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If you get a notification for an update, sorry I just updated some small things in the first chapter. Chapter 4 is still set to be published on the 23rd. Thanks for all the reviews I got, I saw some people mentioning how OP Naruto would become, and I realized I did make him too powerful. I got rid of some things like the Sharingan and Six Sage Path mode. I also tweaked the emotion thing, looking back I don't know why I made him emotionless. There are some other changes as well, but you can (re)read and find out. Still need suggestions for swords! Thanks and have a great day!

They say dying is normal, natural, something that shouldn't be feared because it was inevitable. Naruto wasn't denying that, no he wasn't scared. His death was actually very normal for his world all things considered.

Being stabbed in the back, figuratively and physically, both applied for him.

It wasn't surprising either now that he thought about it, but damn those eyes, those damn cheating eyes! Only something like an apex predator should have them, but the Uchiha, in general, are just puppeteers. They would be the prey, not the predator.

[Confirmed. Adding Unique Skill: Apex Predator]

Though he shouldn't be that bothered considering it was his naivety that got him here in the first place. Thinking 'he' was his brother in all but blood... a bunch of bullshit. Emotions got in the way of seeing things right in front of him… they're unimportant in surviving, it was something he learned during the war. Yet, here he was, dying in the valley because of his inability to abandon emotions when it was most needed. He'd have to get a better hold on them next time.

[Confirmed. Adding Unique Trait: Emotional Control]

Sucks though because his best friend Kurama is getting dragged into all of this… it wasn't his problem…why couldn't he do one thing right, releasing all the Biju should've been easy. But no, he had to hold back against his 'brother'.

[Confirmed. Adding Title: Host of the Kyuubi no Yoko]

Damn this headache, now I'm hearing voices in my head. It is saying something about adding details, does this mean it's creating a new body? Perhaps it's a goddess or something reincarnating me. Now that would be cool! I hope I get something like Sage Mode, now that was badass, and something I don't want to retrain in.

[Confirmed. Adding Extra Skill: Sage mode]

Kami-Sama, if you can hear me, could I stay human? I quite like looking like a regular person. Though if you do reincarnate me into some other species, make them the very bottom of the food chain, I do need a challenge after all!

[Confirmed. Generating body: Bottom of the food chain]

And just like that, the hero of the Fourth Ninja World War died. His killer, Sasuke, watched as his 'brother' laid there still. Five seconds passed before he was gone in the wind, going to fulfill his goal of being the world's enemy.


'Where am I… What am I… I can feel the general area around me… but I can't feel anything like warmth or coldness' wondered Naruto. He tried to look around, and after he couldn't find anything he began to just sit there. Normal people would have been more curious or worrisome, but he unconsciously made his emotions not be worried.

About ten minutes went by before Naruto heard two voices in his head, one was familiar, the other was brand new to him. They started arguing once they realized multiple people were trying to talk to him at one time in his head. 'Hey! This is my head, please be more courteous and talk one at a time, please. Now I remember Kurama, so you first. Stranger please, wait.' He could almost imagine the smug grin Kurama was using.

'Good to see you alive Naruto, but I am disappointed to see you have died to an Uchiha. If I was still my old prideful self, then I would have never helped you again for such a disgrace.' Naruto could tell that he was mad about his defeat. 'And don't think I've forgiven you for choosing the bottom of the food chain, being a mere slime is very degrading!' Naruto could understand why Kurama was a little mad, after all being a sli-

"Slime? Since when was I a slime?" asked a weirdly calm Naruto. "It seems to learn that Jutsu in my old world was a bit of a waste unless I could use chakra in this body as well… but the more important issue at the moment is that my senses are mostly dulled... " That's when he remembered the stranger's voice from earlier. It started talking once it realized Naruto remembered it.

'I believe I can be of assistance slime, just use magic sense. It allows you to basically see the area around you, even without eyes. Just try to recognize the flow of the magic in the air, and you will see everything.' Explained the mystery voice. 'And then come to me, I wish to have a conversation.' And that was what was all heard from the voice before being silent.

'This magic seems to be oddly similar to chakra, but more spiritual.' mused Kurama. 'Try doing what you used to with wind chakra, feel the difference in the air, and try to track what's around you.'

Naruto saluted to the best of his ability. "Hai, Kurama-Sensei, I will do you proud." It was more of a mockery, but someone passing by could tell it was good-natured.

Naruto let his energy go freely, they spread out everywhere in the confined area. Suddenly there was light, and with the light came noises, and that's when Naruto was able to use his sense again. From what he could observe, he was inside some kind of a cave. 'Now to just find the thing that was speaking earlier.' He let his 'magic' spread out more and then felt a huge amount of energy near the end of the cave. It was weird because the magic he felt was suppressed, meaning that the thing would have even more than what he had felt. 'To compare, I would say with its magic suppressed, it's about as strong as a Kage.' thought Naruto as he moved towards the large number of magicules he felt. He took a quick detour to check his appearance, it was as Kurama said. He was a slime, a yellow one at that too.

When he reached his destination, Naruto realized why the number of magicules was massive, there was a dragon behind some kind of barrier. It was strange because clearly something this strong must've been able to break through it, so why didn't it?

"You wish to speak, Dragon-Sama?" Naruto wasn't stupid anymore, he could see when an opponent was too strong for him, especially in his current form. This assumption made him believe that being more diplomatic with the majestic creature would be more beneficial. "If I am in your territory, I will leave. I do not wish to die right after dying" said Naruto. The dragon merely stared at him for a long time, this did not bother Naruto. He used to be stared down by Tsunade and Sakura, nothing could scare him nowadays.

"You're… not scared of me… are you…?" inquired the dragon. The dragon was very suspicious of this slime. For one, its number of magicules was nearly on par with his own, and he was a freaking dragon! "In that case, young one, would you like to become my successor? You would carry my name and bring honor to it. I cannot leave this cave, so it must be up to someone else to bring pride to my name. Unless you have a way I could leave?" It was a very sudden request, the dragon did not know why he was offering this deal to the slime. There was just something about the slime that told him that it would be the perfect candidate.

"Are you sure Dragon-Sama? I do not know your name, and surely you have a child that would be better to take over the name?" It certainly made more sense to Naruto for the child of the Dragon to take the name, it is how he got his last name Uzumaki from his mother.

"Ah, my apologies Slime, my name is Veldora and I am the Storm Dragon. To answer your question, I do have a child, but not in the traditional sense. Plus he is very annoying, always trying to destroy stuff. Anyway, may I have your name as well?" normally Veldora would've been much more emotional with others, usually, he ended up guilt-tripping them into doing what he wanted. This time though, he chose the more diplomatic way because of the way this slime was, it was much smarter than others of its kind.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am from Konoha, the Village Hidden in the leaves. Konoha is in the Elemental Nations, have you heard of this land Veldora-Sama?" asked Naruto. He knows that it is not likely that he'll ever go home, but it would be nice to know if there was a chance or not.

"Well, Uzumaki Naruto, it is nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I have never heard of any of the places you mentioned, and I have lived for a very long time. This just means you have even more reason to consider my offer, it would give you something to do." said Veldora as he watched the slime stare at him. Veldora couldn't see it, but he could tell that Naruto was having a conversation with that fox spirit inside of him. It was strange when Veldora first saw the spirit while trying to communicate with the slime through mindscapes. The spirit easily outgrew his own decreased power and it seemed like most of the beast's power was being concealed as well.

'What do you think Kurama?' Naruto asked Kurama because he was the best choice when it came to asking life-changing questions. The Kyuubi had lived for over millennia, it had to be wise in some ways. 'It would be something to do while we are here. It also gives us a goal, my main one before was just finding a body to use, but that can be more of a side-project now.' Naruto had put some thought into what he was going to do with his life here now. He may not be able to feel it, but being bored would cause many troubles. Mostly headaches from Kurama complaining about doing nothing.

'I'd say accept it. It will give you a title in this world. You wouldn't have to rework your way to the top if everyone knew you were taking the legacy of a dragon. Also, I discovered some new abilities in you, but for now, I will tell you just one. Just do exactly as I say.' And then Kurama went on to explain how he found an ability called [Apex Predator] which allowed Naruto to basically consume any monster or species and gain the traits and abilities of that creature. They would permanently disappear after that. Kurama then explained what he wanted Naruto to offer to Veldora.

Naruto looked towards Veldora and started to give his proposition. "Veldora-Sama, I would be honored to accept your name and live in pride of a powerful dragon." Veldora looked pleased that he considered taking his name. "However, I have an offer for you Veldora-Sama. Would you like to know it?" Veldora looked confused but slowly nodded his head. "I must explain something first then…" and then Naruto explained how [Apex Predator] worked.

"So basically you want to absorb my very being into you, and your logical reasoning to me agreeing is because I would just be stuck here till I died anyway?" Naruto nodded his head, there was no point in lying to the dragon. "Haha… I like you Naruto Uzumaki. Very well, I accept your offer. As for the name that you will be taking, it will be Gufuu (Roughly translates to hurricane), you are now named Naruto Uzumaki-Gufuu. Now Naruto, devour me so I can be laid to rest."

Naruto gave the mighty beast one last respectful nod before spreading his body out all over the entire barrier and Veldora's body. Slowly he wrapped around the entire thing and his body started compacting, shrinking down until it was just Naruto there in his slime form.

'I will forever remember you, Veldora the Storm Dragon.'

Naruto then turned around and started looking for an exit. It turns out the cave was much larger than he had first thought. Along the way, he found many monsters but ended up devouring them for their stats and extra abilities. Some were new to him and others that could be done in his past anyway. Like the steel-string, from a spider monster, could be replicated with ninja wire, but he couldn't recreate the poison breath he had gotten from a giant snake monster.

Once he had finally reached the exit, he came across humans. He was tempted to devour one of them to gain a more humanoid shape but decided against it when he realized how stupid they were. It would be more harmful to even look generally like them. Instead, he opted to wait until he found a criminal to steal their body. Naruto was sure that he could edit the body to look more like his old one too.

Once the humans had passed, Naruto saw the outside world, it was beautiful. It was similar to Konoha with a large forest with a couple of mountains surrounding it, including the one he just came out of.

He continued on a path he had seen just outside of the mountain, he didn't know what it led to, but most paths led to some sort of civilization. Naruto needed to find somewhere to get food and sleep, after all. He couldn't easily hunt because he was unfamiliar with the landscape or even the animals in the land. Though he doesn't even know if he needs basic needs anymore, that was an issue for another time.

'Kurama would please stay aware for me while I walk, I am not able to feel everything around me in this form.' said Naruto. This was something they had done plenty of times during the war, it was a good way to not be snuck upon. It made sense too, Kurama's range was much larger than Naruto's when it comes to sense.

'Very well.' And then it was silent again.

Naruto walked, or hopped, for a while before Kurama spoke again, 'There is a group of what appears to be monsters ahead. Small fry mostly, nothing to worry about.' explained Kurama. Naruto gave him a mental nod and proceeded towards the group of monsters. Depending on the type, they may or may not live in packs of some kind.

When Naruto reached the monster's location, he sweatdropped. He barely stepped out in front of them before asking to be spared, it was pathetic really. 'I see the monsters of this world are nowhere near the level of our home' thought Naruto. It wasn't too much of a surprise though, with monsters like the Biju walking around. It was hard to match beasts that could destroy mountains accidentally.

He also heard some things that the monsters were saying, it was strange when he noticed they were referring to him in some kind of holy matter, like some kind of supreme ruler. "You, there." Naruto pointed to a monster and it quickly kneeled in front of him, "What creatures are you? And why are you all acting so fearfully of me?" asked Naruto.

The creature was quick to answer, "W-We are goblins, Slime-Sama. And we f-fear you for your tremendous power is leaking all over the place, even a pack of direwolves ran away earlier when they felt you, S-Slime-Sama." explained the apparent goblin. "If you wish, we will bring you to our village, it would be an honor Slime-Sama, we would provide the best hospitality possible." asked the goblin.

Naruto looked at them for a few seconds before nodding, at least nodding as well as a slime could. "Very well, and I do have a name. It is Naruto Uzumaki-Gufuu. Now lead the way...Excuse my manners, do you have a name?" asked Naruto.

The goblin shook his head, "No, Naruto-Sama, most monsters do not possess names. The only way to get them is from humans or other powerful beings naming monsters. It gives the monster a great boost in power as well." explained the goblin from earlier.

"That's strange, lead the way to this village and I shall name all of you." All the goblin's eyes bulged out of their head slightly.

The goblin slowly nodded his head, he was scared after hearing that the slime would name them all. It was incredible! Maybe he could ask if Naruto-Sama would help his village, Kami knows it needed help. "Naruto-Sama?" Naruto slightly moved to indicate that the goblin could continue. "Would you be willing to help our village? Even temporarily would be greatly appreciated, we need someone who is powerful and can protect everyone. Our village is poor and run down, surely with you by our side Naruto-Sama, we could thrive tremendously!"

Naruto thought about the pros and cons with Kurama in his head. Kurama thought it was a good idea, mostly because he thought it was humorous how much the goblins worshipped the usually bashful blonde. 'I agree with you Kurama. It would also do us well to start a base of operations so to speak.' And with that, Naruto agreed to stay with goblins. They celebrated the whole way back to their village. It made Naruto smile when he saw how cheerful the goblins were, it reminded him of the gang back home. Including Sasuke, before he started to become his current self.

'The positive thing is that I didn't turn into a brooding emo, though Kurama would kick my ass if I ever started brooding like Sasuke. His excuse would be something like "the greatest Biju's container will not act like an accursed Uchiha."' Naruto knew it was more of his pride being broken by Madara. Madara was the one thing that could always set Kurama off.

Somewhere in another world, a certain Uchiha tsked when he sneezed, someone had been annoyingly thinking about him, probably some stupid blonde.