Chapter one

It had only been a day since the dementors had attacked Harry Potter and his cousin, but Sirius Black was anxious as he watched Hedwig fly into the house. He figured seeing Harry's owl meant he was okay, Sirius hoped that was the case and nothing else had happened to his godson.

Sirius untied the letter, "Your concern for my welfare and well-being is commendable, especially for a godfather who hasn't been around my whole life. I just figured you should know that yes, I am fine after seeing Cedric killed right in front of me. Yes, I'm fine after witnessing the rebirth of the madman that murdered my parents. Yes, I'm fine after being tortured. Yes, i'm fine after being almost killed. Yes, I'm fine after almost having my soul sucked out. Yes, I'm fine that they believe I'm a house elf, having to work morning until dark with no food or water even though I'm still injured. Yes, I'm fine being stuck with people who have absolutely no fucking idea what I have been through. Thanks for your obvious heartfelt concern, HJP"

'What is up with Harry?' Hermione asked.

'Why would he write all that?' Ron asked.

'Read yours,' Sirius sighed, 'I told him to stay in the house, to behave, but I never asked how he was. I think he was trying to tell me he isn't alright and he's pissed at me.'

Hermione opened her letter, 'Busy are you, well, I'm fine, more than fine and like always, I have to count on myself for things I need. It seems you are not the person I thought you were, which means you are not the type of person I want around. We are no longer friends, HJP.'

'Oh shit,' Ron grimaced then opened his letter, "Seems you like to do what your mummy and the old idiot tells you, not the friend I knew, or want,' HJP," I think we've all screwed up. Did anyone ask how he was before he left Hogwarts or in their letters?' Ron looked around but he saw the answers on their faces, the two who didn't shake their heads were Fred and George.

Just then another owl flew into the room, dropped a letter at Ron, 'Do you know who that is from?' Arthur asked.

'No,' Ron opened the letter, "Dear Ron, just thought I'd let you know that Harry's last letter was strange. We've been writing every few days. He asked me what's going on, I tell him what i know and what gran tells me about what's going on in the ministry. This time he never asked anything. But why I'm worried is he sounded very cold, not towards me, but it seems he's angry at someone. I hate saying this Ron, but after you believed Harry entered the tournament, you didn't say something stupid to him again did you? I mean all of us can only take so much and I know Harry's forgiven you a few times already. You do have a habit of saying something before you think things through. Sorry if I'm wrong but I'm worried about Harry. One thing I did find out from him was he was still suffering from the cruciatus curse which tells me that monster either did it twice or left it on for a long time. He said that he was made to go back to those people that don't like him, why when he would be an emotional wreck? Why isn't he with you and your family? At least Harry would have someone that understands that he could talk to. Muggles have no idea what you-know-who is like, or how he likes to torture. I don't know, I'm worried about Harry, maybe you can find out how he really is. Let me know if you do, Neville. Oh, I forgot to mention this, but Harry asked my gran a weird question, about prophecies. She wrote to Harry a few days later, this was last week, but I have no idea what she wrote. Anyway, stay safe, now he's back, Neville."

'How did he know about the prophecy?' Remus asked.

'What prophecy?' Ron asked.

Sirius sighed, 'The one about Harry and Voldemort, the one Albus is having the order guard. He didn't want Harry to know, at least not yet.'

'Harry usually finds things out when he needs to. He told me in third year that he didni't like being kept in the dark, especially when there's information about him and his family,' Hermione said, 'This was after he heard you were his godfather and supposedly you wanted to kill him.'

'I have a feeling we're all in trouble. Apart from you younger ones, all of us knew who Sirius was in regard to Harry and yet we never told Harry when Sirius first escaped,' Arthur said.

'That's why he wrote to Neville, he knew we've been keeping information from him. We only did because Albus kept saying Harry was too young to hear all that,' Remus said.

'He's finding out on his own though Remus. I know I don't like it that Albus wanted Harry kept in the dark. If Harry was like James, which I know he's not, then he would sulk for a while then act like nothing happened. But Harry is like Lily, too much like her, especially when she was angry, hurt, felt betrayed, been lied to, oh you would stay right away from her. She was also one to only forgive a person once, if they did anything else wrong then as far as she was concerned you were out of her life.'

'So because Harry forgave me a few times already and now I said I couldn't tell him anything, he won't forgive me,' Ron said.

'No, not if he takes after Lily and by what I've seen or read, he is like her. Who else has been forgiven by Harry?'

'I was, twice,' Hermione sighed, 'So he won't forgive me again.'

'He forgave me for not escaping years ago, but now I stayed silent as well. That's two strikes to me, so I'm not being forgiven.'

'He had a go at me for not visiting when he was young. I haven't written to him but he will see that as keeping things from him. So I'm in the same boat, two strikes,' Remus said.

'We wrote to him,' Fred said.

'Yeah, asked how he was, if he needed anything,' George said as the twins took a seat at the table.

'He just said he was used to looking after himself so he would be fine,' Fred said.

'Have you ever been on Harry's bad side?' Remus asked.

'Um, once, during Harry's first year,' Fred sighed.

'Which means we might be okay, but until we write, we won't know.'

'Write to him, try to find out exactly how he is, especially now he would know he has to face the Wizengamot,' Sirius said.

'They can't really make him do that, can they? He's only fourteen, nearly fifteen,' Hermione said.

'It seems Fudge is going all out to stop Harry talking about Voldemort. I might go visit Amelia Bones, she's one of for following the law and I know she doesn't like Fudge.'

'Try Remus, make sure you explain about the house elf that caused the magic when Harry was twelve. Maybe take a visit to Malfalda Hopkirk, ask her why she didn't check to see who did the magic when Harry was twelve.'

'What if she wants proof that it was an elf, it's too late for the magical signature to show up.'

'Dobby will come if you call him, he always pops in when Harry calls him,' Ron said.

'But Harry made it possible for him to be free,' Hermione said.

'Dobby,' Ron called, a second later the house elf appeared.

'Harry Potter's Weasy called Dobby.'

'Yeah, um, this is Remus Lupin, do you remember him Dobby?'

'Yes, Harry Potter said he was a good teacher, not a bad one that wanted to kill him, like the others.'

'Dobby, I'm going to the ministry to help Harry with something and I need to explain about when you used magic at the muggle house. Harry got blamed for that and now he used magic again to save his life. He is in trouble, will you come with me?'

'Dobby help Harry Potter, Dobby knows dementors went after Harry Potter, Dobby was watching.'

'Then let's go, hopefully w can get this sorted out so Harry doesn't have to face the Wizengamot.'

'It might help when Harry hears where trying to help him.'

'Mr Wolfy, sir, Harry was angry, really angry, he packed his stuff and left the muggles.'

'Damn, Remus, go, I'll contact Albus, we need people out there looking.'

Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the twins watched the two men and the house elf leave, then they glanced at each other.

'Harry has the clak, I doubt anyone will find him,' Ron said.

'He also knows the muggle world, he could blend in where the order couldn't,' Hermione said.

'Maybe you could help Hermione. Would your parents drive you around, just to see if you can find him?' Ginny asked.

'I could try but I doubt it will do much good. you've only seen a small bit of muggle London. There are millions of muggles and hundreds of towns. I don't believe I could find him but I will try. I will need to get home, Remus just left.

'I'll ask mum, I'm sure she will realise how dangerous it is for Harry, but you would look like any other muggle,' Ron got up and hurried away.

'I think Harry was pushed too far. If he left, then he's left the magical world,' Fred said.

'I think Fred's right, Harry's had enough and he feels that he has no one watching his back,' George said.

'Can you at least write, maybe he will tell you something?' Hermione asked.

'We'll try but if Harry is with muggles, then the owls won't find him,' Fred said then left the kitchen with his brother. Hermione and Ginny knew already that they won't find Harry, but they had to at least try. They just hoped that Voldemort nor his death eaters found him. They would rather he leave and go into hiding that for him to be captured and killed.