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Summary: For my Decade Anniversary of being on this site, Mortar/Mr. Cuddle-Muffin and Gollum/Smeagol reunite in the most unexpected way.

Warning! This chapter is Rated M for sensual references.


A Wandering Encounters Reunion

Word Count: 188

Mortar, the black cat, wandered to the cave under the Misty Mountains. He couldn't imagine how he longed to see this cave. This underwater cave, where his adventures with Smeagol/Gollum set off.

Mortar sighed, knowing Smeagol had paid the ultimate price for his payment of binding himself to the One Ring. Mortar had lived, Smeagol did not. Still, Mortar wondered if and when he would ever see Smeagol's spirit.

Mortar jumped at the sight of Gollum slinking towards him. The creature gasped at the sight of him!

"Hullo old friend!" Gollum snickered, attacking the black cat.

Mortar hissed, telling him, "I am not that creature anymore. Go away!"

Gollum hissed, telling him, "Oh, cruel cat. Smeagol wanted the Ring and the Ring died with me. Smeagol is betrayed, but wants to be friends with you. So Smeagol can move on."

Mortar looked at Smeagol's spirit. As the black cat looked back, Smeagol dived into Mortar's body, possessing him. Mortar hissed, jerking as Eru Ilúvatar released Smeagol's spirit from Mortar.

"You haven't seen the last of me! Hahahaha!" Smeagol vanished, leaving Mortar wondering if their battle had truly ended.


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