Chapter eleven

As the committee was leaving, Albus asked Harry to remain. He had been expecting it so he hugged his godfather and Amelia before he faced the headmaster of Hogwarts.

'As I'm sure you know Harry, I am nearing the end of my life,' all Harry did was nod, 'To tell you the truth, I really should have crossed over by now. I've forced myself to remain because I can't leave without knowing the truth.'

'About Voldemort?'

'Yes, I am concerned because of a prophecy.'

'I know all about the prophecy and who told Voldemort about it. When the queen reclaimed the ministry and put her people there, all witches and wizards, one of them found out about the prophecy. I was snuck in so I could retrieve it.'


Harry sighed, 'I was angry with you for so long, but when I found out that Snape had been the one to tell Voldemort, I loathed you and wished you dead. He should never have been here, near his victims families.'

'I needed him.'

'Keep telling yourself that old man,' Harry glared then went to walk away.

'Wait, please. I know I made mistakes, especially in regards to you. Please Harry, I can't go on and be at peace until I know the truth. Did you fulfil the prophecy? Did you kill Voldemort?'

Harry turned to face Albus Dumbledore, 'I killed Snape and I killed Draco Malfoy. Malfoy was because I caught him killing muggleborn families, all with little kids and he tortured them. Another mistake, allowing that prick to get away with what he did here, at Hogwarts. Snape was my revenge, I made sure he suffered and I made sure he knew just who was killing him.'

Albus sighed, 'Even though I wish you never had to take a life, I do understand. But about Voldemort, please tell me.'

'The queen had some of her magical military squad train me, with magic and with muggle weapons. Yes, I kill him, I shot him in the head using a muggle gun. We made sure he cannot return.'

'Thank you,' Albus sagged. Harry had to race to him to catch him, 'I know I can go on now. If you wouldn't mind helping an old man to his chambers, I would greatly appreciate it.'

Harry nodded, but he did help Albus Dumbledore to his private chambers. He also summoned Poppy and McGonagall. The three of them stood around the bed, watching as Albus Dumbledore took his last breath. But one thing the three of them noticed, he had a smile on his face as he passed away.

Harry turned and walked away, he didn't look back. Bathsheba and Rolanda knew they had jobs waiting for them at QMA. He didn't want anyone else from Hogwarts at his school. But now it was time for Harry Potter to return to where he belonged, as headmaster of the queens magical academy.

It was only two weeks later that everyone was notified that Hogwarts would no longer be a school. The letters explained about the library and the ministry, it also explained about the expansion of Hogsmeade. From now on the magical ministry would be completely separated from the muggles. Eventually, Diagon alley would be moved to Hogsmeade, but they had time. All they did for now was add public floo's to the Leaky Cauldron and near Gringotts so witches and wizards did not have to come through the muggle side.

The letter explained about QMA, it also explained how it was a combined magical studies school and a muggle studies school. The muggle studies class was mandatory for all students raised in the magical world. The magical studies class was for all those raised in the muggle world. The letter went on about the rules and the strict policy's. It also explained how it was not a school where the students remain, they went home every day. If parent's worked, they could apply for their child to stay for the week and return home on weekends. Having the students returning to their homes everyday, or on the weekend meant the fee's were a lot less than it was for Hogwarts. Lastly the letter explained how the students were housed by age and year, there were no houses so no separating.

Harry along with his staff were ready for a lot of meetings. Harry was going to take the meetings with many of the old pure blood families. He wanted them to know just what his school was like and how they would not put up with any type of harassment or even the word mudblood will have the student expelled. The school was for all witches and wizards, blood did not come into it.

Amelia wasted no time having the Hogwarts library relocated to the great hall, then had the ministry library also relocated to Hogwarts. Madam Irma Pince would be the head librarian, but there were now four others since it would be the biggest magical library in the world. As soon as the library was finished, the workers began to move into their new offices. The house elves of Hogwarts were now going to be split. Some will clean the ministry, others will act as security. Amelia and Harry had worked together to show the house elves of Hogwarts just how the QMA security elves went about their world.

Rolanda and Bathsheba both moved into QMA. Hagrid thanked Harry for the offer of a job, but he decided to go to France to be with Maxime. Harry did offer Poppy a chance to work at his school, she turned him down to return working at St Mungo's, but she did thank Harry for the offer. St Mungo's would also be moved but not until they had finished with the ministry and Diagon Alley. The rest of the staff at Hogwarts retired. Harry never saw McGonagall, Filch or Trelawney again.

Half the students from Hogwarts ended up becoming students of QMA, the rest went to Durmstrang. Harry instantly saw some of the Weasley kids. The twins both had two children each. Bill had three, Ron had two but from two different marriages, he was at that time divorced from his second wife. Harry did hear from Arthur, Ginny was finally putting her feelings for Harry to rest and had begun dating, so he knew one day Ginny's children will attend QMA.

Since Sirius never actually worked, he had a seat on the Wizengamot and helped Amelia at times, but he never worked. Harry offered him a job. He wanted someone that knew all the old traditions and knew a lot about old wizarding families. Harry wanted that taught even if most of those traditions were now gone. He could also explain how the Wizengamot worked, so he would basically be a teacher of a subject that students didn't need to sit owls or newts for. It was just so they would know more about the world they lived in. Their daughter, Jamie would join the other small children, which was part play time and part learning. Just as in the muggle world, the children didn't begin proper lessons until they were five.

Rolanda took over as quidditch referee and also flying lessons. Harry would help out if it was needed, but he could also be found just having a fly with some of the students and occasionally some of the staff.

Harry had been in contact with Neville since before he left. Between Pomona and Harry, they convinced Neville to become Pomona's assistant until he would eventually take over herbology. Neville was at the time married to Hannah Abbott and they had two children. A boy named Harrison Franklin Longbottom and a girl named Holly Alice Longbottom. Harrison after Harry and Holly was a tribute to Lily Potter, but it was also a name that both Neville and Hannah liked. Those two children also joined the classes at QMA.

Susan Jordon, nee Bones, married Lee Jordon. They had three children who also now attended QMA. So many students Harry went to Hogwarts with now had children who all attended The Queens Magical Academy. Even though Ron's children went to QMA, Harry never saw him or got in contact with him. He put that old friendship to rest, like he was putting all his unpleasant past to rest.

Over the following years, Harry watched the children grow to be great people. Many surprised him. Some pure bloods that attended QMA, went on to study in muggle universities. They finally found out just how advanced the muggle world was and how much they had to offer. They also realised they were no better than them. The muggles might not have magic but they could do things that witches and wizards couldn't.

Many of the pure bloods that hated how their world had changed, found out just how in the minority they were. The first few that tried to cause trouble, because they believed they were better than the muggleborns, found themselves expelled. Two students were actually arrested and after their trial, went to the new wizarding prison, one that suppressed their magic so there was no longer any need to have dementors. The pure bloods realised that if they could be sent to prison, or even expelled, then they better change their ways, or hide their real beliefs and hope their world went back to how it was.

That would never happen.

As Harry watched the students, including his own, he couldn't help smiling. He thought to himself that this is how a school should be. He knew that you could not stop children from fighting, but with their security and rules, no student was seriously hurt. They were punished and at QMA, the guilty was punished, not the victim like what used to happen at Hogwarts.

It was not only Harry who thought QMA was the best thing to happen to the wizarding world. People from the ministry to parents and shop keepers also loved the way QMA was run. Harry was thanked, a lot, but this time he did not mind being thanked. He was proud of the work he did to help get QMA up and running, which eventually changed the wizarding world, for the better. Amelia was the one that helped change the ministry, with the help of good friends and her husband, Sirius.

Now they had not just a good school that suited all witches and wizards, they had a ministry that worked for the people and had nothing to do with blood status.

People believed that when the ministry of magic had been moved to Hogwarts, was the best decision for their world. Hogsmeade had expanded, now it was a city. It was not as big as London, but it was one of the largest magical cities in the world. Diagon alley had been officially closed when all the shops relocated to Hogsmeade. The longest to move was Gringotts. They had to dig out tunnels for the vaults before building their new bank. The goblins still ran Gringotts, but now they could interact with more witches and wizards, which eventually had more people becoming friendly with the goblins and the goblins were now a lot friendlier than they used to be. St Mungo's also had their own new modern facility. It took them two weeks to move every patient from their old building to their new one in Hogsmeade

As Harry watched the students and saw how happy they were, he had only one thought. The day he left the Dursley's was the best decision he had made. He was part of this new wizarding world, one where everyone was treated the same and one that was safer than it had ever been in wizarding history.

The end: