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It was one of the rare times, every reporter on Paris Itv News gathered together just to talk about one person.

But this person was worthy of being talked about.

Ricky Mathis.

Nadja Chamack said. "So, it's been a full day and a bit to fully soak in the existence of Ricky Mathis. What do you guys think?"

Alec Cataldi said. "I still can't get over how he made a 30-minute free concert, so incredible. Those lucky enough to go, are going to remember that concert for the rest of their lives"

The unnamed reporter said. "And speaking of Concert. Those Star toys, that Ricky let the world have, some are selling for millions of dollars online. Nasa has been reported to buying one within the first minute, it appeared online and are currently probing what they have"

Nadja said. "Do you believe he's an alien?"

"Well, let's look at the facts," said Alec. "He beamed down from a Spaceship. That's one tick"

The screen behind them showed pictures of Ricky ship from underneath and taken from a satellite.

There was even a 3D rending of it from all different angles.

People were very scary.

Alec said. "He has a guitar and other gadgets that the world has dreamt of, but have yet to produce. He gave those toys out, without fear of us analysing what it was. He had to give those out knowing, we aren't going to find anything similar to them on Earth. That is another Tick from me"

They saw photos of the gadgets at his disposal.

Alec said. "The guy has more than one power and he doesn't even wear a super suit. We can fly and so can he. We just push ourselves through the air, while he moves like he's in water or space. It's far more natural for him. So that's another tick for me."

They saw a clip of Ricky flying versus their own flying.

You could see how much more flexible and graceful Ricky was, while it took a while for their ability users to turn around.

Alec said. "And finally, what alien has to have for me is something in their behaviour that tells me, I'm not in the presence of a human being. Take for example animals, besides the physical threats, some behaviours tell me what it is. Like how you can put a basket of banana's in a horde of monkeys, and expect it to be mauled even if they were just fed. We, on the other hand, can choose to say no, even if we're hungry"

He had a point.

"Well, does Ricky have those signs?" said Nadja.

"Defiantly, just look at these expressions," said the unnamed female reporter.

The screen changed and somebody who had way too much free time on their hands had posted a poster with all the interesting expressions Ricky had in those 30 minutes.

They could only show one post though because it was long.

And apparently, all three adults hadn't seen this yet, because their mouths were open when they saw what was apparently going in, in only a minute.

Beside Ricky's faces was a human being, singing a lyric from one of his songs and it really put into perspective just how insane the difference was.

Nadja said. "I would love to interview him one day, just to see those expressions"

The unnamed reporter said. "Did you know there is a viral challenge going around to see who can sing a line just like Ricky? Thousands have tried and not a single one of them have succeeded. Apparently, people can make certain expressions no problem but when you put it all together it's impossible. The human mind just doesn't work that way"

Alec said. "I'm more interested in the strange reality of Ricky dying and for some reason donating his body to Earth. The War over him would be historical, especially people trying to get ahold of that brain of his. I know, I would pay thousands just to see Ricky get X-Rayed. It would be the most televised thing on the planet"

The unnamed reporter said. "Not only that, everybody is interested in what it's like to be an intergalactic level Superstar. We've all seen how Jaggered Stone and Xy live."

Alec said. "His life must be crazy. Imagine, having entire planets screaming your name? Having the money to buy planets, meeting supermodels from various planets. Knowing the only way to do your job is by spacecraft or teleportation. It's a level of stardom, even our richest can only imagine."

Just imagining being him, had the rich jealous.

Nadja said. "And speaking of rich, the human race is taking Ricky Mathis and his music well. As of now, Ricky is the most followed person on the planet and his songs are in the top 10 worldwide. Ricky's song 'Lovebug, has replaced Jaggered Stone latest song as number one in the charts. There has never been a debut quite like this in history. People really like his music and half the world seem to be protecting his social media accounts."

Of course they were, it was the only link the world had to Ricky.

Then they saw pictures and videos of new fans of today, many dressed exactly like him or going to school in a Ricky related outfit.

Ricky debuted had completely shoved the news of Superheros and rich people out of every country, which was unheard of.

The world was in Ricky Mania.

If only Ricky could see the world now.

#Where Ricky was#

Not only did Ricky know about the craziness, but he was also watching the Earth reactions go down in the observation room.

He hadn't been in here in Years, because making songs and actually making planets so he can be a star, had used up all his time.

Keeping up to date with Earth had become impossible for him.

Which was exactly why it was so perfect, it would be very bizarre if he was so up to date with Earth current history.

Suddenly Ricky heard, behind him. "Am I the best Manager in the world, or what?"

It was his manager Phoneix.

"We did it," said the man. "It took us, almost a decade but we have finally done it. Now, there won't be a single person on Earth that won't know your name. You're historical. How does it feel to achieve such an accomplishment?"


Honestly, he didn't know what to feel.

He was seeing what no musician had managed to accomplish.

So many fans.

So many adults who knew him by name.

So many people offering up their venues just to hear him play.

And yet, he wasn't freaking out and dancing for joy.

And he knew why.

It was because he was used to having a whole planet go nuts over him, even though it was created, it really dampened achieving what they set out to do years ago.

Ricky had seen truly amazing things, how can Earth bring back that childish excitement in him?

His Manager seemed to know what he was realising.

You live large for a long time and this sort of thing doesn't phase you.

Did they even have a reason to think about Earth anymore?

There was more than enough planets out there, that we're far more interesting they can just ignore Earths existence for the rest of their lives.

But they might as well see this through.

His manager said. "I'm going to keep the momentum going with a simple question."

The man then said. "Well, be leaving for a birthday party of a wealthy girl in 2 hours. Feel free to relax until then"

"Yes, Manager," he said.

And what Phoneix posted to keep Earth interested was a simple and yet very effective question.

'If you were to meet Ricky Mathis, what question would you ask him? The top ten questions will be presented to Ricky Live in a week at this exact time'.

He hit send and basically, 75 percent of the Earth received this post.

Everybody of course was surprised to see an update since they were sure Ricky would vanish on them but then they saw what was posted.

10 questions presented to Ricky...

Earth went silent and then they went nuts as everybody produced questions that they wanted to get seen by Ricky.

Only 10 questions were allowed though and everybody seemed to have different questions.

The Ricky Fandom and every major power went to war within minutes.

While Ricky was singing at a birthday party, Earths internet was a Warzone as those who used money to boost their question up were found by Ricky very large and very scary fan base, some were smart and harassed those who used money until they withdrew.

With each passing day, the fighting got worse.

Meanwhile people on the outside just sat on the fence and watched the war going on with virtual popcorn.

The Earth news called it the Ricky War and counted the days until it was over.

Ricky had no idea about the virtual war going on in his name and Phoneix didn't say anything to him because he didn't need to know.

24 hours before the deadline, the top 10 questions we're locked into place.

The worldwide news reported on this and it was no exaggeration that schools planned class in such a way that everybody can watch Ricky answer questions on live internet.

Phoneix knew exactly what Earth wanted.

They wanted to get to know Ricky.

Musicians were trained to be as appealing as possible to sell songs.

Right now, the earth didn't want to hear marketing talk, they wanted to know how weird Ricky was.

It would be really dissappointing if Ricky just turned out to be like another Earth musician but with just a unique body.

Millions would leave the fan club if they couldn't gwak at how strange he was.

People join because they wanted to follow somebody unique.

He looked at Ricky who was currently rolled up in carpet, rolling back and forth while covered in warm jelly because his string of smash hits were thought up while doing this.

That was certainly unique.

Ricky had been encouraged to be strange for years.

He would be fine.