I just need to throw out there that this ridiculous family is ridiculously a whole lot bigger than probably most of us thought.I figured: why not reintroduce them.There are probably more characters but it's like going on 2AM where I am so I need sleep. Enjoy! -Note from AO3.

Chapter 1: Gus Goose

Another day, another adventure.

" Oh thank heavens, we're finally back home!", Louie said relieved as he collapsed on the lawn after exiting the Sunchaser.

They had just returned from another daring, death defying adventure and Louie was, as usual, exhausted. All that running and avoiding traps had taken a toll on him. His brothers, however, were still happy and energetic as if they hadn't nearly been crushed multiple times.

It was no wonder why Donald didn't want to come on this trip.

" C'mon Louie, it wasn't that bad! It was fun!", Dewey said running over to his youngest brother and pulling him up on his feet.

" You call nearly getting crushed by a boulder FUN!", Louie exclaimed.

It was then Huey walked over," Louie's right. Nearly dying: not fun", he said dusting Louie off despite the youngest triplet's protest.

" Oh c'mon guys! Hey, at least we got the treasure!", Dewey said as he spied Launchpad carrying the chest of treasure with Scrooge barking orders at him," It has to be worth it if all those traps were around it!".

Louie muttered," Maybe...".

" Boys, c'mon! Let's head inside!", Della called from the front door.

" Coming Mom!", the boys yelled before they ran over to the front door.

" Alright Launchpad, put the chest in my office fer the mean time. We'll deliver it to the bin tomorrow", Scrooge said as he watched Launchpad carry the chest inside.

" Sure thin' Mr McD!", Launchpad said, stumbling for a bit before regaining his footing.

Scrooge sighed and shook his head at his employee's clumsy behaviour. He just hoped Launchpad didn't break anything on the way to his office.

" Welcome back, Mr McDuck. I see you've arrived back in one piece", Ms Beakley said as the old duck stepped inside his home.

" Ay, everything went smoothly", Scrooge said as he stepped further into his home," How's Webbigail? Still feelin' ill?".

Webby had to stay behind due to a cold. She had insisted that she could go on the adventure and that she was fine. Beakley had spoken with the girl several times before Scrooge himself had to tell her to go to bed. She had left with some reluctance and protest.

" She's much better than she was this morning", Beakley noted," I'd wager by tomorrow she'd be feeling like herself again".

" Good, that means I won't have to pay another high medical bill", Scrooge said with a nod but anyone who knew him would have known he was worried about the girl and was relieved to hear she was getting better and not suffering.

Beakley rolled her eyes," Of course, Mr McDuck", she said seeing through his facade.

" So, has Donald's visitor arrived yet?", Scrooge asked as the boys ran past him.

" Not as of yet. He got caught in traffic. But I've heard from Donald that he'll arrive soon", Beakley said.

Scrooge nodded," Well, if you need me, I'll be checking in on Webbigail", he said as he climbed up the stairway.

Scrooge had been thinking of the girl the entire day. Throughout the adventure he had been missing her constant enthusiasm and excitement for the quest ahead.

It was weird, honestly. Someone whose existence he used to ignore had now become such a permanent figure in his life. Not having Webbigail going along on adventures with him and the boys made the adventure feel incomplete. Hence why his first stop now that he's returned was to make certain the girl was feeling better.

Scrooge stepped up to the bedroom door and knocked a few times before hearing Webby yell enter, allowing him into the strangely empty room.

" Up here!", Webby exclaimed through the attic part of the room.

Scrooge climbed up and found Webby in front of her board, back facing Scrooge and strangely engrossed with something on her lap.

" Ah, Webbigail! What are you doin' out of bed, lass?", Scrooge said as he entered and sat down next to her. He frowned for a moment when whatever Webby was looking at was shifted out of his view but shrugged it off.

" H-Hi Uncle Scrooge. I was feeling a lot better so I thought I'd get out of bed for a bit. Stretch out my legs, hehe", Webby said chuckling nervously.

Scrooge frowned and placed his hand on the duckling's forehead, noting it was much cooler than it was this morning. He hummed, satisfied that she was indeed getting better and just by looking at her, he could tell she looked much better than this morning. But still...

" You should remain in bed a little longer, lass. Just in case. You need your full strength back for adventuring, after all", he said, standing up before helping her up as well. He still noted that whatever Webby had, she still hid it from him.

Webby settled back in bed and Scrooge automatically tucked the duckling in. Old habits from caring for Della and Donald rising back from the dead.

Scrooge was hardly gentle. But he had his moments.

" There ya go, now rest a little longer. Ah'll come get you when dinner's ready", Scrooge said smiling reassuringly.

" Heh, thanks Uncle Scrooge", Webby said kindly but avoided Scrooge's gaze.

" Webby, is something wrong?", Scrooge asked concerned.

Webby fiddled with her bed spread before sighing. From underneath the blankets, she took out a photograph and handed it to Scrooge, whose eyes widened at the sight of it.

" Where did you find-"

" I was exploring the Bin's library with the boys the other day... I found it at the back of one of the shelves", Webby said nervously.

Scrooge was quiet, as he stared at the photograph. The photograph was of an adolescent Scrooge, standing next to who was obviously his father, Fergus. But they weren't the only one in the photograph. At Fergus' feet, a little duckling stared curiously forward at the photographer. At the current moment, Scrooge ran his fingers down the place where the duckling sat.

He hadn't seen this photograph in years, not since Hortense's funeral.

" Uncle Scrooge", Webby said nervously, not knowing how badly he'd react to her question.

" Who's...who is Gideon McDuck?"

Donald was pacing, once in a while, staring at the grandfather in the foyer for a bit before he continued pacing. He didn't look too worried, but there was a crease in his brow as he continued pacing.

Louie was getting dizzy just watching his uncle wear down the carpet.

" Uncle Donald?", Louie called out.

Donald stopped and looked up to the staircase where Louie stood, smiling sheepishly at his nephew.

" Oh Louie! How long were you standing there?", Donald asked curiously.

Louie shrugged," Not too long. Why are you standing here anyway? Mrs B's about to serve dinner", he said.

" I'm expecting someone", Donald said simply.

" Someone important?", Louie inquired.

" Yes, you could say that", Donald replied.

Louie then smiled," Is it someone rich?!", he asked excitedly.

Donald snorted," No, he's not rich", he said amused," He's good family of ours. You might remember him from when you were little".

Louie frowned, a lot of the time the only family he remembered ever visiting them was their uncle Gladstone Gander. Although... Louie strangely remembered there had been a rather long trip to a farm, when him and his brothers had been much younger. He just couldn't remember the details of it.

Both of them brought their attention to the door as the doorbell rang. Donald walked over to the door and opened it, Louie just leaned to the side to see who it was.

A large goose was on the other side of the doorway. He had a small smile on his face at the sight of Donald.

" Donald!"

" Gus!"

The two males hugged it out before separating.

" Man, its been a long time since we've seen each other cuz! Why, last time I saw you, Della's boys still had their down feathers!", the goose, Gus, said jovial.

" Speaking of the boys. That's Louie over there", Donald said, moving aside to let Gus see Louie, who, despite having a mask of disinterest on his face, was intrigued by this vaguely familiar goose.

" Louie! That's lil' Llewellyn! He's almost as tall as you, Don", Gus laughed good-naturedly as he walked over to Louie," Nice to see ya again, kid. I'm yer Uncle Gus, your mom's cousin from your grandpa's side", he said holding his hand out for a shake.

Louie took his hand yelped at the strong grip the goose had. He rubbed his hand a little as it ached, watching Gus' attention return to Donald.

" It was real nice of Uncle Scrooge to allow me to stay for dinner, Don. I'm glad you two managed tp resolve yer differences", Gus said before he clapped his hands," Now where's the other two? And Della?! Grandma saw her on the news and nearly spat her tea out! Thought y'all said she was dead!".

Donald and Louie chuckled nervously together.

" It's a long story, cuz. A real LONG story", Donald replied as he led the goose and his nephew towards the living room to retell their story to his cousin.

Dinner was a rather lively affair thanks to their guest and his rather endless stomach. Louie watched his brothers from the corner of his eye and knew they were quite interested in the goose before them too.

Gus Goose was their second cousin (once removed) according to what Donald had told them briefly. He lived and worked at their great grandmother's farm on the outskirts of Duckburg.

Firstly, Louie had no idea their great grandmother was still alive but he and his brothers knew she owned a farm. Donald had told them countless stories of his young life on the farm (and as expected, no tales from McDuck manor) for them to remember.

And Huey remembered Gus being mentioned from time to time in the stories, alongside various other names the triplets realised they still didn't recognise.

Huey, Dewey and Louie weren't too educated about their family. They only recently began learning about the McDucks but even then they didn't pay attention too long to Webby's rants.

Perhaps, this dinner will change things.

" Man, Della. That was quite a story!", Gus laughed," It's really nice to be speakin' with y'all again. The farm hardly gets much visitors nowadays, especially from family. Everyone's off doin' their own thing. The only one who really visits often is Gladstone", he said.

" Uncle Gladstone visits the farm?", Dewey said surprised.

" Sure does!", Gus replied," Always busy with Grandma's flower garden! Makin' sure everythin's pristine and to his liking".

' Huh', Huey thought, filing that little fact away for later use.

" So Gus, lad, now to the reason you came to dinner tonight. What was so important news that you had to drive all the way from out of Duckburg to Killmotor?", Scrooge asked.

" Ah yes, the news!", Gus said excitedly as everyone almost leaned in to listen.

" So as you know, I called Donald the other day to tell him that I'm coming here for dinner so that I can deliver some important. So here it is: a day before I called, Grandma received a letter from a dear cousin ours", Gus said as he referred to himself, Donald and Della.

Della, loudly chewing her food much to the disgust of her twin, asked," Really? Who?".

" Kildare"

Everyone was startled by the sound of sudden coughing. Everyone turned towards Scrooge who shuddered behind the table as he tried to regain composure.

Webby, who had been quiet since dinner started spoke up," Are you okay, Uncle Scrooge?", she asked worriedly.

" I'm fine, the food just went down the wrong pipe", Scrooge rasped, silently thankful when Donald placed a glass of water near his plate without looking his way.

" Kildare? Kildare Coot? Our crazy cousin Kildare", Della asked.

" Who else, Dumbella?", Donald snapped.

" Hey! I don't know if I gained any nephews or something while I was on the moon", Della said defensively.

" The very one, Della", Gus replied to her question.

" Uh, don't mind us asking but... who's Kildare?", Huey asked.

" And why does mom call him crazy?", Dewey asked.

Gus stared at his cousins," They don't know about Kildare?", he said, eyes a little wide.

Della looked at Donald, who looked extremely sheepish," I never really discussed the family with them yet", he explained.

Scrooge sighed," Kildare Coot is yer second cousin, once removed. He's from your grandfather, Quackmore Duck's side of the family. Kildare's spent most of his life in various different mental hospitals and asylums because of his issues", he explained," The first time he was ever released back into society was when he was sixteen years old, never had a clue about how the world worked and I would bet me fortune he still doesn't".

" BUT, Cousin Kildare is still an extremely sweet person and the family loves him unconditionally. He can just be... a lot to handle. Especially when you're new to the family", Della said reassuringly with a small smile.

Scrooge was still in a small state of disbelief," Are you completely certain it's Kildare that sent the letter?".

" I'm 100% sure, Uncle. Why I have the letter right here if ya want to take a look at the envelope", Gus said as he scratched around in his pockets for the letter.

" How would an envelope help you know it's Cousin Kildare?", Huey asked curiously.

Donald chuckled," Trust us, we'll know its Kildare EXACTLY by the state of the envelope", he said shaking his head, a fond smile just barely on his beak.

" Ah ha! Found it!", Gus exclaimed as he slapped the envelope containing the letter on the table.

It was covered in postal stamps of various kinds and it seemed like it was nibbled on at the bottom right corner of the envelope. On the envelope itself, the writing was a hasty, unreadable scrawl.

Della burst out laughing at its state and Scrooge and Donald collectively groaned at the state of the envelope, probably already used to past ones in similar states.

" This has Kildare written everywhere on it", Della said after her laughter died down.

" Bless the mail men of Duckburg for somehow bein' able to read his scrawl", Scrooge muttered as he picked the envelope up and looked at it.

This was the lad his brother decided to invest his time and money on.

" So what does it say?", Webby asked curiously.

Her knowledge on the rest of the Duck family was little compared to that of what she had on the McDucks. Which she realised earlier was not a lot when she found out Scrooge had been lying about being the only son of Fergus McDuck. Information about the Ducks and the Coots wasn't as accessible as the McDucks were so a lot of what Webby knew was based on theories she had and the possible proof that came along.

" Can you even read Kildare scrawl?", Donald asked jokingly as he saw Gus prepare himself to read.

" 'Course I can. I've been practicing", Gus said before clearing his throat," Dear family..."

It's certainly been a while since I've seen all of you. I've missed you all so much. Especially Fethry. And Abner. Abner's so funny when he threatens to kill me. Get it. Kill me, Kildare! HAHA! And Gus, I like how he snores when he's laying on the lawn chair. Very bear-like. And Donald! I miss Donald so so much! I wanted to meet the mini-Donalds Uncle Giddy's been tellin me about! But then the doctors took me away again. I'm sad now.

But wait, now I'm not sad anymore! I just remembered what I wanted to tell you guys! The hospital's releasing me next Friday! And I'll get to see all of you again! Including the mini-Donalds! I'm so excited! I hope they like explosions just as much as I do!

Love all of you!

Hugs, Kisses, Guns and Explosions

Your cousin, Kildare

P.S Tell Uncle Scrooge I miss him too!

" Mini-Donalds?", Della said confused.

Gus looked at her sheepishly," I think Kildare's referrin' to Huey, Dewey and Louie", he said," I don't think anyone clarified to him that the triplets were yours and not Donald's".

" Oh", was all Della said and Gus looked a little guilty and apologetic about explaining it to her.

" Anyhoo, Grandma had this nice little idea that we should all go meet him when he gets out of the asylum next Friday", Gus explained.

" That sounds nice. I'm sure Kildare would love that", Della said with a small smile.

" Just to clarify, Gus lad, when you said 'we', do ya mean like Donald, Della, the boys, myself and you two. Possibly even Gladstone and Fethry or-".

" You see, Uncle Scrooge, this is the debacle. Grandma wants the ENTIRE living relatives and close friends to come and see Kildare", Gus explained.

" E-Everyone!", Donald sputtered.

" Everyone", Gus clarified.

" Even... Abner"

" Even Abner"

" And where EXACTLY does she want them all to stay. Because last time I checked, the Duck family was banned from all hotels in Duckburg due to a certain incident involving gelatin".

" IT WAS ONE TIME!", Donald and Della exclaimed.

" Eh heh. Actually, Grandma was hopin' you'd allow them to stay in the manor-"

" WHAT?! ABSOLUTELY NOT!", Scrooge screamed.

" Uncle Scrooge-"


" Which trust us, was a lot of windows", Della murmured to her son.


" Look Uncle Scrooge. Grandma wants the family to bunk here until Kildare's release. Between all of us, you're fighting a losing battle against Elvira Coot, the one woman in this town who can scare everyone", Gus said calmly," As a matter of fact, Grandma said you owed her a favour after the favour she did for you almost 30 years ago. She said you opening the manor to the family would be the only way to repay her".

Everyone looked intrigued at the prospect of Scrooge owing someone a huge favour. Mainly because they weren't aware Scrooge was in debt to Elvira at all, if the looks on Donald and Della's faces said anything.

Scrooge definitely looked conflicted but then resigned, sighing as he sank back into his chair, rubbing his face in exhaustion.

" When... will the first relatives be arriving?", Scrooge asked tiredly.

" Uncle Scrooge", Donald said as he checked his phone," Gladstone and Fethry asked if they could sleep over the next week or two".

Scrooge nodded his head. At least these were two he was so familiar with that they had their own bedrooms in the manor.

The others, those rooms will have to be prepared. Curse Elvira Coot and her cunning wit.

" Well, I'm all tuckered out! Best be leaving before the traffic hits hard again", Gus said as he got up," This was a very lovely dinner. Mrs Beakley's cooking is fantastic as ever".

" Actually, Gus lad, you can stay fer the night. The roads can be rather unsafe this time of the night. Especially on the outskirts", Scrooge said," I'll call Elvira and explain the situation. Duckworth can lead you to a room".

" Thank you, Uncle. It means a lot", Gus said gratefully.

Scrooge waved him off before turning to the children," And you wee ones better head to bed", he said.

" We're not (yawn)... wee, old man", Louie said tiredly.

Scrooge snickered and the twins chuckled.

" I'll be in my office if you need me", Scrooge said walking out of the room.

" Come on kids, to bed with you", Della said as she ushered the kids out.

Donald was about to leave for his houseboat before Della called him back.

" Donnie, can I talk to you?", Della asked.

" Of course", Donald said," What do you need?".

" Just a sec. I need to put the kids to bed, first".

Donald listened as his sister sang her lullaby to the boys. It was a calming moment. It almost took away the unease he felt about the talk they're about to have.

Soon, Della stepped out of the room and she and Donald walked away.

" So what did you want to talk about?", Donald asked. He really hoped it wasn't about the 'mini-Donalds' thing.

Della sighed," I'm worried about Unca Scrooge", she admitted.

Donald almost stopped in his step. Della hardly referred to Scrooge as Unca anymore, preferring the more mature 'Uncle'. In fact, when they were younger, Della was the first to outgrow 'Unca' between the two of them. Even now in his adulthood, Donald still used 'Unca' in more emotional, private moments.

" Why are you worried?", Donald asked.

" Did you see his reaction when Gus mentioned Kildare? I don't buy the whole 'wrong pipe' thing", Della replied.

" Della..."

" Just!... Ugh, you are so much better at getting him to talk. You two were always so close-"

" Della, you do remember Uncle Scrooge and I haven't spoken to each other for 10 years, right?"

" And yet despite that: your dynamic is still the same! Even with the boys, the two of you work like clockwork. Me... I'm still trying to find my place in this mansion again", Della said softly.

" Della..."

" Just talk to him... for us. For me. I don't want the boys and Webby catching on more to his mood, especially after that outburst", Della pleaded.

" I was planning on talking to him again-"

" Again?"

"Yeah. Remember when he was watching us repair the houseboat and you went inside. Him and I talked. Della, he asked me about Uncle Gideon by bringing up Kildare".

" Oof", Della winced. She was well aware of that drama.

" Yeah... I think that's what's bothering him. Dells, if he hasn't spoken to me in 10 years, imagine when was the last time he spoke to Uncle Gideon!", Donald hissed.

" Double oof", Della said with a wince," The reunion's gonna be dramatic as heck".

" You know what's gonna be even more dramatic?", Donald said.

" What?"

" The kids when they find out Scrooge has brothers", Donald said with a snort.

" You really didn't tell ANYTHING about the family, have you?", Della asked in disbelief.

" Nope"

" Oh, the boys are gonna get a stroke when they see how big this family really is!"