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Brigitta MacBridge

" Brigitta MacBridge? Why does that sound so familiar?", Webby asked herself.

Brigitta smiled and preened," Well my dear, you must be familiar with my successful business exploits I've started over the years. Currently, I am the proud owner of the Rosa E Scarpa, the most glamourous 5-star restaurant in all of Duckburg", she bragged.

Webby was quite familiar with the restaurant because she once had overheard (read: eavesdropped) a conversation between her granny and Uncle Scrooge. They were discussing venue plans for Donald and Della's birthday and Beakley had suggested Rosa E Scarpa, saying something about a miss Brigitta giving Scrooge a 'discount' on the food there out of love.

" Oh yeah! I remember mentioning my granny you to Uncle Scrooge. He was going to book a reservation-"

" Wait there darling, did you just sayUncle Scrooge?", Brigitta asked with a serious tone in her voice

" Yes...", Webby replied slowly.

Brigitta paused for a second before snapping her attention to Goldie, who was quietly watching them while she drank her tea," Goldie!", she exclaimed, clearly annoyed," Why didn't you tell me Donald had a daughter?!".

Webby looked surprised and Goldie snorted in amusemnent and coughed after her tea nearly went down the wrong pipe.

" What makes you think that she's Donald's?", Goldie asked with a grin and a raspy voice.

" Because she's too young to be one of Della's! Unless one of Della's eggs was misgendered during the scanning or F.O.W.L did another awful cloning experiment like what happened with Walt and Ubbe-"

" Actually Miss Brigitta, my granny is Uncle Scrooge's housekeeper. I'm his honorary niece", Webby explained.

" In other words, he emotionally adopted her", Goldie said bluntly, causing Webby to blush a little.

" Oh that's adorable! You know, I always remembered Scroogie had a soft spot for children", Brigitta gushed," You must simply tell me how he's doing these days, darling. I only heard a few weeks ago from my partner Jubal that Scrooge is adventuring again! It must be exciting adventuring with him, isn't it dear".

" Y'know, I'm honestly surprised you didn't think of the Millionara Vanderbucks incident from five years ago", Goldie said to Webby with smirk," You know, The Wedding Crash of 2012".

Millionara Vanderbucks, Webby remembered that vain woman. She had wanted to marry Scrooge just for his fortune. She vividly remembered her granny and a living Duckworth getting threatened with job termination after Millionara married Scrooge. Webby had disliked that woman immensely. Thankfully Scrooge came to his senses at the last minute before chaos basically erupted when there were... women crashing the event. One particular woman who stood out in Webby's memories was the one who directly attacked Millionara.

" Oh, you're also the woman who attacked Millionara!", Webby said cheerfully," My granny complimented your right hook by the way".

" Oh yes, that wedding", Brigitta said embarrassed.

" You attacking that dame was one of the highlights of my day! You made the news, Brig!", Goldie said laughing.

Brigitta huffed," Laugh now, O'Gilt. If I recall, a reporter caught a picture of you wielding a shotgun and chasing Scrooge out of the venue!", she said with a smug smile," What was it that you said to him... oh yes!:You say "I do" and I'll show you the bridge of my shotgun!orYou no good varmint, I'll teach you to lay eyes on another woman!",Brigitta said smugly, mimicing Goldie's voice for the last parts.

Webby giggled at Goldie's extremely dark flushed face," ... I was emotionally charged that day", she muttered under her breath.

A thought occurred to Webby as Brigitta and Goldie laughed at their hilarity of the aforemented event.

" So you two are friends?", Webby questioned them curiously.

" Yep!", Brigitta said happily.

" But... both of you like Scrooge. Doesn't that cause a little... drama?", Webby asked, concerned and curious.

" Only if we let it", Brigitta said calmly," You see dear, Goldie and I both care about Scrooge a great deal and we both, including the other women in our friend group, can see that. If it were any other woman that would try and attach themselves to Scrooge's arm, and make no mistake, there have been many others like Millionara, I would have been skeptical as heck. Goldie and I, along with our other friends have a mutual respect for each other, so if one of us does happen to marry Scrooge, the others will back off out of respect", she explained.

Goldie smirked at Webby," It's a weird friendship, we know. But hey, it oddly works", she said calmly drinking her coffee as she gestured to the snacks on the table," Help yourself to the treats, Pinky. I'm not sure how long you'll still be here if you still have that question you wanted me to answer".

" Oh! I was wondering if you knew anything about Uncle Scrooge's... brother"

Goldie hummed," Which one: Rumpus, Marley or Gideon?", she asked as she sipped her coffee.

" Uh... Gideon", Webby said, storing the other two names away for later research.

" Ah young baby Gideon", Goldie said with a light snort.

" I haven't seen Gideon in a while", Brigitta said sighing.

" You know him?", Webby asked.

" Of course! I consider Gideon a good friend of mine. Scrooge introduced me to him about 20 years ago. He and I used to have tea every Friday afternoon during his break. But he's been quite busy lately so we haven't had the chance to chat yet for a while", Brigitta explained.

" Well then maybe you can help me too!", Webby said hopefully," I've been looking into Gideon for the last two days but... there isn't a lot on him".

" Well Gideon isn't really the McDuck everyone looks at, especially when you factor in that the other McDuck in Duckburg is The Richest Duck in The World", Goldie said calmly," Besides, most of the time Gideon is the interviewer, not the interviewee, so most people either don't know him or don't care about him enough to want to know his past".

" Also Gideon had been Duckburg for a much shorter time than Scrooge. When Scrooge came, all eyes were on him, allowing any other McDuck sibling to creep in quietly through the back. Even when you bring in the history of McDuck Enterprises, most people forget the big part Hortense and Matilda McDuck played in the company's growth", Brigitta explained.

" Guess that explains why there's so little info on Gideon", Webby said thoughtfully.

" Hey, but even if there isn't much on Gideon internet-wise, doesn't mean Duckburg doesn't know he exists", Goldie replied.

" She's right. Gideon has a different life from Scrooge. Yes he adventures and yes he's quite rich himself too. But Gideon's life is a different type of chaos from Scrooge. For one thing: Gideon doesn't have much enemies. I think his only real enemy, besides his own anger and Scrooge, he has is Rockerduck and that's purely business related".

Webby nodded as Goldie and Brigitta spoke about Gideon. So he lived a relatively calm life compared to Scrooge. He adventured, but not for the treasure and riches, but for the knowledge and the truth behind certain stories. As Webby thought and heard about him more, the more her mind conjured up an image of Huey. She wondered if Huey had ever heard of the County Conscience or if he had a subscription for it. She couldn't imagine Uncle Scrooge having County Conscience newspapers arriving on his doorstep if he used to be so angry with his baby brother.

" Did Uncle Scrooge and Uncle Gideon ever adventure together?", Webby asked, testing how she felt adding uncle next to Gideon's name. Since he was, by all McDuck family technicalities, her uncle as well and she found that it will perhaps take a while for her to get used to it.

" A few times here and there. If it intertwined with what they're after. Usually they'd take Della and Donald along with them, they never adventured with each other alone", Brigitta explained.

" Not Kildare?", Webby said curiously.

One person who did show up a lot when Webby searched on him was Kildare Coot. When Della said Kildare was crazy, she was not overestimating. The first picture of Kildare Coot that Webby found was of him, riding two motorcycles simultaneously with two helmets on his head. The second picture was of Kildare riding said motorcycles like horses. From those two pictures alone already described what Kildare was like in person.

" Kildare was still in the clinic at the time", Brigitta explained before continuing," I actually quite miss Kildare. He was such a charming young man".

" You say that because he's the only one you managed to convince to call you Aunt Brigitta", Goldie retorted.

" Details...", was all Brigitta replied.

Webby bit into her snack as she watched the two women banter. There were still a few things she had wanted to ask but time was running as she still needed to meet with Lena and Violet. She could however ask a few more questions just to quench her curiousity.

" Were they ever close?", Webby asked.

" Oddly enough... I'm not quite sure", Brigitta said thoughtfully," Scrooge and Gideon have such a big age gap. 14 years if I remember correctly. Scrooge was already working abroad by the time Gideon hatched".

'14 years', Webby thought surprised. The photos had of course obviously shown that Gideon was much younger than Scrooge but she hadn't really thought 14 years. With that knowledge, she estimated him to be in his mid-late 50s. The youngest of the second living generation of Clan McDuck.

" I think I'll leave for this bit", Goldie said as she got up, taking the empty cups and plate elsewhere while Brigitta kept speaking.

" Scrooge and Gideon hardly ever saw each other while Gideon grew up. With Scrooge constantly working to earn his fortune, he hardly ever visited Glasgow. The only way Gideon ever knew what Scroogie looked like was because of their brother Marley", Brigitta explained.

" Marley?"

" Scroogie's twin brother"

It was like that phrase was the final straw to Webby's brain shortcircuiting from shock. You mean to tell her, Webbigail Vanderquack, just socasually that Scrooge Ebenezer McDuck had a twin brother that Duckburg never thought to mention at all. Webby could just imagine the look of agony on the boys' faces when she eventually tells as they themselves decipher on how Duckburg could just... slide on past information such as the apparent twin brother of Scrooge McDuck.

" It's overwhelming, isn't it? I know I was quite overwhelmed when Gideon shared this all with me. To think Scroogie hid his twin brother for all these years from me. He can be quite the secret keeper"

Webby nodded, quite agreeing with Brigitta's statement.

" You know... I think that might have played a big part of their falling out...", Brigitta said quietly.

Webby looked up in surprise and saw Brigitta staring ahead out the window with a thousand yard stare.

" Gideon was always a man of truth. Gideon dedicated a life to transparency and honesty and was utterly committed to the truth. To have a brother, a man you looked up to from a young age and practically idolised... be a man of secrets and sometimes blatant dishonesty. It can break your entire perception on who you thought that person was. It would also certainly also leave a nasty stain on your image of that same person, no matter how much you love them", Brigitta said quietly before looking at Webby with a sad smile.

Webby had wanted to ask more before receiving an alert on her phone, displaying a message from Lena, asking about her whereabouts. It was getting rather over the time Webby said she'd be here.

" I need to go", Webby said sadly as she looked at Brigitta.

Brigitta smiled sweetly," That's okay, dear. If you ever want to talk again, come see me by my restaurant. Just alert the people at the front desk that you're there to see me, 'kay?".

" Okay!", Webby said happily.

Brigitta smiled at her gently before calling out to Goldie," Goldie! The girl needs to leave!".

Goldie stepped out and Webby leapt off the couch and followed the blonde older duck before waving goodbye to Brigitta. Webby followed Goldie back down the hallway to the front door.

" Thanks for letting me drop by so suddenly, Miss Goldie"

" Yeah yeah. I'm guessing you don't want me telling Moneybags anything about this little impromptu meeting either, huh", Goldie said with a smirk.

" Please don't tell anyone I was here", Webby said awkwardly.

" Ah don't worry kid. I'm a woman of secrets. I won't tell Scroogie a single word of your visit", Goldie said, making a zipping motion across her beak.

" Thanks"

" No problem"

Webby was about to walk off before hearing Goldie call her back.

" Hey kid! They wrote letters to each other", Goldie said.

" What?"

" Scrooge and Gideon. They wrote each other letters while Scrooge was working. I remember Scroogie always getting these weirdly written letters with some drawings attached that he'd write back to. He told me they were Gideon's. I bet you he still has them if you're that interested in knowing about Gideon", Goldie explained

" Why do you think he'd still have them all?", Webby asked.

Goldie smirked," Because he's Scrooge McDuck. He may pretend to be an aloof old man but that duck is sappier than a maple tree. He WILL still have those letters", she said confidently.

Webby smiled and nodded, thankful for the additional information as she walked off to the Sabrewings. Halfway there, she let out an internal squeal at the picture of a young Scrooge McDuck, sitting by candlelight, reading with a small smile on his face, a letter from a younger brother far out of reach before reaching for his own paper, planning to write back a loving response to a sibling he never formally spoke to...

But still loved and continued to love to this very day.

End of Chapter 4