Harry Potter was sitting near the window in Ron's room. He was thinking about what happened at the end of his third year and how Peter escaped. Harry knew the rat was probably with Voldemort and he knew it wouldn't be long before the rest of his death eaters were with Voldemort again. Everyone would be in danger, again.

Harry had to shake himself to clear his head. He decided to go for a fly and hoped it helped. He was walking down the stairs when he heard Mrs Weasley, Ginny and Hermione talking. He got closer but stayed just out of sight. When he heard Ginny and Hermione laughing at what Molly Weasley had done, Harry felt rage.

Harry stormed down the stairs and glared, 'You think that's fucking funny. You take away someone's free will and laugh. You fucking disgust me, the three of you,' Harry snarled then ran back up the stairs leaving three shocked female's in the kitchen.

It was ten minutes later that Arthur stepped into the house to see Hermione and Ginny crying and Molly sitting at the table looking stunned.

'What happened?' Arthur asked anxiously.

'Oh Arthur, it's Harry.'

'Is he okay?'

'No, he's angry.'

'What about?'

'I was telling Ginny and Hermione how we began dating and the reason I used a love potion. Harry overheard us and said we disgusted him that we thought taking someone's free will away was funny. The look he gave us Arthur, I never thought I'd see that on anyone, let alone Harry.'

'I will go speak with him and explain.'

Arthur sighed but headed up the stairs, 'Harry, can I speak with you?' He asked through the closed door. When he didn't get an answer, he opened the door. The first thing he noticed was Harry's trunk was opened and almost empty. There were no clothes at all, but Harry's broom was also gone. He hurried down the stairs, 'I think he left. He's clothes are gone along with his broom, Hedwig isn't in the room either.'

'I'll let Albus know. But see if he just left the house.'

'We'll look as well,' Hermione said as she jumped up.

It took hours, but everyone at the Burrow along with Remus and Albus could not find any sign of Harry. All they knew was he had gone. Albus wanted to watch the memory of what Harry had said and how he looked. He brought his pensieve to the Burrow. Albus, Arthur and Remus entered the memory, while Molly, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Bill and Charlie sat around the table. They were talking about why Harry took what he heard so badly.

'My god,' Remus said as he sat down, 'I never realised how much like Lily Harry was. But that was all Lily. She hated love potions and was pushing James to somehow make them illegal, even dark. Lily said it was like liquid imperius. But the look he had, again that was Lily when she was angry.'

'We need to find him, but where would he go?' Arthur asked.

'He wouldn't return to the muggles since he said he hates them,' Ron said.

'I'm sure he doesn't hate them Mr Weasley. They are his family,' Albus said.

'He does Professor. He said anyone that can treat a child like they treated him deserves to die and he would stand by and watch them die if it happened. He said he hoped it happened and he got to see it,' Hermione said sadly.

'He also said he wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire,' Ron said with a shrug, 'Sorry mum, just repeating what Harry said. But you see, there is no way he would return to the muggles.'

'If he knew where…' Hermione stopped as she remembered no one but her, Ron, Remus and Professor Dumbledore knew about Harry's godfather. She looked up at the two men.

'I will check in with him.'

'Do that straight away Remus. Harry will be in danger, more than he realises.'

Remus went to speak with Sirius, he found the cabin empty, Sirius had left. He had a feeling Harry and Sirius were together.

Over the next few weeks no one found Harry and they were beginning to wonder if they would ever see him again.

When the students returned to Hogwarts, many were surprised that the-boy-who-lived didn't return. The ministry ended up getting involved and decided to get the aurors to investigate why Harry Potter would leave Hogwarts.

When the aurors heard what happened and how Harry reacted, they realised how much influence the muggle world had on the boy. Minister Fudge was all for allowing the boy to stay missing, on advice from Lucius Malfoy. Amelia Bones, the head of the department of magical law ordered everyone in her department to do all they could to find the-boy-who-lived, so many aurors were now working on investigating not only Harry's life at Hogwarts, but his life with his muggle aunt.

When the aurors had begun to investigate the muggles that Harry Potter had lived with, they were disgusted, which ended up having more people involved and more asking questions. Why didn't anyone check up on Harry when he was left with his muggle aunt and why didn't anyone notice the boy had been abused his whole life? He had been at Hogwarts for three years so far and no one seemed to notice.

When Harry's name came out of the goblet of fire as the fourth champion, many wondered what was going on. They knew Harry wasn't at the school, so they knew someone entered him. The thing is the contract was binding. If one of the champions refuses to compete, their magic would be bound, until they were examined by healers to see if there was a reason they did not compete. Now everyone was worried that Harry Potter could end up without magic. No one had been able to find Harry and if they don't, the-boy-who-lived could end up a squib.

What no one knew was Harry met up with his godfather and they headed to Australia. They wanted to get as far away from England as they could. Since no one would listen about Sirius being innocent and how even people that was close to Sirius thought he was guilty. Sirius decided it wasn't worth staying.

Harry had enough. First the Dursley's, then Snape and danger at Hogwarts and last was how Fudge refused to believe that Sirius was innocent. Harry wanted to be gone from England as well.

'Do you think they will look here?' Harry asked as he stared across the water.

'Not here, they will believe we're together.'

'Which could finally get people to hear that you're innocent. Even if they do, I still don't want to return, especially to Hogwarts or to put up with idiots like Fudge. He put dementors at a school, shows what type of mind that idiot has.'

'We're not returning, we've changed our looks so no one will pick up who we really are. We used magic to create fake papers for the muggles and used muggle ideas to get fake papers for the wizarding world. We cleared out our vaults so we have enough money to live on for the rest of our lives. We got you a new wand so you can use magic without them finding you. It's even better that Australia doesn't have underage restrictions. Then think of the names we chose, they do not have any link to us or our families and finally, Australia is far away from England.'

Harry grinned, 'It's also beautiful and the weather is great. I used to hate the winter, I was always cold.'

'Since I escaped, I'm the same, I can't get warm. It's one reason I picked this country, I knew it was warmer than England.

Amelia Bones personally got involved with investigating Harry Potter's life and the reason why he would refuse to return to Hogwarts. She decided to watch memories from his friends so she could see from their point of view just how Harry Potter acted and how he was treated.

Amelia ended up getting the governors to sack Snape for his disgusting treatment of not just Harry Potter, but all students from the three other houses. She also realised he treated children of light families like many dark pure blood people did. She ended up having him questioned using veritaserum. She made sure Albus could not interfere but he got to see Snape's interrogation. After Snape's interrogation. Albus realised how badly he had been manipulated by Severus. The man was dark and always was and still supported Voldemort. Snape was waiting and planning. One of his plans were to get Harry Potter to Voldemort, he wanted the boy dead yet he knew his master would want to be the one to kill him. Albus decided it was time to trust someone with the information he had, so he trusted Amelia and hoped it didn't mean their world would fall to Voldemort.

'First, you should have kept him in the wizarding world and trained him.'

'I wanted him to have a childhood Amelia. I never realised Petunia would treat her own nephew like that.'

'You should have still checked up on him and let's not mention how you just let Snape do whatever he wanted. The memories I saw from Potter's friends showed me how small and thin he was when he arrived, yet you allowed Snape to go on about him being spoilt and arrogant. I believe you are trying to do too much Albus. It might be time to step down from one of your posts. I would not like to lose you as chief warlock as it does keep people like Malfoy in line. But you are spread too thin and are missing important and dangerous information.'

Albus sighed, 'You're right, I should have see it, but I didn't. What I will do is resign as supreme mugwump, that way I can remain at Hogwarts to protect the students and stay as chief warlock. With the way Cornelius is acting, you can tell Lucius has been in his ear. I believe if the signs are right and he is gaining strength, you may need to take on the emergency powers so Lucius does not talk Cornelius into hiding Voldemort's plans, along with the death eaters.'

'Let's give it some time, but if he returns, I will need you to sign off on it. You also have to think of not only Lucius Malfoy, but Dolores Umbridge. I have heard talk, she wants your job so she can get rid of all the muggleborns.'

'Then we make sure she never steps a foot inside this castle. I will sign the form for you to take the emergency powers in case she somehow works it for me to be removed. If that happens you can instantly take over and have me recalled.'

'Yes, that will keep us both protected but also in position of power in case Cornelius and Dolores has plans. Cornelius has no idea he is being led by Lucius. Dolores doesn't need to be led. She may not be a death eater but she has the same beliefs as them. Now about Harry Potter. Since I was shown the memory of Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, I would say Sirius and Harry are together. No one wanted to listen to the children when they explained Sirius was innocent. Harry also feels let down by everyone due to his treatment from Snape and the muggles, so it would make sense they decided to leave the country.'

'If he does not compete, he will lose his magic. The first task is only two weeks away.'

'I am not sure Potter is the one that will lose his magic Albus. If it was as simple to enter someone as easy as someone did for Potter, then many of the younger students could have been entered by older students who wish to hurt or kill them. You would also have enemies enter each other. No, I have a feeling the magic around the goblet of fire will bind the magic of the person who physically entered the parchment and did not compete, not the person who's name is on the parchment.'

'It would have to be a staff member, or an older student. Now Severus has been unveiled, it may have been him.'

'No, I asked when he was given veritaserum. He did not know who entered Potter. The rest of your staff seem trustworthy, yet we also know spies can move amongst us and we have no idea.'

'Since it can only be a staff member or a student who is seventeen and older, I can sign off for you to question them using veritaserum.'

'I might get you to do that Albus, but we keep this between us in case someone we believe to be trustworthy is really the one to enter the boy. Now to the reason Potter was entered?'

'Do you know what the first task is Amelia?'

'No, as I was against having the triwizard tournament returned, I did not want to know what was involved.'

'The first task is dragons, nesting mothers.'

'Who's idiotic idea was it to use dragons?'

'The idea came from Ludo Bagman, but Bartemius agreed to it. They signed off on it before we were informed.'

'So, they want the boy dead.'

'It could be, unless it's to do with Voldemort. I still believe that when he returns, he will want to prove he is still powerful by killing Harry. I'm sure some of his death eaters might question his power since he was defeated by a baby.'

'But this baby, or boy, is the one prophecized to vanquish him, which makes a difference.'

'Yes, but I doubt they would know about the prophecy. Severus told me Voldemort did the research himself into what boys were born at the end of July. During the first war not every death eater knew what he's plans were. Some would know one part, others would be told something else. He likes his secrets.'

'Say we never find the boy, is there a chance someone else can kill him?'

'I am unsure. The prophecy might have played out that night since technically Harry did vanquish him. Voldemort did something to stop himself dying, which means the prophecy could still be in play, or it could be finished. Either way, Voldemort will want to kill Harry and if the prophecy is still active, then we need to find him. If we find him and he is with his godfather, he will not return while Sirius is still thought to be a criminal.'

'And again, Fudge won't listen. I won't take on the emergency powers until we know one way or another that he has returned or we believe he has returned, or Cornelius and Dolores began to cause problems. We can both sign off on either of us taking emergency powers but only use them if, or when we need to. This tournament could be linked to Voldemort, somehow. I will begin questioning everyone from seventeen years and older. I will start with the staff though. What I would like is for you and auror Proudfoot to be hidden as I question your staff. If one of them is working with Voldemort then they will not go easy. Every time one of your staff has been cleared, they can also keep watch and listen.'

'Then you should start with Minerva and Filius. We both know they would never join Voldemort. Minerva lost her husband to the death eaters and Filius is called a half breed by them.'

'Yes, I believe those two will be first. Unless they are under the imperius curse, I know they will be cleared of entering the boy.

Hermione walked up the stairs to the third year girls dorm room, 'Ginny, are you okay?'

'No,' Ginny waved her in. Hermione sat on the end of Ginny's bed, 'I planned to use a love potion on Harry sometime during the school year, just so he could see I'm not just Ron's little sister, but a girl that likes him. Now, if he came back, he would end up hating me if I did, yet I still want him to see me as a girl.'

'Even before that day at the Burrow, I would have told you not to use one. Harry would see it as a betrayal and he would end up hating you. He told me once that he was sick and tired of others making decisions about his life. If you used a love potion you would be basically making him love you when he might not want to. He might end up liking you, but that would change if you forced him. He's big on trust Ginny and he still hasn't trusted me since I went to Professor McGonagall about his Firebolt. He told me it wasn't the fact the broom was going to be checked for curses, it was because I went behind his back and spoke with Professor McGonagall first and didn't speak to him about my concerns.'

'And that's just a broom, not him, or his feelings,' Ginny sighed, 'Do you think he will return?'

'Yes, but not until he's an adult, that way no one can force him to do anything.' Hermione also knew this had to do with Sirius. Harry was angry when Fudge refused to believe Sirius was innocent. As his godfather, Sirius had offered Harry a home, a real home and that had been snatched away the moment Fudge refused to listen. She could not tell Ginny about Sirius, no one apart from her, Harry, Ron, Professor Lupin and Professor Dumbledore knew the truth about Sirius Black. She knew this started when Harry overheard the conversations about love potions, but she also knew Harry would have had some type of plan to help him live with Sirius.

It didn't take long for Amelia to find out that Minerva and Filius was innocent. She explained what she was doing and why, she also explained why they were chosen to be first to be questioned. Both Filius and Minerva agreed to stay hidden as each member of staff was brought in and questioned. They all knew the slightest twitch they were to stun the person.

Pomona Sprout was next, she also passed and agreed to remain to add another wand. After that, all the rest of the staff were called, but they were not let in on the others who were hidden around the room. They were needed to keep an eye on the students, but Amelia and Albus knew the ones they asked to remain were good with a wand especially when it came to fighting. The rest of the staff taught subjects that were not wand based and never learned more than they needed.

Last to be questioned was Alastor Moody. Neither Albus nor Amelia thought it was him, but he still had to be questioned, just like the rest of the staff. They would move on to the older students after Moody.

The moment Amelia explained about the truth potion, Moody went for his wand. Tim, Filius, Minerva and Pomona stunned him from behind. Amelia than bound the person with magic and ropes to keep him contained.

'Polyjuice potion,' Pomona said as she handed the flask to Amelia.

'Then we wait to see just who this is,' Amelia said.

'He would need to keep Alastor close to keep getting hair or fingernails from him. As you know the potion will not work if you had a hair from a dead person,' Albus said.

'He would be here, somewhere close. We will find out when we question this man. I doubt waiting an hour would hurt Alastor.'

The six in the headmaster's office talked about unimportant things while they waited for the polyjuice potion to wear off. When they saw the first signs of the potion wearing off, they all tensed, but also pointed their wands at him.

'Barty Crouch junior. Well I know who I will be speaking with when I leave here,' Amelia said.

Everyone was not surprised to hear Barty explain about Alastor and where he was. They were surprised to hear about Voldemort and Peter and how close Voldemort was to returning.

'I will need to take a squad with me, yet I will also need to question them using the truth potion. I can guarantee four are definitely loyal to the light side, the rest, I believe are, but I want proof.'

'Yes, it would be dangerous even if one turned out to support Voldemort. You also have to keep this from being known or a supporter may go to him.'

'Then we use those old dungeon cells that are here. Between the six of us we can ward that cell to stop anyone from trying to rescue him and to stop him escaping.'

'We also need to show Cornelius proof before Crouch ends up a squib. He entered Potter and in less than two weeks Crouch will need to join the other champions or have his magic bound. For all we know veritaserum will not work on a squib, or it may kill them,' Minerva said.

'I will bring Rufus and Gawain. Two senior aurors, which includes Tim and the head auror, they can witness his questioning. But we can also use a recording pensieve, which can be used in trials.'

'Let's take care of him then you can work on that while we go rescue Alastor.'

Amelia and Tim left to gather her aurors. But she did use veritaserum on the ones she believed were truly on the light side. If they had refused to take the potion then she would know they supported Voldemort, or they may have done something against the law. She ended up with ten aurors, which was all she needed.

Filius and Minerva went to secure Barty Crouch junior in one of the old cells, but they gave him a sleeping draught. It would keep him asleep for twenty four hours or until given another potion that will flush out the first one. They needed him secure while they got to work but they knew he had to be questioned.

Albus went to rescue the real Alastor, while Pomona spoke with Poppy so she would know Albus would be bringing the ex-auror.

It only took an hour, Amelia was back with the thing that was Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew. Two aurors had been bit by the snake before another auror killed the snake. Amelia brought in the head auror, so he could witness the questioning of Barty Crouch junior and Peter Pettigrew. She had two senior aurors there as well. She sent another couple of aurors to arrest Bartemius Crouch senior.

'It's time to get our dear minister here so he can see and hear for himself just what is going on and who Lucius Malfoy really is.'

'I believe I can use the tournament as an excuse to get him here. If I send him a letter asking him to come in the morning, he may turn up this afternoon. He is trying to show me he does not have to listen to me,' Albus said.

'Lucius is trying to make him assert himself and make sure he is not under your influence in any way. I would say this is leading up to having you removed from chief warlock. We both have those forms signed and my aurors have already said they will support me which will show Cornelius just what type of people he has on his side.'

'He will also realise that if people began to commit crimes and nothing is done, then he will be blamed,' Albus smirked making Amelia laugh.

It was too easy for Amelia, Albus, Rufus and Gawain to prove to Cornelius Fudge just who Lucius Malfoy was and how close they came to having another war. Cornelius instantly ordered the arrest of Lucius, along with all the death eaters Barty and Peter named. He also wanted his undersecretary arrested. She was the one pushing for him to listen to Lucius and to try to get Albus out of Hogwarts and sacked as chief warlock.

Amelia and her trusted aurors worked on plans to arrest those death eaters. They made sure it was done in secret so none of them, or someone in their family could alert the others. It took two days, but every person who was named was arrested and were being held in the cells at Hogwarts. The families of the ones they locked up had their memory's bound, but it was temporary, until the trials are over.

Filius Flitwick had warded the cells but also the dungeons. Only Albus, Amelia and Rufus could enter, the ward recognised their magical signatures, but they also had to give a password. No one, not even Cornelius could know where they were hidden and only the senior staff of Hogwarts were notified. Aurors were placed at Hogwarts, to keep the students safe, but everyone was told it was to do with the tournament.

It took three years for Albus, Amelia, the real Mad-eye Moody and Remus to find all the horcruxes. Those four were the only ones that knew about them and knew that Harry Potter was also a horcrux. Even if they found Harry, they would end up arrested if they killed an innocent boy. He may be seventeen, but he was still technically a boy. They decided since they could not kill Harry and they didn't want to, they worked on a way to contain Voldemort, even if it meant contain him for good. He was given the draught of living death, sealed in a coffin sized metal tube, which was spelled by Albus and Filius so no one could ever open it, if they found it. They placed it in the bottom of the ocean, under the fidelius charm. The tube was also warded so if anyone tried to tamper with the seals, Albus and Amelia would be instantly alerted. It could be someone that found it by accident or even Voldemort from inside the tube. They were making sure Voldemort could not escape. They also worked on a way to transfer the fidelius to others when they became old and were near the end of their lives.

Remus had decided to write to Sirius and Harry again. He wanted them to know that even though Voldemort could not die while Harry lived, no one wanted him to die so they were just making sure Voldemort was hidden and secure, for ever. Remus wrote that it was his way of apologising to Harry for not being there for him when he was growing up.

Sirius read the letter first before handing it to Harry, 'I think we should tell them it was removed. At least they can kill him properly.'

'I think you're right Sirius. We should also say that there are specialist in dark magic here and they knew how to remove a horcrux without hurting me, or the vessel. They have dealt with them before.'

'Then I'll write to Amelia. She got my name cleared and made sure Fudge stopped listening to death eaters.'

'I'll leave you to it then. I have a date with Sally.'

'If I hear from them, I'll let you know. Go and enjoy yourself.'

Amelia couldn't help smiling as the read the letter from Sirius Black. She instantly sent notes to Remus, Mad-eye and Albus, to meet at Hogwarts.

'So, you see, all are now destroyed.'

'Even though this is good news Amelia, I am still concerned about the prophecy. We all know magic has a life of it's own and with Harry surviving the killing curse, we know miracles can happen. Do we take the chance of killing Voldemort or should we ask Harry to be the one to do it?'

'We can at least ask. He turned seventeen two months ago so it's not like he couldn't leave if he wanted to. But they also became citizens of their new country so we could not take the chance of trying to keep him here.'

This time Amelia wrote the letter to Harry Potter and Sirius Black. They would work on a time to talk by the floo so they could explain more about the reasons they want Harry to be the one to kill Voldemort. They did not want to put that type of information in a letter, which could be intercepted, or lost.

Harry finished reading the letter to his godfather and his girlfriend, 'So what do you both think?'

'They said they will explain why they want it to be you when we speak with them. I might be a little paranoid, but I'm worried.'

'I am as well. What if they don't believe you're no longer a horcrux, Harry?'

'I'm not sure. But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to talk to them using the floo. Not from here though. We need somewhere secure, but also somewhere they can't work out where our home is.'

'I can speak with someone from the ministry. I'm sure there is some way we can have a secure and private conversations with that lot. After showing me the phones Harry, I could never go back to using floo's or letters.'

'Hey,' Harry grinned, 'why not send them a mirror to match one we have?'

Sirius groaned, 'Why didn't I think of that. I made a set for you and Sally before you showed me the phones, I could easily make another. Okay, so it'll take a couple of days to have the mirrors ready, then we send it with our letter. All they have to do is wait until you call one of their names.'

'Call Madam Bones' name. It will show Dumbledore that you prefer to deal with her and not him,' Sally suggested which made Harry grin.

It took two weeks but Amelia Bones read the letter to Albus, Mad-eye and Remus.

'James and Sirius always used mirrors to talk to each other. They are secure and it will also give us privacy if we are here together,' Remus said.

'So, we need to be here Thursday at ten in the morning,' Mad-eye said.

`````fill in~~~~~ Albus, Amelia, Remus and Mad-eye were sitting in Albus's office at Hogwarts. Albus knew Harry was still angry with him since the letter said he would be speaking with Madam Bones and no one else.

Amelia held the mirror in her hand waiting for the call from Harry Potter. She actually jumped when she felt the mirror vibrate. She tapped it with her wand and wasn't really surprised to see Sirius Black's face and not Harry Potter.

'Madam Bones, I wanted to thank you for working it for me to be declared innocent.'

'You are very welcome Lord Black. Mr Lupin explained more about the mirrors, they are quite ingenious. I was hoping to have a word with you about these mirrors once I've finished speaking with Mr Potter.'

'We don't use the mirrors anymore, the people in this country were able to work it so we use mobile phones that are not affected by magic. When we read your letter, it was Harry who suggested we make a pair so we can talk. If you wish to have some in you office, I'm sure we can work on a deal.'

'Then how about we work on talking after I speak with your godson?'

'We'll work it. I'll put Harry on,' Sirius turned and Amelia and the group with her saw a couple behind them, snogging, 'Harry, unlock your lips from your girls face.'

Harry and Sally very slowly pulled apart before he took the mirror from his godfather. He knew he was about to shock those back in England. He did greet Madam Bones, no one else.

'What can I do for you Madam Bones.'

'Harry, I really need to talk to you.'

'If that man talks again, I'm leaving and I will not speak with you again.'

'Albus, stay quiet or we will have this meeting without you,' Amelia glared at the man before she turned back to the young man, 'I apologise Mr Potter.'

'Not your fault Madam Bones, we all know that man can't help sticking his large nose into other people's business. Now, can you explain why you needed to speak with me?'

'As you know, we were able to capture and contain Voldemort. Your last letter explained that the people in your country were able to remove that piece of his soul from behind your scar. All of his horcruxes are destroyed, yet we have not sent him through the death veil due to one thing. There is a prophecy that names you and him. I can tell you the whole thing, if you wish. What this comes down to is because there is a prophecy, we do not want to risk killing him when you are the one the prophecy says must kill him, or he kills you. We would like to ask you to come here and send him through the death veil in the department of mysteries.'

'When was the prophecy made?'

Amelia turned to Albus to answer, 'Four months before Harry was born. At the time, we did not know which boy it meant as there were two that it could have meant. It says marked as his equal, so we believe it could have been either boy but he chose you then marked you, the scar on your forehead.'

'Who made the prophecy and how did he find out about it?'

'Sybil Trelawney, she was in my presence when she went into a seer trance. I did not tell anyone the contents and still to this day, Sybil does not remember making the prophecy.'

'Then how did he find out?'

Amelia saw Albus hesitate, 'Albus, answer him.'

'A young death eater overheard the first part of the prophecy. He was caught by the owner of the pub and thrown out. He went to Voldemort and relayed what he knew. He regretted that the moment he found out who Voldemort believed the prophecy meant.'

'You did not name the person,' Harry said.

Albus sighed, 'It was Severus Snape.'

Sirius and Remus instantly began yelling at Albus while Harry looked coldly at the old man, 'Is he still around?'

'He was sacked from Hogwarts, he returned to his old families home.'

'Excuse me for a moment Madam Bones,' Harry put the mirror down and cast a silencing charm around it so he could talk to Sirius and Sally without the group in England hearing them.

'If he turns us down due to that man and how you allowed him to harass Harry, I might find something to charge you with.'

Harry reappeared in the mirror, 'After discussing this with the two people I'm closes too, we've decided I will do it if you meet my conditions.'

'And what are these conditions?'

'First is, I want Severus Snape in Azkaban for his part in my parents deaths, that's for life. Also, I want one hundred thousand galleons for finishing off Voldemort for good.'

Albus was shocked, Harry said he would kill Voldemort, for one hundred thousand galleons. He got abused for years after vanquishing Voldemort before and had his innocent godfather thrown in Azkaban. This time he wants something out of it. He also wanted Severus to go to Azkaban.

'I want to see proof that Snape is in Azkaban and the money must be in my account before I leave here,' Harry said staring intensely at his old headmaster, who had taken the mirror from Amelia when he explained his conditions.

Amelia had taken the mirror back, 'Can we get back to you Mr Potter?' Amelia asked, 'We will need to organise the money and organise for Snape to be taken to Azkaban.'

'Of course. I'm sure this surprised you, so you have a week. I plan to go on holiday with my fiancee in two weeks time and I don't plan on delaying it.'

'You're engaged?' Remus asked but with a big smile.

'Yes, we've been together since I arrived here. But we both wanted to wait until we finished our education before we got married.'

'We'll contact you in the next day or so, no longer.'

'I'll talk to you then,' Harry cancelled the mirror before he looked at his girlfriend and godfather. Sirius was laughing, but Harry couldn't hear him he realised Sirius had cast a silencing charm around himself so no one would hear him, so Harry cancelled it.

'That sure shocked them,' Sirius said still chuckling, 'But seeing Albus's face when you said Snape has to go to Azkaban, that was a memory I will want to watch over and over.'

'Yeah, he should have been locked up years ago. But with the money, even though I don't really need or want it, they have to realise they can't expect people to just do what they want without being paid. But as I said to the old man, after living in that house for all those years and having to put up with Snape and danger at Hogwarts, I should get something for myself. Look at Sally's situation, she was hurt at Hogwarts yet the ones that hurt her are still there or only just left and still getting away with anything they want. Then he didn't bother to help you even though you were part of the order.'

'Dumbledore has let discipline lapse since the end of the war. He needed to be harder on students, not allow them to get away with what they did. Go and enjoy yourselves you two. I'll let you know if they contact us.'

Harry and Sally hugged Sirius before heading upstairs. They had basically turned the upstairs of the house into their own house. It had three bedrooms, a living room, bathrooms and a big library with huge windows that allowed the ocean breeze to cool the room. There was a balcony off their bedroom, both Harry and Sally loved to sit out there on a warm night. Downstairs were another two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, another library and a large covered deck. The only room that had to be shared, was the kitchen. There were many nights when it was warm where the three of them would sit out on the deck. It faced the ocean which apart from being beautiful to look at, there was always nice breeze that came off the water.

All three of them said the same thing. Moving away from England and to Australia was the best decision they ever made.

Over the next couple of days, Harry and Sally spent most of their time either with Sirius or at the beach. On the fourth day after their conditions, Harry and Sally came downstairs to see Sirius with the mirror beside him.

'So, they got back to you?'

'Yes, the money will go into your account today. Madam Bones sent this memory of Snape being taken to Azkaban. She said she and two aurors she trusts stayed with him for more than two hours in case he or Albus decided to slip someone polyjuice potion. Once the time was gone she knew it was the real Severus Snape and she made sure to mark his file as never to be released.'

'Good, I was worried the old man would try something to keep that man around.'

'Yeah and I would say Remus let them know that we would be wary. Anyway, they will expect us tomorrow. They offered to organise the portkey for us, but I explain it would not be necessary. I didn't want them to stop others coming with us.'

'You're still sneaky Sirius. So, we'll have senior team with us?'

'Yep, already worked that out with Martin. He wants to join the team.'

'Let's hope it is just a quick and easy visit, but with the old man, you never know.'

The following day, the group at the Australian ministry stood with Sirius, Harry and Sally. When they were ready, Martin, the head of the magical military force tapped the cord they were all holding.

The group landed inside the atrium of the ministry of magic. Amelia nodded, so did Mad-eye Moody. Both of them believed Sirius and Harry would not come alone. They did not trust anyone in the ministry, nor Albus Dumbledore.

Harry wasn't expecting Hermione, Ron and Ginny to be there. He put his arm around his fiancee's shoulders as he stared at Madam Bones.

'We weren't expecting others to be here, Madam Bones,' Sirius said. He knew why Harry had been upset with his old friends.

'They asked to be here so they could apologise to Mr Potter.'

'Not accepted. Now can we get this over with? My fiancee and I have plans.'

A loud gasp was heard from Ginny. When most of the people glanced at the red headed girl, they saw her crying. Hermione was trying to comfort her.

'I believe it's best if the ones not needed are sent away,' Sirius said as he stared at Ron Weasley, who seemed to be getting angrier by the minute.

'Very well,' Albus sighed but he had one of the aurors escort Ron, Hermione and Ginny out of the ministry.

'I will lead the way,' Amelia said and again she wasn't surprised when the squad formed up around Harry, his fiance and Sirius. Amelia could tell that Albus wished to get closer to the young man but the squad was making that impossible. She did not want any type of trouble so she was just going to get Harry Potter to fulfil the prophecy then leave before Albus or someone else tried something that could stop Harry pushing Voldemort through the veil.

The group made it through the department of mysteries until the came to the veil of death. An unspeakable along with two aurors were standing with a still unconscious Voldemort. He might not be a man, but everyone knew there was a chance he could be dangerous.

'That's Voldemort,' Harry chuckled, 'Not much of a dark lord, is he?'

'We were lucky. Not long after you left, we found a death eater using polyjuice potion. He took the place of Alastor Moody who was to be your teacher that year. Albus and I worked on a plan to question every member of staff then all the older students. The moment he knew we planned to use veritaserum, he went for his wand.'

'Pomona Sprout found polyjuice potion in his flask. It turns out he entered your name in the goblet of fire so you would win and end up with Voldemort to be used in a dark ritual,' Albus said staring at Harry.

'He gave us all the information we needed to find Voldemort, Peter and many other death eaters. While we were searching for those items, he has been sealed in a tube and placed in the ocean. We decided he did not need to be woken. It's up to you now Mr Potter,' Amelia said.

Harry along with a group of the magical military squad walked over to the aurors and the unspeakable. Harry stared at the thing that was Voldemort for a good few minutes before he ended up drop kicking him through the veil.

'That felt fucking good.'

'I'm sure it did pup. If there is a hell then I hope he's suffering.'

'I believe any person who suffered due to that…person would believe he deserves to burn in hell,' Amelia said.

'If he's not, then I know my parents would make him suffer.'

Sirius noticed Albus and how he kept trying to get closer to Harry so he nodded to Martin. The MMS formed up tight around Harry and Sally. Sirius joined them then faced Amelia.

'Harry's job is done, we're going home.'

'Where is home?' Albus asked.

'Now,' Harry said glaring at Dumbledore, Martin activated the portkey.

'Did you really believe they would tell you?' Amelia asked.

'No, but I always have hope.'

'The girl didn't seem to like you Albus. Do you know her?'

'She was a student at Hogwarts. She never returned to do her second year. When Minerva tried to contact them, she found out the family moved overseas.'

'With the look she gave you, I would say you did something to her, or you did not do enough.'

Albus sighed, 'Sally is a muggleborn so you know if we tried to bring charges against a pure blood, no one would pursue it. Three older Slytherin boy's, along with four first year Slytherin's attacked her. She was raped by the older boys and beaten by the younger ones.'

'Things are changing now, so if anything else happens, they will be prosecuted. But I can see why so much money was asked for. It's not just for Harry Potter and what he went through, it's also for the women he is about to marry and what she went through. It's their way of making you pay.'

'I wished I could have done something, at the time, it would have been thrown out.'

'There could be others Albus, maybe it's time you get Poppy to begin questioning every student. We can do an investigation on the students who have left. Only those that were there when Snape was.'

Albus nodded. Yes, now he could do something. The main pure bloods were now in Azkaban so their children did not have the support they used to.

Sirius watched his godson and his fiance as they strolled along the beach. He knew what had happened to Sally at Hogwarts so he knew seeing the headmaster would have brought back painful memories. Harry would make sure she was alright. She would also help Harry who also would have thought about his life before they left England. Harry had suffered just as Sally did, just in different ways. They could finally bury their past and begin their new life in their new home, which was far away from their old lives.

The end: