Terror in Wakanda

Before I start, just a reminder, I don't own The Avengers or any one else in this story because if I did, I would've been a millionaire. This might take place during the movie Black Panther or I might make an alternate version. But I don't want to spoil anything from the movie so I'll figure this one out.

Also, other characters are in this story.

So without further ado, here's the story, Terror in Wakanda.

The story begins

It was nighttime in Wakanda, T'Challa was looking at The Dark sky. He realizes that there was something wrong.

"What's this feeling? Why am I feeling a sign of uneasy ness." Asked T'Challa.

Nakia came into the scene.

"What's wrong?" Asked Nakia.

"Something's not right. This sky, I'm feeling that something's wrong." Said T'Challa.

Meanwhile in California, the people there were doing the usual, Kim

Kardashian and her husband Kanye West were on a shopping spree,

However a dark cloud started to cover the city of San Francisco.

"What's happening?" Asked Kim.

"I have no idea." Said Kanye.

Then someone appeared on the tv.

"Hello everyone, my name is Drew McIntyre, all of you are

now going to be under the power of T'Jadska." Said Drew McIntyre.

"What makes him think we'll just simply join him?" Asked Kanye.

Then a dark mist came in.

"It's a dark mist, what's that going to do?" Asked Kim.

Then the dark mist went inside Kim and Kanye. They are now under

N'Jadaka power.

"Obey me servants N'Jadaka." Said Drew McIntyre


"Yes lord Drew McIntyre." Said Kim and Kanye.

Meanwhile at Cervantes pirate ship, Cervantes (Soul Calibur), Astaroth (Soul Calibur), Demi Lovato, Rob Kardashian (Kim's brother), Tira, Siegfried (now known as Nightmare) (Soul Calibur), Cole Macgrath (Soul Calibur), W'Kabi, And Setsuka (Soul Calibur were looking for Soul Edge. But then they encountered the Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, And Sarah Logan) (Wrestling), Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner, Finn Balor (Wrestling), Sheamus (Wrestling), And Rihanna.

"Who are you?" Asked Cervantes

After the introduction.

"Join Lord N'Jadaka and we'll rule the world together." Said Lamar

"We don't need your help for that." Said Astaroth

"You don't have a choice, join lord T'Jadska." Said Kylie

"We won't." Said Demi

"Fine, then we'll make you brother." Said Khloe

"You have to understand, we want to do things our own way." Said Setsuka

"There are some things you can't do alone." Said Liv

"Then let's see if what you say is true." Said Nightmare

The battle begins

But not for too long, Cervantes and his team loses.

"Join us." Said Ruby

"Never." Said Cole

"Liv." Said Sarah

Liv puts the dark mist inside Cervantes and his team, they are now under the control of N'Jadaka.

"You work for N'Jadaka now." Said Kylie

"Yes, for Lord N'Jadaka." Said Cervantes as he and his team now serve N'Jadaka.

Meanwhile in Wakanda town, Nikki Cross and the four horsewomen (Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, And Bayley) (Wrestling) we're taking a scenic trip.

"So, how do you like it here in Wakanda?" Asked Charlotte

"It's alright, so what's up with you?" Asked Nikki

"Oh nothing." Said Sasha

But then people were screaming in fear.

"What's going on?" Asked Becky

But then, they see that Drew McIntyre, Hailee Steinfeld, The Way (Johnny Gargano Candice LeRae, and Indi Hartwell) are causing the damage, they hurried over to the scene.

"Who are you." Asked Sasha

"I'm Drew McIntyre, servant of the Grand Master N'Jadaka And now you will serve him now." Said Drew McIntyre as he was going to put the dark mist inside the five, But then they were saved by Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Domino (Marvel), Naruto, Sasuke (Naruto), Ken (street fighter), Deadpool (Marvel), The iconics (Billie Kay And Peyton Royce) (Wrestling) Liu Bei (Dynasty Warriors) Fa Zheng (Dynasty Warriors), Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur), Kilik (Soul Calibur), Maxi (Soul Calibur), Peter Quill/Starlord (Avengers), Alexa Bliss (Wrestling), Wonder Woman (Dc comics), Ryu (street fighter), And Seth Rollins.

"Sorry to crash the party." Said Kris

"Now you all must die." Said Hailee

The battle begins

But the battle didn't last long

"I'll get my revenge and T'Challa will watch the demise of his beloved

country." Said Drew as he and his team disappeared.

"We have to tell T'Challa." Said Deadpool

"Way ahead of you." Said Domino

At T'Challa's throne room, the allied troops made it there and they told T'Challa about what happened.

"They said something about this guy named N'Jadaka." Said Alexa Bliss

"N'Jadaka! He is a very selfish leader. If for some reason he is resurrected then it will mean big trouble." Said T'Challa

"What are you talking about?" Asked Wonder Woman

Minutes later, the story was discussed about who N'Jadada is.

"So we have to defeat N'Jadada if he's resurrected? ." Asked Ryu

"We need to percent his resurrection." Said Shuri

"Sounds like a plan." Said Okoye

Not knowing N'Jadada has already been resurrected.

The next day. Battle has come.

A few hours later, T'Challa and his team were in position, as well as Drew McIntyre and his team

"Oh no, it's Drew McIntyre." Said Billie

"Evanescence awaits." Said Drew

"Oh and more festivities." Said Kim

"What are you talking about?" Asked Peyton

"He's here." Said Nightmare

N'Jadada came into the scene, but he looks different, he's in his Black Panther outfit, but it's completely different, his attire is filled with negative energy and its changes between dark red, dark yellow, and dark blue.

"T'Challa, what's up with his outfit, didn't you say it was dark yellow?"

Asked Sasha

"It seems he's added some upgrades to his power." Said T'Challa

"Glad it's all catching on to you." Said N'Jadada

"Do we even have a chance against him?" Asked Naruto

"We have to try." Said Sasuke

"Let's end this." Said Shuri

T'Challa does his battle cry.

"Wakanda forever." Said T'Challa

The final battle begins now

Black Panther and his team vs N'Jadada and his team. The Warriors has been through so much together, now their hard work is now going to be put to the ultimate test. It's do or die. As the fighting was still going on, some of the warriors has retreated for some reason.

"There's something weird about the enemy's movements, why are they retreating all of the sudden?" asked Kim

"I don't know, but whatever the reason, it doesn't matter, we need to carry out the plan, let's lure them in for the fire attack." said Khloe

"Ok then, Riott Squad, start luring the warriors in for the fire attack." said Kim

"Hey warriors, come at us," said Ruby as she, Liv, and Sarah started to run towards the forest.

The four horsewomen went after them. When they made it to the forest.

"They felt for it, now, light it up" said Liv

At the top of the mountain, Nightmare and Cervantes were there and they had Fire archers there.

"The time is now, set them ablaze." said Nightmare as the archers shot fire at the forest. The forest was on fire.

Back in the battlefield, fire attack was successful but however the four horsewomen were behaving strangely, it's like they wanted them to execute the fire attack.

"The fire attack was successful but they're still showing no signs of fear." said Ruby

"Think you can dodge this?" Asked Becky as she launched missiles at The Riott Squad.

"So...strong." said The Riott Squad as they were free from the mind


"Part one is complete," said Charlotte

"It's gonna take more than Fire to beat us." Said Bayley

"Good, now everyone, spread false rumors, say that T'Challa has been killed in the fire attack and then take them down." said Sasha

"Oh noooo, T'Challa been killed, he perished in the fire attack, there's nothing to stop this dark alliance now." said Okoye

"Brother nooo." said Shuri

"Black Panther's dead, perfect, now unleash an all out attack, make sure that every last of the warriors are destroyed." said N'Jadada as he unleashes an all out attack.

"Now! Attack." said T'Challa as he and the rest of the warriors appeared from various directions.

"What! But how, ughhhh, I can't believe we felt for it." said N'Jadada.

"Now you will pay for your incompetence, the reign of darkness ends now." said T'Challa

The battle was about to reach its shocking conclusion. As the Warriors gives it their all, this battle was fierce, this battle was almost over, the Warriors were winning, the alliance was falling apart, they had no strength left. This battle was pretty much over. The Warriors have won.

"Curses, how could we lose." said Johnny Gargano

"It's over, just surrender now and there will be no hard feelings." said


"Fine, but know this, when I get out, it will be the end of you" said N'Jadada

"Don't count on it, you'll be spending the rest of your days in prison, or better yet, federal prison" said T'Challa

"Curse you" said N'Jadada

"Everyone, raise a victory cry for a new era has come." said T'Challa as the warriors raised their victory cry.

A few days later, the alliance dissolved for now and N'Jadada and the rest of his team was arrested. Wakanda was at peace as well as the entire world.

The end