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Camp outside Lizardmen Territory

Naruto had returned to the camp quickly and quietly. He left a reinforced [Shadow Clone] while he slept. He had also ordered the clone to place some beginner detection seals around the camp. They wouldn't do anything except sending a signal to Naruto, or in this case his clone, about the person being detected.

It was around 5 A.M. when it happened. Someone, or something, had crossed the line to enter their little camp. The seal the activated was farther from the camp, about 100 feet or so. The clone had decided to stalk the mystery figure until it figured out if it was friend or foe. There was a good chance it was one of the Lizardmen on border patrol.

The clone ascended to the tree and hopped silently, using every trick in the book it could think of to keep quiet. It had seals drawn over itself to erase sound, and that was about it. He mentally smacked himself that the original had not learned more seals. Theoretically, they could defeat almost anything with seals.

Kaguya came to mind. She was a goddess, though not a very good one. What kind of god lost to a bunch of teenage mortals? She would not be able to show herself in her divine realm for thousands of years without being made fun of.

Back to reality, the clone was right above its target. The clone's eyes widened once it got a good view of what was there.

'Orc.' it silently thought to itself. The clone made another clone to go back to the camp and wake up the original. Shizu and Shuna wouldn't be needed for defeating this enemy. Plus, the clone knows how much the original wants to test out his newly named technique, [Thunder Blade]. The idea behind the name was that thunder came after lightning in terms of speed. Whenever Naruto using the technique, there's an after-effect of a sonic boom. That was something they figured out through testing from a clone that he had sent several hundred miles away.

The clone's clone arrived back at the camp quickly and quietly. It went towards the original's tent to wake him up. The original was spread out throughout the tent, his arms and legs stretched out to take up as much room as possible.

"Boss!" the clone whisper-yelled. "Boss, get up! We have a problem!" the clone walked over and started shaking Naruto.

"Jeez, alright, alright! What is the issue?" Naruto asked, barely awake. He was having a nice dream about becoming the strongest in the world. Then, he could order everyone to create an international celebration of Ramen.

"There's an Orc on the way here right now." Naruto seemed to have flipped a switch. His eyes narrowed, and he seemed to awaken himself completely.

"Where?" was all he asked.

"I'll pop so that you'll know exactly where." Naruto nodded and stood up as the memories entered him.

'Kurama, you want to see the new technique in action?' Naruto asked his partner as he left the tent. It wasn't until Naruto had started tree-hopping that Kurama answer.

'Meh. I guess so.' Kurama didn't seem very interested, but Naruto knew better. His partner was just as curious as he was to test the technique.

'Trust me. This'll definitely be worth it. So what if we wake everyone up? It'll be awesome to see the destruction!' Naruto said excitedly. He closed in on where the clone had stationed itself and crouched near the clone.

"Anything new?" Naruto asked his look-alike. The clone shook his head.

"Nothing, just him walking towards the camp. I'd suggest taking him down here. That way, there are no chances of collateral damage." the clone suggested. Naruto nodded, seeing the merit in his suggestion.

"Noted. You are free to dispel." The clone quickly went up in smoke. Naruto turned his attention to the walking Orc, "Now, how do I deal with you…I guess I'll find out when I talk to you." Naruto hopped off his branch right in front of the Orc. Quickly, the Orc pulled backward and prepared itself for a fight.

"You smell...delicious!" the Orc realized after a few seconds. The human in front of it had the most delicate smell of magicules he's ever seen.

"Uh, thanks?" Naruto was temporarily stunned, and that allowed the Orc to get a quick punch in. It was jumped forwards and allowed its weight to carry it towards Naruto. Naruto, still being slightly confused, couldn't move out of the way of the Orc's punch. Naruto's body flung backward towards a tree and landed with an audible 'Oomph.'

"That was just rude. Ignoring your attack, why are you here? What business do you have coming towards my camp?" Naruto questioned, completely ignoring the Orc's attack. He had left his imprint on a tree and walked towards the Orc again. The Orc seemed to consider Naruto's words before answering.

"I have come to eat you." it simply replied. Naruto just tilted his head.

"What, am I some kind of delicacy to you Orcs?" Naruto asked. He was genuinely curious too. If the Orcs were attracted to him in some way, he could use that to his advantage.

"Your magicules are the highest around this area. Any Orc eating you would grow immensely stronger." The Orc answered, surprisingly clear with its words.

'Something isn't adding up here,' Naruto thought in his head. Kurama agreed with Naruto.

"That aside, where are all your buddies? I thought the Orcs worked under 1 Lord at all times." Naruto questioned. His paranoia was increasing immensely as they continued talking.

"Do not worry about them. You couldn't make it back there in time to save your friends anyways." The Orc stated ominously.

Naruto's eyes widened, and he quickly realized he fell into a trap. 'Kurama, deal with this asshat. I'm going back to see if Shuna and Shizu are alright.' Kurama didn't even get a chance to respond before Naruto speed-blitzed his way back to the camp.

"Hm? Did he leave his pet here to play with me? I guess you'll be a good starter meal." The Orc arrogantly said. Kurama stared at the Orc with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh? You're still here? I guess you meat sacks can't sense chakra then." The Orc ignored Kurama. It assumed he was begging for mercy. "Let's see how you handle this!" Kurama summoned his armor and sword as he grew taller. Quickly he rose to be easily 3 times as tall as the Orc. Kurama raised his sword and swung. "I wonder if you'll survive this, tiny pig!"

The Orc tried running, dodging, hiding, anything to get out of the way. He did not.

With Naruto

'I guess someone pissed Kurama off. Though, it's not like it's hard to do that anyways.' Naruto thought to himself as he arrived at the camp. There were about 50 Orcs in a circle around something, or someone, in the middle. They hadn't noticed Naruto, so he silently jumped to the trees to gain a height advantage.

Naruto almost exploded with rage upon seeing what was in the middle. Shuna and Shizu were passed out on the ground in the middle of the circle. Their clothes were cut and burned at various places, showing that they fought before going down.

One of the Orcs started talking. Naruto assumed he was higher up in the chain of command, considering that he was taller and had better armor. "Kijin and a human. You both have high amounts of magicules. Fought well too. Too bad the Orcs have become the strongest race in the entire Forest." The Orc spoke arrogantly, "Now, let's split them up and feed our army!" The Orc roared. His allies roared as well and moved closer to the fallen females.

Naruto had seen enough.

The Orcs were just mere inches away from Shuna and Shizu when something stopped them. There was a cloud of dust as the new arrival started speaking, "Oi, Oi, Oi. Were you thinking of eating my friends?" the dust moved to reveal Naruto to the group of Orcs. Naruto had already made clones to move his friends far, far away from here. Naruto turned towards the leader Orc while smiling.

It wasn't a friendly smile.

"I'm going to enjoy beating the shit out of you. Just the same as you were to my loved ones." Naruto activated his chakra cloak. "Now, be a good piggy and...stand still for me." Naruto's hand lit up with his [Thunder Blade].

"You think a little lightning will hurt me? I am under the command of the Orc Lord! I am the highest besides the Lord himself!" The Orc continued to boast as Naruto started bending his legs. "What do you think the likes of you could-" There was silence.





The iconic sound of thunder roared throughout the valley. There would be stories passed down to children about how the surrounding area shook from the sound alone.

The Orc's body has disintegrated. There was nothing left. Only blood remained on the ground.

Naruto didn't give any of the other Orcs a chance. Quickly, he went around spamming [Thunder Blade] and occasionally use his lightning technique to create chain reactions through each Orc. The Orcs never stood a chance. As Naruto continued with the slaughter, he remembered something Iruka taught the Academy kids about the Hokages.


It was in the 1st year that they learned about the Hokages. Iruka had been the one tasked with educating the students. Naruto had ignored most of the lesson, most of the Hokages were not interesting to him. That was until he mentioned the Fourth Hokage, Naruto's favorite. Iruka began speaking.

"Now, we will talk about the Fourth Hokage. Minato Namikaze, also known as Konoha's Yellow Flash. He was known as a prodigy during his time, a once-in-a-generation graduate. He graduated and quickly climbed the ranks. During the war, he was Jonin, and therefore able to take a Genin team. During the war, Minato was forced to leave his Genin team behind. Kakashi, a now renowned Jonin, was left to act as a team leader. Minato would arrive just in time to help turn the tables of the battle against Iwagakure. There's not an exact number, but rumors have it that he had single-handily turned the battle against 1000 soldiers." Iruka stated, with some pride in his village's past Hokage strength. "Any questions?"

Naruto, surprisingly, raised his hand, "Iruka-sensei!" he yelled.

Iruka sighed, "Yes, Naruto?" he was ready for a stupid question. Something silly, like what was his favorite color.

"Do you think I could be as cool as him one day?" Naruto asked innocently. The other kids started laughing, they knew Naruto was dead last. What chance did Naruto have to be half as cool? Iruka, however, was stunned.

Yes, it did seem like it was a stupid question, but Iruka knew better. He knew Naruto slightly before the Academy.

'He just wants to be recognized as the Fourth Hokage had been.' Iruka thought sadly.

He looked towards Naruto and smirked, "Of course, Naruto-kun. Anyone can become the greatest through hard work and determination.'

Naruto would remember that lesson for years to come.

Flashback End

'Heh, I guess I can be like Dad. Look at me go, following in his footsteps,' Naruto quickly pivoted to dodge a punch, 'Too bad, I'm just going to have to do even better than him.' Naruto thought as he finished decapitating an Orc. All around him was blood. He was covered in blood from head to toe.

Naruto stood in the middle of the clearing. All around him were the leftovers of the massacre. Body parts were thrown around, with the blood covering the forest floor. This would be the beginning of Naruto's rise to fame throughout the world.

Naruto fell to his knees as exhaustion caught up with him. He slowly fell to the floor. consciousness slowly faded out. He saw two figures running towards him.

Even if they couldn't hear him, he apologized, 'Sorry you had to see me this way,' were his last thoughts as he passed out.

Shuna and Shizu - After Naruto took them away.

Shizu slowly opened her eyes, adjusting to the light change. Her head felt heavy, as if something was constantly sitting on her skull. Once she fully came to, she noticed Shuna sitting across from her. Shuna was in a similar shape.

Shizu scooted towards Shuna and expressed concern for her friend, "Are you okay? What happened?" Shuna nodded her head but winced from the sudden movement.

"I feel okay. I just have a slight headache. I don't remember what happened. All I can recall is hearing footsteps and then darkness." Shuna said, slightly concerned at the memory loss. They had been in their tents last she remembered.

They sat together in silence for a bit, attempting to regain their bearings again. Shizu was upset. She began to debate and question where she went wrong. She had once been known to be someone fierce, strong, and dependable. Now, look at her! She was under another person's protection. There was nothing she could do by herself.

Naruto wasn't a bad guy by any means, but she wants to be able to rely on herself again. She was given new powers and hasn't done anything with them. That's right. She had no one to blame but herself. She was the one not taking advantage of the gift. She had been the one to stunt her growth.

'I swear, I will become strong again. I'll regain my independence, my individuality.' Shizu thought passionately. She had her fist clenched; her face showed a brave face. While she was having her inner-debate, Shuna was having her own.

'Brother, Shion-chan, Shizu-chan, Naruto-kun, and everyone else. They're also looking after me, and the one time they're not, I lose without knowing what happened.' Shuna wasn't upset with herself like Shizu was. Instead, she was inspired. She looked at all the powerhouses around her and swore to herself.

'I'll become strong. Strong enough to take care of myself, strong enough to be depended on, strong enough to scare enemies.' Shuna thought fiercely.

The two inspired women sat in silence for a while before Shuna came to a realization, "Shizu-chan, we forgot about Naruto-kun!" she yelled. Shizu's eyes widened.

"You're right!" No more words passed between the two as they ran towards their camp, unaware of the clones following them from the branches.

Camp - Seconds before Naruto finished

As they ran along, they could hear the sonic booms going off every few seconds. They sped up after it stopped. The forest trees stopped continuing as they ran into the opening.

Shuna and Shizu stopped as they saw what had happened. The urge to vomit came quickly. The feeling was erased when Naruto looked at them. His eyes didn't quite match the smile he flashed at them. That's when he started falling.



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