The Unspeakable Tales

Chapter I – British Troubles I

Kingsley Shacklebolt, former Auror and current Minister of Magic was a gifted duellist, a capable leader and a man with a kind heart. Many times, he had envisioned his life following different paths, but never had he imagined finding himself here, sat in the Ministers Office and leading Magical Britain.

However, the Second Blood War had taken many people from them, people more capable and qualified for the position of Minister than himself.

He knew that and so did Voldemort and his followers, so they were killed.

All to further their own ambitions.

It just so happened, that when Voldemort and the Death Eaters were defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts, it left very few capable of rebuilding what remained. And unluckily for him, he was one of those few.

Magical Britain was his home and he was a man of honour and duty, he couldn't turn his back on the place he had lived in for decades. Nor could he turn his back on the thousands of people that still remained. It wouldn't be easy, but nothing ever worth anything was easy.

A knock on the door made Kingsley look up from the pile of paperwork he had been reading through. "Come in." He called and the door opened revealing Harry Potter who stepped inside. "Harry, good to see you." He greeted and the young man responded in turn.

"I got your message." Harry replied, giving Kingsley a firm handshake before sitting down in the chair the Minister had indicated to him.

"Ah yes." Kingsley sat back in his chair, remembering his first meeting with Harry after the end of the Second Blood War. It was around two months after the Battle of Hogwarts and Kingsley had been named the new Minister. With the new job came a large number of responsibilities and Kingsley had been busy trying to sort out the mess left behind.

The economy was in shambles and with the help of what few financial advisors he had left – the rest either being killed in the war or were corrupt and subsequently fired – had implemented numerous plans to help rebuild it. This was made even more difficult by the amount of raw materials needed to be purchased to help in the rebuilding of Britain.

Luckily for him, one of his advisors, a Muggleborn woman had pointed out that there were many Purebloods that had not paid taxes in decades.

Kingsley had jumped at the chance and already there was a large, steady source of income flowing out of the coffers of irate Purebloods and into the Ministry's coffers. All of which would be used to bolster the Aurors facilities to help increase their numbers to keep peace and order. As well as being used to rebuild the country.

He had also cut funding to a number of lower priority branches of the Ministry to also go towards helping rebuild the country. This had of course resulted in a number of people being left unemployed and all had been given a contract that stated if they worked either in the Auror Department or aided in the rebuilding of the country for a decade until the the economy had stabilised, they would be given their jobs back.

It had been a generous offer given the circumstances, but Kingsley knew that it was really an ultimatum.

Unemployment or a job that pays money.

The vast majority chose to get paid and many chose to aid in rebuilding the country which greatly decreased the amount of time it would take in the rebuilding process. And the Auror department had seen a rise in recruitment, with no longer being able to be picky about their prospects, the trainers had to train the new recruits for longer.

So while many of those had moaned about being put into a life threatening job, they would actually spend about five years training to be at an adequate level to graduate into full-fledged Auror's.

It was his hope, that a large number of those would later go on to continue being Auror's.

Leaning down, he looked through one of his draws and pulls out a small envelope. "I have here, the job that matches your…specific specifications." When Harry had come to him, he had been near the point of desperation. With Voldemort falling at his hands, his already large fame had grown exponentially larger, his title changing from the Boy-Who-Lived to the Man-Who-Conquered.

Following this, it was not uncommon for him to learn of Harry being hounded in the streets by fans and just generally grateful people for what he had done. Many would have basked in this fame, but one thing that fit in line with Harry's personality was that he didn't want nor did he like the fame. He honestly felt bad for the young man and had listened to his request.

His refusal to repeat his Seventh year while shocking, was not unexpected. After all, Kingsley had been the first to offer Harry a job in the Auror department having spent a few times talking to him about what the job of an Auror entailed due to Harrys interest in becoming one after Hogwarts.

But Harry had refused his offer stating it to be too open and that he just wanted to get away from his fame.

Kingsley had been a little stumped, not knowing what he could offer the young man in terms of jobs. Harry wanted a job that meant helping people. An Auror position would do well for him, sure his knowledge in magic and physical abilities were subpar in most cases, but he had a natural gift for magic and a large magical core as well.

But at the same time, Harry wanted to be out of the spotlight and an Auror job would require him being out in the open keeping the peace. People would see him and if the way they acted at the celebrations that happened at the end of the Second Blood War was anything to go by, he would be swarmed by adoring fans.

It was then after finishing up his mountainous task of work that he had been approached by someone. Well, approached wouldn't be the correct term to use as all the figure had done was enter his room - which showed he had high-level clearance - and then, completely ignoring Kingsleys demands to know who he was, threw a small envelope at his deck.

Then he had left, no words, nothing.

All he got was a name and little info.

The name he received was Croaker and information pertained to the Unspeakable Department. At first, he had brushed this off entirely, believing it to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax only to out of curiosity the next day, look through the file in more detail.

What he saw was, eye opening to say the least.

He didn't know much more than the basics, but there was more than meets the eye to the Unspeakable Department. A small sub-branch of it suiting Harry's particular specifications perfectly and it seems by this figures arrival, he too wanted Harry to join this organisation.

"Thank you." As Harry gave Kingsley a grateful smile, the man in question simply gave Harry a stern look. One that told the younger man that there were certain conditions and stipulations that would come with this.

As much as Kingsley would like to help Harry, he was extremely about trusting the Unspeakables, especially this Croaker individual.

"Harry, I understand your desire to get away from the spotlight, in fact I can imagine how difficult that would make your job as an Auror. But are you sure, this is what you want?" He stressed, Harry frowning slightly before firmly nodding his head. As much as the war had been costly, Harry would not deny that he enjoyed the aspect of fighting and protecting those he cared about. Stressful and emotionally draining it had been, but in some ways it had also being relieving.

Being an Auror was his way of continuing on with this, yet of course, like everything in his life, nothing was ever that simple. The fame he had accumulated became a double edged sword.

Hopefully, this job could be what he was looking for. "I'm sure." He responded firmly and Kingsley sighed tiredly. He had known that the young man would choose this option, but he had hoped anyway that he would reconsider.

"Very well, take this and study it." Kingsley handed over the very same file he had been given by the figure. "I don't know when or how, but I believe that this department will get into contact with you at some point in the future. I just hope that you do consider all options first, Harry. You're young and sometimes they make wrong decisions that effect them for the rest of their lives."

"I know." Harry rose up from his seat, once again reaching across the shake hands with Kingsley who did so. "Thank you, for this."

Kingsley said nothing more, just smiling and watching Harry exit his office.

Chuckling quietly, Harry gently manoeuvred his two month old sleeping godson, Teddy Lupin from his chest. Cradling his body in his arms, Harry got to his feet and carefully placed him in his crib, smiling sadly at the boy who slept blissfully.

The death of Nymphadora Lupin née Tonks and Remus was perhaps one of the most difficult things for Harry to endure. But that loss was made harder still when he thought of how Teddy grow up without a mother and father. He knew how it felt, to never know ones parents, to never know or him they say they loved you and it hurt to know that his godson would suffer the same fate.

But as he moved out of the living room and into the kitchen where he saw a Andromeda Tonks preparing two cups of tea. She looked almost frighteningly similar to that of Bellatrix Lestrange. So much so that in his first meeting with her, he had attempted to attack her, believing Andromeda to actually be Bellatrix. But despite her facial features being similar to that of her sister, Andromeda had a number of differences that at the time, he had never noticed nor cared to notice.

For one, she had light brown hair compared to her sisters black hair.

But most telling of all, was the kindness in her eyes, the warmth that were within them whereas sisters had only held cruelty and insanity. "Teddy asleep?" She asked quietly.

"Yes, he's tired himself out at last, thought he'd never go to sleep." Andromeda smiled, moving forwards to place his steaming cup of tea in front of him.

"Let's not lie, Harry." Andromeda said. "You enjoy spending time with him." Harry nodded his head, both descending into momentary silence. "You said you had a meeting with Kingsley, did he have a job for you?"

Harry shrugged. "He says he has one, though he appeared unwilling to give it to me. But, it does apparently fit my requests so I'm inclined to take it."

"And do you know what it entails?"

"No, I've been given a file to look over, but I have not looked at it yet. Hopefully it will have more information other than allowing me to get away from the spotlight and continue to help people."

"You know you could just not work, you have more than enough money from the Potter Family and I know that Sirius named you his heir so you have access to the Black funds and properties as well. Not to mention the various donations and gifts that the people of Britain have given you as thanks for killing V-Voldemort." Andromeda noted, still slightly stuttering when it came to the last part.

Harry nodded his head. "I know, I do need to go visit the Goblins at some point to go sort out the properties and get my affairs in order. And you know very well that the money that I receive as donations and gifts I give back to Kingsley to help in rebuilding Britain." Harry told her. "But you know as well as I do that I can't just do nothing, Hermione always I had saviour complex."

"Harry." Andromeda reached over, taking his hand. "I don't want you to go and do something that gets you killed. Teddy has already lost a great deal, don't let him lose anyone else."

Harry smiled. "I know and I won't let that happen, I promise."

Taking a sip from the cup of tea in his hands, Harry turned the final page of the file in front of him before pushing it away. Leaning his head from side to side, Harry let out a satisfied groan as he felt the bones crack and the dull ache that had been forming from the positioning of his head slowly abated.

Reading the file had taken longer than Harry had expected which was something he hadn't really accounted for. There were some parts easily understandable and other parts that didn't make sense and so, Harry went back and reread those parts once more to see if it was just him missing something important. It was on maybe his fifth attempt that he realised that it wasn't him missing something, but the file purposefully having pieces of information omitted.

What he did know painted a very...interesting picture to say the least.

Turns out that the Unspeakable Department were more mysterious and dangerous than anyone gave them credit for. That wasn't saying much as not much was known about them other than it was believed all of them were researchers that studied ancient magics.

Dumbledore had told him of them studying Love in the Love Chamber, Time in the Time Chamber where the Time-Turners were also stocked prior to his and his compatriot's destruction of said room. There was even Thoughts in the Thought Chamber and Death in the Death Chamber which had been were the Veil was kept.

But what Harry had read painted a picture that both confirmed all these theories surrounding them and completely contradicted to them.

Unspeakables were researchers, or most of them were anyway. However, there was a sub-branch of the Department who's mandate was entirely different, they were Field Agents. Powerful and dangerous wizards and witches who dealt with any and all external threats to Britain.

From Dark Wizards to Dark Lords.

Werewolf Packs to Vampire Covens.

Obscurials to Dragons.

No matter who or what the threat to Britain were, the Unspeakable Field Agents were dispatched to deal with them. There was much more to it than that of course, but most of it had a great deal of information kept secret, specifically their total numbers, command structure and so on so forth.

All he had was enough to give him a basic picture of what the Field Agents could and would do, but not enough to know anything more than that.

'As dangerous as it sounds, it sounds interesting.' Harry thought, finishing off his cup of tea and rising out of his seat. As he did, he paused to take a look around at the quiet room. It was hard to believe that three years ago that this place had been used as the main headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix.

Despite his best efforts and the efforts of the Weasleys and other members of the Order, Grimmauld Place was still a dark and dingy place. But Harry was fine with that, it was clean and a lot of the more questionable Black Family practises had been moved to the Black Vault in Gringotts, which was now being run by a mixture of both Magicals and the remnants of the Goblins.

It wasn't working overly well, Harry was only able to get all his affairs sorted out in short order because of who he was. Everyone else was stuck spending weeks even months just to get a simple withdrawal sorted out, Gringotts was in shambles and it looked to be a long way from recovering its former glory, if it ever would.

Placing his cup of tea into the sink, Harry cast a little cleaning charm that Andromeda had taught him and Harry left the kitchen to clean itself. Summoning the file to his hands, Harry made his way up the stairs, ignoring the deafening thuds of his footsteps against the old wooden stairs in the silent, ancestral home of House Black.

As he held onto the bannister, Harry pulled his hand away and rubbed his fingers together over the dust that he had on them. 'I really need to get a House Elf to help clean this place.' He thought, Kreacher had been the House Elf of House Black, but he had died less than two weeks ago and already Harry was noticing the difference.

Entering his room and chucking the file on his bed, Harry pulled of his shirt and trousers leaving himself in his boxers. Pulling back the covers, Harry slipped inside and pulled opened the drawer, placing the file inside and as he did, he paused. His hand reaching further inside and pulling out a little object. Laying down on his back, Harry looked up at the rhombus shaped stone of in his hand.

Clenching his fist around it, Harry put it back in the drawer an closed it before rolling over to go to sleep.

"Is this another elaborate scheme of yours to show that you can get to me anytime, completely bypassing all my security measures?" Kingsley asked, not even looking up from the paperwork he was signing as the same, cloaked figure entered the room. "If so, you'll find I am not as scared or as intimidated as you might have hoped, Croaker."

There was sound of amusement that could almost be mistaken for a chuckle from the man, but Kingsley wasn't overly sure. "No, you'll find that I don't play those sort of games very well." Finally looking up, Kingsley for the first time got a good look at him.

Much like before he wore the same, all black robes that covered every inch of his body and now that he got a longer look - closer look as the man moved towards him - Kingsley realised that it was made of Dragon-Hide. But this wasn't Dragon-Hide commonly found in the Magical Worlds fashion, this was proper Dragon-Hide armour, thick and well-plated with the actual scales of a Dragon.

The biggest difference compared to before was that where his face had been shrouded by a mass of black shadows, now it was free revealing an aged and scarred face, the face of Saul Croaker. "Besides, what happened was a test."

"A test?" Leaning back, Kingsley set his quill into his ink pot, staring at Croaker with a raised brow. "What kind of test?"

"To see if you could be trusted." Croaker pulled out a seat and sat down. "It's not uncommon for some Ministers to know nothing of the Unspeakable Field Agents, usually it would require more subtle and longer periods of time to study the individuals in question however, we don't have time for that anymore."

"The werewolves?" Kingsley deduced, Croaker nodding his head. "So even you believe they are a threat."

"Oh most definitely." Croaker agreed. "Their numbers are growing rapidly and they've been taking more aggressive stances lately. I have no doubt that their intentions are war and we, whether we like it or not will be drawn into that war. As Minister I had to know whether you could be trusted to work alongside me or if I had to take more...extreme measures."

Kingsley recognised the unspoken threat and a prominent frown appeared on his face. "And the test was, what exactly? To see if I'll pass on the file to Harry? Is that your test? What does it show? What did it prove?"

"It was not a test of character, your history and past deeds already prove that you're a man of good character and stature. That was never in question. What was however, was whether agree to allow Harry to make his own decisions." Croaker replied.

"His own decisions?" Kingsley asked rhetorically. "What do you plan to do with him exactly?"

"What I've done with every Field Agent and has been done for centuries. I intend to make him Britain's sword and shield. I intend to make him a living weapon."

The celebration was already in full swing at the Burrow, all around friends and those he considered family where laughing, drinking and eating to celebrate the end of the Second Blood War. They hadn't done so before they like many mourning the deaths of friends and loved ones.

But now, they were celebrating its end.

There was Weasley patriarch, Arthur and his wife, Molly.

There was their eldest son, Bill and his wife, Fleur.

Then the other children of the Weasley family, Charles, George, Ron, Ginny and even Percy was here, though he, much like Harry was sat away from the celebrations. There were others as well, such as Hermione and the surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix had also come for the party. These included Aberforth Dumbledore who had provided the drinks for the night, Arabella Figg, Dedalis Diggle, Elphias Doge, Minerva McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid, Hestia Jones and many more.

It was a large party and perhaps that was why Harry found himself so unable to get himself involved. His mind was clouded and his thoughts focused more on what he had read within the file on the Unspeakable Field Agents than on the party and enjoying himself.

He had been like this for the last few days, constantly leaning backwards and forwards on whether to become a Field Agent or not. But each time he felt sure in his choice, he would second guess it.

It was frustrating to say the least.

And, as he watched his friends laugh and be happy, Harry couldn't help but question why he couldn't just become an Auror? He knew from the limited information he had received from the file that an Unspeakable Field Agent's job was extremely dangerous, so much so that it was more likely die before you even reached half a century, than live. That, for a wizard and witch was an unheard of mortality rate.

Downing the rest of his beer, Harry stood up and made his way to the door on his left. Entering outside into the cold, blissful air, Harry took a deep breath in through his nose and released it out of his mouth slowly.

Sitting down, Harry looked up at the stars above, not turning around to see who else stepped outside, the sound of the party inside momentarily growing louder before the door closed once more. "Harry, what are you doing out here?" Ginny asked, sitting down beside him, resting her head upon his shoulder, Harry moving to wrap one arm around her shoulders.

"I just fancied getting some fresh air." He replied and Ginny hummed in response.

The two sat in comfortable silence for some time, neither saying anything.

"Have you decided on whether you're going to be repeating your seventh year at Hogwarts yet?" Ginny eventually asked.

Harry didn't answer straight away. "I don't think I'm going to be repeating my seventh year." Ginny nodded her head as if expecting that answer.

"Then you're going to be accepting Kingsley's offer and become an Auror? I guess it suits you with your saving people thing." She joked, but Harry didn't laugh, just remained silent and at first she just thought it was Harry being his usual self, he hadn't been the same after a war, a little more quieter than he used to be, so at first she brushed it off. But when he continued to be silent, almost as if deep in thought, Ginny looked to him. "Harry, is everything alright?"

"Ginny, I don't think I'm going to join the Auror's either." Harry admitted. "I got offered another job, I can't say where, but I think I'm going to take it."

Ginny noticed the tone in Harry's voice and frowned. "What else is there that you're not telling me?"

"My job, it's extremely dangerous and from what I know, it'll entail me going away for long periods of time." Harry said and Ginny instantly recognised where this was going. "I think you already know what I'm going to say next."

"You're breaking up with me?" Harry nodded his head. "We don't have to you know, we could make it work, right?" He didn't give an answer. "So that's it, after everything?"

"I'm sorry, Ginny. Really, I am, but I don't want to hurt you." Harry told her, slowly getting to his feet. He didn't turn back, he could already here the quiet sob escaping her and Harry could feel his own tears gathering. "I'm sorry." He said quietly though he knew it was only a partly thing to say and so, he turned on the spot, disappearing with a light pop.

It was a cool, Friday night on the June of 1998 in Britain, quiet as well in the early hours of the morning. In the Borough of Islington at number 12 Grimmauld Place, there was a loud popping sound as Harry stumbled forwards.

He had only recently learned how to Apparate and he was still getting used to the landing. His first usage of the technique had resulted in him throwing up and dealing with a large migraine, the entire world spinning around him. And while he no longer fell flat on his face anymore, he still suffered from disorientation.

Even so, he recovered quickly and after running a frustrated hand through his hair, he made his way up-to the door of number 12 Grimmauld Place.

To be entirely honest, he was unsure of why he had broken up with Ginny in the way and place he had. What he had wanted to do was spend a little more time considering all options and then do it in a more private and meaningful way, to try and mitigate her pain. But he hadn't and had instead done it at the worst possible time.

Tonight was meant to be a good night, a night of celebration and happiness and what had he done? He'd messed it up for both he and Ginny, and possibly many others who would reel from his sudden choice as they did.

"I'm a fucking idiot." He cursed, walking up the steps as the door, as if knowing he was coming, swung open to let him in.

Walking through the corridor, Harry shrugged off his jacket and chucked it over the back of the sofa before entering into the kitchen to get himself something to drink. However, the moment he entered the kitchen, he whipped out his wand searching the area for any sign of an intruder. He found none in this room, but was still unsure about the rest of the house.

"Homenum Revelio." Harry cast, an almost sonar like spell that revealed the presence of anyone within the nearby radius. It spread out, covering the entire hours and a little further and while he picked up the presence of his muggle neighbours, he found nothing.

Not letting his wand out of his hand, Harry cautiously walked towards tithe table where a letter and note was on the table. Slowly, with his wand, he levitated the note first, never touching it and upon it read, 'There's no curse or jinx upon the letter or this note, but I'm sure you don't believe me . However, if I wanted to hurt you then you're already aware by the fact that I managed to put this letter and write this note that you're reading, that I could have it done without you even realising. So, read the letter.'

Harry stared at the note, rereading it a few times just to make sure he's wasn't just imagining things. When he realised that what he was seeing was the truth, he let out a short, humourless laugh.

Whoever this man who broke into his house was, seemed to be a sarcastic piece of shit. Even so, he reached out with his free hand and took hold of the letter, flicking it open to read its contents.

'Inside this house you'll find a object of great value missing, an object whose monetary value is small but sentimental value, now that's another matter. This letter serves as a Portkey, down at the bottom of the letter is a time and date, make sure that you have the letter with you at that exact time or else your valuables will be destroyed. Any attempt to try and find me before that time will once again, result in their destruction.

20th July, 15:00.

See you tomorrow, Mr. Potter.'

As he read through the letter, his gaze narrowed and the grip on his wand tightened. As soon as he finished, Harry threw the letter away and quickly burst upstairs. Contrary to his expectations, his room his room was as neat and tidy as he last left it.

That changed as Harry rummaged throughout his room, first through his bedside drawers, sighing in relief when he found the stone. Quickly though, he continued his search, heading towards the desk he had on the opposite side of the room to where he had a number of books placed there. He didn't know why, but perhaps his instincts were more attuned than his mind as he reached forward, picking up the photo album that Hagrid had given him in the Hospital Wing in his first year.

As he picked it up, it was light and panicking, he flicked through the pages only to find it to be an empty book that was an exact copy to his album. Looking at the blank pages, once filled with pictures of his parents and he released a breath of anger, his magic responding in turn and the book in his hand bursting into flames.

Pacing impatiently, Harry looked to the clock to see the time was a mere minute before the allotted time. His hand gripped his wand in preparation while the other pulled out the letter from his pocket. As the second hand moved round passing the thirty second mark, Harry took a few deep calming breaths.

On his fourth breath, the time finally reached three o'clock and then he felt the familiar, uncomfortable feeling of something like a hook in his navel pulling him.

For the second time in less that twelve hours, Harry stumbled as the world around him spun. However, even before he had time to recover, he was struck by a force of some kind that flung him through the air.

With a cry, he flew through the air, raising his hands to protect his face as he smacked into a tree. And once again, he wasn't given time to properly recover as more and more spells flew towards him. It was only the fact that his instincts kicked in and created a shield that Harry was able to survive the initial onslaught enough to get to his feet.

As he did, Harry found himself looking at a singular figure who after noticing Harry getting to his feet, ceased firing spells. Instead, keeping his wand raised, waited allowing Harry time to look at the figure closer.

He wore all black robes with a black hood and a mask covering his face, a Death Eater mask.

Frowning, Harry quickly open fired, spells spitting out of his wand in quick succession. Each of them were negligently parried to one side by the Death Eater who returned fire. His spells were fast, but they lacked power, that was the first thing Harry realised when they struck his shield, but fast they may be, but they were nothing in comparison to Voldemort's own.

However, this figure was crafty and cunning, it was a shift from the norm that caught Harry entirely off guard.

While firing spells that the man continued to parry away, dodging a few with minimal movements and for some powerful spells, conjuring a shield, the Death Eater then with a flick of his wand, transformed the ground into a thick, wet mud. The sudden change in the ground under his feet, Harry when blocking a few spells, was suddenly struck by a more powerful spell than the usual ones his opponent fired.

It struck hard and rocked him on his feet.

The muddy earth beneath him only worsened the situation and suddenly his feet slipped out from beneath him and he collapsed onto it, mud splashing into the air and clinging to him. It was only a moment that Harry realised the mud and earth was rising up, forming around him like a cocoon before a red light struck him.

That was the last thing he saw before darkness claimed him, the stunning spell knocking him unconscious instantly.

The first thing he heard was the sound of creaking ropes, wind whistling in his ears. This was followed by the feeling of being lightheaded almost weightlessness. He tried to move then, only to find his arms pinned to his side and no matter how hard he struggled against whatever was holding him in place, he couldn't get free.

Eventually his gaze flickered open only for him to let out a noise of surprise when he found himself suspended, upside down and over a deep canyon. Reflexively his body jerked, only for the ropes wrapped around his body to bind him tightly in place.

"I see you're awake, good." Raising his head, Harry looked at the inverted figure of the Death Eater, in one hand was his wand, in the other, was his album. "Now let's talk, shall we?"

"If you're going to kill me, then get it over with."

The Death Eater chuckled. "I have no interest in killing you just yet, I want to know what you know first."

"And you think I'll tell you?" Harry asked dubiously.

"Oh most definitely." The Death Eater replied. "Because if you don't, this album of yours, containing pictures of your parents, will be no longer." Here, the Death Eater raised his wand, pointing at the album causing Harry to jerk and struggle against his ropes. "Be careful, it's a long way to fall."

"You do that and you lose the only thing you have to bargain with." Harry shot back.

"Perhaps, but there are other ways to get information."

Harry laughed here. "Go ahead, I endured through Voldemort's Cruciatus Curse, had Severus Snape and Voldemort in my head. Trust me when I tell you, whatever you can do to me has already been done by my powerful people."

There was a moment in which the Death Eater said nothing before chuckling. Reaching up he pulled back his hood revealing a head of grey hair and then took off his mask, showing the aged and scarred face of an elderly man who seemed to have a pleased look upon his face.

"Congratulations, you pass."

"...What?" Harry eventually muttered out.

"I see you're confused." The man said. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Saul Croaker, head of the Unspeakable Field Agents Division or the UFAD for short. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, mister Potter."

"Unspeakables?" Harry repeated. "This has all been a test?"

Croaker smirked. "Oh yes, every recruit goes through it. The first, a test of skill which you only barely passed. You have talent and you have skill, but you lack experience and knowledge. This was the second test, a test of loyalty. Could you be willing to let of something or someone you care for and be willing to face torture and not break. This you passed with flying colours. You were right after all, compared to the likes of Tom Riddle and Severus Snape, I'm not as good so attempting it would useless."

"Can you let me down? I'm not feeling too good." Harry muttered, letting out a groan as he felt the blood pounding in his head.

"That's good, we're currently only five minutes away from you dying." Croaker bluntly told him. "This is exactly where you're next test begins."

"Next test?"

"The aim is simple; survive." Suddenly the levitation charm holding Harry in place cut out and with a cry, he plummeted to the ground into the canyon below. Croaker moving to the edge of the canyon and watching as Harry fell further and further into the darkness below.

"The aim is simple; survive." Suddenly the levitation charm holding Harry in place cut out and with a cry, he plummeted to the ground into the canyon below. Croaker moving to the edge of the canyon and watching as Harry fell further and further into the darkness below.

As the sides of the canyon passed him in a blur, perhaps it was in his panicked mind, but the world around him seemed to slow and in many ways, that was worst. He could only watch, fruitlessly struggling against the ropes that bound him as the ground below slowly grew closer and closer.

It was terrifying, the knowledge that no matter how hard he tried free himself from his bindings that he couldn't escape. Harry had never been known for strength and perhaps even without falling and stood on firm ground he wouldn't be able to escape. But in free fall, with no way to build momentum to break free, Harry was stuck, unable to escape and facing certain death.

'Come on! Do something! Think! Think!' Harry cried internally, struggling as hard as he could against the ropes but to no avail and as he the ground within the dark cave came into view, Harry closed his eyes tightly. 'Break free!'

It was less a thought and more an idea of pure will.

Perhaps it was for this very reason that his magic responded in kind. Accidental magic was common amongst children for two reasons. The first was that as a child grew, their magical core also grew, the magic within side it would grow unstable and therefore, need to be released. These acts of releasing this magic, was known as accidental magic. This was in turn how Obscurials were formed, their will to suppress their powers resulted in this unstable magic never being released.

The second reason, was because magic was a force of pure will. Imagination and intent helped control magic, but at the end, it was the wizard or witch with great force of will that could do amazing and terrifying things.

In this moment, Harry's will to be free of his bonds triggered a burst of magic that took no shape or form other than wave that burst from his body. The ropes snapped, breaking free and Harry fumbled around his pockets to find his wand. He found it and with a quick, jerking motion thrust his wand down at the ground.

"Arresto Momentum!" He cried and his movements, stopped.

Breathing heavily, Harry slowly opened his eyes and blinked when he felt the tip of his nose almost brushing against the rocky surface. Suddenly the magic of the spell cut out and Harry dropped onto the floor with a grunt.

Pushing himself up, Harry looked up to the top of the canyon and could barely make out the sight of Croaker looking over the edge. "Bastard." He cursed, looking away and gripped his wand.

It's then he heard a clicking like sound from all around him and Harry whipped around. But no matter how hard he squinted in the darkness; Harry could find nothing. Raising his wand, Harry let light come to life on its tip. "Lumos." He intoned and it's then he came face to face with a bat-like creature, it's face inverted as if hanging upside down.

The sudden light caused it to screech and Harry cried out, stumbling and tripping to the floor.

As Croaker released the magic holding Harry over the canyon, he watched the younger man plummet into the darkness. Moving forwards to the very edge, Croaker with both hands clasped behind his back, leaned forward to look down.

"Hoh, very good." Croaker noted, watching as Harry's bout of magic freed him from the ropes and as he did, he felt the aftereffects of the magic brushed over him. 'He has power, a great deal of power. But he lacks control, that will be something I'll have to sort out. But what will you do now, mister Potter, there's a great danger living in those shadows?'

This canyon was one that only the Unspeakables were aware of and that was for one very specific reason, it was home to a dangerous colony of blood-sucking bats. There was a reason it was called Vampire Bat Colony after all.

Their creation was one made purely by accident.

It had started off as a means to discover the origin of the Vampire Virus and to see if there was a way to cure it. They had tried a number of things, but had only succeeded in passing the vampiric virus into a colony of bats. That had been disastrous as the colony had gone wild, biting and turning near half a towns worth of people and turning them into Vampires. Luckily, they managed to destroy the colony of bats and those turned before things became too dangerous.

However, despite this major setback, they continued to study and work on a cure.

Once again, another colony of bats had been experimented on, this time however, they were careful to never give them the Vampiric Virus. At the end of it all, they found nothing except that the Vampiric Virus did not originate from bats like first believed and they were instead left with a colony of man-sized bats who could drain a man dry leaving them nothing more than husks.

And they were extremely sensitive to light.

A fact Harry learned the hard way as the colony of bats screeched loudly and burst into a flurry of movement. Croaker could hear the flaps of their wings and while he couldn't make out anything, he knew they were swarming onto Harry.

Croaker quickly leaned back as a number of bats flew out from the canyon, their speeds great to the point they looked like a speeding train. They were nothing more than a blur of black and orange and red. The last two colours made Croaker pause before he gave a low chuckle.

"A smart choice, mister Potter, a very smart choice." Croaker said, once again leaning back over the edge once the bats flew off. They wouldn't get far, there was a number of powerful Wards that would ensure they'd never be able to escape, the moment they touched the barrier would go unconscious and stay so till a group of Researchers would arrive to move them back into the canyon.

But until that time, Croaker needed him to finish off this third and final test.

Crying out, Harry rolled along, covering his face with his hand as teeth dig into his body. Large bodies knocked him around and all the while bats clawed and bit at him from every angle. Despite his best efforts, all his actions to try and get away only failed and it was in a singular moment that Harry realised the only reason he wasn't dead yet was simple because the bats were fighting each other to get to him.

As his hand gripped his wand, a singular spell came to mind, one he remembered Dumbledore using to ward off the Inferi in the Crystal Cave. He didn't know the spell nor did he imagine he could conjure such a powerful spell, but he did know one spell of flames.

In moments of near death, the mind could do things that in most cases, it would never be able to recreate ever again. This was where the saying, 'Adversity breeds excellence' originated. In this moment, Harry's mind functioned in a similar fashion as it had when he fell, the world around him slowed while his mind whirled a mile a minute.

His mind recalled the first lesson he had on magic when he learned of of the three fundamental aspects of magic. Of intent, imagination and will. How these three aspects could dictate how a single spell could barely cut a piece of paper to cutting through solid stone.

In this moment as he was clawed and bitten at, Harry's mind focused on three things. He imagined in a constant loop, the memory of Dumbledore using the powerful flame spell that warded off the Inferi. He focused on the intent of burning the bats. And last but not least, the will to live.

There was no greater force of will in the world than a human's desire to live.


That was why a simple flame spell that was used only to burn pieces of paper and books, suddenly turned into a wave of flames that lit up the canyon like a burning tsunami. Bats screeched and cried out in both pain and fright, each flying away till Harry was left alone, laid there bleeding from various wounds all over his body.

He continued to lay there for some time, unmoving as he looked at the flames that burned around him. Eventually however, he groaned out as he pushed himself to his feet.

He stumbled on his feet slightly at first, but managed to regain his equilibrium and moved towards the edge of the canyon wall. At first, he considered trying to conjure or create a ladder out of the wall, but as he rested one hand on the side of the wall, he not only realised that would it be impossible considering how wet the wall was. It'd be more likely for him to slip off and die long before he made it halfway up the wall.

Instead, with his wand, Harry briefly considered having a sticking charm applied to his feet and hands. But he quickly put that out of his mind when he realised how he would have to constantly apply and then remove the charm repeatedly.

So, he decided to flick his wand and a small slab of rock jutted out like a step. He stepped on it and while it was slippy, but by adjusting his footing slightly, Harry was able to get a secure foothold and then, a little further in front and above him, Harry had another appear. Once again, he climbed up further and repeated the process over and over again.

It was a slow and steady process, but one Harry was determined to complete.

He did not fancy being in this canyon any longer.

Looking up at the setting sun, Croaker raised his right arm and checked the watch to see that it was nearing nine o'clock. He looked back to see that Harry had yet to come up yet and then back to his watch. It was nearing the time limit for the third test; he'd already been down there for near eight hours.

Now he had an hour left before his time was up, if he failed to come up by that time then he'd fail the initiation. 'Though considering his potential and the current situation in Europe I might have to make an exception. I'll see how much longer it takes him to come up after his time is...'

Before he could finish that thought, he heard the grunting and groaning of effort and turned to see Harry pulling himself up. His face was red with exertion and dripping with sweat, he'd discarded himself of his jacket and he still wore his shirt that was covered in blood and more like a rag. Eventually he pulled himself up fully and rolled onto his back, away from the canyon.

"Congratulations, mister Potter, you pass with fifty-eight minutes and thirty-one seconds left. You are officially a member of the Unspeakable Field Agent, a recruit. Now the training begins." Croaker smirked, almost looking forward to what was to come.

Harry didn't respond straight away, still taking time to recover his breath. His body ached and stung from the various cuts, bites and bruises littering his body, his head felt light from all the blood he had lost and his magic was exhausted from creating his path up from the bottom of the canyon to where he was now. All of it compiled to make one big mess that was currently called, Harry James Potter.

"That's it?" He paused once more, slowly sitting up. "No more tests?"

Croaker seemed amused by the sarcasm. "No more tests." From his robe, he pulled out a glass flask with an orange liquid inside. "Take this, it's an Invigoration Potion. It'll help you; we've still got a lot to do and so little time."

Taking it, Harry pulled off the top and down the Potion in a single go, suddenly he was filled with a bout of energy. The drowsiness that had been filling him was suddenly gone and Harry rose to his feet to look at Croaker and then at himself, pulling at his clothes. Despite the energy, his injuries were still there and they were still irritating.

"You wouldn't happen to have any healing potions or something like that, would you?" Harry asked.

"You're an Unspeakable Field Agent now, mister Potter, you're going to have to learn to deal with worse injuries than those if you want to survive. I've seen agents fight with one arm missing, their hearts pierced, bodies burnt and broken and despite all that, continuing to fight till their last breath. An agent does not let insignificant injuries like yours stop them from completing their mission. That's something you'll have to learn." Croaker pulled out a ring and threw it at Harry who, thanks to his reflexes honed as a Seeker was able to catch it.

Looking at it, Harry noticed some sort of symbol upon it, three spirals converging and merging into one another.

"What is this?"

"That is the Celtic symbol, the Triskelion. It signals action, cycles, progress, revolution and competition. It is the symbol of the Unspeakable Field Agents." Croaker explained. "It signifies our never-ending will to continue fighting, to never give up and always move forwards. When others would retreat, we move forwards. When others surrender, we fight. Where others live to fight another day, we die to save tomorrow. Britain and those in it, live on the backs of our sacrifice."

As Croaker spoke, Harry put the ring upon his ring finger and Croaker nodded his head.

"You're an Unspeakable Agent, you'll need to embody that mentality if you wish to survive." Then his smirk returned. "Ready?"

"Ready for..."

"...what?" Harry suddenly found himself dropping to his knees as the sudden pull on his navel as a Portkey activated. "Asshole." He cursed, looking up to see Croaker already walking through the black-tiled walled corridor with no windows of any kind and only a single door at the end with the corridor only being given light by torches. "Where are we?"

"You already know where, mister Potter, I can't hold your hand all the time. You'll need to start thinking for yourself. Stop asking simple questions and try figure out the answer for yourself. If you do that, then you'll be much better off in the future." Croaker told him and Harry rose to his feet, speeding up slightly to match pace with Croaker.

He recognised the area as the Department of Mysteries, he'd just wanted to clarify to make sure that he wasn't mistaken. But instead of walking towards the door, Croaker instead came to a stop a few paces before the door and tapped his wand against the tiled-wall to his right.

He had questions of course, but he kept them to himself.

Croaker had already made it clear that if he didn't have serious questions then he wasn't to ask them and instead, figure them out for himself. And as the wall shifted and separated, Harry's question was answered as it revealed another corridor.

"Welcome, to the real, Department of Mysteries." Croaker announced.

"The real Department of Mysteries? Then, the other is..."

Croaker nodded his head. "Correct, a coverup. It's filled with failed and disbanded experiments and other less...important research. In here our research takes us down a path that if anyone discovered wouldn't be accepted due its...immoral nature."

As they started walking down, Harry looked at the numerous doors dotting each side of the corridor. Each of them were made completely of black wood, engraved with numerous runes that he could just barely make out.

"Each of these doors lead to various rooms where Unspeakables are expanding their own chosen area of research which can range from creating new spells to trying to cure the Vampiric Virus. The latter subjects upon which to experiment. A dangerous and risky business that many would frown upon. They like the results, not the method used to get them." Here Croaker gave a short humourless chuckle.

Harry remained silent at first, before asking the question that had been on his mind. "The file that you gave me said that the Unspeakable Field Agents dealt with creatures and wizards that threaten Britain. Then where were they when Voldemort was at large?"

"Thats simple, they were gone." Croaker didn't elaborate straight away, instead pushing open a door that led to a small office.

It was pretty simple in its appearance, a simple wooden mahogany desk with a leather chair, two chairs in front of it. There were even a few plants and paintings to give the room some colour, but overall, it looked very much like a muggle office for an executive of a big business corporation.

The two moved across towards the desk, Croaker sitting behind it while Harry took a seat in one of the two chairs in front of it. "You're aware of Grindelwald, aren't you?" Harry nodded his head. "Well, when Grindelwald first started making his mark upon Europe, I at most only sent a single squad to deal with him. They were killed instantly, but they weren't the best, they'd only just finished training a few months before it happened."

Harry sat listening in rapt attention.

"After that, I decided to take a wait and see approach. I watched and studied Grindelwald's learned his strengths and weaknesses, waited for a moment in which we had the advantage. Then the Americans captured him, I was fine with that, saved me the trouble and allowed me to deal with more pressing matters. Then the pompous fools let him slip right through the fingers like thin air."

Here Croaker laughed and Harry got the idea that he didn't like the Americans all that much.

"The Americans, always touting off that they're the best. All they do is bark, but have no bite to back it. They were relatively new to the political scene and still are, only just recovering from the civil war. The muggles managed to sort out that little scuffle over a century ago. America may have a large population, but they don't have history. In the magical world, all that matters in politics is history, history denotes power and power makes the world move."

The Croaker seemed to give another short laugh and this only further proved to Harry that he really didn't like America at all.

"After that we were left cleaning up their mess and Grindelwald managed to get his hands on a stable Obscurial. Those two combined proved too much for our forces and they wiped out a quarter in the first year. By the end of it, we'd lost more two thirds of our overall forces. And Tom Riddle, he finished them off in the First Blood War."

"But how?" Harry asked. "I thought dealing with powerful Dark Lords were what Field Agents dealt with?"

"They are, but what you have to understand is that Wizards and Witches like Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Riddle, are rare. When they do come around, which they rarely do or are supposed to do, they break every rule, every law, every belief you held simply through sheer power. There's a title for them, Archmagus. Magical talents that come about every millennium." Croaker shook his head, remembering the sight of Grindelwald and Dumbledore's duel, he'd been there, witnessed it and watched as hundreds of wizards were killed simply because they got caught in the crosshairs.

"They're really that powerful."

"Oh yes, they're powerful. In the last two centuries, we've had four of them, three of which are dead and all that remains, is you. You have the power and potential to rival them, all that you need, is training. I'd like to give you months of dedicated and brutal training just like every other Field Agent but certain situations dictate that doing so is no longer viable."

"How so?"

"What do you know about Fenrir Greyback?"

The name sparked a moment of realisation as he remembered the sight of the Alpha werewolf feasting upon the body of Lavender Brown. "He's dead, isn't he? He wasn't captured and his body was thrown off Viaduct along with all the other Death Eaters."

"So, we believed." Croaker murmured. "It seems he somehow survived and has come back stronger than ever. The Lycanthropy virus seems to be stabilised to the point it's one hundred percent effective. Everyone that's bitten will turn and his numbers have grown considerably. And he's been making moves in Eastern Europe. It's not a question of what if, it's an inevitability."

Croaker sighed.

"Wars coming to Europe once more, mister Potter." He spoke. "You best put your heart and soul into training because we can't afford to lose. It's more than just Europe's survival on the line, how well we do in this war will dictate Britain's position in the magical world.

So here we are, this is one story I've been writing on Webnovel and it's a post-war Harry Potter fic because I think there's very few outside of purely romance ones. It's inspired by Whiskey Time Travel by Sapper One and the idea of Unspeakable Field Agents. This is going to take numerous characters from different franchises that I will try to keep in line with their actual characters from their respective franchises, but don't expect it to be perfect. As a result, the world of Harry Potter is going to be much more dangerous than in canon.

Also, as for pairings, there is no official pairing. Harry's going to be much like a James Bondish character. There's going to be no pairing, possibly towards the end, but while at some point, certain women may appear to be in a relationship with Harry, that's not the case.

Anyway, here are what the characters are going to be based off:

Harry Potter – Sebastian Stan.

Kingsley Shacklebolt – Idris Elba

Croaker – Ian McShane.

Andromeda Tonks – Sigourney Weaver.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions please let me know.