Harry Potter only waited to leave the Dursley's for a couple of reasons. First, he had to get through to the Dursley's about the danger, which took a full week. Harry didn't really care what happened to the Dursley's, but he could at least say he explained to them about the danger, if anyone asked. If they died because they refuse to listen to him, then it was their own fault.

When the Dursley's left, Harry packed his things and used a normal bus to leave Little Whinging. Harry got himself a room at a cheap muggle hotel where he planned to stay until he decided to contact the order. He also decided to give himself a few days before he sent Hedwig to the order so they would know to set up a new meeting place. He only wanted Remus and Tonks to arrive as it would be easier to blend in with three people rather than fourteen people. It also came down to trust, he wasn't sure who he could trust with the information he had. He decided to take the chance with only Remus and Tonks, at least for now.

While Harry was hidden in the muggle world, he bought himself some new clothes, along with boots. He also decided to buy more provisions, like his own wizard tent and other things that would help if he had to keep moving around. Even though he was shopping, he was also trying to work on plans. He could not go with anything the old man said, he wasn't sure if the others in the order of the phoenix would have worked out that they couldn't trust any of his plans, all because of Snape.

One thing Harry decided to do and even though it would mean stealing, he thought it would help keep him and others alive. Using his invisibility cloak and a bit of magic, Harry was able to get hold of a lot of Kevlar vests. Harry also found a heap of the material that make the vests. Harry thought there might be a chance he could have a full body suit made out of one. He would have to speak with someone that would know how to make clothes. For now, he had the vests. Harry had read up on the vests and believed they would stop some of the really nasty curses, like sectumsempra. He wanted to find out if the vest would stop things like the killing curse and cruciatus curse, but he wasn't sure how to test it.

The next couple of days Harry practiced using powerful curses on one of the vests. So far, they withstood everything he threw at it. Now he knew he would have a chance, at least he wouldn't get seriously injured when he found himself in a fight with death eaters, or Voldemort. If the death eaters thought they could use the cruciatus curse on Harry so they could weaken him before taking him to Voldemort, they would get a huge shock. Harry wouldn't feel the curse which would give him time to take care of the death eaters. The only way he would feel any of the spells hitting him would be if they hit his arms, legs or head. He would really like to find someone that could make a full body suit out of the Kevlar material so he would have complete protection.

After a week, Harry sent Hedwig straight to Remus. He really pushed that only he and Tonks should come to where he was staying, then he would explain. If others turned up, order members, or anyone, he would apparate away. He didn't tell them but he had a good view of the street so he would see anyone coming towards the hotel and he warded the hallway outside his room. If they decided to apparate directly into the building, the ward would let him know so it would give him time to leave, if he had too. He wanted to trust Remus, but his trust in everyone right now was non-existent.

It was only an hour later that Harry saw Remus and Tonks walking down the street, but he also noticed a distortion coming from behind them. Harry sighed, picked up his bag, left the note on the table then disapparated. He arrived deep inside the Forest of Dean, where he put up his tent. He called Dobby who had been waiting to hear from his master. Dobby had organised all the food for the next few weeks while Harry began to unload his bag which had an undetectable expansion charm and a feather light charm on it.

Remus picked up Harry's note, 'He knew you were with us Mad-eye, so he left. Let's hope he contacts us again. But read this and you will realise why he's doing this.'

"If any of you think about it, the old man trusted Snivellius, so anything the old man knew, Snape knows. The plan to get me would have been a disastrous as Snape would have told Voldy and I'm sure they would have been waiting for us to leave. I haven't trusted the old man since I was eleven, I just went along with some things, other times I did what I wanted. None of you knew that Sirius and I often spent time together. He would sneak out of a night and we'd meet up. He was dying being stuck in that house. We made a pact, we would not die as prisoners, which we both were. We would do all we could to survive, but if we had to, we would die to protect each other and if necessary, we'd go out fighting.

"When I said before that I didn't trust the old man, the truth is I don't trust anyone, except Sirius, but he's gone now. I want to trust but been betrayed too many times. The order of the so-called overstuffed turkey's went along with me being kept prisoner by abusive people and the old man knew exactly what type of life I had with those disgusting people. He said to me right after Sirius died that he knew he was sentencing me to ten dark and difficult years. It was longer than ten years. I only got reprieve when I told the Dursley's Sirius was my godfather and he was a mass murderer. They were fucking scared, so much so they shit themselves, literally. I hope mum and dad are kicking the old man's arse to hell where he belongs.

"I thought I should try and trust again, but I didn't believe you would come alone, so I had this note ready. Tell Mad-eye he should have been leading the order from the beginning. Dumbledore might have beaten Grindelwald and was powerful, but he never fought a war, he fought one man and occasionally fought Voldemort. He couldn't lead, it needed someone who had actually fought, who knew what it would take to win a war. You don't win wars by stunning and giving second chances. You take out your enemy completely and you never give them a second chance. In muggle wars, the soldiers shoot to kill, we should do the same, especially since they wouldn't hesitate in killing us.

"Now though, should I give you lot one more chance or just forget all of you and go my own way? Where I'm staying right now is where I will be for a while. I turned 17 four days ago so I can use magic and if anyone tries to force me to do what they want, I'll fight them, then I'll leave, for good. I have no one to keep me here, the only family I had died in the department of mysteries. If you say I have friends, then you're wrong. Friends don't call you a liar, don't tell you to piss off, don't turn their backs on you, don't call you a cheat, don't get jealous of you, don't leave you alone when you're traumatised. They don't say one thing, then do the exact opposite and don't believe they know what's always right. I have no one, I haven't since my parent's were murdered.

"So now it's up to you. This is your last chance to do what you should have done sixteen years ago Moony, support Prong's son and not a senile old man that trusted the wrong person, which got him killed"

'So, he doesn't trust us, any of us,' Tonks said sadly.

'I tried to tell Albus he was making mistakes when it came to Potter. We know there was a prophecy, yet for some reason Albus did not feel Potter needed to be trained. Potter might be powerful, but he doesn't know enough to keep him alive if he gets into a fight with Voldemort. So, Lupin, it seems you need to make a decision.'

'Albus always told me Harry was cared for, but he called it a prison.'

'I found out that you-know-who hated muggles because they mistreated him when he was a kid. Harry called them disgusting. He's too nice to turn dark, but it could have happened,' Tonks said.

'It will be just Tonks and me, to show him we can be trusted.'

'Tell him he was right. None of us realised that Snape was involved in a lot of Albus's plans so he would know how we planned to move Potter the day before his birthday. Can I show the order this letter?'

'Yes, I think you should, but also show Ron and Hermione. I know they've had some problems over the years, but it seems like they just expect Harry to always forgive them.'

Remus and Tonks went back to Tonks's flat while Moody went to Grimmauld place to call an order meeting. Remus wrote a long letter to Harry, apart from apologising, he told Harry that he was right. None of them remembered that Snape had been involved in Albus Dumbledore's plans. Those plans were now thrown out. They would have to come up with some more plans.

At Grimmauld place, Mad-eye ended up yelling at molly. He reminded the woman that she was not Harry's mother, nor was she related. If she had been, she would have forced his removal from his abusive relatives years ago. She never bothered to rescue him when he was being abused, so she had no right to say Harry should be with her now because he was as good as a son. He was now an adult and could legally do what he wanted. That was his right.

There was a lot of yelling, Ron yelled a lot until Hermione reminded him that Harry was right. They had done all those things and always expected Harry to forgive them. The only way Harry would forgive them is if they made it up to him but first, they had to earn his trust. With Ron yelling how Harry was wrong was instantly showing he would never earn his trust.

'Why would one of you call him a cheat?' Bill asked.

'Was it to do with the tournament?' Charlie asked.

'Well, I did, but I don't think that's what he meant,' Ron said still scowling.

'Then what do you think he meant?' Bill asked.

Ron glared at Hermione, 'She called him a cheat all during our sixth year just because he used a different book in potions. Harry ended up being the best, not Hermione and she didn't like it.'

More yelling started. Hermione yelling at Ron, Ron yelling back, but Ginny was also yelling at Hermione.

The order was hearing a lot, Hermione and Ron had done wrong by Harry and more than once. They just expected Harry to forgive them, like he had done before. So now they understood just why Harry didn't trust them anymore.

The moment Remus got another letter from Harry, again saying only Remus and Tonks was to go to him, they both hurried away.

Harry was sitting up on one of the large trees, in his animagus form, watching as Remus and Tonks moved through the forest. This time he knew they were alone. He flew down behind the tent, transformed back then slipped inside. He hurried to the front of the tent to meet Remus and Tonks as they approached.

'You knew we would be alone this time?' Tonks grinned.

'I was watching. Come on in.' Harry help the tent flap open so Remus and Tonks could enter then he got them all a beer.

'Oh, I like this Harry, dad buys it all the time.'

'I didn't know you liked to drink Harry.'

'Have been for years Moony. I needed something which allowed me to put up with those people. I would sneak out, using my cloak, steal beer, but I always left the money. They wouldn't sell it to me when I was only fourteen and fifteen, so the cloak came in handy. This time I just walked in and bought it, bought a far few actually. I made them leave it at the back, let them believe I had a friend picking me up. Dobby brought it all here.'

'So, a tent and not a hotel?'

'The hotel was only temporary. I planned to use the tent during the warmer months, then go to muggle campgrounds and stay in one of the cabins during the colder months.'

'You could stay at headquarters,' Remus said.

'No, I hated that place just as Sirius did, but I would also have people like Molly Weasley trying to stop me doing what I have to.'

'She probably would. But can you tell us what you have to do?'

'This can't be shared; we have no idea if there is another spy in the order. I'm not like the old man; I want proof first. I know you two would never side with Voldemort.'

'We wouldn't, but you might have to get used to saying you-know-who. We heard a rumour he planned to put a jinx on the name that starts with v, to try to trap you and order members who don't mind saying the name,' Tonks said.

'Then I'll call him Tom, it's his real name,' Harry finished off his first beer, then opened another, 'There are dark items we have to find and destroy or Tom cannot die. He could lose his body again, like what happened before, but his soul will remain here until he can get remade like he did in the graveyard.'

'You told Albus about the ritual, how he used his father's bones. If he was to end up soul again then he would need to use those bones,' Remus said, 'It might be best removing all of them.'

Harry nodded, 'I thought the same. But I have no idea if there is some other way he could return, some other dark ritual.'

'I'll go through some of the dark arts books at headquarters. The trouble is, they are full of dark rituals, you have to know which one he would use.'

'Well, all you would need to do is look up everything there is on horcruxes.'

'What are horcruxes?' Tonks asked.

'Items he places bits of his soul into. This is how stupid the old man was. He never told anyone about these items, only me. He died, I could die, no one else would know which means Tom would live forever. That's the idea of making a horcrux, it means you can't die. Dumbledore's secret's is risking the lives of everyone, witch, wizard, squib, muggle. It's one secret he didn't share with Snape. I made sure of that. He told me he hasn't informed anyone, only me. I have no idea why he only told me when I haven't learnt enough to do any of this. He didn't even bother to tell me how to destroy the items. But he wanted me to tell Ron and Hermione, no one else though which is ridiculous. Ron can't keep his mouth shut, especially if someone like his mother put pressure on him. Hermione would cave the moment someone like McGonagall or Moody asked her what we were doing. I didn't end up telling them.'

'I think this information should be put under the fidelius charm. But we can use veritaserum on some of the others, they can help in the search. Bill is used to dealing with cursed items so he might know something about this. Even though you said he didn't tell you how to destroy one, did he tell you what these items are?' Remus asked.

'Dumbledore guessed what he would use. I saw memories, so I think he got most of them right but neither of us were positive. I think he got one wrong, but I knew he wouldn't listen to me so I didn't explain what I believe one of the items was. Anyway, after he died, I realised I had to figure out how to destroy them. I realised I already did and I knew what to use. To destroy them you can use basilisk venom, which I used a fang to destroy one when I was twelve. Dumbledore used the sword I killed the basilisk with. I have no idea what else will work. Just before I left Hogwarts, I went down to the chamber of secrets and got more fangs, but I also emptied the sacks of venom. I knew I couldn't get the sword so I figured fangs or venom would be best.'

'Good idea. We could coat some goblin made daggers with the venom, which would give a few of us ways to destroy the items.'

Harry gestured he would be right back and he was with a hand full of daggers, 'I have no idea if these are goblin made. I figured they might come in handy so I took them.'

'Where did you find all these?' Tonks asked picking up one of the daggers.

'The room of requirement. When I was looking for a place to hide something, I decided to use the room. It opened to this huge cavern size room with things that had been lost at Hogwarts. I mean there were furniture, books, old potions and cauldron's, along with really old brooms. Even Trelawney's sherry bottles were in there. It's the room where that cabinet was that Malfoy fixed to let the death eaters in. Can either of you tell if they are goblin made?'

'I can with a specific spell. I would need to find the book. But looking at them, I would say at least half are by the style.'

'Then we have at least five, two can be given to others, once we decide who to tell,' Tonks said.

'So, do you want to wait until we do the fidelius charm or tell us what he used, then do it?' Remus asked.

'Do the charm that way no one, even if they use legilimense can get the information.'

Remus explained Harry would need to do it as he knew what this information was. He taught Harry how to do the charm and place it on the information he has.

'Right, so the diary that Ginny used to open the chamber, that was the one I destroyed and when Dumbledore figured out what Tom did,' Harry went on to explain what the old man thought were the items.

'You can make one out of a living creature?' Tonks asked, she looked pale.

'Yeah, I was surprised as well. But it does explain the way the snake is loyal to him and why I saw the snake attack Mr Weasley. There's just one thing I'm not sure about when it comes to the snake, but we can talk about that later.'

'What item do you think he used?' Tonks asked.

'His wand. I mean it makes sense since he always has that on him. Peter had it until he came out of the cauldron. It would be impossible to disarm him.'

'I think you're right. It's an item he always has with him so it will always be safe. It's also very important to him. So did Albus have any idea where these other items are?' Remus asked.

'No and the one we went to get the night he died was a fake,' Harry summoned the fake locket, opened it then showed Remus.

Remus began to read the note, 'Damn, I know who this is and it's the last person I thought would turn on him.'

'Who?' Tonks asked.

'Regulus Arcturus Black, Sirius' brother. He became a death eater the year he turned sixteen. He disappeared a year before Lily and James died. Sirius tried to find out if he died or just left. He heard rumours that he was killed, on…Tom's orders.'

'So that means the locket could be at the house?'

'Yes, I can search, but you remember that Molly threw out a lot of stuff and Kreacher also kept taking stuff.'

'Kreacher,' Harry yelled then glared as the elf appeared, 'Shut up you little beast,' he snarled, then held up the locket, 'We know Regulus took the real one and left this. We need to destroy it, so tell me, do you know where it is?'

'Kreacher saved it from the blood traitor.'

'Then bring it here so I can destroy it.'

Remus and Tonks watched as Harry spoke to Kreacher. When the elf returned a minute later, he was holding the locket.

'Damn, that's evil,' Remus said moving further away.

'I feel it too,' Harry levitated the locket into a silver bowl then went to one of the cupboards and took out a phial. He dropped some of the basilisk venom on it, but nothing happened.

'Why didn't it do anything?' Tonks asked.

'Parseltongue Harry. It's Slytherin's locket and V… Tom at the time was the only parselmouth around,' Remus said.

Harry opened the locket. Tonks screamed when Voldemort's face appeared. Harry didn't wait, he just dropped some venom onto the eye in the locket, which screamed.

'That's three, the diary, ring and locket,' Remus said moving back to sit down.

'Yeah, now we have to figure out where the others are and if they are horcruxes. So far, the old man was right, but we know he can make mistakes. This also proves that without help from people like you I would never be able to find them. I didn't know anything about Sirius' brother, not his full name or that he was a death eater, so I would never have worked out that he took the original locket. It would be good if you could watch those memories as you might be able to figure out where he hid them.'

'I might see if Minerva will let me into the office. I can go over all the memories to see if there might be another item,' Remus said. 'She might even allow me to take the pensieve and the memories to headquarters. I would need to sneak in though, for all we know there could be more death eaters there now.'

'But just say we can't find them. Say he dumped one in the ocean, it would mean he never dies,' Tonks said.

'What if we just sent him back to a wraith and keep doing that. We work on enough of us who know the truth so he doesn't get a chance to take over.'

'It's finding him and being able to get a spell of. He's powerful and fast,' Remus said.

'Why use magic?' Harry smirked.

'Oh, I know that look. James used to get the same look when he came up with new ways to prank the Slytherin's. We also knew we were about to end up in detention.'

'What's your idea Harry?' Tonks asked.

'Gun's, my grandparents were muggle which makes me part muggle, I want to use a muggle weapon. Imagine if got hold of an automatic that could fire a hundred bullet's in about twenty seconds. He would have no chance of dodging all of them. The shield charm won't stop them, he would have to conjure something but quickly to stop all of them. He would only do something in front of him, someone else could be firing at him from behind.'

'You could get in trouble for using a muggle weapon on wizards,' Remus said.

'I don't plan to remain in the wizarding world Remus, so all I need from you two is your word that you won't tell anyone. This could work, all I need is to get hold of the guns then have him out in the open. I know he's staying at Malfoy manor, but now he has control of the ministry it means he can come and go by floo.'

'I could use my metamorph abilities to get into the floo regulation office, lock down the floo and place it under the fidelius charm that way he can't use the floo network. He would then need to apparate. I know where Malfoy manor is, it's warded so only those who have been given permission can enter,' Tonks said.

'Let's do the bones first. It's the ritual he would probably use again, at least he would try that first. I can get those books later.'

'What would happen if say the bones were made from something else, like a rat, just transfigured to look like human bone?' Harry asked making Remus and Tonks chuckle.

'He used bone of the father as it needed to be blood family, also to give him a human form. If we switched the bones with something like a rat then he would have a rat form, just human size,' Remus explain, 'I would need to check, but I'm sure I'm right.'

'So how about we go do the bones now?' Tonks asked.

'We need to find some rats. Also, enough to do more than just his father's grave. For all we know he could work on a way to use family bones, not father's. There could be lots of relatives buried in that graveyard,' Harry said.

'So, a trip to sewers, or alleyways where those big bins are,' Remus said.

The three worked out where to go then disapparated. They arrived in one of the apparition places near London. They hurried to one of the areas where there were restaurants and went straight to the back alley. A few summoning charms and they had caught more than one hundred rats that were now in a large cage. They didn't wait, just apparated to the graveyard in Little Hangleton.

Tonks kept watch while Harry and Remus used magic to dig up every grave. They removed and vanished the bones, then killed all the rats. They stripped them of their fur and flesh before they transfigured the rat bones to look like human bones. They worked out that with some transfiguration they only needed five rats which would make a whole human skeleton. Once that was done, Harry said he was going to find a few guns. Remus and Tonks planned to go speak with Mad-eye, Harry had given permission for the ex auror to know about the horcruxes. The three of them did agree that at the moment, only they along with Mad-eye would know. They would consider Bill after they speak with Mad-eye. The first thing they had to do though was make sure Mad-eye was really Mad-eye.

Harry had to use his cloak and a lot of magic to sneak into one of the army barracks. He found the guns he needed, along with amo. Once he took what he needed, he cast the fidelius on those crates so no one would realise some of their guns were missing.

Mad-eye was pacing as he listened to Remus, 'Foolish old man. Is Potter positive he never told Snape?'

'Yes, he said he made sure. But we all know Albus could lie and none of us could tell.'

'Which means if we figured out where he hid them and Snape told him, they could now be gone, or warded like the ring. We need to watch those memories, yet for all we know he has them with him now.'

'How about you and I do that, Tonks can go over everything with Harry. I might get the map from him then at least we can see if any death eaters are at Hogwarts.'

The three of them appeared not far from where the tent was. The wards Harry did kept it invisible to everyone unless they knew the secret. Once they passed the outer ward, they saw the tent so they hurried inside. Remus asked for the map, then he left with Mad-eye.

'Okay, going on what you saw and what Dumbledore said, it sounds like he was right. But as you said, anyone can make a mistake, or assume the wrong thing. Since you destroyed Slytherin's locket, then I believe he is right, he would have used, if he could, any item that belonged to the founders. But his wand is always with him which keeps it safe so it make sense he would use that. Hufflepuff had this set, not just a goblet, but gold plates as well as a bowl. Now I do know the bowl ended up in a private collection of a squib, when he died one of the family, who were muggles, sold everything off. That was more than four hundred years ago. That could be anywhere and if he found it, it could be hidden anywhere. From what I know of Gryffindor, he had the sword, he left the hat at Hogwarts but he did have sheath for the sword, which could have rotted away by now. There was a rumour he had a dagger made at the same time as the sword and it looked like the sword. I don't know if it was ever real or found if it was. Slytherin was always secretive and sneaky, so I don't know much about him and what he owned. Ravenclaw had her tiara, along with a broach shaped like a raven and a big blue sapphire necklace.' Tonks explained.

'I didn't know any of that and the old man never mentioned any specific item. He had four years from the time he saw the diary until he died, yet he only found one and it was the easiest one.'

'Why do you think the ring was the easiest?'

'He knew Tommy's real name and for someone as old as him, he could easily find out who his magical family was. Marvolo isn't a common name in the wizarding world, so it would be easy to find Marvolo Gaunt and find out where they lived. Also, that memory was from someone that died years ago, so again Dumbledore would have heard the man say Gaunt when he went to see the family. He also heard the name Tom Riddle when watching those memories and he knew who Tom Riddle became.'

'You're right, so I can't understand how it took so long. Let's hope Remus and Mad-eye see something in the memories that the old man missed. Maybe there could even be some information written down in the office.'

'Let's hope, or this could take years.'

'It's weird though Harry, he had the whole order, people like Mad-eye and Remus, yet he only told you. Why?'

'That's what I would like to know. It doesn't make any sense. But like you said Tonks, why not ask Bill Weasley to help. He is a curse breaker and it was a dark curse that ended up killing him.'

'You're right, he should have taken Bill with him. Even that night he died, he should have taken someone like Remus or Mad-eye.'

'I get the boat in the cave, how it could have been charmed to detect two adults but I'm sure he could have worked something else out. He could have someone use a broom to fly over the lake. He didn't even tell me how to destroy the inferi until we were surrounded. With the fucking shit teachers he hired, apart from Remus, none of us ever learned what we should. I think something was wrong with the old man. Now I know we can't get muggle diseases, but for all we know he could have, since he was a half blood. I mean, I got many colds when I was young. He acted like he was crazy sometimes. Maybe he had dementia or a wizards version of dementia.'

'You could be right, but we'll never know. Do you have any books on the founders?'

'No, I've only seen those in the Hogwarts library.'

'There are still some for sale. If we need them, we'll work on those later. But we know now we may never find them. If Snape knew and told Tom that the old man knew about them, then Tom could have buried them and in another country for all we know, or like what was mentioned earlier, dropped them in the ocean.'

'That's why I believe we just send him back to a wraith. It will save lives.'

'The bones are done so unless there is another way to get a new body, it would be the best course of action. Unless the memories tell Remus and Mad-eye where they are hidden, I don't think we have a chance of finding them. I don't get it Harry. He had the whole order, two aurors, an ex-auror, a curse breaker and he tells…sorry, an underage, untrained teenager. Okay, I get the prophecy so you would need to be informed, but after he was cursed, he would know you would not have the training to get through powerful wards. You could have ended up dead from the first one you tried to find.'

'I know Tonks. It's why I'm confused and frustrated, not to mention, angry. Either way, we can hope the memories have some information or we work on shooting the bastard so he ends up possessing snakes again. He was never able to possess Peter so that goes in our favour. One more thing that confuses me though. If this information was around for hundreds of years, wouldn't you think there would be other's around that made a horcrux? It was all there in those old books that Dumbledore removed from the library. We know many homes like the Black home could have those books. Why isn't there a bunch of immortal people running around?'

'You make a good point Harry. Maybe the answers are in the books, if the Black library has them.'

While Harry and Tonks were lost in their thoughts of what to do and how to get information, Remus and Mad-eye were able to take the memories and pensieve to Grimmauld place. They found out that some of Albus's books were missing. They couldn't do anything about that at the time so they just decided to watch the memory's.

It was hours later that Remus and Mad-eye arrived at the tent. Remus had a bag where he began to pull very old and very dark books out.

'Did you find them at the house?' Tonks asked.

'No, these were Albus's, but Minerva noticed they were missing. Mad-eye did some spells which showed that someone summoned them from his office. He traced the charm and it lead to the sixth year Gryffindor girls dorm room.'

'Hermione,' Harry said.

'Yes. We spoke to her at the Burrow. She said she summoned them so she could help you with the job you had to do.'

'I never told her or Ron, even after the old man said I could. I couldn't trust they wouldn't talk.'

'So how did Hermione know about the horcruxes and the books?' Tonks asked.

'Exactly,' Mad-eye said, 'She folded the moment I began to question her. It seems Albus had secret meetings with Granger so she would know what to do when the time was right.'

'What do you mean?' Harry asked.

'There is another horcrux that Albus did not tell you about. He told Granger so she could take care of it.'

'That doesn't make sense. Why tell Harry about most of them but not the other one?' Tonks asked.

Remus walked up to Harry and cautiously brushed his finger over his lightning shaped scar.

'Damn that old man,' Harry growled, 'So he wants Hermione to kill me after I've done all the work on finding the others?'

'Yes, he at first thought you would willingly give up your life if it would save everyone. But during his meetings with the girl, he realised because of your life at the Dursley's and a Hogwarts, not to mention how the ministry treated you, that you would never give up your life for those people. He realised he made a mistake when it came to how you were raised and how he allowed Snape to harass you. He also realised it was too late to change anything. He had to work on someone killing you. Snape will do it even if he has no idea about it, he just wants you dead. Albus realised he needed someone close to you. He couldn't trust Ron to do it, so he went with the girl,' Mad-eye said.

'I wouldn't give up my life for anyone, let alone people like Snape, Dumbledore and the ones at the ministry. I mean I lost my only family due to the old man's mistakes. I wouldn't give up my life, or freedom for him, or anyone. No one did anything to help me. I'll do what I can but that's as far as I'm willing go. But if Hermione went to kill me, I would use any means to defend myself even if it meant she died. She should know I wouldn't just let her kill me. Anyway, it looks like we have to kill him so he ends up a wraith again.'

'We do, we also have the make sure to somehow detain his followers so they can't work on a way to bring him back,' Remus said.

'Not detain. That was Albus's mistake last time. We make sure they want to support him then we take them out, permanently. They won't hesitate to kill, we have to do the same,' Mad-eye said. 'The aurors were given the powers to kill during the first war, we are going to do that this time. If we can do this before too many deaths, then I can speak with a few who could end up as minister. We can't take the chance that the ministry end up full of his supporters again, ready for when he returns. We do what we can to protect ourselves if we do end up killing them and winning.'

'This is why you should have been leading the order. But what about Granger? She will try to kill me no matter what? I could easily beat her but she may get a lucky shot.'

'Don't worry about her, I had a word with her and said if she did, I would personally escort her to Azkaban. She ended up shaking so badly she ended up sitting on the floor.'

'She was so pale that she looked like she was dying. She won't risk it. Mad-eye and I spoke and decided we needed more than just scaring her. We obliviated that information from her mind. We made sure no one else heard what Hermione told us, even the twins and those ears they invented. I was going to make sure you were safe cub. You don't have to worry about her Harry,' Remus said.

Harry nodded, but he knew if he got the chance, he was going to take care of Hermione Granger. He didn't care that she lost that information from her mind, she was willing to kill him, so as far as he was concerned, she deserved to die. He just needed it to happen in the muggle world and make it look like a random muggle shooting. Remus and Tonks knew he had a couple of guns, a rifle and a machine gun. They did not know he had a small handgun, which is what he was going to use on her. He wouldn't normally kill anyone unless they were like death eaters and Hermione normally would never kill, but she was going to. It was time to deal with her permanently or he would always be wondering if she got her memories back and went to kill him. He would not allow that to happen.

It took a week but Harry, Tonks, Remus and Mad-eye believed they had the perfect plan to make Voldemort show himself. Tonks was going to appear for a few minutes, disguised as Harry, while the real Harry would be ready to use his automatic machine gun. He planned to take out Voldemort but also as many death eaters as he could. Harry hoped he got Snape. Remus was going to be near Harry to protect him in case anyone apparated to where the noise came from. Remus would make sure Harry got away and no one would have any idea who the one doing the shooting was. This information was now under the fidelius charm and only Harry, Remus, Tonks and Mad-eye knew about it.

The day before they planned to make Voldemort believe Harry was in Diagon alley, Harry snuck into the Burrow. He was already allowed through the wards and he had his invisibility cloak so no one at the Burrow realised Harry was there. He used the imperius curse on Hermione, so she would sneak away from the Burrow and visit her old home. He had seen how hopeless she was during their fourth year when Crouch, as Moody used the imperius curse on all the students in that class. Harry was more powerful than Hermione, so he knew he would find it easy to place her under the imperius curse. He said he would do anything he had to even if it meant using a dark spell like the imperius curse. But as he said to himself many times, he would use whatever he had to so he had a chance to survive.

Harry had her petrified then he removed the invisibility cloak. He glared at her before he slowly lifted the gun and fired. He wanted Hermione to know what he was going to do but he didn't want to listen to her try to explain her actions.

'You fucking bitch, you were going to kill me even though I risk my life to save yours. Well, now its over and you're dead,' he snarled as he pulled the trigger. He left her body on the front porch of her old home before he apparated back to his tent. Since he had mentioned going to bed when Remus, Tonks and Mad-eye finally left, no one should suspect him. After reading some of the books that Dumbledore owned on occlumency, Harry was able to block that memory so no one would find it. He used the fidelius charm on that information making himself secret keeper. The charm would also stop him admitting to killing Hermione even if he was given veritaserum. He had placed the gun into a box and buried it in the forest but making sure it wasn't anywhere near where the tent was. He knew where it was, in case he needed it, but he didn't think he would. When he did go to bed, he made it look like he had been reading in bed and had fallen asleep and the book ended up on the floor.

By the time Remus, Tonks and Mad-eye arrived at the tent, they found Harry reading through some of the books. He also had a can of beer in front of him.

'The stuff in these books make me sick. I hate the thought of taking a life but these curses are terrible.'

'Why are you reading them then?' Remus asked with raised eyebrows.

'In case they use them, then I can identify them. One said the spell looks like the disarming charm, yet it will boil your blood. Normally I wouldn't worry about disarming or innocent type spells, but these can look like those.'

'I just have one rule Potter, try not to get hit with anything.'

'I think I will follow your lead, Mad-eye. So how long before this happens?'

'Two hours. Tonks will first disable the floo network and place it under the fidelius charm. The moment she is done, she will send her patronus so we'll get into position,' Remus said.

'I have something that could keep us safe. I've tested it against some curses and the curse didn't penetrate,' Harry flicked his wand and summoned the Kevlar vests.

'Did you steal these Harry?' Remus asked as he picked up one of the vests.

'Yes and if you don't get hit then I'll return them. These could save our lives Remus and we have to do all we can to protect ourselves while trying to get rid of that bastard.'

'I'm not saying you shouldn't have, I'm just surprise you know about Kevlar and where to find them.'

'I was raised like a muggle Remus. I knew where to begin looking. Using legilimense on a few gave me the information on where they were, so it was easy.'

'Would one you tell us what these things are?' Mad-eye growled.

'Kevlar vests. The military uses them. They can stop a bullet,' Remus said.

'And some of the nastier curses, like Snape's sectumsempra spell. I haven't be able to find out if it will stop the killing curse. I know the ministry can detect that so I wasn't taking the chance. We each wear one, but it will only protect our chests and stomach area. Try not to get hit anywhere else, or at all.'

The four of them put the vests on, then Harry showed them how they protect by using a simple cutting curse on the one Remus was wearing. The vests stopped the curse. Remus was given a second vest to put on in case the curse rendered the other vests useless. He hadn't had a chance to test that yet.

The four discussed their plans, but three of them decided not to tell Harry the latest news. They didn't want him distracted, not when he needed to concentrate on the job he was about to do. Kill Voldemort, or at least destroy his body so he would be once again, just soul. But they were also going to get rid of some of his death eaters, hopefully, his worst, like Bellatrix. It's the reason why Harry wanted to use the automatic machine gun. With the amount of bullets it can shoot in seconds, dozens of death eaters should die along with their master.

Harry was lying on the roof of WWW, Fred and George's shop. Remus was on the ground at the side. Mad-eye was inside the shop, with the twins. They were the only ones Harry would trust with what they were doing.

They saw Tonk's patronus appear right outside the shop before it entered Weasley Wizard Wheezes. A few minutes later, it looked like Harry Potter was in Diagon alley. Many stared at him, but Mad-eye and Remus noticed two people sent off their patronus. Mad-eye gave Tonks the sign that it won't be long. Harry got himself ready, so did Remus who decided to be on the roof with Harry but disillusioned where Harry had his invisibility cloak over him.

It only took ten minutes and death eaters poured into Diagon alley, then Voldemort appeared. Before any of the innocent people knew anything was happening, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Snape, Malfoy and almost all the death eaters were on the ground, bleeding. Voldemort had a hole in his head but he also had a dozen holes in his chest. Bellatrix's body was also riddled with holes. Remus tapped Harry on the head, which meant leave and leave quickly. Remus waited until Harry disappeared before he followed.

Harry returned the gun to the army, where he got it from then he returned to the tent. Remus was there along with Mad-eye.

'Now we wait for Tonks,' Remus said. 'But being an auror she will have to do her job.'

'I had an idea while I was waiting on the roof. What if I got Dobby and maybe another house elf to take turns watching the graveyard? For all we know he kept some death eaters back in case some got hurt or something happened.'

'Do you know of another free elf?' Remus asked.

'Yeah, Winky, Crouch's old elf. Old man Crouch was protecting his arse so he blamed Winky then gave her clothes. She's at Hogwarts, getting drunk. Dobby told me she wants a family.'

'Then get Dobby to bring her here. She can bond with you and become your elf. Maybe when she doesn't need to keep watch at the cemetery she can clean up Grimmauld place properly.'

Harry nodded then called Dobby. First, he explained what he wanted the elf to do but also how he thought he could help Winky. Dobby instantly left, returning only a minute later with an unsteady house elf. Harry explained to Winky that she could belong to his family if she got sober and helped him with a job he needed doing. Winky instantly asked Dobby to use elf magic to make her sober. Harry then bonded with both elves; Harry could tell Dobby wanted to by the look on his face. Once they were bonded, Harry had Dobby take the first shift of watching the graveyard. He was to switch with Winky after four hours, which would give the other elf time to sleep.

'Now that's sorted Harry, there is something we have to tell you,' Remus said.

'Oh no, did someone get hurt, who, one of the Weasley's or Neville?'

'Hermione. Molly sent word that she had left the Burrow, Arthur and charlie went to find her while Bill stayed at the Burrow, for protection. They found out that Hermione had gone to her old home. They spoke with the neighbours to find out what happened. There was something called a drive by shooting, Hermione was hit, rushed to hospital, but died due to her injuries.'

Harry sighed, but he made it look like he was upset, 'Even though I was angry about what she was going to do, I figured since you obliviated that information from her then maybe we could stay friendly. I know I could never trust her enough to be a friend anymore but I knew Ron fancied her so if I stayed friends with Ron, I would see Hermione. Why would she go there though? She sent her parent's away and was going to sell the house.'

'We don't know Potter. She's the only one that knows that. I plan to speak with Ron in case the girl told him something. But you just said she was going to sell the house. It could be as simple as she was there to do that.'

'It could be that. But she told me her parents were gone. I mean, she told me she sent them away but maybe she didn't and just said that so everyone would believe they were gone. She snuck out to visit them. It's either that or she was there to work on selling the place.'

'I'll find out, but I doubt they were there. She knew how easy it would be for someone like Lucius Malfoy to get their address from the ministry. They would have plans to take care of anyone you are close to. She knew this which meant her parents were in danger,' Mad-eye said.

'You're right. She wouldn't place them in danger, which is why she planned to obliviate them of all knowledge of this world, even her.'

Tonks came in, smiling, 'Even though the investigation is only just beginning, Robards believes it was some muggleborn who survived. He actually thinks that the family might have been killed so this person decided to use their knowledge of the muggle world to kill the ones responsible for killing their family. I was asked about you Harry and he mentioned the rumour about the prophecy. I told him what we talked about; the prophecy had actually been fulfilled the night you got your scar. He asked me what it said, I told him I didn't know the wording only you and Dumbledore knew. But I did say you told me that a baby boy would be born who could vanquished the dark lord and he would be marked.'

'Which means Harry, as a baby vanquished Voldemort and was marked when the spell backfired. No one knows the full wording except Harry,' Mad-eye said.

'Is Robards checking to see if there are other death eaters around?' Remus asked.

'Yes, he sent squads to their homes, but also to Malfoy manor. I never saw Draco Malfoy yet Harry told us they were marked, so he didn't bring all of them.'

'Harry is now bonded to two house elves and they are taking turns at the graveyard,' Remus said.

'I doubt he told them anything, but if he does contact them in any way, they would be too scared not to help him. Let's hope Robards gets to them before Voldy's soul finds them,' Harry said.

'He will, most of them were heading out before I left. Scrimgeour instantly made a new law, anyone with a dark mark will be tried using veritaserum. He said even if they only just got marked and hadn't done anything like killing someone, just having the mark will send them to Azkaban for ten years. If they have been found to commit any crime, it goes up five years. If it's torture or murder, then it's the dementors kiss,' Tonks said.

'How can he trust the dementors when they joined him?' Harry asked.

'It seems he has been speaking with the head unspeakable who came up with a way to control the dementors. He made sure that only the head unspeakable, minister and head of the department of magical law enforcement have to agree before they can be given orders. No individual can do what Umbridge tried to do with you Harry. Oh, she was sent to Azkaban the moment Robards found out she was the one that sent the dementors after you. He wants a statement from you about what she did to you and anything else you might know.'

'Like how she was going to use the cruciatus curse on me and how she forced me and the DA to cut into our own hands using some type of quill,' Harry held out his hand to show the words, 'That has to be a dark item that uses our blood when we write.'

'A blood quill was band more than two hundred years ago. As far as I know only the unspeakables have one and that is used when a new person joins that department. After Rookwood turned out to be a death eater, Croaker wanted a way to make sure no one else turns traitor. A blood quill is used when they sign their contract. That's what they originally were invented for. Signing in blood makes them binding. They are the only ones allowed to have one,' Mad-eye said.

'I'll go see Robards but I'll wait until he's had time to find the rest of the death eaters.'

'Well, it's basically over Harry, what are you going to do with your life now?' Remus asked.

'Live a life I never expected to have. I don't know, but I do know I'm going to research and see if I can find a way to remove that thing from my head. I might never find anything, but I won't stop trying. Other than that, I have no idea. I do know I'm going to buy a house, somewhere remote, that will give me some privacy. Remus, you can have Grimmauld, if you want. I don't want it.'

'I am staying there for now. Maybe after it's been cleaned, I'll decide. Well, there isn't anything else we have to do right now, we might as well go help where it's needed.'

The three adults spoke to Harry for a few more minutes before they left. Harry sat down with another beer. He knew he had committed multiple murders, but he felt fine. The death eaters were all murderers and Hermione was going to murder him.

'No, I'm fine and I have a chance at a normal life now. I just have to work out what I want to do with my life, apart from buy a house.'

Over the next few days, Harry did go out looking for a home. He knew he wanted something remote, so somewhere in the country. He also knew that no one was going to know where he's home was. He would visit people at their homes or places like the Leaky Cauldron. He did not want anyone finding out where he lived in case there were a few marked death eaters that don't get found. He also didn't want to deal with people like Skeeter or any other reporter.

Harry did go see the new minister. He told him everything that Umbridge did to him or what she was going to do to him until she was stopped. An auror took pictures of the scars on his hand which proved that a blood quill was used. The aurors searched Umbridge's old home and office. They found three blood quills. Once Umbridge had her trial, they would be returned to the unspeakables.

Harry did meet up with Remus and Tonks at the Three Broomsticks, 'So, what's going on?'

'They believe they found every death eater. They also got memories and information about others he planned to recruit, called snatchers. They were going to be used to find you but any person who should be at Hogwarts but didn't turn up. He was going to make it mandatory,' Tonks said.

'What about Malfoy junior?'

'He's in Azkaban. After being questioned with veritaserum, it was proven that he tortured some muggleborns. He also raped a few muggleborn girls at Hogwarts. Snape covered it up. Oh, and yes, snape was with him when you killed him. He was dying when he was found. He tried to say that Albus planned something and he needed to talk to you. No one believed him, but he died minutes later so it doesn't really matter,' Remus said.

'So, it really is over. The elves haven't seen anyone at the graveyard and he would need someone to help him with the ritual.'

'If he is in spirit form again, then I would say he fled. This was the second time he has lost to you, even if he might not have known it was you that killed him this time. I say we forget about him, just keep our eyes open and listen for anything that could say he is trying to return,' Remus said.

'You know, we could work on some type of wards around the house and graveyard. If anyone like a wizard approached, it could alert us,' Tonks said.

'Then we do that before we get on with our lives,' Remus said.

'I like the sound of that,' Harry said.

That's what they did. They worked on some wards for the old Riddle house and the graveyard. The elves would occasionally go there just to see if any witch or wizard had been near the wards, but they wouldn't have to worry about doing it all the time. The two elves were sent to clean and repair Grimmauld place while Harry still searched for the perfect house that he would make his home.

Harry never returned to Hogwarts to do his last year, which disappointed a lot of people. McGonagall hoped if Harry returned it might make the rest of the students feel safer. Many in the ministry had hoped Harry would return to Hogwarts for the same reason. Lots of students wanted Harry to return so they could apologise to him. So many realised how badly the treated the-boy-who-lived, they also never apologised. They wanted to, but since he wasn't at Hogwarts, all they could do is send Harry an owl with their apology.

Over the following year, Harry was only seen a couple of times. He made a quick trip to Gringotts, he went to a few other shops before leaving. By the time people turned up in the hope they could apologise to him, Harry was gone. He did release a statement in the Quibbler. He had Luna do the interview and allowed one pictured to be published. He basically said he was starting his life fresh and wanted to put all the memories of the last eighteen years behind him. He did give a bit of information on his life, like he had a girlfriend and they were serious. He had a job but wasn't saying what he was doing. He wanted privacy, he never got that before, this time he was going to make sure he got it. He would not allow anyone to disrupt his calm and danger free life.

The end: