An/ Lyrics in bold are an alternate version of "Summer Sunshine" by The Corrs

"In the heat of summer sunshine,

I miss you like nobody else

In the heat of summer sunshine

Can I kiss you? Nobody needs to know"

This is the night! Actually, it's a sunny March afternoon. It's not romantic. He can't click his fingers and dim the lights. He still a senior, so he's too young to offer him champagne, but here in beacon hill's local park, this is where the magic is going to happen. He can feel it in the hairs on his arms. He can sense it in Peter's smile. The same smile that he's been flashing at him every afternoon this week.

They've arranged to meet up. For a weekly run, that turned into a daily one.

"He's into you" Mason had told him, after checking out one of Peter's texts from the corner of his eye.

"You're pretty smart, and like seventy percent wanna believe you...badly!" Stiles sighs shaking his phone like it was a lucky charm.

"Seventy? When he finally asks, you out, which will probably be in the next couple of weeks, give me the rundown. The only kiss I've had was Lukas, I've gotta live through you" Mason chuckles.

"Don't worry, when Brett wakes up and smells the coffee, we can drag them out to double date!" As soon as the words punch through his lips, Stiles doesn't know if he's joking or not…..

Did Peter actually double date? Or was he more of a one and done guy? He hoped not. Everytime they ran past a woman, they did a double take. The were was literally heartstopping. He watches Peter take a sip of chilled bottled water. Should he storm up to him, grab him by the shoulder and ask him out properly? Should he pretend to tie his trainers and then blatantly stroke his knee?

What did humans do when they wanted to get the attention of a wolf?

He needed a dating crash course. However Scott was doing the Advanced AP biology course, and he'd rather be single forever than ask Theo for any advice. He shakes himself out his thoughts and starts running, only to get carried off the pathway and held up against the tree.

"You can sense it? I've been a little too obvious, haven't I?" Peter asks, pulling away from him with his hand on one hip.


"Come on, or are you going to pull me onto the floor to continue this dancing charade?"

"I can't dance for shit Petey! But I do think you've got something to ask me" Stiles tuts with raised eyebrows.

"I wanted this to be more...seductive" He purrs.

" look like that, and more" The teen nods.

"Okay" Stiles watches him shrug. He stares at him with glowing eyes before they turn back to normal. He lightly pins the teen against the tree with his right hand. "I've wanted to pick your brain for a while"

"Is dating such a freaking puzzle?" He chuckles.

"With Scott it is yes. He's my beta. I want him scent marked. I demand to have him bound to me. We need that power. You're his best friend. You're the key" Peter wipes his index finger over Stiles' forehead. He put his hand down, and nods with determination. "What does he think of this? Of us running together and hanging out every day? He must say something?" He asks.

Stiles digs his hand in his pockets as his heart sinks into the soil of the park.

"Of course. You're hanging out with me to get to Scott? What happened? You came back to life and left your balls under the hale house?"

"You know I just couldn't knock on his door..."

"But you could knock on MINE! You could WASTE MY FUCKING TIME!" Stiles erupts. "My dad works overtime, over overtime. He's free today. He asked me if I wanted to go out and "hang" yes I know he's trying to be trendy and yes I let him have it. He wanted to spend that corny father-son time. Do shit we rarely get to do. And like the committed compassionate son that I am, I ditched him because you smiled at me! Christ!"


"You know Petey I should thank you. Not only have you shown me, that I'd be a shitty cop. But I'm now realising how useless and selfish I am as a son too! You'll get my thank you card in the mail-by second class obviously!" Stiles shouts as he runs off in the opposite direction. As soon as he turns to run, he does lose one sneaker, but fuck it. He can make single sneaker running a trend.

When he gets home, he checks his messages from Mason and Scott, but he's too crippled by sadness to text anyone, nevermind see them...…..