Hi! Sylvia the Brawlerina here!

So this book is going to be a little different. While Dad-rryl will be the only multi-chapter book (that isn't about random shenanigans) I'll write, for now, sometimes I'll get random cool ideas that I wanna explore and write but don't have the time for. This is where this book comes in! This book will just be filled with small snippets and oneshots of books and story ideas I have about brawl stars. While some will be random shenanigans most will be based on AU's and the like.

These one-shots are just their own little self contained story. Unless I specifically mention it in the notes they are stand-alone works that don't connect to each other or to my other works. Though, these works may be pretty long. I find that I suck at making things short and concise so expect all of these works to be 1000 words plus.

Anyways, with that out of the way, enjoy the stories!