Chapter 2 Flashforward

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Gotham City

We see our hero, Knightmare on the rooftop watching over the city that is his home and shared to protect it with the Bat-Family. He's not an official member of the family but has been known to help them when needed and the GCPDs see him as a hero like the rest, even if they have to put the shade of trying to capture them. But hey, it works for now.

It has been two, almost three years since he came to this world, Jack had done a great amount of work as himself and as the Second Bat in Gotham. He wears the Bat symbol with honor and pride during his patrols.

Also yeah, Knightmare has to meet Batman and good members of the Bat-Family over his flight in Gotham which was cut short but counters and kept going on stopping crime. Crime doesn't rest and neither does justice.

And yes, Jack was excited when fighting alongside his ideal, the Batman & his allies over the time of his stay here in DC world. Sadly, he never shows himself who he really is or gets to know Batman better which it seems that their relationship was more of business partners one-sided but he won't give up on hope, and maybe one day that will change.

Outside of his mask, Jack works very hard to become a lawyer and better help people who are wrongly placed in prison or doing it for great reasons that we can relate to. Kind of like Matt/Daredevil from Marvel which DC should have that, a good & famous defense lawyer around. Justice is blind and needs help every now & then.

Now, Jack was on patrol and watching over as he got word from the streets that crime bosses were moving their goods tonight through a shipment that he could use that. Having evidence will take some of the crime bosses down a bit while he finishes the rest before sending them to the police for a pickup.

However and before Knightmare could act, something or rather someone catches his eye from a nearby rooftop across from him.

Seeing that he couldn't see who was on the rooftop from this distance, Knightmare pushed a button by his side of his cowl/mask hybrid, having his visor zoom in and get a better look at who was on a late-night run tonight. He saw from his thermal vision that someone was indeed on the rooftop and seems to be very graceful from the movements.

"Thermal vision off," Knightmare commanded, having his visor vision become normal and see better. Some of his gadgets have voice command while a great many don't have to avoid someone hacking his equipment through voice control.

Knightmare soon became speechless on what he was seeing and was lost for words which was an understatement.

The figure was a young gorgeous young woman with long black hair and green cat-like eyes. She wore a one-piece purple leather suit, hugging her figure perfectly. Her suit had black long leather gloves which have pair of clawed, black leather leggings which are boots with claws in them, and a black whip tied around her waist. Over her head, she was wearing a purple leather cat-like mask, leaving only her dark purple lips, green cat-like eyes, and black wavey hair behind her mask out free. This was Catwoman, Gotham's well-known cat burglar/theif, or underneath the mask, Selina Kyle.

Knightmare pushed a button by his mask, having his vision zoom out and back to normal, even without the zoom mode didn't stop our hero from looking at the cat thief and her graceful moves. He was shocked to see Catwoman tonight, one of DC's well know and hottest ladies but was also curious about her.

Jack hummed in thought before starting to follow the thief in the night and see what she's up top tonight. Selina/Catwoman had always attracted his attention before and after coming here to the DC universe. His mind always wonders and focuses on Selina's complex personality. He knows that the cat has other intentions when doing something and even sometimes her intentions are good.

"Hmm time to do something else than your normal day Batman does," Jack thought as he used his grapple lines to follow the cat and used the rooftops to keep up with her.

Knightmare then pulled himself on the roof and followed the Cat, starting the chase and amazingly keep up with the thief. He also found out that his muscle growth wasn't the only one that changed to him. He found out during the years of being here that he had athletic skills that can rival a good number of people and was a genius. He was smart before this, sure but now was very smart. Smart enough to fix, repair, and create different equipment for his suit & gadgets.

Catwoman saw a familiar bat-like shadow following her which made her turn her head to see what looks like to be Batman but it wasn't and something was different as the suit says otherwise. She hummed in thought and wonder what this strange bat will do which she kept running for the chase to keep going.

As she landed on another building's roof, Catwoman decided to finally end this game as she turned around and smirked as she already knew who was following her.

"Alright Batman, I think that we had enough of this game, let's meet face to face and deal with this, the same way we always do," Catwoman said as a figure came out from the darkness and landed in front of her, the figure resembling a bat.

"Sorry to disappoint you, kitty, but this time there is no Batman here," A voice said, being none other than Knightmare as Catwoman looked shocked to see that he wasn't Batman.

"Oh? What is this? Another member of the Bat's family?" Catwoman asked as she took out her whip, ready to fight and see what this new face had to offer.

Hearing this, Knightmare laughed at her words, a soft and also happy laugh, making Catwoman look at him with even more curiosity.

"No, I am not Batman nor am I a member of the Bat-Family. I am Knightmare, nothing more, nothing else," Knightmare said as he walked toward Catwoman.

"A pleasure to meet you. You're pretty famous around these parts and I have to say, I never really met a sexy cat thief till now. I am trully impressed," Knightmare added, his words surprising and also making Catwoman blush under her mask, his tone showing nothing but sincerity.

"Oh? I am happy that someone thinks so highly of me. But the question is, are you able to face against me?" Catwoman asked, her voice becoming more playful and also a little seductive, making Knightmare smirk under his helmet.

"I wonder about that. How about we find out together?" Knightmare asked as Catwoman gave him a gorgeous smile before swinging her whip toward him, making Knightmare jump in the air, dodging the strike as he landed behind Catwoman.

His cation made her unleash her claws as she turned around to deliver a quick strike against his face, this, however, resulting in her hand getting grabbed by Knightmare as she felt herself falling on her back, as a hand grabbed her waist.

Now, we can see the two masked individuals in a tango-like stance, their faces pretty close to each other as they were looking into each other's eyes, red to green.

"So? How did I do?" Knightmare asked as Catwoman smirked and placed a hand on his mask's cheek.

"Not bad, not bad at all. I might actually like your style," Catwoman said with an even more seductive tone, her interest now being slowly captured by the masked warrior.

However and before anything could happen, the pair heard a woman screaming in pure terror and was close by which got their attention to see down below them of a crime taking place. They saw a woman being crowded by a group of criminals who most of them were taking their pants down and others hold the screaming woman down planning to molest or sexually assaulted her.

Jack couldn't allow this to happen and had an idea to test something as he can see rage within Selina's green eyes.

"Up for a workout?" Knightmare asked.

"I am," Catwoman replied as the pair jump off the rooftop and headed down on the street level to fight the criminals to save the poor woman.

"It's the Bat!" One of the criminals shouted in fear as he watched a shadow bat coming at him before crashing into him and punched him into the ground hard before sending a red demonic glare towards them, making the scare.

Catwoman brought out her whip and swung it which smacked two thugs in the face, scaring and shouted in pain. She then back-kicked one thug in the face before swing her legs to the ground to knock one thug off his feet before kicking his lights out. She then swung her whip at another thug before having it smacking him in the face and slammed him into the wall to knock him out.

Seeing the criminals have guns, Knightmare brought his arms out and had his gauntlets launched bat-theme shurikens at them, knocking the weapons out of their hands and grunted in pain before getting a beat down of their life for harming a woman.

After the battle was done, Knightmare had cuffed the beaten and bloody criminals up for the police to pick up the trash while we see Catwoman freeing the woman and helping her relax. But the pair saw something.

Seeing the woman shivering in panic and calm down thanks to the pair saving & helping her relax, the two started to remember something of their past.

Jack remembered from his childhood back in his world on how his parents abused him for doing something right or his own thing. The abuse was shown clear as day and many did help the young boy for better care which he was placed in his uncle & aunt's care which they did a great amount of rising him to who he is today. And was his uncle who got him started in DC in the first place while his aunt into some hobbies such as music-making and singing. And yeah, that part reminds me of DCAU for sure but anyway.

Selina also remembered a bad memory as well. She and her sister were abused by their mother who died later from her wrists slit open and their father too by drinking habits. Later in her childhood, in the sisters' household by criminals and corrupt cops who harmed some of her friends and her little sister, Maggie, too. That sparked her to steal and used her skills to bring down their group for justice to come. She hadn't spoken to her sister in some years now and maybe after this, she should.

They soon left the area after hearing the police sirens not far by and allowed the cops to pick the aftermath of the beat down they did to the criminals. And the woman was in good care now which she looked up to see her saviors leaving the area, making her smile and happy that they saved her.

"I'm happy that she's getting up now," Knightmare commented as he watched one of the officers helping the poor woman out and seems to be having a good talk from the looks of it.

"Yeah," Catwoman agreed as she sat on the edge of the rooftop which the bat joined her.

The pair was quiet for a bit, staring at a good part of the city and the night peaceful sky.

"What's your story?" Catwoman asked, breaking the silence.

"Huh? Pardon?" Knightmare asked, getting out of his train thoughts and look at her.

"What's your story? Why you look similar to Batman and why do all of this?" Catwoman asked, wanting to know more about this Bat who was different from the original.

Jack didn't saw any harm in that and could speak about that as he too wanted to know more about her.

"Well, you could say that I was inspired by Batman to become who I am today. A kid inspired by the fairy tale books of becoming a knight in shining armor, in a way. So I had my suit matching the bat theme while adding more designs to it to stand out from Batman. I also do this as I want to help others in need, no matter how dangerous it is or the risk, I want to help by becoming the knight to protect the innocents and punished the guilty," Knightmare explained.

Catwoman looked at Knightmare and saw great light about him, seeing how he admires the Dark Knight but wants to be his own hero at the same time and do things his way. And something else was troubling her.

"Why haven't you arrest me when you had the chance? Like our little dance, that I don't mind and would like a next one," Catwoman said with a hit of seductive tone in her voice and a sly smile on her face.

"Well, you could I say I'm a great judge of character. I have dealt with criminals of a different kind over the years but I know you are not one of them and have your reasons. I wonder why you deiced to help me with the criminals and wished to help a poor woman instead of running away when I was distracted. Why is that?" Knightmare asked, wanting to know more about the cat thief and her complex personality.

Selina was very quiet and frowned at that, some memories of his past coming back and didn't answer.

"I will respect your personal life. If you don't want to share me, I understand as I'm strange and we just meet after all," Knightmare said, being reasonable which made the cat smiled at his kindness and understanding which she had an idea why.

"Sweet and thanks but I'm not the only one with a tough past, am I?" Catwoman questioned.

"No. And yeah, I understand very well which I don't mind sharing about it as the pain gets light over the years and helps to talk about it. I had abusers in my life before being taken by a nice couple and raised a great part of my life," Knightmare replied, not mind sharing a bit of past and would like to share more with Selina as he felt a strong form of peace and connection to her as they understand each other.

"You too, huh? I had something like that. A few rule models but took care of myself and a few other things," Catwoman said, seeing a bigger picture about the new bat and how they can relate to each other, the harsh life in their childhood that made them who they are today.

"Also, why listen to me as I could be lying or using you?" Catwoman asked as this was put against her by a certain Bat and was hoping that this one was different on that one.

"As I said, I'm a great judge of character. And I do enjoy your company, a beautiful and sexy kitty," Knightmare replied with a smirk underneath his mask.

Catwoman flashed Knightmare a seductive and gorgeous smile before moving forward close to the bat which made a little tense up of her sudden moving forward and was really close to him. She then kissed his cheek, teasing and leaving him a shock as she leaves the area, waiting to meet Knightmare again in the future.

"Purfect," Catwoman purred with a smirk on her face as she leaves the area.

Knightmare, who was getting out of his shocked state from what happens and smiled as he rubbed the purple lipstick mark off his mask. He whistles and only says the one thing on his mind.

"What a woman," Jack commented, his smile not leaving his face, and looked forward to their next meeting in the future.

Jack knows that his next meeting with Selina will be interesting and something else for sure as he always wanted to know more about her. Not just as the cat burglar Catwoman but also as Selina and know both faces. The mask and the one behind it.

Seeing that was enough for one night, Jack decided to leave the area and head back home for the night while having a feeling that he was going to needed it as the next following days something was going to happen. And it will take more than one hero to save the day.


AN: Yes, I will have Selina change her suit from purple to the black one we see in Hush's animated movie. A good number of characters will go over changes of style and suits as well. And should I have Selina keep her long hair when the Hush arc happens or not?

And another note, due to Jack from another world and already knows of the DC Universe, his approach to others will be different than the normal Batman as he knows that some of them actually are victims rather than just cold-blooded criminals or other types of villains. This also helps to explain why he can have other villain females in his harem, as he was open to them and try to see their side of the story. And being a lawyer helps with that too.

And harem will come after a few more chapters are posted.