did you wanna talk about it?"

"Huh? Talk about what?"

"The events leading up to you getting sealed in that crystal, i hear it's always good to talk about traumatic experiences with people close to you."

BAM! You hear that? That was me taking the first toward our sisterhood. We're going to make such a great team, the stuff that'll go down in legends, two sisters not by blood, but by sweat and tears take down an entire nation ruled by what's said to be the strongest demon lord to have ever come into existence. Hehheheheheheehhehehehe.

*Rimuru POV*

The events leading up to my being sealed huh? The words you're saying are nice but your ulterior motives are written all over your face princess! I can see your lips curving at the edges! Sigh… well i should probably give her some sort of story to keep my cover… but thinking back now i'm internally cringing…

So I guess it all started when I was bored one day, as how all things usually start… but despite Ciel's warnings and advice I decided to make a device that had the capabilities of completely sealing a being of my level, by myself. So, by having Ciel do the calculations and… most of everything else as well… i got some prototypes and with Ciel-sensei's guidance managed to even make it more potent with the added bonus of sealing everything while before it only sealed abilities. I would liken it to a stasis chamber or something because it pretty much not only seals the targets abilities but seals them from time as well. I had just finished making the finishing touches for testing the device when Veldora and Ramiris burst into the room.

"KUAHAHAHAHAHA! Rimuru! When can we have another adventure again?! Im getting bored of sitting in my room and what's worse is that im out of sacred texts!

"That's right! Master and i are bored out of our minds! There aren't any interesting humans challenging the labyrinth anymor-"

"OOOOH, what's that you got there Rimuru?" Veldora plucked the device from my hands and started fiddling with it, "what's this? A new secret weapon? What's this timer on it? Only 10 minutes? Is it really that strong?"

"It's not a weapon or your toy Veldora, it's my latest project." I exasperatedly take it back from him and after double checking he didn't screw anything up I set it on the table again.

"Ooh, Rimuru's new project?! Please let us join in! We can even invite Milim!"

"No means no Ramiris."

I turn them both around and start herding them out of my office.

"Aww c'mon Rimuru! It's no fair that you're the only one having fun!"

"Kuaha! That's exactly right Rimuru! You can't expect us to just stand by and watch while you have fun, can we?!"

"What's with that heroic sounding line? Besides, i heard that Shuna has a new cake recipe…"


Caught. Hook, line and sinker...

"Well if that's the case i guess that's fine isn't it? Right Master?"

"Ahem, i guess you're right Ramiris…"

"See? It's fine then! Look, i'll even go with you!"




* Narrator POV *

The door to Rimuru's office closed with a soft click as Rimuru led Tempest's two trouble makers away to pacify them with sweets. The silence only lasted a moment before the doors flew open with a crash.

"Bestie!~ My gut tells me you're working on something fun!~"

A figure, with platinum pink hair tied in pigtails came through the doors that were hanging on their hinges.

"Hmm? He's not here? Where could he- oh?"

As she was turning to leave Millim spotted a silver cube sitting on Rimuru's desk. It was shiny. It had a screen with a number on it. It…

"Must be Rimuru's new toy!"

Milim dashed over to the desk, scattering papers that had previously been piled neatly, and snatched up the 'toy' from the desk. Using her draconic eyes she analysed the shiny hand-sized cube in her palm. "Sasuga bestie, i still can't find the function with the things he makes himself…" Milim sighed as play time has just become more difficult… "hmmmm… i guess ill just keep doing random things until something happens!" after 10 minutes of throwing, shaking, dancing, singing and various other actions, a 'beeeeeep' finally sounded out from the small device. It was then, that Milim noticed, that the small screen that had been displaying "10 minutes" before was now a much larger number. an uncomfortable feeling took root in her gut, this feeling was called… "aahhhhh Rimuru's gonna kill meeeeee." Milim gingerly put the device back on the desk and hap-hazardly piled the papers that were strewn all over the place once again on the desk. She walked over to the busted doors and put them in place, should anyone actually try to open them they'll just fall open rather than the normal way they should. Milim was hoping that even if that happened, she wouldn't get blamed for busting the doors at least.

A while later Rimuru suddenly appeared in his office. 'Finally, i managed to get away from everyone, i was just about to leave Veldora and Ramiris but Milim suddenly came out of nowhere wanting to play. So we ended up messing around in the labyrinth with our avatars.' "Sigh…" after letting out a sigh from an exhausting day of playing with some of the strongest beings in the world Rimuru was finally back and able to test his new to- *ahem* Device. Without missing a beat Rimuru teleported himself to his testing ground. The so-called testing ground was actually a small crevice in the side of the mountain range that separates Ingrassia and Farmenus. Through the crevice it opens up into a medium sized cave, it reminded Rimuru of Veldora's cave all those years ago hence why he called it medium as it couldn't compare in size to Veldora's cave.

"Alright! Device: Check! Human Form: ...Check! Secret location noone knows about: Check! Yooosh! Looks like we're all set!"

[Master, im afraid ill have to once again voice my-]

"It's fiiiinnnee Ciel, its only gonna be 10 minutes, and once its done we'll memorise how we made it, then destroy it straight after! That way should we ever actually need a device like this we can easily make it again!"


"Now that that's cleared up let the experiment... begin! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

[Are you having fun, Master?]

"Ehehehehe, its not everyday you can act like an evil scientist Ciel. Let me have this!"

Rimuru surveyed his testing ground. The cave was pretty empty save for a couple a magic crystal outcroppings here and there. 'We'll have to give it a few decades before they become worth harvesting,' Rimuru thought to himself. "Yosh!" Rimuru slapped his cheeks as if to get himself psyched up, "Let's get this started shall we? We'll do this first experiment in human form for now and i'll then move on to slime form as results are gathered, sound good?"

[Master, i have actually detected a prob-]

"-YOOOOSH! Rimuru I choose you!"

Cutting off Ciel before she could ruin his fun, Rimuru activated his device. A bright light flashed from it consuming Rimuru and illuminating the cave. As the light faded a giant crystal was in place where Rimuru was standing moments before. It was clear and could easily see its occupant within. However, as time passed, its as if the occupant of the crystal was dyeing it. The purple-black leaked into the crystal with its occupant at the center of it. As time passed the crystal turned completely purple and almost undetectable amounts of magicules leaked from it promoting the growth of the nearby magic crystals.


*Mim POV*

"Hmmm, I guess I could tell the story..." Riru said, trailing off.

Is it that bad? But the main reason I'm asking is my suspicion of Riru here. It feels a bit too good to be true that some powerful warrior was sealed by the Demon Lord at the same time of his disappearance.

"It… was an epic... battle! Yeah! I had challenged the Demon Lord to a duel, counting on his demon lordy pride he'll accept-"

"Challenged? How come no one knew of this? Usually if anyone tried to challenge the demon lord it would be all over the news!" I said, "Considering you have to beat his 'Four Heavenly Kings' to even challenge him." i swear i saw Riru cringe when i said that, what's up with that?

"Uh, no i did that."

What? "You challenged the Four Heavenly Kings and won?" i noticed her cringe again at that, is she lying? I'm your sister, remember?~ you can't hide anything from meee~.

"That's right, i'm actually quite well known for being powerful, so just in case i beat him we did the whole challenge thing under wraps. But i thought he would be honourable enough to play fair, but he took me to that cave from before and he and his minions ganged up on me, i fought my hardest but its pretty tough fighting 1v5, and I lost and was sealed after defeating the… Four Heavenly Kings…"

Ah, so that's the whole story, but… "What about the Demon Lord? Why did he disappear after sealing you?" I believe you Riru, but im just covering my bases here, don't want to be surprised later…

"Hmmm, i'm not sure what happened after i was sealed but i did manage to give him a pretty serious injury before i did, so maybe he's been recovering from it since then?"

Hmph, that tracks, you can't know what happened after you've been sealed. Wait, 'quite well known for being powerful'? And she stood toe to toe with the demon lord and his most powerful minions? Could she be…

"Could you actually be the infamous heroine Chloe Aubert?! It makes sense, they do say she's among the most beau-"

"No I'm not." Riru cut me off



"EH? No, hang on. Who else could be strong enough to fight the Demon Lord and his minions?"

"Ummmm, im her teacher?"

"Its a question?"

"Uh no, I mean, I am her teacher… you could say."

Ambiguous, this whole conversation has been vague. Somethings still off about this all and Riru is definitely hiding something. Teacher of the hero? So young? Even though she was sealed for a while even then she'd still be pretty young to have tutored the hero… perhaps-

"I'm a guy by the way."

"Yeah yea- HUHH?"

"I'm a guy by the way, to avoid confusion in the future."

I crouched on the spot holding my head in my hands, this is getting too much now. My brain isn't built for all this thinking and problem solving, A guy? Is that even allowed with looks like his? Wait. we can't even be sisters any more can we? What the fuck? Who does he think he is?

"Give it back."