Chapter 1 New Life: A Hero/Knight is Born

First POV

Rebirth, I was thought that wasn't a thing as we have one life and should cherish it but my opinion on that changed.

How about I start from the beginning?

My name is Jackson 'Jack' Miller, a normal high school student who happens to be a DC fan and enjoyed it. I love the DC comics, live-action movies, and animated movies as well. I lived a good normal while planning to finish the last year of high school and start college with the goal of being part of the DC's work like a voice actor, comic artist, or even part of a movie. I worked hard to one day be part of my farviote thing and didn't care what others say about me because I know all day that it will be worth it.

However my favorite character within DC would have to be the Dark Knight himself, Batman who admired to overcome fear, punished the guilty, hope for the people, and have a strong will to overcome great odds coming at you.

I had everything I had and worked hard to complete things in life while some don't think so or even worked. My parents give me some support but not as much and wanted me to become like my two older brothers, run a business, and make the family rich. My two older brothers, some support but never fully as they were doing their own thing. I did take care of my young siblings but as much as my parents would push aside for their own needs or siblings instead of myself.

Overall, I raised myself and worked hard to become my own person, not what others wanted me to become.

I will become who I want to be and nothing will change that.

Third POV

But what young Jack didn't know that was being watched and saw that the young man had a destiny written onto him. Something far more than normal life and possibility, save not a world but the whole multiverse too.

A man who sat in his chair hummed in thought before pushing a few buttons, powering up the transport and lock on to that hope, Jackson Miller will become that hope as he had a great number of things within himself that good number have or don't have. Compassion and kindness for others & hope within himself.

Jack was walking back to his 'home' until a powerful blue wormhole opened underneath his foot and pulled him. The last thing anyone heard was him shouting in pure panic and a sudden powerful bolt of energy leaving the area.

"It's done. The first piece of the puzzle and chessboard has been moved. Now it's your turn, Jackson Miller. I have a feeling that you will change and save Prime Earth. I, I know you can do it and have faith that your actions will better their world to great heights," An unknown man said before his chair powered up and left the same way he transported Jack to Prime Earth.

This was the start of a new hope coming to Prime Earth and a good number of things will change. For the better or worse, who's to say and we will find out soon enough.

Time Skip

Prime Earth (New 52)

A pair of red eyes open, before blinking them a couple of times and see where he was at. Jack rubbed his eyes and looked around which he found himself in a park, resting on a bench while feeling a powerful hunger within him for what just happen.

Jack shook his head while getting up from his laydown position and see what's going on around him which seems like his normal day park, but this one seems very familiar to him. He felt different as well and took a good at themselves which he also noticed that his body type was more akin to an Olympian swimmer & runner and his hair was a bit longer.

Jack was mindblown at this. There's no way that his muscles and hair grow like that unless that portal was something as it starting to get stranger.

"Okay, this odd but okay for the most part," Jack thought to himself as he did want to train for the Olympics down the road and grow his hair out a bit which had black mix into his red hair. Again strange but cool.

Jack will have to figure things out for sure and decided to walk around, maybe cool himself down and find clues to what's going on. He knows he wasn't drugged as he doesn't drink or take drugs nor was drugged by someone. And drugs don't cause muscle or hair growth like this.

Maybe some other cases but not this.

Jack kept walking, past the park and onto the streets to maybe find some clues to where he is as he wasn't at home or anywhere he knows.

However, the city and feeling from the said felt familiar to the young man. Almost like something read and seen before, but where?

Then out of nowhere, a newspaper hits Jack's face which he got on time and his eyes widen in disbelief at what he was seeing.

Gotham City, the year 2015. Wayne Enterprises earned the business reward. Sightings of new Sups and Metahumans keep happening.

DC, Jack was in freaking DC, and from the looks of it Prime Earth, maybe. His mind did 180 spins and his heart was beating out of control but he took steady breaths and calm himself down.

"This can't be happening," Jack thought to himself, thinking this was some weird dream or prank that gone wrong but those don't come close.

This was real as being transported here was real and the feeling of the aftermath from the portal was real as well.

"Okay, okay, calm down and good. So it seems I'm in DC, which is really not as a comic as we think, and seems like I'm on Prime Earth but in what time frame? Hmm not New Earth as the timeframe & dating is off, Flashpoint is out of the question due to no WWIII in the news, and that would leave New 52 as my prime answer for the time being. This reminds me of a few people missing during the past couple of years and one who claims to be from another world which great many thought that guy was crazy. Interesting idea and could be in my case," Jack thought to himself, putting the pieces together and work things out to a better understanding of his situation.

Jack was also living the dream as he was in his favorite place, DC. Something he always wanted to go, even if he did voice acting or be part of the live-action role minor but this was over the top and beyond what he dreamed about which made him feel happy and joy to his heart.

Jack knows that he will have to be careful in this new but familiar world as anything can happen and should keep himself a secret for the time being. On where he's from, not a whole person and could make friends as he figures out who brought him & why? Good questions that would one day get their answers.

Which to answer those questions, a silver case came flying at the young man which he got and blinked a couple of times before seeing a familiar blue portal before it disappeared before his eyes. He saw a note that said to open and make your choice.

What choice?

Jack shrugged his shoulders and open the silver case which showed a familiar black cowl with red eyes & a special suit. His eyes widen before relaxing and hummed in thought, going over the thousands in his head but two jumps at him.

One, he could just throw the case away and live a normal life in this new world that was given to him.

Or, he could put the suit on and live his dream of becoming the hero he always wanted to become.

No matter how hard or long he tried to think, Jack did the one thing he knows he was going to do and become now which a smile formed upon his face as he opens the case and gets ready for his new path ahead of him in this new world.

Rebirth in New 52, Prime Earth was starting now for Jack who will become its newest hero.

Time Skip

Jack stood on top of the rooftop and watched the city below him, feeling a strong desire for justice now and something he always wanted to do. He always wanted to be a Bat, overcome fears, strong will, be hope for the people, and put fear into those that abuse others. Now he can do as a new hero, a hero he always wanted to become from being inspired to be.

Jack wore a dark grey tight bodysuit that had a pair of silver gauntlets around his hands with silver demonic-looking claws on his hands that are attached to his gauntlets, golden armor placed located on his shoulders and chest area, with another armor place, this one being black with pointy ends, placed right above the golden ones. We can also see a golden utility belt tied around his waist and also another one around his right leg. The final parts of his outfit were a long black cape attached to the black armor place and finally a black helmet that looked like the head of a bat, with pointy ears, the helmet covering his entire face, not revealing anything, the only part of it that showed something being the red visors that were placed over his eyes, making him look even more demonic than before.

Knightmare, the new Bat & Knight of Gotham was born.

AN: Jack's harem will be posted in the next chapter.