Author's note: This is NOT going to be a yandere Leni story. Is she a Yandere? Yes, but that is not the focus of this story, these few chapters are going to sort of be the prologue so I can set up the sort of universe this is supposed to be

The drive wasn't very long. Lynn forced her mother to give her the Vanzilla keys, before taking Lincoln and setting him in the seat. She couldn't imagine what was going through his mind right now. How long? How frequent? Was it an isolated incident or was this something much more abusive than she thought? Nonetheless, Leni was going to be a puddle of mush when she was done with her. Lynn tried to contain herself, her hands gripping onto the steering wheel much harsher than she would have any other time. Turning on the radio, she turned to her brother. "Hey" she said softly, trying her hardest not to spook him. "Pick a channel". Lincoln smiled lightly, the light bags under his eyes catching notice in Lynns eyes. How did she not notice them before?

Lincoln turned the dial, and let it settle on an emo type vibe. "Teenagers scare! The living shit out of me!" it began saying. The chorus of men singing the lyrics felt well with the boy, and as such, his sister, who liked seeing him relaxed. Before, Lynn just assumed what her mother-

Scratch that, what Rita said was the truth. That he was in a mood, and that's just how teenage boys are at this age. That he was cranky because of sleep, that he might be frustrated and that he could have gotten rejected by a girl he liked. Lynn grew angry once more. At her mother and herself. As well as her sisters. Why did NONE of them question it? Absolutely none of them? It was dark by the time they had gotten to the mall. Leni would close up shop in one hour, the same time the mall itself closed for the night. The girl quickly hurried inside, holding her brother's hand. She wanted her brother there with her. He wanted to see that by the end of it, she couldn't hurt him anymore. It was the first store on the right when you entered. "Younique'' the sign read. Lori had helped her with the name of the store. And Lucy had helped design the interior, as well as Lola. It was a family effort all in all. But right now, none of that mattered. She pushed onto the door, the slight weight of it gave way almost immediately, and opened to a medium sized store for designer clothes, produced by Leni herself. She wasn't at the front desk, which meant she was at the back of the store, in the storage section. Lynn's been back there a few times. Usually Leni goes back here when she needs a break or when she's having a panic attack. The people at the front of the store were patiently waiting in line. "Excuse me" Lynn said. She walked up to a woman who had 2 pairs of jeans in her hands. Lincoln's hand rested in hers. "How long have you been waiting?"

The lady responded. "About 15 minutes, but it's fine." she said. The woman turned her attention back to her phone as Lynn dragged Lincoln behind the counter and into the back. The large, white door was hard to push open. She didn't understand how Leni made it look so easy. Pushing back there, there were three hallways. A small kitchen, a bedroom for when Leni felt like staying the night, and all the way in the back was a secondary door that led to the storage area. Walking through, Lynn checked both of the rooms for Leni. The kitchen was empty, and so was the bedroom. The framed picture of Leni and Lincoln on the nightstand beside it made Lynn, understandably, even more angry than she had been. Speed walking down the road with his hand in Lynns, Lincoln felt his hair stand on edge. "Lynn, she's in there" he said, pointing to the door. "Perfect" Lynn replied, kicking the door directly open.

Leni was sitting in a chair, blood soaked her hands and covered the floor. To her left, a bloodied dress. To the right, scraps of flesh, including two breasts. In front of her, was a girl. She looked as if she had been crucified. One of Lincoln's friends, Stella or something. Bits and pieces of her was missing, and she was bleeding profusely. But she was still alive. Lynn didn't know how to react. She expected to just, come in here, beat the shit out of Leni and then call the police. "You still couldn't fit! Come on, you wanted to be a model didn't you?"

Leni cut into the young girl once again, Stella convulsing at the feeling of more of the blade peeling off her flesh. She cut into the sides of her abdomen, tearing off a large chunk, before standing up and putting the dress on once again. "There we go! Now it fits. Now, i'm going to get some dinner. Do you want anything?" she said. Leni sounded genuine about this, like she was talking to an old friend. "Oh yeah, sorry, you can't speak, oops!" she said, before turning around and locking eyes with Lynn and Lincoln. She smiled, dropping the blade and rushing towards Lincoln. "Linky! Did you come to see me-"

She was stopped by a jab to the neck. Lynn stepped in front of her. "No, but I did. Leni, did you rape Lincoln?". Leni caught herself, and looked at Lynn. "If it was rape, why did he cum inside?" she said. Leni dropped to the ground and grabbed the knife as Lynn rushed towards her. Leni sliced the air, hitting Lynn in the arm. The small gash began to bleed, but Lynn didn't care. She was going to make sure she was on the ground dead. For Lincoln, and for Stella. She threw another punch, one that Leni narrowly dodged. In the process, she dropped the blade once again, and tackled Lynn to the ground. "You're trying to get in the way too right?" she said. Her hands wrapped around Lynn's neck, and began to squeeze. Lynn started to choke, and as the world began to fade, blood sprayed into her face, and the hands let go. Lincoln had come from behind with the blade, and slashed at her neck. Leni stood tall, grasping at her neck in shock. She turned around and faced Lincoln, who's left hand was over his heart, while his right was holding the box cutter. Leni smiled, and walked over to the boy, who had dropped the knife in fear. She let go of her neck, letting the blood flow freely. She hugged Lincoln, setting her face in his neck. She tried to speak, only to make a gurgling noise. Leni's energy left her, and she collapsed, leaving a blood covered Lincoln hyperventilating. As Lincoln screamed, Lynn called the police.