Chapter 4 Justice & War

Knightmare and Batman both grabbed a flashbang, pulling the pin and blinded the Man of Steel for a moment, and let the two bats go. Won't stun him but only a few seconds which the two know and brought out what they could use against Superman. It might be useless but the two had a plan which they showed a few tools to the other on what they could do.

Batman had some batarangs, a taser gun, and one smoke bomb.

Knightmare had some smoke bombs as well and pair of handcuffs with a special green rock inside of them.

They didn't need to share words with other as they nodded their head and got to work as Superman had recovered.

"The creature that attacked me earlier had a box, as you have one in your belt," Superman said as he got a Batarang with no trouble.

"Damn it," Knightmare cursed underneath his breath, playing the role that he made a dumb mistake.

"A friend of yours?" Superman asked before the Batarang exploded in his face, not harming at all, and dusted his shoulder off the smoke that was left behind.

Knightmare and Batman then throw a Batarang to exploded at Superman, getting his attention which he appeared in front of the Dark Knight who pulled out his tease gun to open fire which did so little event.

"Cute toy," Superman mocked before throwing the teaser grabbles aside and pushed Batman with one hand into a wall.

Batman grunted in pain on that but not as much due to his body armor and something he uses to over the years. Not this amount of strength.

Knightmare then throws a handful of smoke bombs that exploded around the area, covering Batman and stopping Superman from seeing him but not much.

"A little smokescreen. Please," Superman said before taking in a deep breath and suck all of the smoke into him but something was wrong.

Batman was wearing a gas mask when the smoke cleared and Knightmare holding a pair of handcuffs with a green rock in them which made the Man of Steel's eyes widen.

"It's not smoke," Batman started as he removed his gas mask.

"It's the type of gas to put you into a deep sleep. Don't worry, it will work its way out of your lungs...long for me to do this!" Knightmare said taking the handcuffs to become brass knuckles, and punched Superman right in the face, sending him crashing down into the ground.

Knightmare then slapped the handcuffs on Superman, while the green rock shin brighter now as it was activated. And he felt good about doing that, he always wanted to do that to Superman of New 52.

"Kryptonite?" Batman asked or rather stated, seeing a familiar attack plan he had but doesn't have any Kryptonite base counters to Superman, not yet at least.

"Yep and wasn't easy to get but luckily I found a good small amount of that stuff to be transported from Africa to Lex-Corp," Knightmare explained.

"You stole it?" Batman questioned.

"Yeah, yeah I did. Not going to let Luthor use that stuff or get his hands on it. And lucky for me, I'm able to hide the stuff well in a good area covered in led," Knightmare informed, remembering what that little rock can do from DCAU.

"Good," Batman said, slightly impress and could that Knightmare thought a good number of steps ahead, much like him. Something to keep an eye on.

And a lot more as things are going to kick up.

Time Skip

After the fight and things calm down, Superman was freed from his cuffs and things were coming faster now like the comic/animated movie arc. And more heroes came into the party as Parademons start coming in due to some Mother Boxes opening portals up for the invasion to start, a small one but yeah.

Flash, the fastest man alive, arrived after the hero fight and helped the heroes to offer his help as Green Lantern had called him for help.

Captain Marvel, a magical boy can transform into an adult hero and was a hotshot in the making.

Cyborg, a high school football who was transformed into a living cyborg from the same technology that the Mother Box and Parademons armor.

"This is going to be a long day," Knightmare thought to himself before he heard something behind him.

Knightmare then turns around to see who else joined the party which made him skip a beat and was lucky that his mask covered his full-face or many would see on how his face was a bit red now of the beauty that is a goddess was here.

She was a noticeably tall beautiful and fair-skinned woman with straight waist-length black hair tied up in a ponytail, blue eyes, and broad shoulders. She is ageless and attractive in appearance, sporting a voluptuous frame with a sizable bust and well-toned yet muscular build.

She wore a sleeveless top with a red section held up by a silver eagle-shaped breastplate, but with a blue section covering her chest. She wears matching navy blue undersleeves with fingerless gloves with a white star on the back of her hand. She has a silver belt and briefs with two white stars; one on the left side and one on the right side. Her boots are blue as well and extend above her knees, with silver kneepads instead of sandals. She also wears silver bracelets around her wrists and wears a silver diadem with a red star on her forehead. She also has a golden lasso and silver sword, which hangs from her belt when not used.

This was Diana of Themyscira, or otherwise known as Wonder Woman.

Knightmare shook his head, snapping out of his thoughts, and noticed three heroes were staring at Wonder Woman a bit too much.

"Perverts," Knightmare said, getting the three out of their thoughts.

"HEY!" Green Lantern, Flash, and Captain Marvel shouted in defense.

"You were the ones that were eyeing her, show the lady respect and she's more than a pretty face," Knightmare said as used his claws to stab a Parademon in the face before taking it out to rip the head off.

"True, never underestimate an Amazon," Wonder Woman said as she brought out her sword and started the battle.

"Impressive," Knightmare commented as he jumped over two Parademons before blowing up with explosives he placed in them.

"Thanks. You too," Wonder Woman commented as she swung her sword and cut a few Parademons down in before using her lasso to pull on towards them which Knightmare used his claws to cut the wings off and later slice open the belly before blowing the creature to tiny pieces with an explosive Batarang.

Diana was very impressed by this Knight Bat. She can tell that his warrior side and mind are in action as one. She will have to keep an eye on this one.

"Whoa, is that all?" Green Lantern asked as his baseball smashed one Parademon and seems to be the end.

"It's not over," Knightmare said as he filker his claws to clean the blood off and dusted himself off.

"How? I mean we won the day and those creatures won't so hard," Captain Marvel crocky said which earn a smack upside the head by the Second Bat.


"Don't get crocky. And no hotshots. Do it again, you will put a lot in danger than yourself. Got it?" Knightmare asked with his red eyes narrowed which made the white-caped hero to nodded his head quickly in reply.

"Knightmare's right and this is just the start," Batman said as he and Superman walk to the group.

"I don't know much of those creatures but there won't many of them," Flash said.

"It because we have been taking the Mother Boxes and stopping the numbers from coming to earth but this is not over," Knightmare said as he brought out one of the cubes he took out of his belt.

"How could a small cube do so much?" Captain Marvel asked.

Knightmare then pushed a button which caused the cube to become its true form, proving a point before pushing the button again to become a cube again.

"It a lot more than it looks and happens to store a good amount of information that I able to figured out who is behind this," Knightmare said.

"I think he's right. I don't know how but I can feel it and something is coming," Cyborg said, feeling his systems were linked with the Mother Box that was used to save him and something else as well.

"Something? No, someone is coming to earth," Knightmare connected as he brought up his gauntlet and bring up a holo screen which he pushed a button to have the information he gains from the Mother Box.

"It's faded but I was able to gather the information of the Mother Boxes I acquired. It seems that these Parademons are servants, created by their master's orders and follow his will alone. They are also experiments of different aliens over the years but not much information on that," Knightmare explained, keeping the full information he knows to himself but will explain what the others should know.

"And their master?" Batman asked.

"It started a long time ago, millions of light-years away from Earth and our galaxy. It all started with two worlds, always war with each other. Gods fighting each other and gaining the upper hand with one another," Knightmare started.

"Gods? I never heard of Gods beyond the stars," Wonder Woman said, not familiar with this.

"Not quite. While these gods are somewhat like ours but different and more technology. The New Gods are from New Genesis and Apokolips. New Genesis is known as somewhat the good gods while having errors and mortal high ground. Apokoplis was the world that had the Evil Gods live at and ruled by a tyrant god named Darkseid," Knightmare continued.

"Their war was chaotic and out of control which the leaders of both worlds decied a somewhat peace treaty by giving the other their firstborn son to the other."

This was very overwhelming but after what they have seen and fought against, it was starting to make more sense. Which brings up a big question, why is Darkseid coming to earth? That question won't answer for a while but the next wave of war has come.

Time Skip

And it did came, Darkseid came and unleashed a hailstorm of his fury onto the heroes. Knightmare, Batman, and Wonder Woman did their best to take command to form attack plans but the other heroes minus Cyborg smacked around like ragdolls, even Superman who was surprised by it which allowed him to be captured by the Evil God's transporting beams of energy.

Darkseid had plans for Superman to create a powerful servant and more Parademons with his strength, none of the weakness which was a big plan that he boasted about to his loyal servants who asked of the fate of their prisoner.

The first battle was lost but the war wasn't over and heroes could win as Knightmare didn't give up as he gathered the remaining heroes for a plan to fight back.

"It's time we do this as a team. No solos or hotshots action. You will all follow Wonder Woman's and I orders' to the letter," Knightmare commanded with his eyes narrowed, getting the heroes on track as it was just them now as Batman was going to save Superman, one who can withstand Darkseid's heavy attacks and they can slow him down.

Captain Marvel nodded his head.

"Sure," Flash agreed, not wanting to make the second bat upset.

"Will do," Cyborg said, no agreement from him.

"Good. What's the plan, Knightmare?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Now hold on. You and Bats may call the shots, but I'm doing this alone," Green Lantern said, acting crocky, despite what happened to him earlier with the Evil God breaking his arm.

Before Flash or Wonder Woman could speak to him, they were stopped by Knightmare who was now in front of Green Lantern as he had enough of his crocky and prideful tone. Time to take that down.

"If you so much sneeze without my permission, you're going to regret it," Knightmare warned.

"That I'd like to see," Green Lantern said with a smirk which became a big mistake as Knightmare punched him square in the face and knock him down with one punch which shocked everyone on that but he did warn him.

"One punch? Down in one punch," Captain Marvel said, doing his best not to laugh which was poorly I might add. He was on Knightmare's side and ready to listen after seeing that, being as awesome and cool but also scary at the same time.

Flash and Cyborg had the same thoughts in mind while keeping themselves together.

Diana had a smirk on her face and was glad Knightmare had done that. A leader must have kindness for his allies but needs to put them in their place as that pride can cost them more than one life.

"Flash get him on his feet," Knightmare said which Flash did, helping Green Lantern on his feet who rubbed part of his chin that was hurting.

"Just for the record, I let you do that and had it coming. So what's the plan?" Green Lantern said, now acting like he should and put his pride away.

"We are going to keep Darkseid's attention on us and away from the civilians, no more losses or being kidnaped to become more Parademons. Get the people out of the area and draw Darkseid out to us, where we want him," Knightmare explained, the first part of the plan.

"Sounds so easy," Green Lantern replied.

"It's not but getting Darkseid's attention on us while Batman rescues Superman and gives us more of a fighting chance are the first part of the plan," Knightmare said.

"Any questions? No, good. Flash, Green Lantern start the south in the city and move north. Captain Marvel, you help in the north and join up with them. Cyborg, you will help anyone you can while you try to hack any Mother Boxes we could use against Darkseid and give him a good send-off. Wonder Woman, you're with me," Knightmare ordered.

And with that the heroes went off to their assigned mission while Bat & Amazon Princess moved into their area and started saving civilians, getting them out of the city.

"There that should be the last one," Knightmare said as he helped a little girl up and in the bus before telling the drive to move out.

"Yes, we wait for the others on their progress," Wonder Woman said.

"Yes, but we may not have enough time," Knightmare said, knowing that they may not have enough time to get everyone out and need more time.

Wonder Woman agreed with that as Darkseid will be onto them soon enough with a legion of Parademons behind him. It will be all over again and this could be bad but maybe not as hope still lives.

"But, there's a way and I need you to have the others wait for my signal," Knightmare said, having a plan in mind and show everyone what he can, no more holding back. Time to let the demon and nightmare out.

Diana's eyes widen on knowing what Knightmare was going to do. He was going to fight alone and take on a good number of Parademons on his own to by for more time.

"No! We fight as a team, Knightmare. There's has to be another way," Diana said, showing deep concern for Knightmare that surprised him and herself.

Jack was suprise and touch by this, seeing Diana's concern for him and his concern for her to everyone. He knows that he if mess up, people could die and worst, he himself could die but he won't die as he promises and has the will to live. He smiled as he walks up to the Amazon Princess and surprises her with a warm hug as he rubs her back in a calm manner.

"It will be alright, Diana. I won't die, I promise that. I won't die, not yet. Not until I get to know you a bit more," Jack said with a smile underneath his mask and took the princess's right hand, kissing it like a knight to his princess.

Diana remains quiet, feeling what the knight had given her, something new, and trusted him with her life. She allowed jack to walk in front of her, making her freeze with his words and will alone, sparking a strong feeling within her and see what he's truly capable of.

"I will be back," Knightmare said, sharing one last look with Diana before using his grapple line launcher from his gauntlet and head off to get the Evil New God's attention to buy some time for the civilians to leave.

"I hope you do," Diana whispered to herself and finished the mission before she has to join up with everyone else to inform them of the change of plans that will give them more time to rescue the civilians in the city.

Jack will have to be ready as this fight will need everything he has to use against Darkseid & maybe his followers. He doesn't have to win against the tyrant ruler but keep his attention on him and beat his followers. This will be interesting and time for the demon to be unleashed.