Chapter 5 Dawn of Justice

Third POV

Name of the Game (Clean) (By Crystal Method)

Jack was going over many ideas in his mind as he wonders around the half-destroyed city and used his grapple lines to travel through it. He keeps on thinking of a plan to get the Mad God's attention on himself rather than the people and buy time for the full plan to come into place. He knows he alone won't do much against Darkseid due to knowing what the Evil God can do and how powerful he is, but maybe something else to get his attention. He then saw something or rather a group flying by before they landed in a good area to get a better look at them.

They were Parademons, normal but their armor was black, have large red eyes in the middle of their foreheads and four wings each. They carried demonic-looking blades and blast, all of them boosted with flames from the very planet they are from. They look like elites, top dogs among the littler of Parademons if our hero had to guess which makes great sense.

Knightmare then thought of an idea to get Darkseid's attention on him by defeating the Elites. That would get his attention and time to unleash the demon out.

Knightmare got out of the shadows and landed on the ground. He rolled his wrists, cracking a few bones before doing the same to his neck and shoulders. He then brought out his right arm, aiming his gauntlet, and open-fired his shurikens onto one of the Elites which got their attention as the said Parademon hissed in pain and glared at the Second Bat.

Two rushed at the Second Bat which he punched them square in the face, hitting their big eye and causing them to be blind before stabbing them with explosion Batarangs into their necks before their heads blow off their shoulders.

The next Elite swung his massive blade at the hero but he dodged in time before jabbing clawed hands into the belly to open it before leaving a small explosion inside to blow up. The other one roared at the hero before opening fire with his big red-eye, a laser-powered, almost as powerful as Superman's, almost.

Knightmare jumped before spinning in the air and throw a bat shuriken right into the Elite's big eye, making it screamed in pain before slicing the wings off and used this jump over the creature to attack the others.

Knightmare dodged the swing from the Elite's sword before grabbing the hands and break the wrist which caused it to scream in pain before being stabbed to death with the flame sword in hand. The Second Bat would admit that sword was a great design and might keep it with another one with some upgrades of course, but later and stealth his new sword on his back for the time being to get back with his fight.

The last two rushed at the Bat and started open-fired onto him but dodged the blaster fired with great skill and agility before stabbing the big eye with a Batarang and blow the head off.

Knightmare took a deep breath on that before calming down but knows it wasn't over and felt a deadly aura was coming which he know who it was, the Evil God himself, Darkseid.

"They were the best. The Elite Parademons ever made to serve me. And you, a mere mortal was able to take them down," Darkseid said while crossing his arms behind his back.

"Best? Don't seem elites to me," Knightmare commented.

Darkseid narrowed his eyes at the bat theme hero and said, "You are brave or foolish to challage me but how about this...join me and become my new elite guard."

The heroes that were hidden and waiting for Knightmare's signal, were surprised by that request and won't worry about that offer as even not knowing him that wrong.

"Go to hell," Knightmare said before throwing two batarangs at the Evil God who smacked one away but the last exploded in his face.

"Disappointed," Darkseid said as his eyes shined bright red and were ready to unleash his attack but not quite as...

Knightmare pushed a button on his wrist gauntlet, activating the flares he placed around the area and shined the night sky which got Darkseid's attention, wondering what the mortal was doing and felt it as a massive green fist punched him hard into the ground.

"Made you look!" Green Lantern shouted as he and the other heroes rush at the surprised Darkseid who fall into a trap by our heroes.

The battle between heroes and Evil God begins.

First POV (Jack's)

Ever watch those movies or read comics very fast, or better, moments come so fast and acting just as fast as the moment is happening? Well fighting Darkseid and his forces was like that for myself and the soon-to-be League of Heroes.

Also, I will admit, leading a whole group of heroes wasn't easy and I wonder how Batman deals with it? Because he is Batman, simple answer but I also get a deeper understanding as well. He takes command and has to for the good of everyone.

Fighting Darkseid and his forces was something else than fighting on the streets and at the office for me but I handle it and was like second nature to me, crimefighting but more upper level.

The rest of the events followed like the DC animated movie War and the comic series of us beating Darkseid with the big help from Superman's strength, Cyborg hacking into the bomb tubs, and all of us pushing the Evil God back to his home.

I had to hold myself together when people came out and cheered for us, their heroes on saving the day. It was the start of a big chapter opening for us and myself but wasn't over.

"We are going to need a meeting before that big day," I thought to myself and hope that the others will listen to me on having a meeting before that big day, the day of the Justice League members being formed together, somewhat.

I plan to change that and fix it for the better.